Ganondorf sat alone in his castle chamber. At three-thirty o-clock, he was bored, but thoughtfull. He was currently staying in Hyrule, so the King of said land had graciously offered him a large elegant room in the castle for as long as he decided to stay. He really is a decent guy, Ganondorf thought absently to himself, I almost feel bad for plotting against him. Almost. Of course he's only treating me with such kindness because I'm a great warrior. I'm positive he wouldn't offer such a decorated room to a mere peasant. Still... he's a decent guy.

"And these cookies are absolutely wonderful!" He exclaimed rather loudly as he popped another thin mint into his mouth. The King had purchased seventy large crates of girl scout cookies in celebration of, well come to think of it I don't think he had a reason to celebrate, other than that he just loved those cookies so darn much. Although the King was known to keep the first and last ten cookie crates for himself, he made sure to share the rest with his loyal servants.

Yep, he's a nice guy. It's a shame I'll have to-

A knock at the door jolted Ganondorf out of his thoughts. "What is it?! I'm very busy with important matters."

No answer came, other than the sound of hurried footsteps running down the hallway, away from his chambers. Ganondorf frowned. Why do those footsteps sound so familar? And strangely so annoying and infuriating? Oh, well. When they heard my voice, they must have realized that they had the gotton the wrong room. The Gerudo shrugged and continued scarfing down cookies.


Clutching the letter, er card, in one hand, Link tiptoed back down the regal hall towards Ganondorf's room. Despite lots of castle record-snooping and gossip-listening, Zelda had been unable to find out which room Ganondorf was staying in. However, she was able to give Link the hallway where, she was fairly certain, the door to his room was located. Gee, thanks Zelda. That's such a big help.

Link had knocked on every door in the hallway, recieving rude comments, shouts, and even insults about his clothing style from nobles, as well as one threat to call castle security. Although the petty insults about his hat left him slightly miffed, it was the last one that worried Link the most. If security was called, all of their planning and scheming work would be for nothing.

Also, Zelda would be disapointed, and that was really the only reason Link cared if this plan was successful or not. It was no secret that Link never trusted Gannondorf. He sighed softly, I guess Zelda knows what she's doing... Wait. Wasn't Ganonndorf on the security team or something like that? Okay, Link decided, I'd better do this quickly.

Link stopped in front of a door at the end of the hallway. He had already knocked on this door to hear the voice of the resident, so now he knew for sure that this was Gannondorf's room. Quietly, he slipped the Valentines Day card underneath the door. Link stood and saw that only half the card could be seen from the hall.

Link gulped, he had to make sure Gannondorf got the card, which meant he had to knock again and run the long length of the hall before the door was opened. He took in a deep breath and knocked very loudly three times. Suddenly Link could hear heavy footsteps behind the door. "Who keeps knocking?! I said I'M BUSY!" Link bolted down the hall at top-speed.


"Who-" Gannondorf swung the door open only to find himself questioning an emtpy hallway. Frowning, he begins to shut the door, but pauses when he notices the small pink envelope on the ground. Under his boots. Scuffed and crushed. Gannondorf chuckles nervously, Oops, hope that wasn't too important. He quickly steps off the letter, picks it up, and walks back into his room.

Resting back into his easy chair, Gannondorf inspects the letter carefully in the candlelight, pondering what could be inside. It's not a royal decree from the king. It's too small. It can't be from home. Not even mom would send me anything this rediculously frilly, pink, and... nice looking. He placed the letter on a wooden table, stood up, and began to pace back and forth. But who else would send me mail? It could be a chain letter... or taxes.

"No," he shook his head, "it's too decorative for those sorts of things."

Was it some sort of cunning trick? A part of an elaborate booby-trap? Gannondorf started to go through the long list of people who didn't like him. Oh, boy, he thought, this could take all day. Maybe even some of tomorow. He glanced down at the small, harmless looking card on the table. Or I could just open it and find out...

"Who would send something like this?" he grumbled, "It's all pink and sissy-looking."

Curiousity overcoming his caution, Gannondorf snatched the card from the table, sat down in his teal recliner, and proceded to open the pink envelope.

Gannondorf stiffled a surprised laugh when he saw the hearts and cupid decorations. Because now he knew it was some sort of stupid prank. That is until his eyes caught the name signed at the bottom. He dropped the letter onto the ground and stared at it disbelief.