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"If dreams come true, can't nightmares to?"

-Me while writting this horribly wonderful story.

The Titans had landed. The back up was here. Hope had arrived. Or at least, that's how the people of China saw it. Sure, it seemed hopeless. Many were dead, and so many homeless and hungry, but things had to get better at some point. Nothing, could stay the same forever. Right?

The Titans were legendary. World Renown. They made the news as often as news reporters themselves. They were the good guys. The heroes that had come to save them for this overwhelming grief. How could knowing the Titans were here not bring hope?

Simple. The Titans brought hope. The Titans were hope.

People were bustling in every direction, screaming, and cries could be herd above the sirens whistling about on the damaged streets. The stench of decay and burned flesh filled the air to a point where people were forced to cover their nose with anything at hand. You could see the fires and billowing smoke for miles away. The flames reached high into the air as if to grab the stars themselves and bring them down to join the destruction. Never had the Titans seen such destruction and pain that was so clearly seen in the eyes of victims. It was hypnotizing. People pushing and shoving each other in hopes of finding a loved one. Running to the borders, escaping, and leaving the horror behind them. There was so much… devastation. Where to start?

Nightwing was the first to gain control of his thoughts and upon doing so rescued the remaining Titans and brought their attention to focus on him. "Alright listen up! This is worse than we originally thought. Forget the original plan! Stay together and team up. Watch each others backs and stay in sight at all times. It's too dangerous to split up. We would never find each other again." He yelled over the deafening sounds and collapsing buildings in the background.

The Titans immediately set about trying to put out the fires raging inside a two-story mall and rescuing those still trapped inside. Nightwing and Arsenal kept onlookers at bay as it was far to hot inside for either of their suits to protect them. Tempest and Changeling directed water onto the massive flames while Raven and Cyborg helped treat those who were wounded. Wondergirl and Argent were controlling the mission from the air and Flash and Changeling were cleaning away rubble blocking the ambulances' path. It seemed to last forever and finally the crumbling mall had been freed of the destructive fires. The Titans were worn, torn, and tired and each looking forward to returning to the jet and sleeping the night away.

If there's heaven on earth, there's bound to be hell to. They're one in the same, and you can't have one without the other. At least, that's the way Dick saw it. He had seen a lot for a person of his age. And had done more in that time than anyone could think possible. But this… this reality, this Hell on earth was beyond anything he could ever see in his nightmares.

The footage Oracle had sent him shortly before the Titans' departure had been mild compared to this. The real thing, the real horror of the devastation wrought on the people of Beijing was beyond words. As much as you wish you could, you can't sympathise for a baby's pain filled scream, or a mother looking for her two children in the wreckage of a twenty story building, and least of all for the deaths of thousands of people when your biggest worry in life, is if you will see your television show that night.

Where was the Heaven in this? Where was the silver lining to this horribly large storm cloud? What possible good could come of this? What hope existed to overcome this monstrosity?

Simple. There was none.

They had thought they had seen the worst with Trigon. It had been so unbelievably real they were sure they could not defeat him and his horrors. But they had, and life moved on. But that had not been the worst. You can't fight a battle, if there's no enemy to face. And here in this city of ruins the only enemy was that of despair. There was no solid enemy. No one to punch, or take to jail. No one to fight against in a unified effort.

Or so it seemed.

If the Titans had not been so overcome by the distress around them, they would have noticed the truth behind the lies. But when setting foot in a once lively and magnificent city, which has been burned to the ground, it is more than difficult to not be overcome with grief yourself.

Loading ambulances, directing people to the nearest shelter, trying to unite families, trying to save families, that's why the Titans were here.

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