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This is an alternate universe in which the battle between Megidramon and Beelzemon had a different outcome. Beelzemon was destroyed by Megidramon, but as a result of the Digital Hazard's power Guilmon was deleted as well. The D-Reaper doesn't appear until much later in the story.

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Takato Matsuki lay curled up on his bed, whimpering in his sleep.


Leomon had just been deleted and Jeri was sobbing loudly while being comforted by Henry. Takato was enraged, as was WarGrowlmon.

"You monster!" Takato shouted and the massive cyborg-dragon digimon charged forward with a feral roar.

"You're dumber than I thought, Pineapplehead!" Beelzemon smashed WarGrowlmon in the face with his boot, sending the cyborg to the ground.

"No," Takato growled, "You can't lose, I WON'T ALLOW IT!" he screamed. "I command you to digivolve, NOW!" his D-Arc began to glow dark red.

Digivolution error detected. Hazard Evolution activate.

WarGrowlmon was also encased in that blood red light as he got to his feet, fueled by his Tamer's rage.

"WarGrowlmon digivolve to..." the light became blindingly bright as the dragon went to the next level.

The other Tamers and their digimon stared on in awe and fear. Even Ryo was frozen to his spot as he watched the corrupted evolution occur.

WarGrowlmon's outline became more massive. His head elongated and his legs disappeared, replaced by a writhing snake-like tail. Enormous wings sprouted from his back as he neared completion. The ground began to shake and crack as the new digimon put out wave after wave of evil energy. No one knew what was happening, but they all knew one thing. The product of this metamorphosis was going to be anything but good.

A huge explosion of light blinded all who watched, and an earth-shaking roar announced the arrival of the ultimate dragon digimon. A demonic beast, spawned from fury, and fueled by rage, pain, and sorrow. Arguably, the most feared being in the entirety of the Digital World, and the embodiment of the Digital Hazard, this was a creature that was never meant to exist. A beast locked away and guarded by a gallant knight. But now that knight was nowhere to be found, and the locks had been broken. On this day, a true monster was unleashed, and it's name was...

"MEGIDRAMON!" the 20 story demonic dragon roared, the hazard symbol glowing brightly on its chest. It turned to the demon lord, who stood petrified at the sight.

"Takato...what have you done?" Henry whispered to himself.

Rika shakily pulled out her D-Arc and read the information displayed. "Megidramon. Evil Dragon Digimon. Mega level. The most powerful and evil of the four dragon lords. His power is fueled by rage and hatred, he feeds on pain and sorrow, and lives for destruction. He uses his Megiddo Flame and Hell Howling attacks to accompish his one main goal: the total annihilation of all things." the Tamers gulped.

Takato began to chuckle sinisterly. "How does it feel to once again stand before a more powerful digimon, oh great demon lord?" he mocked.

Beelzemon's fear was overcome by his anger and his ego. "Shut it, human! I'm the strongest, and I'll prove it!" he pulled out his guns, aimed at Takato, and fired.

But, to everyone's astonishment, Takato didn't move an inch. Megidramon suddenly flew through the air and landed behind Takato, using his wings to shield his Tamer. The large bullets just bounced harmlessly off of the giant dragon's armored wings. The leathery cutain was retracted to reveal a grinning Takato and an even more enraged dragon.

"Our turn." Takato gave his order without even turning to the massive evil being behind him. "Megidramon, show him the power of the Digital Hazard!" Megidramon gave somewhat of a nod, then took a deep breath.

"HELL HOWLING!" he roared, visible soundwaves coming forth. The sound was enough to put even the heaviest metal concert to shame, and it forced both humans and digimon alike to cover their ears. The attack slammed into Beelzemon with tremendous force, easily lifting him off his feet and hurling him hundreds of feet away.

The demon lord landed with a splitting headache, wavering consciousness, and a persistent ringing in his ears. But he was given no time to recover, as the dragon was on him in no time, moving at speeds unheard of for something its size. With an almost careless swipe of its massive clawed hand, it batted Beelzemon aside, but it had snaked its tail around and smashed it into the flying demon's back, his momentum adding to the impact.

"ARGH!" Beelzemon screamed as he fell to the ground.

"Do you surrender?" both Megidramon and Beelzemon glared at the boy. "What?"

"I-I'll never surrender to a human and his pet!" Beelzemon shouted as best he could.

"Meh, it doesn't matter. Megidramon probably wouldn't let you go that easily anyway. As a matter of fact, neither would I." Takato laughed.

The other Tamers had officially named this side of Takato's personality "Evil Takato".

"Now would be a great time for a 'Momentai', Terriermon!" Henry said.

"Are you crazy?! I'm not talking to Takato when he's like this!" Terriermon strengthened his grip on Henry's hair to re-enforce his statement.

Renamon nodded, surprising everyone. "For once, I agree with the rabbit. Takato it too unpredictable right now. And with a digimon as powerful as Megidarmon at his control, it would be wise not to take the chance of angering him further." the mysterious vixin said. From her demeanor, no one could tell just how hard she was fighting the urge to run as far away from Megidramon as possible.

Back on the battlefield, Beelzemon was being tossed around like a rag-doll. He got off the occasional Double Impact, but that only served to anger the dragon even more and make it stronger.

"MEGIDDO FLAME!" Megidramon unleashed a torrent of white hot flames from his gaping jaws.

Beelzemon barely dodged the attack, but the flames were so hot that just being near them for only a fraction of a second had scorched his arm and turned the ground itself to ashes. In a last ditch effort Beelzemon took out his gun, only one because of his damaged left arm.

"DOUBLE IMPACT!" he fired at the glowing hazard symbol on Megidramon's chest.

The dragon roared in pain and crashed to the ground, defeated.

"Megidramon!" Takato shouted, a little of his real personality coming to the surface.

Beelzemon smirked and jumped onto the downed dragon's chest, aiming down at the hazard sign.

"So, that's your weakness, eh? Well, it's been nice knowing ya', pineapplehead." Beelzemon then noticed that Megidramon seemed to be unharmed by his first attack. "What the-!"

He never finished his question, as the sharp spear on Megidramon's tail sprouted from his chest. Takato laughed manically.

"How does it feel to be struck through the chest? Now you know how Leomon felt, you bastard." Takato scowled, his eyes blazing with fury. "Megidramon, DESTROY HIM!"

"MEGIDDO FLAME!" the giant dragon launched his most powerful attack, instantly deleting the demon lord.

"Stop!" Takato yelled as Megidramon was about to load the floating data. Megidramon grudgingly complied, but then Takato thought for a while. 'If I have Megidramon load the data, we may be able to separate Leomon's data and bring him back!' "Aw to hell with it, load it." he said, the dragon immediately did as told.

Takato was suddenly struck with a searing pain in his head. "ARGH!" he fell to his knees, Megidramon was instantly at his side. The others tried to help, but a roar from the huge dragon kept them at bay.

Suddenly Megidramon was struck with the same pain. He wailed as he fell back, clawing at the hazard on his chest, which started to pulse rapidly, almost like a heart monitor. His data began to float away as he was slowly deleted. His ragged breathing the only noise he made until he was completely gone.

"T-Takato..." Megidramon's first non-attack words, and his last.

"Guilmon...I'm so sorry..." Takato wept as his kindhearted personality returned, his anger sated and forgotten, but at a horrible price, one that Takato would continue to pay for a long time.

"How could you?" were the last words he heard as he lost consciousness, he never saw his D-Arc's screen turn to static, the the device itself burst into data.

"AHHH!" a fifteen year old Takato awoke with a start. He sat his his bed with his head in his hands. 'Two years. It's been two years since I lost him, and I'm still plauged by these nightmares.'

It was Summer, and Takato had nothing to do. His parents were on vacation in Hawaii for another two weeks and he had the house to himself.

"The blows." he said as he got put on his sweatpants and socks.

Takato had grown a lot in the two years since that day. He had hit a growth spurt and now stood six feet two inches tall. He had taken up mixed martial arts and was also very proficiant with a blade, whether it be a knife or sword. His personality had changed drastically, too. He was colder than Rika had ever been, at times, and was prone to fighting. He had been suspended two weeks before Summer Break for beating up five of the school bullies...at the same time. He was also now a loner, though not entirely by choice. The other Tamers had grown more distant from him over the years, and now most avoided him all together.

Jeri wouldn't come within twenty feet of him, Kazu and Kenta would just glare at him and move away when he was near, Ryo would snort and smirk at him, since Takato no longer had a partner Ryo was now the strongest Tamer, Rika never really socialized with him anyway, and Henry...he was going out with Jeri and she got mad whenever Henry would hang out with him, so they rarely ever saw each other outside of school anymore.

"Friends, who needs 'em." Takato muttered as he walked into his bathroom to take a piss.

After that he looked at his reflection. He had the body of a greek god now, as many female admirers had said, which was a result of his rigorous training. He had nothing else to do now, so he just trained all day at the gym, sparring with others whenever he found someone brave enough. Who knew that life without a digimon was so...stale?

His hair was now dark brown, not the chestnut brown it used to be, and, to this day, he still didn't know how or why it had happened. Sometimes he even mourned the loss of his old hair color, but it was all good. His darker hair was better for the creepy veil thing he often did. Oh yes, he was creepy now...And creepy was good, kept him out of unwanted conversations. With his new hair color, he also went for a new hairstyle...and all it required was three minutes, some water, and a comb. Why he still combed it back in the morning, he'd never know. It always ended up hanging over his face in the next hour or so.

He had crushed his goggles with his bare hands as something of a symbolic strength test long ago. Giving up the last remnant of his old life and finally leaving it behind. When those goggles crumpled and snapped in his palm, he never felt the pain of the sharp pieces of the plastic lenses cutting into his hand, he just felt a profound sense of freedom...And, along with it, incredible rage.

His red eyes burned with a fire born of hatred. Hatred for the friends that had abandoned him in his time of greatest need, hatred for the digimon Sovereigns that had refused to help him get his partner back, and, most of all, hatred for himself. He knew he was to blame for everyone's pain. His, Jeri's, Guilmon's, everyone. Not Beelzemon, he just wanted what he never had: power. But Takato had lost control of himself.

Takato chuckled. 'I can control a monster like Megidramon, yet I can't control my own emotions...That's right, I controlled him...so who was really the monster there?' deciding not to dwell on it any further, he started his shower.

Fifteen minutes later he stepped out of the bathroom with only a towel around his waist. One good thing about his parents being gone, he could walk around with only a towel or boxers and his mother wasn't there to say anything. He could also bring out his "toys" and destroy pretty much anything that wouldn't be noticed or missed. He had found that very few things relieved stress like the smell of gunpowder and the loud bang of a 10-gauge.

"Ah, freedom." he sighed. Yes, he was free, but that was also the problem. He was free of his obligations as a digimon Tamer, but not by choice. He liked his "job", dare he say he loved it! While he would never have admitted it back in those days, he enjoyed the thrill of fighting like nothing else. But there was something that he hated to admit, even to himself, and sometimes outright refused to acknowledge it...It was the fact that, when he knew his opponent was beaten, he liked the idea of holding the life of another being in the palm of his hand. All it took was a single order to whatever form his partner had been in at the time, and any opposition would be obliterated.

He walked into his room and over to his closet to picked out what he was going to wear today. Black jeans, a black T-shirt with a blood-red skull on the front, and his black steel-toed boots. Takato was by no means a goth or anything, he just liked black. And it added to his creepiness, and one could never be too creepy, no siree. He walked over to his dresser and put on his fingerless black gloves and his wristwatch. He grabbed his sunglasses and began to walk out of his room, but stopped just short of the door.

"I guess I should bring my duffle bag." he said as he reached for the gray and black bag next to his wastebasket. "Nah, I deserve a break from training. Besides, the next tournament isn't 'til next year." he walked out of his room and closed the door.

As he walked downstairs he remembered something. "My knives!" he berated himself and ran back to get them. He had a set of knives: six throwing knives, and two large combat knives(A/N: Think of Leon and Krauser's knives from RE4). Afterall, playing with sharp object is only bad if you didn't know what you're doing. He pulled on his black leather jacket and, after making sure his weapons were completely concealed, walked out the door, and locked it behind him.

Takato knew exactly where he would go; Guilmon's old shed. Ever since the incident, the other Tamers avoided the structure like it was a gateway to hell. And even if they were there, Takato would do what he wanted to, regardless. He no longer had to care about them or what they wanted, the only thing he was concerned about was the fact that they had digimon and he didn't, so they could force him to leave if they wanted to.

"I'd love to see them try." Takato growled at the thought of the others invading his personal sanctuary. He had discovered the shed in the first place, they had no right to it.

As Takato walked through the park with his earbuds in, and iPod blaring, he didn't notice the others sitting in their normal spot on a grassy hill with a few trees on top. If he had noticed, he probably wouldn't have cared anyway.

On top of the hill, the others had noticed Takato.

"There goes the loser." Kazu sneered, Kenta and even Ryo nodded.

"I guess he turned into a goth, pussy." Ryo smirked.

"He doesn't look like a goth at all, you idiot. If you're going to insult someone, make sure it makes sense." Rika said without looking up from her book.

"You would be the expert on insults, wouldn't you?"

Rika looked up to glare at the "Digimon King". "Shut it and shove it, Mr. Perfect." she looked back to her book.

Ryo just chuckled. "You can't resist my charms forever, Queenie."

"'Charms'? I thought you were just being an asshole." Rika replied flatly.

"Ouch." Terriermon snickered.

"Terriermon." Henry also chuckled.

Takato had made his way to Guilmon's shed and placed his hand on the side wall. He was almost at the point of letting his happier memories take him away, but decided against it. He missed Guilmon enough as it was, he didn't need any more reminders of just why he missed his friend so much. He backed up from the shed so he could get a good running start, then jumped and planted his boot on the wall and took a vertical step to put himself on top of the shed. He probably could have jumped up to the top with a lot of effort, but doing things like that often made his legs cramp like bastards.

As he laid down on the concrete, not minding the feeling, he suddenly found himself very tired and dozed off before he could even think of what the clouds looked like.


"Hello?" Takato awoke to find himself surrounded by darkness. If it wasn't for the fact that he could see himself, he probably wouldn't have known he'd opened his eyes at all.

"Hello, Tamer of the Hazard." a deep, demonic voice rumbled, obviously from an immense creature.

"Who's there? Show yourself!" Takato demanded.

The voice chuckled. "Very well, but you won't like what you see." Takato gasped, out of the shadows came the one digimon Takato hoped never to he again...

"Megidramon...But how?" the twenty story dragon loomed over Takato.

"You didn't think I was that easy to get rid of, did you?" Megidramon chuckled. "I was here at the beginning, and I'll be here at the end. I am eternal!"

"Does that mean that you're Guilmon?"

"No. Close, but no." Takato's face fell.

"Well what do you want?" the teen was starting to get irritated. He didn't much like cryptic messages.

"Watch your tongue, human!" Megidramon roared. "You stand before one of the most powerful digimon ever, know your place!"

"I know my place very well, I am your Tamer." Takato said flatly, determined not to show any fear.

"Ha! You could never be MY Tamer! You are weak, crying because of broken friendships, who needs friends when you are all powerful?!"

"Obviously, you've never had friends."

"Apparently, neither have you."

"What do you mean?!"

"I was under the impression that real friends stick with each other through thick and thin. Don't get me wrong, you were a true friend to them, you stayed by their side even if it meant putting your life at risk. But when you needed them they abandoned you. Like once you lost Guilmon, you were of no more use to them. You were tossed aside, and now you are avoided and hated."

"Shut up..." Takato whispered, but Megidramon didn't hear him.

"You would have put your life on the line for them, but did they ever do the same for you? Did they ever step into the line of fire to save you? Even the strongest heros need to be saved eventually. You were nothing to them, if you can't help in battle, you are useless and expendable."

"Shut up..." Takato whispered again, but again not loud enough for the towering dragon to hear.

"They all left you out to dry, Kazu, Kenta, Ryo, Jeri, Rika, and even your best friend, Henry. He knew you better than anyone, he knew how kindhearted you were, but he still left you to go after the girl you wanted yourself."

Megidramon was right, Takato had had a crush on Jeri for the longest time, and Henry knew that. Hell, everyone knew that, except for Jeri herself.

"Even Rika, whom you showed nothing but kindness and friendship, won't even give you a second glance now, not even so much as a 'Hello'. Right when you thought that you had broken through the ice wall, she sends it right back up and smashes you in the face with it. You are nothing to her, you never were and you never will be. You are useless now, you're nothing but a normal human, nothing special about you anymore, and you can't cope with that.

You'll never admit it to anyone, but I know. You loved being in the spotlight, being the hero, the knight in shining armor! Just so you would be noticed and not picked on. You loved saving everyone's asses, having them call on you when things got out of control. But what happened when something came up that was out of your control? What happened when there was a situation that you couldn't handle? They labled you as useless, regardless of what you had done for them, regardless of how many times you had saved them, regardless of the pain you suffered. They left you all alone with no one to talk to, no one to confide in, no one the share your feelings with. They killed you. They killed who you once were. Don't you want revenge?"

"..." no answer.

"Don't you want to see them suffer as you have?"


"Don't you want to let them feel the pain of being alone without their precious partners?"

"...No..." Takato mumbled.

"What was that?"

"I said 'No'." Takato said with more force.

"Think about it, the ones who betrayed you writhing in pain, crying themselves to sleep everynight, like you once did."

"SHUT UP!" Takato shouted, his eyes blazing with fury.

"What did you say to me, human?!" Megidramon snarled, pushing his huge snout into Takato's face, trying to stare him down.

"You heard me. I will not fall for your tricks, Megidramon. I guess my partner really did die two years ago, because you definitely aren't Guilmon. I know what you're trying to do. You don't like the fact that I can control you, so you want me to try and gain revenge on the others by making be enraged beyond the point of reason. Then I will eventually be destroyed and you'll be free to do as you like, right?"

Megidramon hated Takato even more for figuring out his plan. "You think you know everything?! You honestly think that YOU and control ME, the mighty Megidramon?!" the dragon roared.

"I don't think I can, I know I can." Takato crossed his arms over his chest in defiance.

"Why you little insignificant insect! MEGIDDO FLAME!" Megidramon unleashed a torrent of white hot fire from his mouth, which engulfed Takato.

Takato opened his eyes to see that he was surrounded by fire, but he wasn't being burned. He smirked and began to walk towards the dragon.

Megidramon recoiled at the sight of the boy walking out of the flames untouched. "How is this possible?!"

"I am your Tamer, therefore you cannot harm me, no matter how powerful you are!" Takato stopped in front of the evil dragon and looked him directly in his huge, hate-filled eyes. "Now listen here, you Godzilla reject! I am your Tamer! Whether we like it or not, I am the Tamer of the Hazard! I will not be pushed around, manipulated, or intimidated by a big, fire-breathing snake with wings! I will not attack the other Tamers, no matter what wrongs have been done to me by their hands! And I will not delete their partners. Not out of consideration for them, but for the good of the innocents that would be killed by Wild Ones if there was no one to stop them! The pain I've felt I would not wish on my worst enemies, not even you. So you can take your little schemes, shove them up your scaley ass, and go FUCK YOURSELF!" Takato finished, leaving Megidramon dumbfounded. Takato crossed his arms again, awaiting the dragon's reply.

Megidramon did something that Takato did not expect: he began to laugh. Not sinisterly, not manically, just a normal laugh. It made Takato REALLY uncomfortable. How could something that was pure evil laugh in a way that goes against its very reason for existing?

"What the hell's so funny?" Takato demanded.

"Nothing, this is a glorious day!" Megidramon chuckled.

"Huh?" was Takato's intelligent reply.

"This was all just a test. I wanted to see if you were indeed worthy of the Hazard's power, and you passed with flying colors! No one has ever stood up to me, not even the Sovereigns themselves! And no one ever will again, I'll make sure of it. You did not stray from your path, even if you had to walk through hell and stare the devil in the eyes." Megidramon leaned forward until his nose was almost touching Takato. "You are worthy of my power, and I give it to you with no regrets. Accept this gift and be freed from your emotional torment. You have my blessing and my power...Takatomon." Takato's eyes widened.

"Guil-" Takato was cutoff by a blinding flash of light...

"GUILMON!" Takato screamed at he awoke from his dream, looking around for the winged dragon. But all he found was a smaller red-on-black dinosaur.

"Yes, Takatomon?" the dinosaur asked.

Takato lept down from the shed and tackled the partner he had lost two years prior. "Guilmon! You're back!" Takato then did something that he had vowed never to do again; he cried.

"Hey, I'm the one who's supposed to tackle you!" the lizard laughed and hugged his Tamer back. "Oh, it's BlackGuilmon now!"

"Welcome back, partner." Takato dried his eyes and stood, helping BlackGuilmon to his feet. "Let's go home, boy."

"YAY, Guilmon Bread!" Takato sweatdropped, it seemed that only Guilmon's coloring had changed.


Revised on July 15, 2008

Holy shit, it's finally done. I've finally finished revising this bastard of a story. The first chapter, anyway. I could barely bring myself to read this thing! To know that something like this was spawned from the same mind and hands that created Black Flames Dance In The Wind: Rise of Naruto...I actually caught myself laughing multiple times.

You know, I don't think I ever, even once, proofread this thing. I just put it out there and said "Fuck it." Hell, I didn't think it would be as popular as it is, errors and all. But I'm really surprised that no one caught the glaring errors, intentional or otherwise. I think I got a few reviews telling me about errors, but nothing specific.

One notable change is Megidramon's attack, Megiddo Flare. Now, I DID know the real name was Megiddo Flame, nor Flare, but I thought Flare sounded better. But it doesn't really fit, since Megidramon shoots a stream of fire from his mouth, while a flare would imply a fireball. But I am giving Megidramon four attacks, he normal set as well as Megiddo Flare. The way I see it, Megiddo Flame is sort of a close to mid-range attack, not very effective at long distances. Megiddo Flare, however, is pretty much the same thing, but in the form of a long range fireball. The fourth attack will remain a surprise until I decide to reveal it.

Another less notable change is Takato's height and pre-Omegavice abilities. In the first version, he was six foot four, which was based off of my own height at the age of fifteen. But it's now been changed to six foot two. Not a big reduction, but I couldn't have him being too tall too early. He'll be growing until his nineteen, and I'm planning on him hitting another small growth spurt and hitting six foot six by the time he's twenty, where he'll max out. There was also a scene in which Takato "hopped" up to the roof of Guilmon's nine foot tall shed. I've actually seen a man jump eleven feet in the air...with a trampoline. That jump was far too unrealistic, so I changed that scene from a jump to a vertical wall run.

I was also planning on increasing the Tamer's ages from fifteen to seventeen, as I had some ideas that required them to be a bit older than they are now, but I decided to keep the ages as they are. With the vampire version of this fic I'm already using teens nearing adulthood, they're driving and everything. But with this one I wanted to keep them, basically, as children. I think, just like the series itself, that having mere children go through all of this adds to the depth of the story itself. At seventeen, they've got cofidence to spare. They have experience in these types of situations, and know exactly how to handle themselves, so it's rare for them to encounter something they can't dead with. But, at fifteen, there's that grey area where confidence and doubt are almost balanced, and they're very confused. They're unsure of themselves, yet they feel invincible at the same time. They feel like there's nothing they can't do, but they're still afraid they'll fail. Plus, at seventeen, a lot of childhood issues are resolved or forgotten, and I want all the issues I can get.

Like Rika's father issues. By seventeen, she would have seen that she has plenty of people that care about her, and probably would have patched things up with her mother. But, at fifteen, she's still sort of new to the whole friends thing, and still has that Lone Wolf attitude.

Fifteen is also the age where emotional extremes come to the surface, like love, lust, hatred, rage, depression, it all just begins to step into the spotlight. They're still sorting things out, still confused. Crushes become something deeper, friendship gains new meaning and holds a much higher value in their eyes. This leads to a lot of interesting situations when the characters interact with one another.

Well, this ending note has gone on for far too long, so I'll just end it now. For those still wondering: this fic will NEVER be continued, and it is NOT up for "adoption". It's dead, and it's going to stay that way.

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