The Silver Wolf: back when I was in 8th 4 years ago...that whole gay movement thing was going on, and I was looking through all of my old English assignments last night and found a research paper that I did on it. This story came from the inspiration from that paper. I just decided to use Sasuke and Itachi.

FULL Summary: Sasuke's a whore living in this streets of the big city Konoha. He relies on his friends a lot, and he envies his older brother...a lot. He thinks his older brother hates him when it's actually the opposite. Itachi loves his brother...maybe a little too much. Itachi wants to help Sasuke out of this rut that their mother got him into. He wasn't aware that their mother had taught him all of this. He tells the director of the musical at the local theater to let Sasuke have a go at creating the set and help to build it. Maybe getting his creative side out and making him feel like he accomplished something will bring him around to his senses. Itachi let's Gaara in on his plan to change Sasuke and how he can help...and how he can help with his own relationship issues. Itachi is dating Kabuto, has been since he quit being a ninja and almost killed Kabuto. Kabuto forgave Itachi and fell in love with him. Now that Itachi finds himself in love with his brother, he has to somehow break it to Kabuto without hurting him too much.

Oh, and Naruto and Sauske, and Gaara are BEST friends in this. They tell each other everything and it's one of those "no one gets left behind" things. Sasuke met Naruto and Gaara when he moved into the city with Itachi.


Black And White

There was something about him that always provoked feelings from within me that I could never understand. But he hates's something I've known for a long time, he is my brother, but he is my mortal enemy, and I could never love someone like him. The way his voice flows through the air, smooth, elegant, entrancing, enticing. Forever longing I seemed to be, but I failed to recognize my own brother, as Uchiha, Itachi. Always cold, uncaring, silent as the grave. His hair long, and flawless, people looked upon him with knowing eyes, and expectation high.

I receive the same expecting stares of knowing power, my father expects me to be like Itachi, but the day I become a ruthless ninja, is the day the I kill off my two best friends, and I would never do that, I love them too much. It's just one of those know? Naruto and Gaara have been my friends for as long as I can remember, but I'm not going to dwell on them, this doesn't concern them.

My father, a conceited asshole who looks at and has eyes only for Itachi. My mother, a slut my father found roaming the streets one day, has eyes for neither of her children. She's always out doing her, "job" I suppose you could call it, but in proper society, prostitution is illegal and looked down upon. Something I've known for quite a while, my mother the whore.

My brother the silent, my father the abuser, my mother the whore, and I, Sasuke Uchiha, the suicidal. My family had nothing against me, except everything in the world, my mother never wanted me, but when my father found out I was a boy, he made her give birth to me. When I was told this, if I were a girl, I would have never been given life. Sometimes, after hearing this, I wished I was a female in my whore mother's womb. I never looked back on that notion for a moment.

Ideas about transvestism flooded my thoughts constantly...if I were a girl my family would abandon me, and I'd be free to do as I please, but as long as I stay confined within this male body I'm chained to the post that they claim I dwell within. My room, shades drawn, no lamps lit, the only thing that could pose as a treat of light where the faintly lit candles and incense burning on my dresser. The bed in my room covered in black fine silk, and blood red velvet.

But the pain of going through surgery disturbed me, so I dealt with my life the way it has been laid out before me. It has nothing to do with anyone else but me, but those two people, afore mentioned in my thoughts, seemed to have wedged their way into the hellish pit of the riddle box that is my life.

Naruto's POV:

I looked down the street, my bubbly attitude attracting a lot of attention, or so I'm used to. I saw Sasuke sitting on the ground, leaned up against the wall of a building, he's thinking about his life again...I always find him here dwelling on the past of his problems with his family. He had, and still has a hard life, I feel for him. But I do not agree with his methods of dealing with his sitiations.

He was a cutter, but when he started getting tattoo's he found that to be a better source of pain, so naturally, his body had them everywhere.

He was in something unusually sexy for him today. His hair was in it's usual spikes, his black vest that he usually never wore out in public, with his family crest on the zipper was beginning to get a little too short for him. His pants that hugged his lithe hips and legs were a fine black leather covered in white belts around his waist and up and down both legs. The tattoo across his hips and down a little lower still was clearly visual. The other tattoo up his left arm across his chest, to his neck and stopping at the bottom of his jaw was clearly shown as well. His ear was pierced so that there was no skin left showing, just metal rings, and a red stone. And in the other ear, a black stone with metal rings all the way up his ear. The black gloves he always wore with the fingers cut off went up his fore arm and were held in place with a metal rim under his elbow. He was one of those bad ways. Some people actually mistook him for his mother, and that's why he got arrested so much. But not in the slums of the city...everyone knew him here.

I hated thinking of my best friend this way...but I couldn't help it. His brother, Itachi, and himself were the too sexiest people in all of the city, and they both knew it.

His brother had announced that he was attracted to someone particular in the city, but he wouldn't say who, and that left only Sasuke as fair game. This turned all of Itachi's fans into Sasuke fans.

This was actually the only part of town that he was safe in. The only part o f town he hasn't been arrested in yet. And the slums were the perfect place for him to live the rest of his days. This was the only place where people knew him as just another person, and not Itachi's younger brother. The people here understood him, and knew him for all he was worth. And I knew this was the only place he is during the day. Here, or at the estate that his brother bought when they moved here.

"Sasuke?" I shook him from his thoughts, and I felt bad, but I had to say hi.

"Naruto..." he said looking at me with exasperated eyes.

"I'm sorry to anger you, but you said for me to meet you something on your mind, Sasuke-kun?" I looked at his annoyed expression, and I watched it soften into ruttish desire that could not be mollified. I was out of his reach when it came to those sentiments, and he knew it.

"I think I'm in love with my brother...Naruto..." said the heap on the ground that was Sasuke. I looked at him with incredulity building in my eyes. I couldn't believe what I'd just heard.

Narrator's POV:

"You love your brother? I thought you hated him, every time you would speak of him your words seethed with hatred." Naruto was trying to comprehend all of the few words that Sasuke had spoken.

"I know..." Sasuke began to rise from his place of sitting, and stood taller than Naruto when he got up. "I don't know what came over me last night...but I had a dream...and it wound up being, what a doctor would call, a nocturnal emission." Sasuke's voice hung in the air like a chime of bells.

"Why would that happen?" Naruto couldn't understand it, and his head was starting to ache.

"I'm not sure, but I am finally sure that I'm in love with my brother."Sasuke finally felt the embarrassing effects of his words and tried to hide behind his long bangs.

"What do you mean finally? I thought it was definite that you hated-" Naruto was cut off.

"I made it seem that way...all the while I've been at a variance with myself about it." Sasuke looked to his left and his hair, being that of a movie star, swayed in the wind, the way how the front cascaded down into his face, while the back was spiked to resist gravity.

Naruto felt a slight flush creep up into his cheeks, the crimson color threatening his features. He felt like he was at a photo shoot of a model. The wind being the fan that they usually use to get that wind blown effect, and Sasuke standing there posing for a shot.

Sasuke noticed Naruto was staring at him the way a lot of the females and gay men around the slums had. "You know I charge...I'm more like my mother than you know..." this brought Naruto out of his day dreams and back to the matter at hand. Which of coarse, Sasuke is always the matter at hand.

Naruto's mind was battling with him on weather or not to pay Sasuke the one hundred bucks to take him to bed. It seemed like he needed the money. Sasuke was growing thin, and it looked like he hadn't eaten in days.

"I'll know I always do...otherwise I'd never carry around spare cash with me for occasions such as these." Naruto gave Sasuke a seductive glance that to any other person would have them forget about the money and take Naruto right there and then. But not Sasuke...he remembered what his mother had said to him.

"If it's not someone you love and they want to bang you anyway...charge them."

His mother's words were always the way he acted on the street. People, men and women, would approach him and ask of him things he was reluctant to give, but gave anyway, if only for the money.

People walked by the seductive looking pair in the middle of the street.

"Well then, if you have the money on you, I don't see why I should decline a client, even if you are my best friend." A smirk raced across Sasuke's features and the wind died down suddenly. His hair fell into his face and covered his eyes, which gave him that look that could kill. And if Naruto were any other ninja, he'd probably be dead by now.

(Time Skip)

Sasuke...being the one that's being paid for this, was always on the bottom, and lets his client do what he will with his body. The money sat on his dresser across the room, and Naruto wouldn't let him get it until he was through.

Naruto came inside of Sasuke, and he shouted Sasuke's name. While Sasuke, being used to all of this by now, just let out the breath he was holding and looked around the room. He fell forward onto the bed, and Naruto fell backwards on his ass.

Naruto looked up at Sasuke, who was now sitting on the edge of his bed, his erection subsiding from the recent events.

"You can have your money...I'm done..." Naruto got up from his place on the floor and went to get his clothes back on so he could sit and talk to his friend face to face. "You know...I think Itachi came home sometime while we were in here." Naruto said as he grabbed for his pants that somehow landed over a chair.

"I know...I heard the door close downstairs." As Sasuke finished his sentence, there was a knock at the door.

"Sasuke? You done with that client of yours yet? I need to speak with you about something." said Itachi from the other side of the door.

"Give me a minute to get dressed Nii-san!" Sasuke spoke through a few chokes on saliva as Naruto continued to kiss him. "Naruto..." he whispered, "It's another fifty for a make out session."

"Bastard..." said Naruto and walked over to the dresser and grabbed his shirt and put it back on.

He walked out the door and ran into Itachi on the way down the stairs. "Sorry Itachi...Didn't see ya."

"Naruto? Was that you making all that noise?" Itachi was stunned, and he saw Naruto shove a few extra dollar bills in his pockets. "I gotta go Itachi, I'll see ya later!" Naruto raced out of the door to the mansion that was now known as the Uchiha estate, and slammed the door shut behind him.

Itachi made his way up the stairs to his brother's room. His brother was still without a shirt sitting on the end of his bed.

"Was that Naruto? I thought you said you wouldn't do your friends anymore?" Itachi looked at this pathetic thing that was his brother. This sickly situation that was his brother's life. He couldn't bare to see the one he loved the most in this kind of state. He wanted to say how much he loved Sasuke, but his gut wouldn't allow. Sasuke, after all was his brother, and it just wasn't right for him to be in love with his own flesh and blood.

"Naruto had money on him..." was Sasuke's only reply, and he kept staring forward into the nothingness that was his bedroom. The black abyss.

Itachi couldn't argue with his little would only end in him getting angry enough to say something he really didn't want to say. he left his little brother in his room to think about what he and his friend had just done together...Sasuke always had sessions like these after he fucked one of his friends. Sometimes Itachi wondered if Sasuke really did love someone or not...? Maybe Sasuke really was just like their mother...


The Silver Wolf: I know...I's my first attempt at the whole Uchihacest thing...let me know how it's going so far...

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