Tales of The Cosmic War vol 1 A Hero's Evolution

Hello everyone your here because your interested in a story. I have a story that I think is quite interesting and enjoyable to read, a fanfic mass cross over that is my attempt to stretch the limits of storytelling and fan-fiction in one neat package to make what is at least to me, the ultimate epic crossover.

I have been a fan of crossover games such as Kingdom Hearts, Super Smash Bros and others for a while. I found out about the fan crossover game Mugen, the fan fighting game sort of based off of Marvel VS Capcom to put in fighters from all over to make a " Ultimate crossover."

In addition I learned about Namco VS Capcom, a RPG series in Japan were various games from both companies united for one cross over story, and Super Robot Wars, a series only released in Japan at the moment that was a crossover RPG of various anime such as Gundam and other Mecha franchises.

I saw all of these things and after wishing Smash Bros had a crossover story like Kingdom Hearts, was inspired to write a crossover to make my dream become reality.

Is the idea good just in my head? Only one way to find out I suppose, so boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, please take a seat because the show begins now.

Across the universe, from one world to another there is one thing that every planet shares: there are those who repress others to realize there desires and there are those that oppose them for the sake of what is important to them. To those that are spared agony because of these brave individuals, many would see them as hero's, while those they fight are seen as villains.

While what true justice is may differ from culture to culture, every world, from every era has its hero's and villains. This tale is about how one youth tries to find a way to become the universe's ultimate hero.


At one point of time, in a universe both similar and different to ours, a great war between good and evil nearly destroyed the entire universe. Long ago, in the beginning of time a godly being named Zannacross was told have been created by the master of all light Cosmos to watch the souls of the dead in the realm of hell. After watching the sins of mortals over thousands of years he grew tired of mortals endlessly repeating their mistakes, and decide that he would rule over them all.

However the people of the living realm had a problem or two with that.

Zannacross responded to having his rule being rejected by created an army of darkness forged from his power and fueled by the hate, sin and despair of those who were scorned by the universes to unleash a nightmarish war that wiped out any world that dared to opposed his new order.

After a while the other celestial ones ascended in to the mortal plane to aid the mortals in their efforts to defeat Zannacross but he would not let anyone interfere in the way of his desire.

Zannacross was a special celestial one that absorbed the power of darkness to transform himself and enhance his strength beyond any other celestial being. In fact using the power of mortal beings 's darkness he in essence became the first true devil.

In time he was known as the very personification of evil and sin, Chaos Zannacross Necron! The Dark God who's desired to bind all realms in darkness. Soon his power became so great that he could destroy entire galaxies with a gesture!

In the end he tried to consume and dominate heaven it self but the combined forces of the army of determined people and celestial ones made a last stand on Necron's capital world of Vandalgyon.

The power that the forces of the light had on their side was impressive and the army of Chaos was blasted aside without too much loss. However, then the dark god entered the battle himself. Wither it was a mortal or a celestial begin it did not matter as Chaos destroyed all that stood before him!

It was beginning to seem like all realms were doomed to be fused in to one single existence of absolute darkness when one last hope appeared. A warrior with a sword infused with the power of the supreme begin of light itself came to face Necron and to the ultimate dark masters shock the hero was able to endure his wrath! In the end it was an even fight that ended with the hero of the light holding down Chaos Zannacross Necron long enough for Cosmos to banish him!

Despite this victory its cost was high as seventy five percent of all life in the universe was lost and many celestial begins died as well. To top it off the hero who was responsible for stopping the dark god lost his life in the process and his divine weapon was defused in to fragments in order to prevent its misuse from those who still had selfish ambitions.

Even so because of the efforts of the great heroes the universe was safe from being extinct and a general peace was the norm for some time. But, the threat to the universe was only postponed, not delayed.

Zannacross and his forces may have been sealed, but, the evil that fueled his rise to power still lingered across space, for that evil came from the hearts of man. The united good will from the war quickly faded and the many races soon discarded there harmony in favor of there own self interests.

In only a few centuries the state of the universes had nearly become the same as it was before Zannacross attacked, and it was almost like the people wanted to forget that such a time ever happened.

Millions of years later, the people who have lived in the universe have rebuilt there worlds, seen it fall apart, and put itself back together again a new era, and perhaps the final era of the cosmos has begun.

It's been millions of years since Zannacross waged his war and so much time has passed that his rampage is barley remember as a bed time story. However, while once more those with evil and selfish desires run rampant across the galaxies now there is a new generation of hero's that unites to protect the innocent from the forces of evil.

Nearly the entire universe has been discovered and all of known space is now under the united banner of the Galactic Lylat Kingdom, a government based on the principle of a strong constitutional monarchy that seeks the best way of life for all living beings, is the successor to the failed Lylat Republic that lasted thousands of years before massive corruption and countless selfish desires nearly brought the entire universes in to total chaotic anarchy.

While the Lylat Kingdom has thousands of planets and countless galaxies as part of its domain, and has managed to unite civilizations as powerful as the Kree, the Thangar, the Asari , the Mon Calamari, the Vulcans,the Maians, the Namekians, Andalites, the Eldarian's, the Sangheili, the Balarant conclave, the Zentradi, and countless other proud advanced civilizations under a tight balance between respecting their differences and a shared united goal to combined their talents to forge a prosperous civilization for the entire universe.

Even so...its power has not been absolute. Countless groups and beings with wicked desires threaten the lives of those who just want to live happy peaceful lives. However, those evil people have to answer to the Enji Knights!

The Enji Knights are the order of the warriors of light, extremely powerful warriors who are stronger than most army divisions and hordes of monsters and inspired by the orders of the past such as the Jedi Knights...the Nova Corps, the Tekkaman Space Knights, the Green Lantern Corps and all the other heroic groups that tried to bring order to the universe, only to in time fall apart.

No matter if there skills were natural or finely honed, or if there talents came from magic, technology or anything else, the great hero Rodimus Myers and his friends founded the order on the basis to be a independent force to protect the innocent, and no matter what see that justice is enforced throughout the entire cosmos.

While close to the Lylat Kingdom they still act independently and thus can intervene on any world where they see evil at work. The Enji Knights are seen as heroes to most of the good people of the universe, and many young people seeking to become a hero or a defender of justice put everything they have to becoming a Enji Knight. It's not any easy task, but that's not enough of a hassle to stop those who truly seek to become a Enji.

The Lylat Kingdom has brought harmony to the universe then any government before it. Even so, there are those who don't enjoy peace, who don't find it profitable.

Despite the best efforts of the Lylat Kingdom's leadership there is a Independence movement brewing in the corners of the universe, where many powerful races like the Klingons, the Skrulls, the Thanagarians, the Skedar, the Krogan, the Triceratons, the Vendeeni, and even many multi planet orders such as the Covenant of the High Prophet's of Truth, the Trade Federation, the Techo Union, the InterGalactic Banking Clan, Unknown Territory Intervening and Creation Agency otherwise known as the U-TIC organization all have formed a uneasy alliance to realize one goal, seeking independence vie force to have freedom from accountability to all but there own. This growing united organization rumored to be called the Principality of Zeon.

While wanting independence is not sinister by itself, troubling reports have come in that this movement has been pushed by a secret order, one that has ties from everything from the ancient harbingers of chaos, " Dark Lords of the Sith", to beings of calamity form world after world from beings such as " Jenova" to the "Phazon" that the galactic Space Pirates used to wreck havoc across galaxies, to the legendary forces of evil such as Frieza the" Emperor of the Universe"and Thanos the mad Titan ...to countless other agents of evil that for so long seemed like isolated acts of malice only for the dots to at last connect, and merge into a overwhelming force ready to erupt into the cosmos and consume all life with overwhelming wrathful rage.

But despite this growing storm, the Warriors of Light are undaunted in protecting the universe from whatever threat might arise.

And now on the capital planet of the Lylat Kingdom, Corneria, one young man is committing everything he has to joining the Enji Knights in order to realize his dream of becoming a renown hero. His name is Ben Auro, and little does he know just how much he will have to go through to realize that dream.

Can this normal human male make his fantasy become reality in a cosmos that is having more sparks of fear, anger and hate threatening to ignite in to a full blown cosmic war that might spiral out of control large enough to consume all of existence in to total oblivion? Only one way to find out, so its time to begin the epic that is

Tales of the Cosmic Wars!

I've been having these weird thoughts lately...like is any of this for real or not?

A man blinked before he felt a sense of dread. An explosion caused him to walk forward instinctively, till he heard a growl and looked in front of him. He realized the ground in front of him was covered with a raging fire, that seemed to cover the entire landscape. Out of that fire was a giant turtle creature the size of a castle with spikes on his shell and wild red hair.

As the turtle creature narrowed his eyes on the youth, he stepped back, only to feel a hand press on his shoulder from behind before a calm voice uttered," Don't let it get to you, it's going to be ok Ben."

The young man turned around and saw the man speaking to him was a tall man with black curly hair, wearing a red and blue uniform with a flowing red cape. As the man smirked he looked at the imposing figure in front of him and Ben." This may be one rough time, but it's time for action right?"

Ben looked behind him and saw others coming out behind the man with the S. Right behind him was a man dressed in black faintly looking like a human Bat, next to a woman with a tiara with a lasso on her belt, next to a man in a red outfit with lighting bolts on his ears, many men in green uniforms with glowing green rings, a man with dreadlocks riding a garbage lid that was floating and crackling with lighting, a blue skinned man with red eyes, and a woman with wings and a mace.

Behind those men was a shorter red man with a mustache with blue overalls and a mustache and a red cap with a M on it, with a taller man with a green uniform, and what looked like a green dinosaur with a red saddle.

To the right of that group, was another group with a blue humanoid hedgehog with a confident smirk running up faster then a jet, with a humanoid two tailed fox flying besides him, and a humanoid red echidna gliding on the other side.

Behind that group was a man clad in green with elf like pointy ears, riding a horse and wielding a glowing sword, various men and woman that looked like they were from the same time period were riding along side him, and above him were a pack of large eagles.

Riding those eagles were a wizard in white with a white staff, followed by a man in kingly attire, a dwarf with a ax, a elf with a bow, and another eagle being ridden by two "Hobbts."

To the right of this Fellowship of eagle riders were two men and one woman riding broomsticks, the man in the center had a lighting bolt like scar across his face.

To the three's right was a small round pink creature riding a small star wielding a " Star Rod", and next to him was a humanoid orange bandicoot on a jet back welding a bazooka, with a humanoid bear with a backpack with a red bird flying him through the air, a humanoid purple dragon being ridden by a humanoid green gecko.

To the right of that group was a human in red and orange armor with a green visor, next to armored man with a yellow face plate over his face in green armor welding a gun, a man in white armor holding a bomb, and a blue haired woman in a maid outfit welding a gatling gun.

Behind this group a young man in blue armor with an equally blue helmet, next to a man with a red outfit like him with a yellow scarf walked up besides his" brother."

To the right of the duo was another man with a cannon for an arm, with white armor. Next to him was another man with red armor, with long blond hair, who was holding a green saber of energy. Next to him was a man in black armor welding two pistols.

To the right of that group walked up a man with short brown hair, in a white martial arts gi, who just casually tightened his belt, along side countless other men and woman who with a glance looked like they were masters of the martial arts.

Behind that group was a man in a blue and red out with a spider logo in his back swinging what seemed to be a web to swing by, as a man in red and orange armor flew by him with the jet thrusters on his feet.

Behind the" Spider-Man" and " Iron-Man" were four individuals with blue uniforms with the four number on their chests, one was an older man with brown and grey hair, next to a blond woman, a man on fire, and a man of brown stone.

Above them flew past a man on a flying surfing board who was completely clad in sliver.

Behind the " Sliver Surfer" was an even larger green muscular man screaming out with raw rage, with a smaller but still muscular green woman next to him.

To the right of the green duo, a man in a black uniform took off his hood and let a green saber of raw energy ignite, while dozens of men and woman with "lightsabers" all turned them on after their leader. The leader had a furry humanoid creature with a crossbow walk up to the man in black before roaring, as a man and woman with blaster guns walked up to the tall hairy creature.

To the left of that group a man with spiky blond hair carrying a large sword rode past them on a motorcycle, around him were various swordsmen all riding yellow horse sized chickens called Chocobos and a brown haired man with two swords riding a green dog.

As this group approached the others, to there right a man in a tuxedo drove past him in a car that had missiles come out of its wheels as a blond man on the other side of the car loaded a gun, as several other older men were loading their own guns, as two woman, one with short blue hair and one with a short red pony tail got out of the roof and readied rocket launchers, as a bearded man suddenly got out of a cardboard box attached to the car's trunk and got a missile launcher loaded.

To the left a giant red truck dropped off a few more people, before transforming into a giant robot with a helmet and a face-plate.

A yellow jet then flew by the robot, before transforming into a large yellow and blue robot with ape like features as four humanoid turtles with different color bandanas jumped off him while all screaming out," Cowabunga!" as three humanoid toads got along side them, as a man in a white suit that had a worm for a head flew by in a small rocket.

From where they landed, a giant red toad landed on the ground, with a young blond man in an orange uniform hanging on tightly to the toad. Next to him was a man with long blond hair and a red coat with a metal arm, and a living suit of armor.

Next to the giant toad walked up many men and woman with uniforms with X's on them. One man among them had claws come out of his hands, while another had his red visor glow, and another man in a brown coat shuffled cards that started to glow as they were led by a bald man in a yellow hover-chair, with a man in red armor with a purple cape and a red helmet to his right.

Past this group of " X-men" was six people in uniforms with helmets that resembled dinosaurs. Behind them was a giant robot that was made of many dinosaur faces and had a robot dragon next to it, before they combined into a even larger robot, and then got on a large robotic brachiosaurus along side a robot fusion of animals on one side and two blue and black spaceships merged into a human robot on the other.

To the right of these robots were four large creatures, one was a white knight like creature with its left arm being a dragon's head with a blade sticking out, with its other hand looking like a wolf with a cannon sticking out, another was a large green and black armored humanoid dragon, the third was a red armored knight with many wings and two blades, and the fourth was a red and blue armored warrior.

A few more robots or" Mecha" flew past this ground of monster knights, along with a group of women in white sailor outfits.

Below that group of "Sailor scouts" were a group of men and woman with various exotic swords such a man with wild white hair and another young man with spiky silver hair and gray-blue/dark-purple eyes.

As they ran up Ben saw a group of giant white robots or "mecha", one that had floating cannons swarm it, another that transformed into a jet like shape, another with a mustache, another with wings like angels welding massive guns, and another likewise machine riding a robotic horse flew over him, as various flying ships and smaller jets were behind those humanoid machines, along with a few tank sized metallic tiger like machines.

Ben then saw a man in an orange martial arts gi fly past him and just looked at the flames as men in outfits like him flew around him. As a green skinned man flew next to him the man let out a confident smirk, before his hair turned golden and an aura of raw energy surged around him.

As these hero's assembled, Ben heard a blood thirsty roar and swerved around to see that the giant turtle creature just growled with fury, as countless others came out of the flames behind him.

One was a fat man with a mustache riding a spherical egg shaped vehicle, as a robotic hedgehog floated to the right of him.

To the right of the two was a scientist with a N engraved on his forehead on a floating platform welding a ray-gun as a black demonic voodoo mask floated around him.

To the right of him was a man in black armor with red hair and black skin who had a golden triangle glowing across his right arm, as a large sword was grasped in his other hand.

To the right of the " King of evil" flew a man dressed like a green goblin, cackling madly as he held a pumpkin with a fuse in his hand as he flew on a glider, followed by another man dressed like a goblin with yellow skin and wearing a hood.

Behind them ran across a man who looked like a living demon with red liquid skin who's hand was transforming into a ax as the man cackled loudly.

To the right of the embodiment of Carnage walked out a man with white skin in a purple suit…who just laughed madly as he saw what was unfolding in front of him. A man flew past this " Joker", a bald man in a green suit of armor, a man that was a pure shadow with dreadlocks, and a man that looked like a living skeleton that was surging with pure green radiation.

Along side him was a a man in a black outfit with blades of red energy coming out of his hands with sliver hair, to a man with another black outfit that was more like a military outfit with a long coat, who had even longer sliver hair welding a long katata like blade with cat like sliver green eyes walked out, with looks like he would kill everyone around them without flinching.

Even more were lead by a man who looked more machine then man, clad in black like a dark knight, and breathing like a respirator machine before he paused, and took out a red" Lightsaber" before pointing it in the direction of the men and woman with the light sabers on the other side.

As this " Dark Lord" did even more individuals flew out of the flames, including an giant red robot, that looked like a Mecha with one glowing green eye, another yellow humanoid machine with four arms, a green machine with a X on its chest, and glowing wings like a moth, and two other Mecha with wings flew past them, one wielding a large energy saber, another welding a purple glowing cloth with energy.

Ben could spot a few more threats like robotic dragons large and small, to a few more demonic beings and sinister looking wizards being lead by a humanoid dragon with seven black orbs on his chest before the very ground started to shake, causing Ben to nearly fall over.

Before he could, the man with the red cape held him firmly to keep him up. As Ben looked at the " Superman"'s eyes the man of steel smirked." Don't worry kid, the bad guys may have gotten just about everyone on their list, and off the list, but it won't let them have there way. Still, we need everyone we can get to insure they don't have there way. Can we count on you?"

The brown-haired man saw all of the hero's looking at him before he gulped and grasped his fist tightly." You can count on me, all my life I wanted to make sure villains did not get away with there crimes, and I'm not about to let them have there way when it counts the most."

"That's the spirit son…together we will do what hero's always do, and save the day."

Before Ben could respond the ground begun to shake, till the pillars of fire grew to the point that they covered the sky. Suddenly...the fire formed a demonic eye in the sky. This eye that looked as big as the moon narrowed said eye before booming out," INSOLENT MAGGOTS…YOU STAND BEFORE THE HILL OF ULTIMATE DESPAIR! ONCE AND FOR ALL…THE UNIVERSE WILL KNOW AND SUBMIT TO THE UNYIELDING NATURAL ORDER OF EXISTENCE! NO MATTER HOW ONE DELUDES ONESELF THE REALITY IS ALL WORLDS BEGIN AND END IN DARKNESS...THE HEART OF A HERO IS NO EXCEPTION!


Ben saw a massive body forming in the sky, with pillars of fire the size of planets gushing out of parts of it, like if before him hell itself had taken physical shape and was trying to devour the universe. Despite this ominous figure towering over life itself...some of the hero's look determined before he took there example, and stood his ground." No..I don't care how big you are, none of you are going to win! Because true hero's always pull through to do what's right!"

"Well said son." The man in the cape with the S uttered."No matter how far we stumbled, the dream's not over yet. I believe in second chances, I believe in redemption, but, mostly, I believe in my friends. You can mock are dreams all you want...but dreams save us. Dreams lift us up and transform us. And on my soul I swear until my dream of a world where dignity, honor, and justice becomes the reality we all share, I'll never stop fighting. Ever!

C'mon, its now or never!"

As the man with the S on his chest flew higher in the air the red and blue robot with a face plate ran forward."

No matter how true it may be that those who rise will fall, to me another truth is that freedom is the right of all sentient beings. But in the end this will not be solved with a debate, so one shall stand...and one shall fall. Let's roll out!"

As the robotic man combined with another blue robot to become even bigger the blue hedgehog ran by him and wagged a finger at the demonic embodiment of darkness." For once I'm digging what the robot says because I'm totally down with that! Even if everyone's road's got to end one day, as long as there is still the wind behind my back and the ground I need to run at super sonic speed then I'm never backing down so you better get ready to regret messing with us freak!"

The blue hedgehog took out seven colored emeralds and pressed them to his chest before he turned golden and flew to the air.

As he did the man in a yellow outfit with a X on his belt that nearly looked like a humanoid wolverine just finished a drink before he walked to Ben's right and had metallic claws extend out of his palms before he growled out," The runt is right. I don't care how much of a big shot you are or how many flunkies you got with yah...your about to find out you picked the wrong house, bub. You know, sometimes when you cage the beast, the beast gets angry and unleashes one hell of a fight.

"Got that right!" The man in orange with now golden hair uttered as his aura grew larger, sparks of lighting crackled around it, and somehow his hair grew to his knees." Its time for one crazy fight! If you think this is the limit of what we can do...then...we just have to push...EVEN FURTHER BEYOND!"

"Sounds good to me." The metallic man in red armor with long blond hair and a helmet uttered dryly as he grasped his green energy saber or " Z-saber tightly."

After all...even if we all are destined to join the scrap heap when an evolutionary step does come about... We still have to to fight the " Mavericks"...and against our own destiny as well.

All I know, is that I never cared about justice, and I don't recall ever calling myself a hero... I have always only fought for the people I believe in. I won't hesitate... If an enemy appears in front of me, I will destroy it! No matter what...your not getting through Maverick!"

The wizard next to the group of hobbits nodded before he defiantly glared at the army of evil in front of him." No matter what...YOU SHAWL NOT PASS!"

Ben nodded, before the man in black with the green glowing energy saber walked up and smiled." Don't worry, the force is with us, always. We will win."

"Then lets a go!" The pudgy but heroic plumber uttered as he grasped his cap tightly. The man with the winged blue cap and the round shield then thrusted that shield unto the air before looking defiant." Its time...for the sake of freedom for us avengers, us heroes...to assemble! No matter how bad this gets we will hold the line!"

One of the pilots of the white humanoid mecha,the one riding a robotic horse road in front of the other mecha before shouting," That's right! These hands of ours glow with an awesome power! It's loud roar tells us to defeat you and size victory, to grasp happiness! Take this! Our love! Our anger! And all of our sorrow!"

Ben then saw that with those rallying cries, the forces of good and evil charged at each other and unleash a titanic battle in a matter of moments. As he did...the demonic eye narrowed." PATHETIC SCUM…YOU HERO'S ARE ALWAYS TO PROUD TO EVER SUBMIT TO WHAT THE ULTIMATE DESTINY OF HERO'S ALWAYS AMOUNTS TO! DO YOU THINK YOUR BRAVE FOR REFUSING TO ACCEPT REALITY? YOUR STUBBORNESS JUST MAKES YOU NOTHING BUT A PATHETIC FOOL TILL YOUR VERY LAST BREATH!

Ben stood his ground as he took a deep breath." Your wrong…I'm not a fraud, I am a real hero, and no matter how many of you there are I'm not going to back down."


The being that looked like the personification of evil itself extended its hand and looked like it was going to smash the entire planet. But despite not knowing how to overcome this hand that was covering the sky, the brown-haired man ran forward." Your wrong, I'm not just just a pathetic fool, I'll prove I can be the real deal, no matter what I'll,"

Ben suddenly heard someone yell at him, and glanced to the right before he winced." What?"

The brown haired man felt a impact before he blinked, and realized his surroundings had changed completely. He then saw a middle aged woman behind a reception desk looking around before uttering," Number thirteen? Is number thirteen here or not?"

Ben jumped to his feet before he blinked a bit and looked around." That...that was just a dream? Guess, that makes sense...that was to much even to fit the great cosmic war. Eh...still, time to make that dream become reality!"

Chapter One : The Start of a Hero, Making the Cut!

The story begun with a bunch of men and women sitting in a waiting room ready for their numbers to be called.

This was not just for food or for a race number, it's to be called to take the only exam held in the capital planet of the Lylat Kingdom, Corneria, for warriors to show their skills and see if they are worthy to become Enji Knights.

The middle aged woman in the corner of the room was just looking around before she sighed. "Number thirteen? Would number thirteen please come to the front desk?"

With that the middle aged women who called the number looked around to see a bunch of men and women looking around, before a tall man turned to the person besides him that was looking dazed before he snickered."Hey, she called you idiot!"

The man was speaking to Ben, and everyone in the room saw a young man that was eighteen years old in human years quickly jump up and look at the middle aged woman with a anxious grin."Oh sorry about that, was lost in thought a bit."

Everyone then saw the slightly tall human man with short brown hair with a few small fluffed spikes jetting to the right, blue eyes, and wearing black sneakers, white slightly bagged jeans, red and black fingerless gloves, and a black light jacket unzipped to reveal the blue t-shirt underneath at once go up to the front desk before he grinned."Number thirteen here, ready for action!"

The Secretary just let out a deadpanned sigh as she looked around."We will see about that dear," The secretary mutters in a detached tone." Just don't hype yourself up to much. Let's see, name is, Benjamin Auro from Transford Town."

Ben smirked before he looked assertive at her."You can just call me Ben, and soon you can call Ben Auro, the newest member of the Enji Knights!"

This got a few snickers from the crowd as the bigger man who shoved him awake threw out a crass,"Give me a break! Your not alert enough to hear your name called then there is no way you have the skills to become a Enji you flake! Just hurry up with losing so that I can get my turn."

Ben turned to the man and held up a friendly, if assertive face."That's funny, I remember you failed to pass the test last time as well, eh Beck?"

The tall blond man with a buzz cut just rolled his eyes as he leaned back."That's right, you were there last time to, eh flunky? Don't think that's going down this time, I only got tricked last time, this time I have a sure fire way in! So hurry up and get this over with, the REAL winners should not have to wait long!"

"Indeed they should not. All right, here is all my forms miss."

He held in all the needed paper work and the women looked through it in a flash."All right, it's all here so let's move on. You know what you're getting in to right kid?"

"Don't worry, I have been preparing for this day for months," Ben retorted as he gave a thumbs up." And there is no way I am going to fail after all of that studying! I went over everything I needed to do to pass; there is no way ill fail now! "

The person shrugged and reacted with a indifferent," You would be surprises. All right, you're going through test C. You have thirty minutes to pass, and need at least eighty points to have a shot. Got it?"

"I think so." The young man answered confidently."All right, time to make my dreams a reality!"

Ben ran off before the women cleared her throat." Um, hun, your dreams won't become a reality if you disqualify yourself by running out the emergency exit."

Ben pauses and sees he was about to run out the wrong way before he laughs nervously and says,"Ah, sorry, got a little anxious."

Beck laughed gruffly in response as he and the others looked at each other." Just get out of here idiot, you can't even control your anxiety in a test there is no way you will ever be a Enji!

"Ben heard a few of the other people chuckle and the man to the left of Beck give him a high five before Ben narrowed his eyes to give the door a serious look."Word of the wise, don't judge a book by its cover pal.

I am just getting the tension out of the way so I fight with full force! Enough, I don't have time to waste playing with chumps like you, I'll show you who's the real deal when you see me go to the Enji base! Now if you excuse me, I don't want to delay this any further so I'll be off now. Later."

Ben gave a playful salute as he ran off to the way of the test site. As he heard Beck yell out some curse words Ben just rolled his eyes.

Time I show all of these big talking jerks they can't just push me around. This time, I will prove my worth as a Enji, I have to! All right, here goes nothing!

Ben quickly opened the large metal doors and a round platform with the blazing red words of warning glowing on them stands before him. Without a second thought Ben stepped on the platform. At once he heard a shudder before a computerized voice announced,"Now beginning entrance exam X, Chronos style. All non combative please stay away."

The area begun to glow before Ben got on guard. I see they upgraded the systems since last time. Even so, after everything, as long as they did not totally revamp things I should be ok. Huh, whoa!

All of a sudden Ben saw a flash of white light blind him. Moments later, he saw that his surroundings had completely changed. Now he saw before him a medieval like castle before him, with its draw bridge up, and a moat made up of purple looking liquid.

The brown haired man looked around before letting out a excited grin."Awesome, the simulation graphics on the Encephalon are even better then the arcade at home! Still, if this is a test, where am I suppose to go? I hope I don't have to swim to enter, that stuff looks beyond nasty. Oh?"

All of a sudden he saw a flash of light, before a sword appeared out of the ground before him. Ben looked around before picking up the sword, and the draw bridge instantly swung down.

Ben then heard an choirs of screams, many of them female, before one cried out," Please, save us hero! They, are going to eat us!"

The youth swung his sword around before as he got serious."All right, I think I got the gist of this. Looks like it's a basic rescue mission, just need to defeat the baddies threaten the hostages and do it fast enough to get a good score. All right, time to spread some freedom!"

He saw what appeared to be a stop light appear with a yellow round light before the same computerized voice declared,"Commence operation in three, two, one, go."

The light turned green and at once Ben dashed through the bridge and saw a round court yard like area with many doors before him. Ben quickly looked at each door."Every second counts, so I have to figure out which path leads to the hostages. If, only there was some way to, huh? "

Ben then heard some grumbling before he saw five human like beings with yellow slimy skin and large teeth run out of the right most door. Seeing their large teeth and welding clubs caused Ben to draw his sword."I see, goblins, or at least, very realistic hologram goblins. Well, looks like I have a good place to start so thanks idiots!"

One of the goblins swiftly growled out,"You stupid human, we were just about to get dinner ready! Messing with are meal time, is a death sentence! "

" Is that so? I guess it is, for you!"

The goblins all yelled out bestial howls and charge at Ben. One tried to smash the man with his club, but the young man showed off his reflexes by jumping to the side to avoid the smash and respond with a swing of his blade right to the goblin's head.

Particles of data instead of blood blast out to show that Ben's strike was a fatal one as the foe fell to the ground in pieces. The other goblins paused seeing their comrades demise as their target pointed his blade at them."Are you guys ready to quit? That would be nice, I don't have all day after all."

The goblins all got angry and the two nearest to Ben try to smash him at the same time. However, Ben avoided them by ducking under their strikes, and then quickly punched the right one hard in his chest. At once he performed a roundhouse kick to hit the left one hard and send him to the ground.

Another goblin tried to crush Ben and he dodged a few more strikes before preforming a quick jab to the foe's face to get him to pause, before he then followed up with a stab from his sword to finish him off.

The last Goblin snarled at Ben with,"Human, you will pay for that! I am going to gobble your bones!"

"Even if you could do that to me, I would not recommend it. I swear, I taste horrible!"

"Shut up and die all ready!"

The goblin growled out in response as he took out a rather large dirty ax.

Ben blocked the swing. As the goblin tried to overpower him, the brown haired man just narrowed his eyes." Not happening pal, I have too much to do first!"

He realized this goblin was stronger than the others. As he was being pushed back, he saw the large Ax of the monster getting closer."I see, you're the leader of the bunch eh? Well, you're stronger than the others, that's for sure. But to bad for you, you're not nearly as resourceful as me!"

Ben quickly leaned back and used the momentum of his foe against him, before he rolled back and hurled the Goblin back, causing the goblin's own Ax to be its down fall as it cut through the bridge, and caused it to fall in to the toxic moat outside. Ben at once was glad he did not try to swim in it as he heard a cry of agony that was quickly silenced before he whipped some sweat off his head."

Whew, at least I did not start sweating on the first guy this time. Well, at least I managed to not get any real damage so far so that should score me a few bonus points. Now, better keep the momentum up!"

With that Ben dashed off in to the corridor that the Goblins came out of in hopes that it's the path he needs to go to. Ben went down one staircase after another for thirty seconds as he winced. Er, this better not be a lead to get me lost. I hate mazes, especially when I don't have time to think! I know this is to showcase are self awareness and all, but real, how much can you expect a guy to do at once? Oh?

Ben then heard many female voices as he came up to a split in the hall. As he heard them coming from the left path he grinned. "Ah, guess they don't have to high expectations haha. All right, it's not too far so hang on ladies, I'll have you out in a sec. Just need to give another round of goblins a, whoa!"

Ben's heroic speech is cut short, when all of a sudden the ground beneath him is also cut short and before he knows it he is falling hard and fast! Barley having time to comprehend what just happened Ben's quick enough to stab his sword on the ground just before it's too late! Taking a bunch of deep breaths

Ben sighed as he looked around for more threats." Good grief, should have known they would try to trip me up, that's how I nearly tripped up last time. But, it's not going to stand in my way this time!"

He quickly uses all of his strength to lift himself back up before he braced himself."Great, now I am behind schedule. Better hurry to make up for, whoa!"

Ben saw streams of fire blast out of the wall and quickly jumped over them before he sighed." Er, well, guess I better not hurry to fast or I'll just run in to my doom. Tsc, even if it won't really hurt, just getting caught by one of these traps could cost me everything. And, I can't afford to mess up again!"

Ben kept up the pace, and was mindful of his surroundings. Thus he was able to avoid being flatten, impaled shot up, and deep fried as he trended carefully and able to outlast trap after trap that head his way.

Five minutes later, Ben was just about to get frustrated, before he ran up a staircase, and saw that many women wearing various princesses like dresses were locked behind a few cells. At once Ben sighed as the woman looked at him." Finally, I was beginning to think they were playing some sick joke on me or something. Are all of you ladies ok?"

One women in the middle with black hair and black eyes in a white dress looked pouty." I will be, once I am out of this nightmare. Please, get us out of here sir knight."

"Never fear ladies, it will all be over soon. I'll just cut you out of here and, huh?"

One of the girls shrieked out."Oh no, watch out for the guards!"

"Oh don't worry about those goblins, I all ready gave them what they deserved so it's smooth sailing from here."

Ben was about to move forward before he all of a sudden he saw a few drops of water fall down in front of him, looked up and saw blue drops fall down. the drops rippled before becoming gelatinous, cylindrical creatures, possessing large eyes and a mouth that took up the majority of the front of their body as stubby arms spurt from the sides of their body.

While there grin's were jolly they jumped at Ben with hostile force. The brown haired man jumped out of the way, and slashed at the slime face as he did. But while his blade cut through the creature composed of liquid merely reformed.

Ben saw the slime monster was unphased before he snickered." Oh no, this is not tripping me up again! I remember what happened last time with these Flan monsters, and how to break through it! Blizzard!"

The brown haired man extended his hand, and begun to focus his thoughts. He then cleared his mind, and tapped in to the universal force that among other things was called magic arts, Kai, Eres, chi, aer, Soma, the Force, and many other things throughout the universe but was most commonly known as magic.

By tapping in to the magical force of the cosmos, after using the proper hand signs Ben is able to configure the magical energy in to the way he wishes to, and after unleashing the voice command made a few hand gestures and quickly unleashed a blast of ice.

The spell hit the Flan monsters and froze them solid. Ben smirked before he unleashed a few focused strikes to shatter. Seeing the Flan monsters frozen chunks shatter into data like chunks caused the test taker to pump his fist in the air." Oh yah! Not going to trip me up this time you, huh?"

Ben was cut off as he felt more drips on his shoulder. He looked up expecting to see more Flan monsters, but quickly saw its not water and more like droll coming from a large massive dog like monster armored form head to tail.

Seeing this beast snarl Ben chuckled anxiously as he backed up." Er, or maybe not. Whoa!"

Ben saw this Antique like robotic gear beast instantly go to pounce at Ben and are protagonist jumped back just in time to avoid being tackled. Ben saw the beast howl before the Enji hopeful got annoyed." Great, it just had to not just be a dog, but a psycho armored dog! I think someone has it in for me. Well, whatever, it's still just a dog."

He saw the monster try and tackle him and at once sidestepped out of the way and tried to dispatch his enemy with a sword slash, only to see his sword fail to cut through. Ben had a sweet drop form." Ok, a very heavily armored dog. This might require some, AH!"

With that the dog smashed Ben with his tail with more force than Ben thought. While it did not cut him, it hurt him enough on the leg to step back, before the hound then quickly lashed out with his claws, and sliced in to Ben on the right leg. While being a test and all meant Ben only got a light shock where blood might have been Ben still quickly jumped back."Damn it, there goes having a perfect score on health! I hate dogs, and your quickly climbing up the list Lassie! But, even if you're more faster and stronger then a dog, your still just a very vicious canine, and one dog is not going to cost me my dreams!"

Ben then charged at the monster again, only for the beast to bark with rage, then extend his mouth and have it glow, before Ben saw it fire a ball of fire from its mouth.

The hopeful hero dodged just in time before he winced."Ok, and now he can breathe fire, great. Even so, not even a fire breathing dog is enough to make me quit!"

With that the beat fired another blast at Ben, but this time he was ready, and got his timing right to swing his sword in just the right way to defect the fireball, and send it back in to the beasts head.

As the armored dog howled in pain Ben quickly dashed forward."Bad dog, no playing with fire inside! No matter what, I refuse to lose! I will become an Enji Knight!"

With that Ben wasted no time, and thrusts his sword right in to the mouth of the monster, causing it to instantly shatter in to data fragments Ben took another deep breath as he sighed." Got it! All right. Back to rescuing. Er, hope I did not have to find a key somewhere else because, huh?"

He saw the prison bars begin to glow before they slid open, causing Ben's grin to widen."Ah, so the dog was the key? I hate to see how a bunch of goblins designed that."

He watched the women all get out of their cells before the one in a blond dress and pink hair smiled."Oh thank you sir knight, you saved us from a gruesome end!"

Ben smirked before giving a eager thumbs up."Any day when I can save innocent ladies from being eaten is a good day to me. It's close, but looks like we made it.

"No, not as long as are princess is still captive! Sir Knight, you must hurry, before she is sacrificed!"

Ben face palmed before sighing." Of course, level is never over till the boss is beat. So, anyone knows where said boss is hiding so I can hurry up and teach it a lesson in manners?"

One of the women pointed to the right before answering with a fearful,"Are princess is going to be offered in the central tower! Hurry, there is not much time!"

"Of course, it's not like anyone is ever relaxing about doing evil deeds and stuff. Well, in that case, better hurry. Um, stay sharp and, er, digital ladies."

He at once dashed off, and retraced his steps to see more stairs. After dashing through a spiral staircase, and avoiding a few more surprise blade attacks Ben heard a old fashion tower bell booming and tensed up.No, the time limit is all ready counting down? I can't be that slow can I? Come on, have to keep it up, can't rest till it's over!

Ben pushed himself to move at full speed and got to the end of the staircase, to find a large round area, in a dome like structure with a giant platform hanging by giant chains, with statues of knights surrounding the platform, and blazing hot molten lava below!

But the thing that stood out the most was a large clock ticking in the top of the chamber, with a princess with brown hair and blue eyes trapped in the middle of the clock. Seeing that a crown and a golden tiara is on her head Ben at once uttered,"Ah, this must be the princess. My, talk about royal abuse."

The princess then noticed Ben and smiled."You, you came! Please, please help me!"

"Don't worry my lady, I am here to save you." Ben answered as he walked forward." Whoever did this to you is going to pay for not having much respect."

The princess responded with," Please, be careful, he won't give me up so easy!"

"Your kidnapper? Don't worry; goblins are nothing I can't handle. Oh?"

All of a sudden Ben felt the ground shake, before the wall opposite to him begun to shake, before it split open. As Ben saw the wall fully retract he got into a fighting position."So, this is the leader eh? Well, looks like we have one big goblin. Huh?"

He then heard the ground shake, and heard it get louder."Er, maybe it's another dog? A larger dog? Uh? Oh hell."

Ben cringed as he saw neither a goblin or a dog walk out of the retracted wall, but a massive golem like creature who seemed to be composed of moving gears, had one mono red eye concealed by a gray helmet, and is at least four times the size of Ben, with each arm being wider then Ben is!

Ben saw this Ancient Gear Golem stomp on to the platform and make a mechanical roar before Ben gulped."Are you freaking kidding me? That thing's a freaking monster, no, a super monster! How they expect anyone to beat that thing one on one? Well, I guess they DO expect a Enji Knight to take down monsters like this on a daily basis! Well, I guess I don't have a choice, but to reenact David's fight with Goliath! I don't think a slingshot is going to cut it this time. It does not matter though, no matter how big you are, you're not big enough to stop me!"

He charged right at the golem, and saw it wound up to attack. it tried to smash him with a hard blow, and he quickly rolled out of the way of a hammering smash that slammed the ground where the fist impacted the ground. As Ben saw the hole in the metal ground Ben gulped."Great, even one hit and its game over! But, thankfully his strength also means he is to slow to hit me. And, it also means he leaves himself wide open!"

The brown haired man jumped up just as the golem retracted his fists, and slashed him across the face with his sword. However, his blade just taps the Golem, and causes the large foe to stare at Ben before he chuckled uneasy."Um, well, guess it does not matter if you're slow when you can just shrug off attacks. I'll have to, AH!"

With that he realized the hard way the Ancient Gear Golem could move a lot faster then he realized when he bat his left hand, and swat Ben like a rag doll full force, hitting him so hard that Ben was sent flying, and hit the doors hard. Ben yelled in pain as he saw the Golem got back up."Damn it, that could have ended everything if I had got swatted in to the lava! I hit him with all of my strength to, and it was not even a scratch! This is getting bad. No, they would not designed a test that was impossible to beat, right? Unless, I am just, too weak to make the cut? No, it's more than brute strength that makes an Enji Knight, a hero, and that can't be all there is to this test! I just have to think harder, and look for a weak spot. "

The golem stomped over to Ben and as the ground shook with each step Ben uttered,"Man, for something that seems to have no personality it seems to like to show off its strength. Wait, that's it! If its strength is high, that means I'll just have to beat it with another game, the magic game! This spell, I should be able to use it!"

The young man took a deep breath before he grasped his free hand tightly."All right, now or never, Thunder!"

With that Ben once more focused his energy, and unleashed a bolt of lightning, that blasts the Golem right in the chest.

Ben was happy to see the Golem spark and electrify from the magic spell before Ben clutched his fist."All right, it worked! I knew taking after school magic sessions was worth it! Looks like I found your weak spot eh big guy? You may be tough outside, but guess your innards are not so durable eh? Whew, that was close but it looks like I, huh? Oh come on!"

Ben was dismayed to see while the Golem 's chest was sizzling and sparked are still coming out of it, it's still functioning find, and comes at Ben even faster than before! After dodging another ground shaking punch Ben runs around trying to avoid being smashed."This is insane, one of the few magic spells I can memorize and it only makes him angrier? I, don't know what else to do, no matter where I hit that thing it won't do much good, and I don't have enough magical energy to just keep zapping him! Damn it, time is almost up to, is, this best I can do? No, no I can't fail again! If I fail, then, I'll have to go back to, no! I won't settle for less than my dreams!

No matter how big you are, your not going to keep me away from living the life I want to live you freak! I, just have to, huh?"

Ben then noticed that the statues in the area were holding weapons as large as the Golem. Ben then noticed the chains near it before he smirked."Wait, just maybe, that could work! It's better than just giving up!"

The brown haired male ran to the right edge of the area and took a deep breath." Come on you ugly freak, give me all you got!"

He was glad to hear the Golem could understand him as it begun to rotate its fist as it charges at Ben before the man with the sword in his arms narrowed his eyes." Now, it's time, courage is the magic that turns dreams in to reality, and I'll make my dreams a reality! "

The Golem tried to smash Ben, but Ben used all of his strength to enhance his jump, and jump over the incoming metal knuckle sandwich. Ben then jumped on top of the golem's head to declare,"Size is not everything, and no matter how big the challenge before me is, ill keep coming till I take it down!"

He then threw his sword at the statue behind him, and got relived to see that move was not in vain as his throw was strong enough to cut lose the ax the statue was holding, and had it fall on the chain below it. Ben smirked as he saw that his gamble paid off, because now the whole part of the platform falls downward, and the Golem's full weight caused the part of the platform he all ready smashed to shatter, causing the Golem to fall in to the lava. As Ben landed on his knees he saw the Golem try and get out of the lava, only to sink even faster and grinned,"Tough luck big guy, but maybe this will get you to go on a diet!

Wait, why am I taunting a computer program? Whatever, point is, I did it!"

With that he saw the Golem's hand fall in to the lava, and did not come back up."Well, hopefully that was it, any more and the guy who designed this test is a sadist. Huh?"

Ben then saw a explosion blast out where the Golem fell, and a instant later the chains binding the princess glow and shatter, causing her to fall quite fast. However, Ben was ready for one last trick though, and with one last dash managed to dive up and catch her before she fell. The princess looked delighted as she took out a sigh of relief. "Oh, thank you good sir, you saved me!"

"Oh, just doing my job. It was close, but, hopefully just under the wire princess." The princess then giggled."Oh, sorry to let you down, but your princess is in another castle."

Ben paused before he raised a eyebrow." Wait, what? Huh?"

All of a sudden the princess glows before he heard a bell ring, before a computerized voice boomed out,"Code word spoken, test completed! Congratulations! You have completed your test, well done!"

With that victory music, one that sounded like the victory theme from most of the Final Fantasy games blared out, as the room, the princess, and everything turns white, before the room returns to just being a square hall way. A chair then appeared in the middle as the same computerized voice then uttered,"Please wait, while the judges go over and grade your performance. You will be called soon."

Ben sat down and took a breath of relief." Well, I did all I could, and at least I finished this time. Now it's up to fate, luck, and hope that all of the judges are not having a bad day. And, since luck and I are not friends much, I really hope the judges are having good days."

With that Ben spent a minute reviewing his performance in his head before he saw a platform and gulped."Well, guess them being done so soon is either really good, or really bad. Well, no matter what its judgment time."

With that Ben gulped and wiped off some sweat of his face before he stepped on to the platform, and braced himself as it floated up. In only a few seconds he was in a much more decorated room with three men and one women standing around a table with computers. Each of theses individuals happen to be established Enji Knights, and ones who Ben has seen before in the news.

The left most Enji was a man wearing black leather pants and a black jacket with white fur on top covering a white shirt. The man had a scar over his face, had a chain over his neck that looked like some sort of lion, has brown hair, and blue eyes, and has in one hand a special half sword half gun weapon called the Gun-Blade on his side.

The man is none other than a experienced Enji Knight who came from a world which had its own school of warriors trained to fight powerful Sorceress named SeeD. This man is named Squall Lionheart and he hailed from Balamb Garden, and defeated the evil and powerful Ultimecia before she could compress time itself in some bizarre insane scheme.

The man to the right of him was a man in his twenties who was wearing a classic knight outfit, has short blond hair, had a red bandanna over his head, and a cape tied to his armor.

He had a purple and red sword on his side, and it's the unique and powerful Eternal Sword, a blade so powerful it could control time. This man Cless Alvien, who came from the town of Toltus, and made a name for himself after he and others traveled through time to defeat the mad yet tragic villain Dhaos after his minions destroyed the warrior's hometown and murdered everyone in it.

The man to the right of Cless was a middle aged man with long black hair and a black mustache along with black eyes. He is wearing samurai like armor and has a sword.

He was called Cyan Garamonde, and hailed from the country of Doma. He became a hero after he defeated the mad jester like villain Kefka, who among other things poisoned Cyan's nation killed his king and his family and became a god like being who terrorized the man's world for a year before he was defeated.

The person to the right is a gorgeous yet stern looking woman with green eyes. She was wearing a brown military outfit and had a bladed staff. She had the unique power to cast magic spells with her Fonic Hymes. Her name was Mystearica Aura Fende but is called by most people by her shorter name Tear Grants.

She came from the world of Aludrant and she use to be a Locrian Sergeant of the Order of Lorelei in the Intelligence Division, till she betrayed that unit when she decided to fight against her brother Vandesdelca Musto Fende or Van Grants and his mad plot to repopulate his world with one of replicas.

Ben saw all four Enji looking at him and cleared his throat." Ah, well, hello everyone."

Cless smirked at Ben's meekness as he leaned forward."What's the matter kid? You look like you're about to pass out. What's wrong, the test to difficult for you?"

Ben at once tried to hide his exhaustion." Oh that? Nah I am fine, it's just the heat form the last area that's all."

Tear then narrowed her eyes before responding with a harsh,"Don't try and lie, we can see when someone is acting."

Ben got a little nervous as he muttered," I am not lying, that last fight, just got a little hotter than I expected, honest! "

Cyan chuckled and in an old Victorian accent retorted with,"Oh come now, don't need to make the lad feel like he is being interrogated Tear. After all thou has fought with honor and courage. "

Squall just shrugged before adding," Maybe Cyan, but it's time to decide if that's enough to get in."

Ben looked around in shock before blurting out,"Wait, you, have not decided yet?"

Cless cleared his throat before he looked at the data." Let's go over everything one more time ok? So, your Ben Auro, eighteen years old, and just graduated high school eh? Says hear you tried to be expected as a Genji, a rookie Enji twice. Once a year ago, in which you got defeated, and again half a year ago where you ran out of time. Trying to aim for third time is a charm eh?"

"Well, that and the old saying practice makes perfect right?" Ben answered tensely. Tear looked unimpressed as she flicked her hair back." Don't think that saying applies to everything Ben. To be honest, you were not horrible, but not stellar either."

"What, do you mean? I, thought I passed the test right, both this one and the written exam before it!"

Squall puts his hand on his head before he added,"We are not denying that Ben. Keep in mind though, your one of many who took the test today. And while I know it's not fair, only the best two are going to be accepted into the order."

Cless nodded before adding," From what we saw, your skills were not bad from someone of your profile. You had enough talent to show competence in battle, and were able to adapt to your surroundings quick enough. You were able to save all the hostages, and I liked how the way you down the Ancient Gear Golem. Very clever.

Cyan nodded before throwing in a boisterous," Yes, while thou may not have been perfect, you fought with the determination of a true warrior."

Squall saw Ben's eyes light up before he cleared his throat." However, your skills in the written exam where a little shaky. You seem to not react well to sudden reactions, a crucial thing for life and death situations. Also...your math skills, were, to be honest, quite bad."

Ben tried not to look dismayed as he threw out a sheepish grin."Yah, math and me always had a bad relationship. But, even so, it's not like Enji Knights are the elite handlers of math right?"

Cless chuckled before Tear turned to him sternly, and he stopped before she sighed."You think it's funny? Every aspect of one's being is needed to be used to its full potential. You never known what you will need to do on a battle till it's forced upon you, and so you must be ready for anything. If you're careless, you're going to end up losing not only your life through such foolishness, but that of those depending on you! "

Ben instantly tried to salvage the situation as he looked down."Er, I know that, sorry, just a little nervous. "

Squall eyed Ben carefully before his expression intensified."What's wrong, you really want to be an Enji Knight? You do know to become a Enji means to become someone who must risk his life constantly to stop evil wherever it appears in the entire universe right kid?"

"I know it's not some game, and it's not going to be easy. But even so, it's my dream to become an Enji. My whole life, I wanted to be able to be able to do something with my life that had purpose, and made others happy.

I always hated injustice, and those that caused it. To join the Enji Knights, to have the skills to stop evil, and make a difference, that's been my ultimate dream in life. I worked so hard, to make it a reality."

"There is no doubt your determination is the real deal, and your skills are not bad. However, you're going to have to try harder, sorry Ben, but maybe another time."

Ben felt a surge of terror build up in his gut as he stepped forward. "Wait, what, what are you talking about? You said you liked my determination and all that, and I passed the test to!"

Tear closed her eyes as she shrugged."Yes you completed the tests, and you even came in fourth place in today's overall entrance exams. However, remember this Ben, we are recruiting new Enji Knights, not members to a club.

Sorry to be cruel, but close enough, is not enough. It's nothing personal, but your skills were just not good enough to be what is needed to join the Enji Knights."

"Wait, please, is there nothing else I can do? Like, like a, extra test to improve my score?"

Cless and Cyan looked full of remorse while Squall and Tear are indifferent before Squall shrugged."We can't make acceptations to the procedure just because you ask. Sorry, but that's the rules."

Cless tried to cheer Ben up as he made a calming gesture with his hand." Don't worry, you have what it takes. Heh, you just need to sharpen them a little more Ben. Maybe next time."

A cold chill formed down Ben's spine as he was starting to realize his situation was getting grim. The Enji don't limit how many times one can try and join, but every time one failed to be expected, there standings looked worse and worse.

Not to mention it would be harder to pay for the entrance exam since his dad was not going to pay for it again and thus Ben was starting to fear his dreams were forever shattered.

However, even so, Ben knew that crying like a spoiled brat would not change anything, and so Ben rose and composed all the composer he could muster to hide his pain and at least hang on to his pride before he looked at the four warriors of light before him and just smiled."Ah, well, I understand. Sorry to bother you, have a nice day."

With that Ben took off to leave without looking anyone in the eye. As he did Cless chuckled."Um, that's the way to the lunch room Ben, exit is the other way."

Ben turned about face and winced."Oh right, sorry, I get confused when I am anxious some times. "

As Ben slowly scuffled out Cyan sighed." What a pity, the lad shows some promise and has some manners.'

Tear responded with a flat,"Rules are rules Cyan. Only the most worthy can be Enji Knights. We are doing him a favor, letting him in when he does not have the skills is saving him from getting killed after all."

Cless looked at the list again before he sighed." Even so its, huh? Sigh, what now? I swear, today's desk aid is always bringing up every little thing, we should have just went for the droid."

The Enji Knight pressed a button as a hologram of the lady Ben saw at the entrance appeared before them. Not wanting to get on their nerves however Ben went through the door, and once it closed he at once got upset.

He then looked at his hands and grasped them tightly.

No, I, still am not good enough? Now, now Dad won't give me a choice, I will either have to work with him or at Mczabis! I put everything in to being expected by the Enji, and now I don't have the time to join even the residential collage!

I guess, there is no more options. I, tried so hard, but, is being just another nobody my destiny? Guess, I have no choice but to, huh?

Ben's thought were interrupted when all of a sudden Cyan bust out of the door with labored breath." Wait Ben Auro, don't leave just yet! There, has been a change of circumstance . "

Ben was so shocked he nearly tripped over himself as he blurted out,"What? What do you mean?"

Cyan just motioned inside and Ben quickly followed. Once back in he saw two more holograms had appeared, one being Beck from earlier and another one that Ben did not know.

Ben saw Cless looking amused as he leaned back." Well Ben, looks like lucks shinning with you today!"

The brown haired man tried not to get his hopes up as he rubbed his eyes."Wait, I don't understand."

Squall looked annoyed as he spat out a disgusted." This punk Beck Korr thought he could fool ...he used a illegal substance to boost his combat prowess and get a higher score then he normally would have gotten. However, he underestimated us, and was caught on camera.

Another man, Gomez Penin, was found hacking in to the systems to raise his test scores. Cheaters have no place in the Enji order, and deception will not be tolerated. Tsc...even Seifer would not be that cocky. So anyway...with that, both are number two and number three contestants have been dishonored and discharged, and arrested this instant. And of course, this would mean that now the previous spot of number four, is number two."

Ben started to widen his eyes with hope as he gulped."Wait, does this mean, what I think it means?"

Cyan pat Ben on the back before he nodded." It does lad, you did your work fair and square, and while it may not be setting records honesty comes a long way. Congratulation, your now welcomed in to the Enji order, where you can become a Genji, and take further testing to truly become a Enji one day."

Ben could't help but get teary eyed as he stepped back."Wow, I never thought it would be like this, but, it's really happening, I can join the Enji?"

Tear sighed as she flicked some hair out of her eyes."Personally I think your still to inexperienced and careless, but, rules are rules. And, by the rules, I'll give you this."

Tear took something out of her sleeves and Ben saw it was a golden crystal. Tear walked over to Ben and put it in to his hand before she looked him right in the eye."This is the proof that you have past the entrance exam Ben Auro. You will present this to the Enji that will be waiting for you and the others in Neo Arcadia's grand central station, one week from now. If you still want to join the Enji, and are without a doubt serious about going through with this, then be there. Understand?"

Ben was ecstatic as he answered with a chipper," Oh trust me I will! Thanks everyone, thanks for giving me a second chance."

Squall shrugged," Thank the two idiots for being so shortsighted, and I guess your own talents for getting as far as you did. Just, don't make us regret this Ben Auro. And remember, if you really are dead set on becoming a Enji, better prepare yourself for a long haul."

Ben just looked at his "Golden Ticket" before he got confident and struck a heroic pose."

Don't worry mister Lion Heart, I'll show you this is where I belong, and that none of you won't regret this! I vow, to do whatever it takes to become a Enji Knight and be someone who upholds justice! Well, guess I need to make a few calls. But, see you all later!"

With that he shook everyone's hand and quickly dashed out. Cless heard Ben yell out in triumph outside before he smirked." Haha, man, this is going to be interesting."

Squall sighed as he looked down." Tell me about it, how did he know my name anyway?"

Cyan stroked his mustache before responding with a assertive," He is one of the few who in fact read up on what he wants to join it would seem. A young lad who's passionate about courage and justice, we do need more people like him, in this age were men and women so easily given in to their dark desires."

Tear looked at a incoming report before giving a somber sigh." Well, with reports of Weil Zabi and Ansem Zeon turning down are last offer to conduct peace negotiations, I guess we will soon see how ready he is for all of this he really is."

The Enji saw Ben was all ready running out on the floor on the bottom of the stadium that the test took place outside their window, and they saw Ben jumping up in the air, but fail to hear him say," All right, it was a close call, but it really worked! Max, looks like I'll be able to follow in your footsteps after all. It may not be easy, but no matter what, I won't give up!I have to keep going, till everything is a reality at last! All right, time to call mom, and tell them who just got expected in to the Enji Knights! Oh yah, no matter how hard it will be to make it, I can still feel it, this is going to be great!"

With that Ben ran off down the street, unaware just how different the reality of his expectations are going to be! Ben may have been accepted in to the Enji Knights, but, is he truly ready to join the elite warriors of justice, and embrace his dreams to become a hero? Only one way to find out, so see you next time, in the next chapter of Tales of the Cosmic Wars!

Next time, after saying good bye to his parents Ben, along with his moogle pet Moz leaves his hometown of Transford to go to the headquarters of the Enji Knights, the holy castle in the mountains, the Hallowed Bastion of light! On the way there Ben meets a variety of characters', including Lloyd Irving, Tidus, Kyle Dumamis, the lazy martial artist Doug Fitter, the cool headed James Elrond, and more.

And, once he steps inside the Enji base itself he meets even more people, including the founder and most powerful Enji of all Grand Master Myers! But, Ben's destiny will really get under way when to his shock he is reunited with his child hood sweetheart Lacus Raystar, the childhood love of his life that he thought he would never see again! In more then one way Ben's adventure truly begins next time on

Chapter Two : The First Steps of Destiny!

See you there! But, before we go, I think some Author's Notes is in order.

First of all, the most basic thing I will say is that this story is a crossover in the most definite term. As you can see, this story will be in a world where the worlds of the Final Fantasy games and the Tales of Games all exist in one very, very large universes, and that's just the start.

Countless other worlds and characters from Video games, Anime, Comic Books, movies and others will take part in this world, but, one step at a time.

Since its a massive crossover and I know as time goes on newer readers might not be aware of where some people come from I'll fill in the blanks in Authors Notes, so for now lets start off with Squall Lionheart being from Final Fantasy 8,

Cress Albane is the main lead Tales of Phantasia

Cyan Garramonde is from Final Fantasy 6

Tear Grants is one of the main leads of Tales of the Abyss

The Ancient Gear Golem and the other Ancient monsters were from Yu Gi Oh GX, when I first started the story they were new lol.

The Flan monsters are the basic enemies from Final Fantasy series, felt proper as a first set of obstacle of sorts.

That should be the gist of it as more details will be made clear in time.

For the dream sequence at the start, hope it did not come off to much as a tease, I just wanted to make it clear that was just a homage to all the stories that inspired me to write Cosmic Wars, some might not appear in the story proper but wanted to make a tribute to all the things that inspired me to write this.

Some of those on the " Dream" war might be easier to see then others but, just in case the list on the light was Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Wario, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Superman, Super-girl, Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl," Batman Beyond", The Flash, Wonder-Woman, Hawkgirl, Kyle Katarn and John Stewart of the Green Lanterns, the Martian Manhunter, Static Shock, Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow the Hedgehog, Link, Xena the Warrior Princess,Himura Kenshin, Samus Aran, Kirby, Banjo & Kazooie, Crash Bandicoot,Spyro, Gex, Bomberman, Rayman, Ryu, Ken Masters, Chun Lee,Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, Sonya A. Blade, Kitana, Raiden,Terry Bogard, Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, Kyo Kusanagi, Haoumaru, Nakoruru, Ryo Hazuki, Ren, Jin Kazama.

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Grange, Dumbledore, Frodo Baggins, Aragorn, Gandalf the White, Gimli, Legolas, Sam" Gamgee, Neo, Trinity, Morphius, Spider-Man, Venom, Iron-Man, War Machine, Captain America, Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, The Hulk, She-Hulk, Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm, Ben" The Thing" Grimm of the Fantastic Four, the Sliver Surfer, Spawn, Hell-Boy, Daredevil, Blade, Elektra,Cyclops, Wolverine, Gambit, Psylocke, Rouge, Shadowcat, Jean Grey, Ice-Man, the Beast, Storm, Cable and Professor X of the X-men, Magneto.

Jason, Zach, Billy, Trini, Kimberly and Tommy of the Power Rangers, with the original Ultrazord, Andros, Zhane, Cassie, Ashley, Carlos and TJ of the Space Rangers in the Astro Delta Megazord, Leo, Kai, Damon, Maya, Kendrix of the Galaxy Power Rangers in the Galaxy Megazord.

Keith Kogan, Lance McClain, Pidge, Hunk Garrett, and Princess Allura of the Lion Force Voltron war-machine.

Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-Man, She-Ra, Goliath of the Manhattan Clan of Gargoyles, Solid Snake, Greyfox, Joanna Dark, Jack Bauer, John McClane, Rambo, Major Motoko Kusanagi, James Bond, Ethan Hunt, Lara Croff, Aya Brea, Chris and Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy,Agents K and J of the Men in Black,

The T-800 Terminator, Megaman, Protoman, Megaman X, Zero, Axl, Captain Commando,Morrigan Aensland Strider Hiryu, Fox McCloud, the Great Fox warship and the Star Fox team, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, and Charizard, Yugi Moto and Timaeus the Knight of Destiny, Omnimon, Imperialdramon Fighter Mode, Gallantmon Crimson Mode, Susanoomon,

Earthworm Jim, Rash, Zitz, and Pimple of the Battletoads, Naruto Uzumaki, Kakashi Hatake, Haru Glory, Resha Valentine,Guts the" Black-swordsmen" Edward and Alphonse Elric, Inuyasha, Gene Starwind, Spike Speigle, Jean-Luc Picard and the staff of the Enterprise ship and Benjamin Lafayette Sisko and the crew of Deep Space Nine in the Defiance ship.

Cloud Strife, Squall Lionheart, Firion,Cecil, Bartz, Terra Branford, Zidane, Tidus, Vaan,

Cress Albane, Stan Aileron, Senel Coolidge,Reid Hershel,Lloyd Irvine, Veigue Lungberg, Luke fon Fabre,

Siegfried Schtauffen,Sophitia Alexandra, Taki, Claude C. Kenni, Rena Lanford, Chrono, Alex the Dragonmaster, Hiro, Lucia, Fei Fong Wong in the Xenogears mecha, KOS-MOS, Amuro Ray in the Nu Gundam, Kamille Bidan in the Zeta Gundam, Üso Ewin in the Victory 2 Gundam, Heero Yuy in the Wing Zero Gundam, Garrod Ran in the Gundam Double X,

Loran Cehack in the Turn A Gundam,Athrun Zala in the Justice Gundam, Shinn Asuka in the Destiny Gundam, Domon Kasshu in the God Gundam, Van Flyheight in the Blade Liger, Bit Cloud in the Liger Zero, Roger Smith in the" Big O" Megadeus , Shinji Ikari in Evangelion Unit-01, Asuka Langley Sohryu in Evangelion Unit-02, Rei Ayanami in Evangelion Unit-00, Optimus Prime of the Autobots, Optimus Primal as " Optimal Optimus of the Maximals," Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Solo, Chewbaca, Obi Wan Kenobi, Kyle Katarn, Dash Rendar, Bastila Shan, the " Jedi Exile",

Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, Uub, and Piccolo of the Z warriors, Yusuke Urameshi, Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei, Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask and the Sailor Scouts.

On the side of the villains is Bowser, Doctor Robotnik, Metal Sonic, Black Doom, Doctor Neo Cortex, Uka Uka, Gnasty Gnorc, the" Darkqueen", Admiral Razorbeard, Rez, Gruntilda, Psycrow, King K Rool, King Bagular, Ganondorf, Calisto, Ridley, Mother Brain, Dark Matter,Marx, Doctor Albert Wily, Bass and Treble, Vile, Sigma, the Terminatrix, Skeletor,Goldar, Lord Zed, Ecliptor, Trakeena, The Shredder, Krang, Giovanni and Mewtwo, Dartz and the Leviathan of the Orichalcos,MaloMyotismon, Daemon, Lucemon, Megatron of the Predacons, Galvatron of the Decepticons ,

Lex Luthor, the Joker, Brainiac, Ebon, Blight, Sinestro, Trigon,Malebolgia, the Red Skull, Doctor Doom, Terrax, Carnage, the Hobgoblin, the Green Goblin,the" Kingpin", Bullseye, The Mandarin and Fin Fang Foom, Agent Alpha, Gorilla Grodd, The " Leader" and the"the Abomination",Baron Mordo, Dormammu, Mister Sinister, Apocalypse, David Xanatos, Saruman, Voldemort, Alec Trevelyan, Agent Smith, King GOLEM No. 9, Dr. William Birkin,Alexia Ashford, Albert Wesker, M Bison,Gill, Akuma, Jedah Dohma,Geese Howard, Shiro Tokisada Amakusa, Lan Di,Rugal Bernstein, Cervantes de León, Zasalamel, Kazuya Mishima, I-No,Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, Shinnok.

Dukat, The Borg Queen, Tartarus of the Chieftain of the Jiralhanae of the Covenant, Emperor Gunther Prozen, in the Death Saurer Zoid, Hiltz in the Death Stinger Zoid, Vega Obscura in the Berserk Fury Zoid, King Zarkon, Witch Haggar and Prince Lotor, Liquid Snake in Metal Gear Rex, Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear Ray, Alex Rosewater in the" Big Fau" Megadeus, Kaworu Nagisa in Evangelion Unit-03, Char Aznable in the Sazabi,Paptimus Scirocco in "The O", Haman Karn in the Qubeley, Katejina Loos in the Gottrlatan, Zechs Merquise in the Gundam Epyon, Master Asia in the Master Gundam, Olba and Shagia Frost in the Gundam Virsago and Gundam Ashtaron,Gym Ghingham in the" Turn X", Rau Le Creuset in the Providence Gundam, and Major Ulube Ishikawa in the Devil Gundam.

Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Darth Malak, Darth Nihlius,Darth Sidious, Supreme Overlord of the Yuuzhan Vong Shimrra Jamaane,

Lucia Raregroove, "Wings of Darkness" Femto, Ron MacDougall, Shishio Makoto ,Vicious, Envy, Lust, and Gluttony of the Homunculi, King Bradley, Shinobu Sensui,Naraku,Orochimaru, Queen Beryl, Sailor Galaxia,

Dhaos, Leon Magus, Dark Queen Shizel, Mithos Yggdrasil,Zilva Madigan, Vaclav Bolud ,Van Grants,

Ghaleon, Lavos,Indalecio, Albedo Piazzolla in the E.S. Simeon Mecha,T-elos,Grahf in the Alpha Weiltail Gear,

Garland, Emperor Mateus, the Cloud of Darkness, Zeromus, Exdeath, Kefka Palazzo, Sephiroth, Ultimecia, Kuja,Seymour Guado, Vayne Carudas Solidor,Marluxia, Xemnas,

Frezia, Cell, Majin Buu,Garlic Jr, Doctor Willow, Turles, Lord Slug, Cooler, Super Android 13, Broly, Janemba,Hirudegarn, and Omega Shenron.

And...that's the gist of it.

I know that's a lot for mostly one moment that's just a hook, in essence its just me tributing all the agents of fiction that helped bring fun times as I grew up to make life more enjoyable then how it would be without them.

All of the guys and gals above are not taking part in this story at once, some will have major roles, and some have good odds of having a breif cameo but either way its my way of tributing all the aspects of fiction I like right off the bat before kicking off the story so hope your motivated enough to go on and see who will be taking part in my not so small crossover.

More or less, I was inspired by intros in crossover games such as the Marvel VS Capcom series, Super Smash Bros, Kingdom Hearts and the as of now Japan only Super Robot Wars series. I wanted to try and write how it would feel for someone to be in such a war between hero's and villians from all kinds of places in space and time, hope it gave the desired effect.

Now, time for the basics. For those that are new to this story, as of now if some of the things in this story appear sloppy, its because this story is in the middle of a, lets say growth spurt. I started this story a few years ago, at the time my grammar, spelling and over all storytelling were on a far lower level. I would like to think my skills have improved since then, since this chapter that you are reading is the revised version.

Now, while I am in the middle of totally revamping my entire story to be on the level of my current state of skill, as of now its not complete yet, and so as you progress you might find the style of my story suddenly change to a, lets say, more primitive style. Also for a time some chapters may have a number they should not, this is the result of some chapters being longer then they used to be.

I apologize in advance for the jarring change, I can only say that this was the first real story I ever written, and that I have striven ever since 2007 to make this story reflect the ultimate level of my will and ambition.

I wish I could just snap my fingers and have everything be perfect instantly but, I am not a being who has unlimited free time so please understand that I will strive to make the errors be fixed as quickly as possible.

So with that, I can only say that i'll work as fast as I can to fully evolve my story to its ultimate state, and when that's done well, this note will no longer exist.

And so with just about all there is to be said for the moment ill just leave it with thanks for the reviews I have so far, hope you newcomers are impressed enough to read on, and see you next chapter.