I forgot about my God.

Yes I did, I forgot who He was.

I knew He created the earth in six days.

I knew He had saved me.

I knew He had parted the Red Sea for the Israelites.

And I had forgotten.

I could recite Scripture and pray in front of the entire church.

I was blessed beyond reason.

But I was also alone, or so I thought.

Whenever He held out His hand, I slapped it.

Whenever He tried to intervene and save me I pushed Him aside.

I fought it for as long as I can remember, I didn't want to be saved.

Until I was at a breaking point.

My wounds were open and bleeding.

I was alone in my room.

And I left my pride.

I laid it at the feet of my Jesus.

And I Love him.

And in a week H accomplished what I had struggled with for four years and made zero progress.

And He is my friend; he is my rock and my fortress.

He is my security blanket.

He is almighty.

He is the whisper of the wind.

He is the roar of the oceans.

He IS who He IS.

And I love Him.

He broke my bonds.

And I am free.

And who can doubt it.

Now I am within the safe arms of my Savior.

And I would not leave them for the world.

Thanks Jesus, you rock.