Kingdom Hearts: Hearts of Hope and Dreams: Part 1: Shattered Hopes

By: Cauryn Val

Chapter one

I do not own any Disney or Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts characters.

Part 1: After a year or so of peaceful bliss, our trio's world is shattered once again when two strangers land on Destiny Islands. Sora is worried that Ansem has returned, and fears for Kairi's safety above all things, while Riku is plagued with the self-doubt of being able to fight the darkness that still resides deep in his heart. Can he fight it? And can Sora save the worlds again?

What looked like a young woman sat at a type of desk made from a tree that had grown horizontal for a time, then curved around to create a peaceful canopy above her. She was singing quietly, mostly to herself.

Little keys, of different shapes, colors, and sizes, hung on natural pegs on a wall before her in no particular order. The woman was carefully piecing together a heart shaper object in her hands, using the light from the strange orbs about her head and the trees inner light.

A light snap ended her song as she gasped. The orbs vanished and she gazed sadly at the gaping hole in her heart charm. She sighed and kissed it softly before laying it down gently, then getting up to go to the window. She moved aside the vine curtains, and looked up through the trees to the starlit sky. A single tear ran down her cheek as a star went out. She let the curtains drop when she remembered that the large star was her favorite. She knew she shouldn't have one, but she couldn't help it.

The girl lay down on a bed of pond reeds, their strange yet pleasant smell relaxed and comforted her. Whatever was going on had to stop. She and many others knew the only one able to do that, and along with them, she hoped he came out soon. The worlds needed the Keyblade Master again. Badly.

No, I will not reveal her name yet. Wait for part 2. There will be other chapters with her in it, and they will more than likely be short, like this one. See ya! Hope you read more -