It was Valentines Day in Hyrule and love was in the air. Rosy decorations were hung all about, the markets were full of Valentine's Day treats and flowers, even the birds seemed to be singing a sweeter melody.

In Zora's Domain, Ruto was busy making Link a fish-shaped valentine.

At Lon Lon Ranch, Malon was making cookies for all of her friends.

In Kokiri Forest, Saria and all the other Kokiri were busy making decorations to hang in the villiage, while Mido was by himself making a Valentine card for someone special.

Link and Zelda were walking together in the Marketplace, just admiring all of the decorations.

"Don't you just love Valentine's Day Link? Everything is just so pretty." "I do, Zelda. In fact, you'd have to be a total scrooge not to."

Yes, it seemed that everyone everywhere had been bitten by the love bug.

"I HATE Valentines Day!"

Well, almost everyone...

A certain red-headed-bad-dispositioned tall Gerudo man stalked the streets of the market place, grumbling to himself and throwing a tantrum about how stupid and pointless the holiday was. "What a stupid and pointless holiday. When I'm King, I'll make this holiday illegal! Anyone who violates it will be locked in the dungeon forever!"

"Oh Gannondorf," Link sang, "You know your supposed to be escorting us throughout the marketplace."

"That is exactly what I'm doing you little punk!"

"But you've been walking away from us the whole time. That's no way to escort someone."

(mimicking Link)"Wah wah wah. Dats no way to eskort someone."

Zelda shook her head, "Tsk Tsk, I don't think my daddy would like that sort of attitude, especially when he ordered you to protect us today."

Gannondorf cringed. "Yeah," Link chimmed in, "You wouldn't want something bad to happen to the King's daughter and friend, would you?"

There is a long pause, and then Gannondorf smiles a big disturbing and fake smile, "Of course not." Link and Zelda are a little creeped out by this, but Zelda goes on admiring the scenery.

"I thinks it's nice."

"Of course you think its nice, you're a silly and annoying little girl."

"Hey! Don't take it out on her just cause your sour no one made you a valentine!" Link shouted.

Gannondorf spun around and glared at Link, "Is that what you think? That I wanted someone to send me a stupid card but no one did just like no one ever does? That that is why I am so mean today? Is that what you think? Because I'll have you know that I hate Valentines Day because I think it is a stupid waste of time and energy! I wouldn't want a card even if someone did give it to me. And for YOU'RE information I am this mean everyday, so get used to it!"

Fin? I think not...