Title: Travelling From Hatred to Somewhere Safer

Chapter: Suspicion

Summary: A series of glimpses at the relationship between Chris and Leo.

Disclaimer: I don't own them or any of the Charmed world.

Notes: This is a fic about a relationship that could have existed between Leo and Chris. It doesn't really follow cannon so I guess it's an AU.

Chris was working in P3 when the familiar sound of orbs filled the crowded room.

"What do you want Leo?" Somewhat wary of the newly made Elder Chris's words of greeting were far from warm.

"Answers" Came the curt reply. "About you, not the future."

"Newsflash Leo, same thing."

As the sound of orbing once again filled the air Chris resumed his search.

"How can you expect us to trust you when we don't know anything about you?" Left in the sunroom by the sisters, Leo jumped at the chance to interrogate Chris.

"I didn't think you wanted to trust me." Far from pleased with being left alone with the Elder his words were clipped and somewhat distracted by the current demon hunt.

"It would make forgiving you much easier if I could understand the reasons behind your actions." Leo snapped back.

"Well, how can you expect me to say anything when either you'll twist my words or they'll change the future?"

Phoebe's return to the room ended all further conversation.

Just back from a vanquishing that had proved more difficult than expected, and in dispirit need of a shower, Chris was in no mood to entertain. Before he could warn Leo off the older man spoke.

"You haven't been a Whitelighter for long, have you?"

Chris was caught off guard. "How could you…"

"Tell?" Leo cut in pleased. "It was easy enough to work out. You aren't one yet, or someone would know you or at least know of you. If you know Wyatt you can't have come back that far. And most obviously, as a Whitelighter you have barely come into even half your powers."

"Satisfied?" Chris ground out.

"Yeah, startling the truth out of you seems to work quite well."

Refusing to reply Chris simply glared.

Authors' Note: This is my first story in the Charmed fandom. Reviews always appreciated.