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Its Saturday and I think I am about to die if I last one more minute in this house alone with Dad.

"You going to bed honey?" he asked me tiredly from the kitchen bench.

"Yeah I am hitting the hay", I lie "I am so tired with all the work I've done today"

"Yeah well you only got tomorrow then you get to go back to school. This should teach you for having sex without protection"

"Dad are you angry that we has sex without a condom?" I asked him as his face turned light pink, "or that you are angry that I have had sex?"

"So it was Dick? If so he is never coming here again."

"I don't know it could've been Dicks, Logan's Duncan's or even that guy I've seen at the station so many times" counting them on my hand.

"Eli Navarroo?"

"That's the one"

"Please don't joke about this Veronica"

"Dad… I am never going to tell you who. We were both drunk and out of it to remember anything" I say.

Ok I am not lying I am just twisting the truth.

"Night Dad" I say before walking to my room.

By the time Dad was asleep it was 12:16. am. Quietly am getting out of bed I grab my bag and a towel before climbing out of the window.

When I got to Dog Beach I got out of car and I walk down to a secret spot on the beach put down my towel and keys and slip my dress off running straight into the freezing sea water naked.


Its just past twelve am and I'm totally pissed. Walking along the beach I come along a red dress which looked a lot like Veronica's. Looking out into the sea I see this blonde tiny girl bobbing up and down in the water.


I always knew Veronica wanted to go skinny dipping but thought she would do it. I've done it plenty of times. By myself or with others at the moment I really wanted to join her.

"Can I join?" I yell out to her as I stand up walking over where the waves meet the sand.

"Logan?" I hear her call out to me.

"Yes baby its meeee" I joke dragging out the last word.

"are you drunk?"

"jusssst a little bit" I spler out.

"Please go and get my dress" I hear her ask me.

"Its not like I haven't see you naked before. Plus its dark I won't be able to see you" I agrue.

"This is different. Now please get my dress" I hear her ask me as I also hear the water around her move around her.

I slowly walk up and receive her tiny dress. Picking it up to my nose and slowly smelling her sence before walking back over to the water.

"I will turn around while you get out of the water" I tell her before turning around and close my eyes.

I hear quick footsteps come from the water to where I placed her dress. I hear her put on her dress and zip it up.

"You didn't wear any underwear?"

"I didn't know I was going to have company. You can turn around now" the girl I have loved for years told me as she walked up to her towel and I followed.

After stumbling I fall over on the dry sand behind her picking up her towel reapping it around her. I feel her resting her tiny head on my shoulder as she got comfortable as we sat there.

I break the silence "I'm so sorry Veronica"

"For what?"

"About Shellys. When I woke up without you I didn't realise the condom was torn before I rang Duncan".

"Its ok Logan. I know you didn't mean too. Everything's fine"

"Everything's fine?" I repeat.

"Yeah, Dick came over the night I got suspended and brought a pregnancy test and it came back negative which is a good thing"

"it is a good thing" I say turning to face her. Putting her short blonde fringe behind her ears she turns to look at me.

I slowly move my hand down the side of her face to her chin. Lifting her chin lightly I move my lips to meet hers.

Veronica pulls back instantly grabbing everything she left on the sand and walking away without letting me time to explain.

It was a mistake kissing her. But her lips felt so good against mine. She's my best friend she will never think about me in any different way. As much as I love her Duncan was right, I need to hide my feelings to still be close to her.

Veronicas POV

When Logan kissed me I wasn't sure what I expected. All I could think about was when Dick told me Logan was in love with me. That was why I pulled back I didn't know how I feel about him anymore.

We have been through so much together I don't know what to think.

Plus he was drunk, everybody knows what he is like when he is drunk. He is either truthful or having sex with some bimbo.

I couldn't take it anymore that's why I left without a word. I didn't know what to say. I didn't know what I feel for him I don't know anything anymore.

By the time I woke up the next morning I noticed Dad left me with a whole list of chores to do.

After I vacuumed the whole apartment I get a text from Dick.

I need your help.

At DKs.

I grab my bag and keys and look in the mirror to check if my hair is ok before leaving the house before driving over to the Kanes.

When I got there Dick answered the door.

"I need your help V. Duncan's a mess. I tried to call Logan but he hasn't answered" he told me worriedly.

"Yeah Logan is probably having a big hangover. Whats wrong?"

"Its Meg. This morning when we went the Shack dinner for breakfast we saw Meg there"

"And? What happened?"

"She was there with Cole"

"As in the 09er Cole? I mean their friends why wouldn't they have breakfast together"

"They were attached by the lips"

"Are you saying she cheated on Duncan while they were dating? How's DK?"

"He's terrible. Your like he's longest friend can't you do something?"

"You mean because I am a woman?"

"Yes that what I mean now please me"

"where is he?"

"his room"

As we got there I herd things smashing. Walking into his room I see the drunk Duncan smashing every photo of the old couple.

I walked over to him slowly. Guiding him back to his bed I took the bottle of Jack Daniels away from him. Sitting next to him I waited for him so calm down.

But he didn't

He was still angry. Getting up quickly I pushed him back down on the bed where I straddled him so he couldn't move.

Looking into his eyes to get his whole attention I lift the bottle to my mouth taking one long scull at the alcohol.

"She broke up with me to be with him Ronnie. She cheated on me" he said crying as he lent his head into my shoulders.

Wrapping my small arms around his back to comfort him I repeated "everything is going to be ok Duncan. Everything is going to be ok."

"How do you know that?"

"Look at me I am a living a perfect example"

"but Zac didn't cheat on you"

"Know but I had my heart broken in the worse way possible"

"How did you handle it?"

"I slept with my best friend who happened to be the guy Zac hated the most. It will keep hurting until you move on. You will move on you need to"

"So… what to you mean?" he looked up at me as he asked me.

I pushed him on the bed gentally slowly moving up to him I whisper to him "Sleep with the one person who Meg felt most threated my or your best friend who happens to be the same person" I joke as I push myself away from him landing beside him on the bed.

Duncan laughed.

"See now that's a start" I yell.

After a few minutes of staring up at the celling without saying I word I speak.

"I'm sorry about the other day"

"I am sorry too. I should've believed that you would never hurt Meg instead of taking her side"

"So were even?"

"for now"

"Are we still best friends? You know I will be here for you no matter what"

"You will always be my best friend Veronica"

"You will always be my best friend too"

"good. There is something you should know before tomorrow Logan was the one who cleared you name" Duncan told me.

"What are you talking about?"

"The whole Meg thing. Logan proved that you didn't touch her Veronica"



"things aren't great between us at the moment. I mean it's only been like two or three months since the breakup with Zac and I'm not sure if I am completely over him" I explain.

"You still love him?" he asks me.

"Possably" I answer before hearing somebody knocking on the door.

We both looked over to the door to see who was at the door with a disappointed look on his face. Oh no.

Logan doesn't stay in the doorway very long before walking away. Before I noticed it I chased after him.

"Logan wait!" I call out as he is nearly at his car.

"For what Ronnie?", he yells back while he turns around to look at me, "For what?" he repeats.

"For me to explain"

"Explain what? Your hoping that one day Zac and you will get back together and live happily ever after? Huh? Is that it?"

"Stop trying to push my buttons" I yell back at me.

We both know it. He know what makes me crack and to make me angry and he is doing it right now.

"You broke up with Loverboy Veronica ok move on!" he screams at me for a moment I thought he was going to hurt me.

I take a deep breath trying to be calm before I answer back. "No that's not it! I told you"

"You told me what Veronica? You would never go back to him? But your still in love with Zac. Huh? Isn't that true."

He's done it he's made me crack.

"Shut up already" I scream at him, "It's not always about you Logan. I would never get back together with Zac. Were just friends" I explain loudly I am sure Dick and Duncan can hear every word.

"Just friends yeah right" I hear him mumble under his breath.

"What did you just say?" I ask him as I walk closer to him.

"You know it was nothing. Ok because the truth is I am the one you should be with. I am the one who is in love with you! I have been in love you for years but you have never cared about that have you! No you only care about yourself" he yells.

I feel his hands grip on behind my head and before I knew it his lips attacked mine. As soon as I felt his tongue trying to get into my mouth I push away. Wiping my mouth.

"You Jerk! Whats wrong with you? " I yell at him as I wipe my mouth with my hand.

"No what's wrong with you. You heartless bitch!" he answers me back.

"Get your hands off me!" I scream back just realising that his arms are still wrapped around me be for I knew it Dick and Duncan pulled as apart. Before I knew it Dick pulled me inside.

As we got back into the house the first tear rolled down my cheek.

"What happened"

"Duncan and I were talking" I said a between each hiccup

"Don't cry Veronica"

"I can't help it. Logan walked in on the wrong part of the conversation and assumes I'm still in love with Zac"

"and are you?"

" Maybe just a little bit." I replied when I stopped crying.

"Whats the problem with that?"

"Logan kissed me last night I thought he would forget"

"You should know out of all people Logan has a good memory when he is drunk"

"I know but I just hoped he would forget"

"Veronica answer me one question"


"why was Logan all over you just now?"

I started crying again as I buried my head into his chest as I felt him pat my hair.

"I have never seen him like this. It went so fast I barely remember"

"I'm so sorry Veronica. I hate seeing him like this. You were never ment to see him like this"

"like what?" I ask determined to find out the answer.


"tell me Dick"

"I'm warning you whatever happens you didn't here this from me", he warns me, "Aaron beats Logan"

"what?" I scream.

"Whenever Logan does something wrong he gets beat by one of his dads belts"

I struggle to get out of Dicks arms before running back at the front to see if Duncan and Logan were still there really needing to talk to Logan.

As I get there I see Duncan waving from the driver's seat of his car out as he drives out of the driveway with Logan in the passenger seat. I know he saw me as he drove away because I could feel his eyes burning at me until the drove out of the estate.

"You missed him?" Dick asked as he chased me.

"You didn't tell me"

"It wasn't my place to tell Veronica. Its Logan's secret"

"How can he tell you and Duncan but not me?"

"He thinks you would pity him Veronica you know he hates being pitied"

"You know I wouldn't do that"

"I know I tried to convince him you wouldn't but he thought other wise"

"How long do we have until Duncan comes back?"

"Depends how long it takes him to settle Logan down"

"good. Lets start to clean up his room" I say before going back inside.

"wait" I hear Dick say.


"Duncan's been drunking"

"Oh shit he's drunk what was he thinking of trying to drive?" I ask.

"I'll go. I will try and catch up to him just incase something happens"

"Thanks. I don't want to see Logan again"

"Exactally" I catch him saying before he walks out of the house.

Great now I am at the Kane house by myself.

After Dick drives off I got straight to the kitchen to find a packet of chocolate fudge brownies in the pantry. As I read the instructions I say "great all I need to add is water"

Putting the mixture in the oven I go up to Duncan's room to start to clean up. Opening the door I look at Duncan's unmade bed. His room hasn't changed a bit.


"you forgot about me" says an annoying voice from the door as it opens then shuts. It was Logan, walking up to the bed they were laying on, causing Veronica to move closer to Duncan as Logan laid down on Duncan's bed next to them, putting his arm around Veronica quickly so she had not time to react.

Veronica still gives Logan the cold shoulder. She hates jackass's, like Logan - making lame and cruel jokes, thinking everybody loves him and all the girls want him. The only thing Veronica liked about him was his bad boy attitude and reputation - but what girl wouldn't!

"come on give him a shot" Duncan trys to convince her by whispering it in her ear "Ronnie please he's my friend, you're my best friend, just give him a shot"

"Fine, Duncan" the young blonde said stuck in-between the boys struggling to get out of the bed but gave up.

"now can I please get out" she yells staring at Logan, him staring back, she knowing he wouldn't budge. Veronica turns her head and glares at Duncan and in time he gave in.

"ok ok you win" he says as he get out of the bed

"thank youp" she say as he gets out of the bed quickly and walks to her bag.

"what you doing Ronnie?" Logan asks "you look fine in your pjs, you don't need to change" he says as she goes through her bag getting the clothes she was going to change through and walks over to the door to go to another room to change.

"hey Veronica" Logan yells out before she leaves the room. She opens the door and stops and looks at them both.

"you can change in front of us you know, we won't bite" Logan says

"get over yourself, you pervert' she says to him in a bitter way walking out grabing a book off Duncans book shelf and throwing it at Logans head, then slamming the door thinking leaving the two boys there laughing.

End of flashback

I shake my head running my right hand through my hair getting my fringe out of my face. Walking into the messy room I start by opening the windows then removing the alchol and the empty bottles out of the room. After twenty minutes I run down stairs and turn off the oven. Even though the chocolate brownies aren't ready yet I want them to be fresh out of the oven when Duncan and Dick come home.

Running back up stairs I quickly vacuum the room and making the bed.

At the moment I feel right at home.

Is sit on Duncan's bed another twenty minutes later fully tired. I look around the empty room which I removed every Meg like thing possible. I really hope Duncan is ok.

Dicks POV

"I completely ruined everything!" I herd Logan scream from the pool house.

Rushing in there I see Logan paseing the room yelling at Duncan.

"Oh great its Dick" the drunk Logan says as I entered the room.

"Don't turn this around on us Logan. You shouldn't have done what you did back there." I reply.

"Logan just calm down Veronica would hate seeing you like this. You got to do this for her" Duncan says

"We have nothing left DK. I don't think I can do this anymore. Anyway she is going to hate me"

"she could never hate you Logan" I told him as he stopped walking around the room and sitting on bed.

"How do you know that"

"She told me," I lie, "Veronica is just confused at the moment, you just need to calm down"

"I'm trying" Logan replied before he fell asleep on the couch.

I started to get worried when it was nearly 12 aclock. It has nearly been an hour and the boys weren't home.

That's when I herd the front door slam.

"Is anybody there?" I hear Celeste call out as I run down from Duncan's room.

"Duncan?" I yell out as I run down stairs.

"Veronica, what are you doing here?" Jake asked me.

"First off Dick said I should get over here that's when I found Duncan in his room throwing stuff around"

"is he alright?" Jake asked.

"God I hope so" I say as I dial Duncan's number into my phone.

"Hey Duncan where are you?" I ask him as he answers the phone.

"Were still at Logans"

'What have you been doing there playing X-box?"


"Well you need to get home Duncan. Dick needs to drive you. Your Parents are here" I say before hanging up.

"Well Duncan should be home soon"

"Has someone been cooking?" Jake asked me.

"Yeah, while I was cleaning Duncan's room I decided to cook some brownies"


"Chocolate Fudge. Its to cure all heart breaks"

"Meg and Duncan broke up?" Celete said looking upset.

"Yeah. Regular teen drama you know"

"Well that's a shame"

"I guess but Duncan is better off without her and I'm here to cheer him up!"

"Well that's always good"

"Well were best friends why wouldn't I be here? Anyways I should heat up the brownies for when Duncan comes home if that's alright with you"

"Sure you are always welcomed here" Jake told me as I saw him getting a nudge from Celeste.

"Were home" I hear a giggling Duncan calling out from the foyer.

"about time I just started to worried" I replied as I walked over to the two boys.

Duncan walks closer to me which make me smell how terriable he smells.

"Come on boys I got something to show you" I say as I grab hold of Duncan's arm and drag him up stairs.

"Now you go and have a shower you smell really bad" I instructed Duncan as I push him into his bathroom.

"Like what you have done with the room Ronnie!" Dick jokes as he walks around the clean empty bedroom.

"How is he?" I asked

"Not very good. He keeps thinking that he has ruined things with you and you will never forgive him" the blond surfer answers.

"I think I should go over there and sort it out"

"I don't think so"

"No I need too. You look after Duncan until I come back" I tell him after I grab my keys and at the bedroom door.

As I once again enter the Kane's kitchen. Walking over to the cupboard I take the first aid kit and a couple of brownies on my way out.

As I knock on the front door Lynn answers the door.


"Hey Lynn I got to see Logan"

"Honey I don't think it's the right time"

"Please Lynn I need to see him"

Lynn just nods before letting me into the house and I make my way over to the pool house.

"Logan… are you hear?" I yell out as I entered the pool house.

"Veronica?" he says as he walks out of the bathroom.

"I think we got to talk"

"You shouldn't be here"

"I want to be here Logan there is no way I'm leaving." I say as I walk closer to him.

"I nearly hurt you today Veronica" he said the most horrible voice I have ever herd him speak.

I reached up and put my arms around him before saying

"But you didn't you could never hurt me Logan"

"I don't want you to be scared of me"

"I trust you Logan. I don't know how you could think I would be scared of you" I say as I let go of him gentally take his hands and guiding him to the bed.

"What are you doing" he asked me.

"Lie down on you stomach for me"

"Its nothing Veronica"

"No its not nothing Logan just do what you are told" I interrupt him

Logan doesn't answer back instead he lays on the queen sized bed.

"Shirt off" I ordered.

"If you wanted me naked you could've just asked Veronica. You can have me anytime" he replies as he gentally takes off this green t-shirt.

"I'm glad the old Logan is back" I joke.

Repairing all the cuts I can as I can, I climb over Logan to get to the other side of his back. As I climb over him a hear a soft grown from him, looking at him I start to think that climbing over his body was a mistake..

"Well I should get back to Duncan and Dick their probably wondering where I am" I say packing up my gear ready to leave.

"Veronica.. wait" I hear Logan say as I get to the door.

"I don't want things to be awquad between us"

"I think its too late for that Logan, I'm sorry"

"Are we still friends?"

"I think I need some time."


"anyway I brought over some brownies. Here" I says as I walk over and give him the brownies. Looking into his dark chocolate eyes before walking away was a mistake.

I don't know what caused me to do it but I did.

I stand up on my tippy toes and plant a soft kiss on his lips. He looks at me the way I saw him at his Christmas party when we were fifteen.

"Don't wait for me" I whisper before leaving the pool house in tears.

I walk back into the Kane's with two buckets of icecream. Walking into Duncans room I see the two boys playing x-box.

"I'm back!"

"How did it go?" Dick asked me.

"What does it look like?," I ask him as I sit now next to Dick, "I got icecream"

"Didn't go well then?" Duncan replied.

"I'm just so mixed up at the moment. You know I mean I don't know what I feel at the moment. Anyway I told him not to wait for me"

"So its not going to happen?" Dick asked.


"You and Logan?"

"No, I don't know. Don't give him any ideas" I tell the boys.

"anyway aren't we here for Duncan?" I ask.

"yeah but your life is more dramatic. You always spill the spot light" Duncan jokes

"I don't mean to. My life is a total stuff up"

"not its not. You have us don't be silly"

"thanks guys anyone for icecream and a lame movie?" I suggest as I sit down in between my two friends and hand them a spoon each.

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