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Yumi-chan: guess wat? I came up with a fruba story. My first one! And it's a yaoi. Aren't you all happy for me?

Kyo: No.

Yuki: kicks kyo baka neko you should be more considerate!...uhh turns to Yumi-chan …yaoi you said? Oh no...what the hell is she gonna make us do?

Kyo: damn you rat!

Yumi-chan: …um on with the story!

Kyo&Yuki: NO Wait!

Italics mean thoughts or flashbacks.

Chapter 1- How Dare You!


"Sohma-kun!" Tohru came running into the Student Council office. She was completely out of breath and her face was streaming with tears.

"Honda-san!" I ask alarmed, " What is it? What's wrong?"

" It's Kyo-kun! He…he was only trying to save me…and he… he got into a fight…" Tohru said in between breaths and sobs, " Please Sohma-kun y-you have to help him!"

"Honda-san don't worry about Kyo. He may be an idiot but he's strong" I reply, but when I see her scared, helpless reaction I add, "but I'll go check on him if you want me to."

Her eyes light up with relief. "Oh thank you Sohma-kun! I'm really sorry to have bothered you, but I'm really worried and…" she looked down with more tears in her eyes.

"It's alright Honda-san. It's no trouble at all." I say standing up, "Where was Kyo last?"

"Just off of the school property, down the street. It's the same road I take to go to work" explained Tohru, "Sohma-kun please be careful."

"Don't worry Honda-san, I'll be right back" I assure her, "Please, wait for me here."

I give her a smile and turn and leave and go out to the front of the school looking for Kyo. That damn cat! He always manages to ruin my day.

Kyo- (rewind a little)

"Um… Kyo-kun, I have to go to work now but I'll be home in time to make dinner! Please tell Shigure-san and Sohma-kun for me" asked Tohru.

"…uh sure, no problem. Isn't that Yuki going to walk you to work like he always does?" I ask looking around for the rat.

"Oh no…not today. He has a Student Council meeting" Tohru explained. "But don't worry about me! I can get to work all by myself" she said with determination in her eyes.

" Are you sure?" I ask. She's gonna get herself kidnapped with that stupid look on her face all the time. " I…I mean I could…walk with you…if you want."

"Ehhh! Oh no Kyo-kun I can't ask you to do that! I can't be so selfish. Kyo-kun is too nice. I'm soo happy you care so much, but I'll be just fine!" she said with a very big smile.

"…uhh...well, okay then. And I don't care!" I reply slightly annoyed, but she smiles at me all the same. There she goes again. She is too worried about other people! She need to take care of herself more.

"Uhh... yes. I'm so sorry! I won't make that mistake again! Well, bye Kyo-kun!" she calls cheerily as she turns around and starts walking to work. Huh?... Oh! Aargh! I really need watch what I say around her. I watch her leave for a couple minutes before I turn around and start off in the opposite direction of home.

I had only been walking for a couple seconds when I hear, "AHHH! Please give me my bag back! My mother's picture is in there!" That's Tohru's voice! Dammit I knew I should have gone with her.

"BWAHAHAHAHA!" I could hear someone laughing, "and what are you gonna do if I don't?"

That bastard is gonna pay for sayin that to her! I have to get there before they hurt her! Dammit if anything happens to her... I turn around and start running in the direction Tohru had gone in. Damn! It's her darn smile. It always manages to fool me. AARGH!

When I get to the scene I see that three large men had cornered Tohru. All of them wore baggy jeans and shirts with some sort of a gang symbol on it, and a red bandana on their heads. One had Tohru's bag in his hand and the other two stood surrounding her. The man in front of her was obviously the leader. He looked at the other two and said, "Open it and take all the money...and the picture" he grinned foully revealing two missing teeth.

"Uhh...Right Boss!" said the other two.

"No! Please don't take my mom's picture. It's the only thing I have left of her," Tohru pleaded with tears in her eyes.

"Heh. Ya know what boys," growled the Boss, "the girl's a whiner but she's kinda cute. Let's take her too." He strode over to Tohru, grabbed her arms and pinned her to the wall behind her.

"WHAA!" screamed Tohru, "GET AWAY FROM ME!"

"GET AWAY FORM HER!" I yelled, my blood boiling with rage. "How dare you bastards touch her! I'm gonna send all ya bastards to hell."

The Boss let go of Tohru and turned toward me, "Heh, and what's a clown like you gonna do about it?"

"Grr...I'm gonna kick your ass!" I yell as I throw a punch at his face. My fist connects to his jaw and he crashes into the wall next to Tohru.

"Aiiee!" Tohru screamed.

"BOSS!" the two men yelled.

"Tohru get outta here! I'll take care of these bastards." I say to her while turning to face the others.

"Kyo-kun please be careful!" she yelled while running away.

The other two men had produced two large bats and a dagger-like knife. Damn. I'll make these bastards pay.


"YOU BASTARD!" I hear Kyo's voice a little ways off the school property. I run over toward the fight and stop shocked. Three huge men holding bats and a knife surrounded a very bloody Kyo. The man on Kyo's left was lying on the ground, seemingly unconscious. The man with the knife had a big bruise forming on his jaw, probably thanks to Kyo's fist. Although Kyo's had been outnumbered he was sitll able to take sown one man, break the other man's nose and five the other, most likely the boss, an array of cuts, bumps and bruises.

I glance over to Kyo and see that he had taken a hard blow to the head and his shirt is soaked with blood. With out a second thought I run over to him and put myself between him and his attackers. The two men step back somewhat surprised.

"Kyo! What the hell is going on here?" I demand.

"Ya damn rat! This is... none of your... business!" Kyo spat between breaths.

"Then why was Honda-san crying?"

"These bastards here...stole her bag...and tried to hurt her..." he said shaking from anger or fatigue, I couldn't tell.

"I'm gonna make em pay!" he growled. Just as Kyo takes another step his knees give out and he collapses.

"Heh. Why don't you do like that clown says and leave. This is none of your business!" said the Boss menacingly.

"That's where your wrong," I reply with a threatening calm, my voice laced with venom, "This became my problem the second you touched Honda-san."

With that my foot connected to the Boss's face so fast the other man was left speechless.

"B-B-Boss!" he stuttered, "a-are you all right?" He ran over to his Boss and helped him up. "You're gonna pay for that," he says turning to me, his eyes flashing with anger. He runs up to me, bat raised over his head like a machete. I side-step his attack and kick him in the stomach. The man gasps and drops to all fours, coughing up blood. With a punch I send him flying and falling unconscious.

"You'll pay for what you did to my brother's," yelled the Boss furiously.

"I'd like to see you try," I say darkly. My anger had not subsided yet. These people hurt Honda-san, whom I highly respect. Not only that, Kyo is in critical condition. I need to end this quickly.

After a couple minutes of dodging attacks I finally land a good kick in the stomach. He retaliates with a swing of the knife that slashes my arm. I wince as a flame erupts on my arm. I kick him again, this time a few inches below the stomach. He doubles over in pain and snarls, "You damn, bastard!" He gets up and rushes to me again. I punch him in the face and his head crashes into the wall behind him. He slides down the wall, falling out cold.

"You...deserved that...bastard..." I say breathing heavily. Damn I hope my asthma doesn't act up right now. I don't have time for that. I turn around and run over to Kyo.

"I always have to clean up your mess, stupid cat," I say to him. I get down on my knees to see if he was okay. Holy shit! What is this? I look down at my hands and see a pool of blood. I feel chills go down my spine. This can't be Kyo's blood. He isn't that injured. I look at all his injuries They're all just cuts and bruises nothing serious...so how... And then it hit me. I turn him around only to find a dangerously long gash on his back. I quickly take off my shirt and tie it tightly around his body to slow down the bleeding. It's no good...he's already lost too much blood! At this rate Kyo's gonna die before I can get him to Hatori! AARGH

Yumi-chan: I wonder if they're mad at me...

Yuki: angry/upset Kyo's almost dead and you're worried about the cliffhanger?

Yumi-chan: Aiiiee! Kyo! I'm soo sorry don't die!

Yuki: You're the one who did it to him!

Yumi-chan: My, my, Yuki-kun you sure seem to worry alot about the little kitty?

Yuki: turning red W-what? No I don't! I...uhh...Hey! don't turn this around on me! I need help! Kyo's gonna die!

Yumi-chan: Uh right! I'm on it! Please don't die Kyo! I'm sure if I can get some reviews...hint hint