Kingdom Hearts: Hearts of Hope and Dreams: Part 1: Shattered Hopes

By: Cauryn Val

Chapter Twenty Six: The End?

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Part 1: After a year or so of peaceful bliss, our trio's world is shattered once again when two strangers land on Destiny Islands. Sora is worried that Ansem has returned, and fears for Kairi's safety above all things, while Riku is plagued with the self-doubt of being able to fight the darkness that still resides deep in his heart. Can he fight it? And can Sora save the worlds again?

Then sighing, Riku walked out of the room and to his own, his own turmoiled thoughts racing through his overworked mind. It would be another sleepless night.


The sun rose lazily, promising a peaceful day ahead as the birds began waking, chirruping as they bathed in the puddles left by the storm the night before. RIku was sitting on the clock tower again, the wind cool against his face. He'd had an okay night, he'd gotten to sleep in the wee morning hours, and had only just woken up. It was a promising day so far.

Axel and Roxas were also up early, taking a stroll around the familear streets, catching up on things. They were both teasing eachother about the girls they had come to love quickly or not.

Leon and Yuffie were packing to head out to Disney Castle. THey were the only ones with qualms about leaving. the did however, looking back in concern on the world behind them. They pushed all unhappy thought out of their heads, convinced that the Keyblade group could handle anything themselves

When Sora woke, he found that Kairi had woken before him, leaving the door ajar. Yawning, he made his way downstairs and found the last three people remaining, Mikka, Kairi, and Namine, all sitting around the kitchen table.

"Hey there, sleepyhead." Kairi said, kissing his cheek.

"Mormning..." Sora said with a sleepy smile. The girls blinked, then burst into laughter.

"You are SO like Axel in that area!" Mikka said.

"You two are so close." Namine said.

"Helps when you are stuck together for three years. We had our spats, but eventually we worked them out."

"Here Sora, drink your coffee WITHOUT spilling it!" Kairi smiled. Sora laughed.

"Lets hope Riku doesn't come down the stairs yelling about something weird." Kairi laughed hard at this, remembering when Sora had done just that, when the Kingdom Key had come back to him. Poor Riku had been so tierd then.

"Riku isn't even in the house." Mikka said. "Axel and I saw him leave this morning at about 8:00."

"Was he okay?" Sora and Kairi were imedietly alert.

"Yeah, he looked fine to us, why?"

"Well, this whole thing has taken a huge toll on him. He's under alot of stress." Sora said.

"It's taken a toll on us all." Namine said. The rest nodded in agreement. They sat in silence until Sora grinned.

"Lets not worry about anything today! Lets just have some fun!"

"No problem there!"

Iakkah was acting strange. Dylan watched her closely, despite his slight headache. She hadn't gotten mad enough to open that telepathic conection in a long time. It wore them both out, but she had never acted like this before. she was sitting in the window, chewing her nails nervously, shifting her flute in her hands. Dylan was in his wolf form, laying on the floor beside her. He looked up and whined worridly. She had cut off their telepathic connection, and it was only habit when she reached down to play with his fur and pat his head. Dylan gave a weird growl and huffed. He knew she was up to something, and he knew she knew he knew.

By noon, the sun was high and hot. Axel didn't help by setting up a ring of fire that couldn't be put out unless he recalled it, but it wouldn't spread either. The whole point was to have a water fight anyway, so they all spent the afternoon tossing balloons and fighting over the hoses.

Sora almost forgot where the were and what they had been doing. It was so peaceful, he didn't want it to end. His memories had almost compleated themselves, as there was only a lingering thought in the back of his mind that they weren't really true memories, Riku seemed back to normal, close to the same behaviour he'd had when he was a teen. The only thing that kept him grounded to reality, was Axel, Mikka (who had produced a random pair of glasses), Dylan and Iakkah.

When they finnaly went in, all were soaked, and all had turned down Axel's offer to dry them. As a result, the furniture was instead dampened as they all sat to towel their hair. Clothes were changed and an open fire erected in the backyard for a weenie roast.

For everyone, the company they kept about them, they were never more compfortable with anyone. Unbeknowst to them, deep bonds were formed, rooting in the laughter an djoy they all shared in that moment. This didn't go unnoticed by all though, for in her pool, the guardian smiled at it. Never had she seen closer freinds-to-be.




Sora sat bolt upright, blinking in confusion. What had woken him up? It was all quiet. Sighing, Sora got out of bed, and slipped his shoes on. He walked to the window and leaned on the sill, smiling softly at the night world. They'd be moving on tomorrow. Everyone had enjoyed the break, and it couldn't have come at a more conveinent time either. Sora had felt about ready to crack.

The sound of a mtercycle below caused Sora to look down, his smile widening. Sid was reving up the drive slowly, looking at adresses. Sora hopped from teh balcony, hearing Crookie chatter loudly in exitment. Sid pulled up next to Sora, who caught the exited little shadow, feeling a bit awkward with it crawling over his sholders. Sid handed Sora a crystal, and he gave it to Crookie who promptly sat on his shoulder and hummed as he ate.

"Hey there Sid, didn't know you worked so late." Sora said jokingly. Sid staired at Sora with a slight frown. His eyes still hidden my the goggles.

"It's time Sora, to prove what your made of."


"Evil is spreading. Can't you feel it?" Sid asked. Sora could sence the waver in the mailmans voice rather than hear it. What had happened to him?

"I have no clue-"

"Listen to me." Sid inturrupted. "You now your the only one who stands between the worlds and their total destruction, but you also hold the fate of the universe in your hands. You have the strength, find it, and use it. The Key chose you for a reason, it's not just your freinds who belive in you now."

"I know that..." Sora said, looking down.

"Have a safe trip. I'll help when and if I can."

"Thanks. No worries." Sora said as Sid revved the bike up. Crookie perked up at once, and Sora noticed that there was a faint gleam of yellow in Crookie,s blue eyes. He reached out to warn Sid, but the bike was soon long gone and headed through a portal. Sora was left standing with his hand outstretched, mouth open slightly.

Sora sighed and dropped his arm, looking after Sid, a little worried. He made it back up to his bedroom window eaisly though, and he was soon sitting on the edge of the bed, watching Kairi sleep. He loved her so much, he didn't want to lose her again. Sora lay down, so that his chest was against her back. He tucked his right arm under his head and draped his left over her back, grasping the hand that had fallen free of her face. sighing, Sora closed his eyes and snuggled closer to her, falling asleep again.

A large tremor shook Sora from his semi councousness, and woke the rest of the jumped up, Keyblade in hand as he rushed down the stairs, Kairi right behind. They heard the others coming as well, and the seven rushed into the living room to see Mikka and axel with their weapons out, facing a giant hole in the wall.

"What happened?" Sora asked, coming to Axel's side.

"No clue."

"We just saw a huge claw come through the wall, took half the room with it." Mikka said, spitting some blood out of her mouth and wiping the rest from the side of her face. Axel was sporting a rip in his coat and a gash to accompny it. Not a second later, there was a screech that shook the room, causing everyone to cover their ears.

"What the HELL?" Riku yelled, uncovering his once the sound stopped. "C'mon guys! Lets get going!" Dylan snarled and leapt over the wreakage, transforming as he went. Riku and Sora were right behind, followed by Kairi, Namine, and Roxas. Axel and mikka took to the buildings, running along teh walls, out running the whole group. And in so doing, they were the first to see the cause of the comotion, and the first to attack.

What the other seven saw rounding the bend, was a large, black creature. It towered nearly 50 feet above the surounding buildings, it's tail lashing about, demolishing the rest, sending the Twilight Town inhabitants screaming. Up above, Axel and Mikka could be seen landing upon it's head, attacking the eyes.

The beasts hide gleamed like armour, jointed so that it's worm-like body could still move with ease. It didn't have feet, claws and bone made up the end of it's legs, the leathal black claws digging into the pavement.

"I'm with Iakkah and Dylan!" Riku called as the three shot off. Sora nodded. Roxas and Namine left as well and as Sor aand Kairi moved inot position to fight, Sora switched the keychain on his blade swiftly, glad he hadn't lost the expert smoothness he'd gained during those long years of fighting.

"We're aiming for the eyes, right Sora?" Kairi asked. Sora shook his head.

"They have it covered! It's gotta have more than one weak spot!"

"Right! Try the legs!"

"Front or back?"

"Back!" Kairi yelled, heading for the stubby little things. The two shot underneith, shooting spells at the unguarded underside of the legs. The result was deafining. The flailing beast threw Axel and Mikka from it's head, adn they landed on nearby buildings, waiting until it was safe to return.

With the creature down, Dylan was able to begin tearing at anything soft he could find, quickly being covered in blood. Iakkah stayed back, dancing to teh tune of her flute. The sound carried across the fight, overriding even the screeches from the Worm. Riku had dashed in after Dylan, deepening what the werewolf had not.

It took almost an hour to fell teh worm. Dylan, Iakkah, and Riku all stood together, cleaning what they could. Dylan had turned back into a human, and was busy spitting out the bitter blood that he still had in his mouth.

"Now, what?" Axel asked as they came up with the four twins. Sora shrugged.

"Who could've sent it?"

"Shinya." Everyone snarled. Mikka crossed her arms and glowered.

"I don't care WHo she thinks she is, she's getting payback for locking me up for 3 years."

"I concur."Axel said, raising a hand.

"She's a menace." Roxas growled, roughing up his hair.

"TOO RIGHT YOU ARE YOU LITTLE SHRIMP!" Came a womans scream. Roxas turned, eyes blazing. A hoard of Heartless was upon the group in seconds. Shinya ran in a moment, later, heading straight for Iakkah. Rik uleapt in front of her, and Dylan innf ront of him. With an evil laugh that did not suite her, Shinya sanpped her fingers and long tendrils of darkness exploded from her fingertips, adn they latched not onto Iakkah, but onto Dylan, who transformed a little to late, and was soon carried off howling, fighting tooth and nail.

Iakkah unravled. She let out a haunting wail, once, as she struggled after the wolf. Riku, though unerved by her cry, followed,either to help or prevent her from being captured herself, he didn' t know, and he never go teh chance to find out, as Shinya had snapped her fingers again, and the Worm below exploded. Riku had only enough tie to grab onto Iakkah's hand before teh blast reached and engulfed them.

("...and he knew she knew he knew." XD makes no sence!)


Will Sora's dream become reality? What intrest does Shinya have in Dylan? Will the darkness in Riku's heart overwhelm his strength and the support of his friends? The long awaited mutual unrequited love is in the open. And the Guardian's long awaited identity is revealed.

New worlds, new freinds. Conflicts rise, evil spreads. Continue the adventure in Rising Dreams!