Hello. I thought I add this to be more professional lol. Of course this is only on the first half. Its not completed yet but I thought it would be fun to add. Well, hope this helps just in case you were confused at some point. Enjoy.

Tales of The Cosmic Wars Character guide , note this is only about the story so far and all is subject to change

Story Overview

Long ago, in the beginning of time the legends say a celestial one named Zannacross was created by the master of all light Cosmos to watch the souls of the dead in the realm of hell. After watching the sins of mortals over thousands of years he grew tired of mortals repeating them self's and decide that he would rule over them all. However the people of the living universes had a problem with that.

However Zannacross created an army of darkness that wiped out any world that opposed his new order. After a while the other celestial ones interview to stop Zanacross but he would not let anyone interfere. Zannacross was a special celestial one that absorbed the power of darkness to transform himself. In fact using the power of mortals darkness he in essence became the first and true devil.

In the end he was know Chaos Zannacross Necron the Dark god who's desired to bind all realms in darkness. Soon his power became so great that he could destroy entire galaxy's with one attack! In the end he tried to consume heaven its self but the combined forces of the army of determined people and celestial ones made a last stand on Necron's home world of Vandalgyon.

The power that the forces of the light had on their side was impressive and the army of Chaos was blasted aside without to much loss. However then the dark god entered the battle him self. Wither it was a mortal or a celestial begin it did not matter as Chaos destroyed all that stood before him!

It was beginning to seem like all realms were doomed to be fused in to one realm of darkness when one last hope appeared. A warrior with a sword infused with the power of the supreme begin of light itself came to face Necron and to the ultimate dark masters shock the hero was able to endure his wrath! In the end it was an even fight that ended with the hero of the light holding down Chaos Zannacross Necron long enough for Cosmos to banish Necron!

Despite this victory its cost was high as 75 of all life in the universe was lost and many celestial begins died as well. To top it off the hero who was responsible for stopping the dark god lost his life in the process and his scared weapon was broken in to fragments in order to prevent its misuse.

So now that the past is out of the way let's go to the present, err almost at least. Millions of years have past since Necron was sealed away and the universe has recovered

From its lost. Through out space people of the worlds have rediscovered both magic and advanced technology. After a while the planets have formed together to make the Lylat Galactic Alliance but it was not to fell thought out.

After lasting for thousands of years the Lylat republic was on the verge of collapse through the many greedy and selfish senators and others that could care less about the good of the people of the universe. Just when it looked like things were going to descend in to anarchy a radical movement happened under the idea of Akunumkano, a man who was told from a crystal of the celestial ones how to save the universe. He was told to create the Lylat Kingdom,

Resembling the government that was before it but with more focus on the needs for all of the people. Although Akunumkano held elections once elected he proposed the idea of having a king so the ruler of his people could focus on his people and not on special interests groups.

He also said that if people thought he was a tyrant people could overthrow him at any time and vote for a new king. Although most people were skeptical at first they soon found that the Lylat Kingdom was a rule of equality and true justice. What helped the majority take this view was that around the same time a group of the most powerful warriors of justice under the leadership of Myers founded the Enji knights in order to insure peace and justice to the cosmos.

As the Enji order grew the partnership between Grand Master Myers and King Akunumkao insured that the majority of the people of space were happy. Of course not every one thought of the Lylat Kingdom as the ideal government but for the majority it seemed the universe had entered its golden age. Because of this prosperity the Lylat Kingdom is able to expand its area and make contact with new galaxy's. This is how the Enji are able to make contact with the worlds of both the Final Fantasy games and the Tales of worlds and after convincing all of those valiant hero's join the Enji order.

Sadly just when it looked like things were going to be going great things once again went downhill. Six years before are story begins King Akunumakao dies of old age and the next king is his son Atem. Atem became the new king because people believed in his leadership and not just because he was the former kings son. But even though Atem is a good and fair ruler he lacks his father's confidence.

Because of this when a civil war on the planet of Irazois ends in a result of most of its people being wiped out it brings dark clouds over the Enji . Atem and the Enji blame the cause of the civil war on the multi planet corporation Servant and its greedy CEO Weil Zabi. When Atem and the Lylat Senate go to punish the corporation Ansem Zeon, the ruler of the southern galaxy and personal president of the world of Vana'diel decrees this as an act of tyranny and calls the Lylat Kingdom a dictatorship. This leads to a chain of events that causes a whole section of the Lylat kingdom to defect from it and form its own government called the united federation of Zeon.

As tensions mounted things were looking bad. Before long it seemed like Zeon would not be able to be brought back in to the Lylat kingdom through peaceful means and it looked like the first ever universal civil war was about to erupt. In a desperate last minute measure to avoid war King Atem was able to convince Ansem to meet him at the space colony of Twilight town for some final negations. Ansem agreed and it looked like peace might prevail until a tragedy occurred. As soon as Ansem set foot on the space colony a near buy transport ship exploded! The blast seemed to kill Ansem and all of his men! To make the tragedy even worse the ship that blew up was filled with toxic chemicals that made the whole area a hazard zone . Needless to say this did not go well, at all.

The Lylat Kingdom did all it could to try and prove that it was not a sabotage but the people of Zeon would not hear it. Just when things could not get worse it did when Weil Zabi became president. Weil and Ansem never got along and some think Weil was the one who had Ansem killed but no one could prove it. With a far more radical and self centered leader now in command of the Zeon Federation war all but looks imminent .

Although the amount of worlds that are part of the Lylat Kingdom is still far greater then the Zeon army and of course the Enji are on the side it's far from an easy victory. Weil was able to convince more then half of the inter galactic corporations like the Trade Federation and the Banking Clan to go on to his side and nearly all of them are ones that create weapons of war.

Although out numbered Weil can make billions of robot droids to fight on his army's side so the out break of war does not look like it will be resolved any time soon. To top it of the Enji have noticed that a dark hand has been guiding the current events and have been on guard. Meanwhile, as the universes looks like it is going to descend in to chaos on boy is about to try and reach his dreams buy joining the Enji Knights.

His name is Ben Auro and his dream is to become one of the greatest heros and Enji knights in the universes! Will he be able to achieve his dream? Little does he know that by reaching for his dream it might just contain the fate of the universes. With this we begin the tale of Tales Of The Cosmic Wars!

But first, lets go over a few major things like the major groups .

Enji Knights

Also known as warriors of light. They are the elite warriors of the universe's that go throe out space to stop conflicts and bring justice to those that are suffering throe out space. They are kind of like a mix of Star Wars's Jedi and SeeD from Final Fantasy 8. The Enji are not as strict as the Jedi in terms of relationships but they do demand devotion to the light side and respect for life, all the other stuff you'd except from the biggest enforcer's of justice in all space.

There main area is the Hallowed Bastion castle on the mountains of Corneria. Although treated as hero's by most citizens of the cosmos some see them as a powerful wild card.

Dark Enji of the Organization XIII

A group of Enji that broke of from the Enji knights because they viewed the power of the dark side as the true power of the universe . Like there Kingdom hearts version they command Nobodies but they are with a different purpose. Still leaded by Xemnas, in fact nearly all of the members are the same. However instead of Roxas he has been replaced with my own charter the egomaniac Ravxen.

The Order Of Sithantos

A religious order of darkness that has existed since the creation of space travel. A order that believes that mortals are going to soon be wiped out for there sins, they worship the ultimate dark god Chaos Zannacross Necron. For thousands of years they have mostly kept to them self's in there own chaotic galaxy. But lately they have been acting more aggressive under their current Patriarch Havoc Drashid. From the Sithantos home world of Ormus many mysterious events have been going on and many suspect Havoc was involved in the build up to the universal civil war. To top it of the Enji are most concerned when they see the mysterious Necrocalcous monsters appearing on the Sithantos worlds. What ever this organizing is up to it's not hard to guess it's nothing good.


Begins of darkness. They are like a cross of a non Disney version of Kingdom Heart's Heartless and the Hallows from the Bleach Manga and Anime. They have lots of tricks up their selves like extending there limbs and sinking in to the ground. Taking many kinds of shapes, and even merging together to form even more deadly monsters! Under the command of Sithantos. The Enji are worried when they see theses monster because the legends say that the same kind of monsters were the direct servants of the Shin Dark God himself! Ben and the others will be fighting many of theses guys thou out this story.

Main Heroes/ good guys.

Main Characters

Hero's and other good guys

Ben Auro, age at the start 19 .

Are main hero comes from the small suburb of Corneria the capital of the Lylat Kingdom called Transford. Ever since he was young his biggest dream was to become a hero and because he hated the thought of a job that did the same thing every day did not want to be destined to a boring bureaucratic job like his parents he wanted to be an Enji knight and become the greatest hero.

Despite this dream however his skills were not the best as he failed to enter the entrance exam for the Enji. However after spending months training hard and getting training from his genius of a warrior and his cousin Max he is barley able to pass the trials after the two contestants before him were disqualified for cheating. Once in the Enji order his destiny begins. At first he is a normal warrior with no special talent under the lead of Captain Cloud Strife of Enij squad 7. Although Ben is a quick learner of magic and skills he has trouble controlling his power and that at first is in the lowest rank of Enji trainees. However his destiny changes forever when on a mission to prevent an outbreak of war the space ship he is on is attacked by a mysterious and powerful dark knight and he and his squad is blasted in to an escape pod.

When he wakes up he is on the world of the Mushroom Kingdom and after a lot of unlucky events he eventually finds some good luck when he finds a million year old temple that looks like the crystal rooms from all the Final Fantasy games. Once he enters the shrine he is attacked by the sprit of the swordsmen Gilgamesh, although out matched he refuse to give up and for showing his resolve the legendary Star Sword responds by chosen Ben to be its new welder. With the scared power of the blade welded by the one chosen to stop the supreme god of darkness millions of years ago Ben joins his friends and the Mario bros and fed of a powered up Bowser . From there Ben's destiny truly begins as he tries to fulfill the task given to him . Can Ben become a true hero? Only time will tell. Oh, and also he has a pet moggle named Moz.

Ben's favorite attacks Shinning Flare Slash, a powerful energy slash used by charging up his magic energy and putting it in to his blade for a powerful slash. Shadow clones, using magic to create copy's of him self to confuse and gang up on his opponent like Narato. Shinryukenha, the dragon power wave attack. At first Ben can not control the move but after training can pull if of. First uses it against the sprit of General Leo in one of Ben's tests to receive a part of the Star Sword. As Ben gets more powerful he will learn more moves but that's for latter.

Lacus Raystar, age 19, long brown hair and blue eyes.

Ben's childhood friend in elementary school. Her kind heart and pretty face hides the fact that she is in fact part of the noble Raystar family, a family that has been one of the wealthiest and influence of the Lylat government for centuries. Her father is Archduke Erich Raystar and she is the middle child of three sisters. The oldest is the genius Shion Raystar and the youngest is the perky and party loving Sara Raystar. Despite the fact that most people fought it was odd that Lacus was enrolled in a public school Ben did not mind because she soon became his best friend. Even though Ben was not one that stood out or had a lot of money Lacus still liked Ben for his own talents and other things and the two soon became best friends.

However this did not last forever as when High school came along Lacus moved away because of the reason for coming under an illness. Or at least that was what Ben first was told; he soon found out that the real reason was that the Raystar family did not want Lacus around such an easy targeted place since Lacus had magical power the level of a sorceress. In fact Ben found out that the truth was in the family vacation that the Ray stars only brought Ben's family along because Lacus asked, Ben's father took the two on a cheap tour ride to save money and because of it Lacus got kidnapped by terrorist trying to take her power. It was because of this that the Raystar family wanted to break all ties with the people they knew in Transford town and when Ben found this out he became bitter towards his father.

That's why when Ben found out that Lacus had become an Enji knight in training as well he was never happier. He thought he would never see her again and seeing her after all his lonely high school years made him feel it was destiny to become an Enji. Ben was always shy and had trouble finding girls he liked that did not already have jerks for boyfriends. This was all the more reason why Ben is so happy to reunite with the one girl who he truly felt close with. Sadly for Ben though, although Lacus still thinks of Ben as a close friend she does not seem to have the kind of romantic feelings Ben hoped for, at least for now. Even more infuriating for Ben is when he finds who she does love . In any case Lacus is not in the Enji just because she comes from a noble family. She is almost as strong and fast as Ben is and her swordsmanship with her family's legendary sword the Oathkeeper is great. In fact her magic talents exceed Ben's greatly! Despite the fact that Lacus is always cheerful and kind she seems to hide dark secrets. It is unknown at the time how she and Ben's fates will intersect. Is under the squad of Enji Captain Terra Branford and her team mates are Yuna and Collet Brunel.

Ezan Kaiba. Age 20, Has short whitish sliver hair and black eyes.

A cold and quit elite warrior who is always professional. Despite his rookie statues he is considered super elite and is on par with most Enji captains. Not one for social talents he does not think much of bothering on anything else but his missions but at least he has the skills to back it up. Comes from another noble family, but this is one of warriors. The son of Ramba Kaiba he welds the family's Soul Eater blade. An elitist, he does not think much of Ben at first but finds his dream to be the best Enji of all amusing. Ben finds that despite Ezan's cold attitude he his becoming his rival. Whether or not Ezan will come to see Ben as such is up for time.

He is in squad 6th and his squad captain is Squall Lionheart. His teammates are Zidane Tribal and Senel Coolidge. Some of his favorite attacks are Delta Ray Slash, the Light Divider energy blast attack. Chidori Blitz and Chidori Nagashi. And his Mirror Backlash Flare attack when he absorbs his opponents magic or energy attack and fires it back at his opponent with double the power!

Doug Fiter Age 20 blond hair.

A easy going guy that Ben meets when he joins the order. The two soon become friends. He focus on martial arts. Some of his arracks are Hammer Of Might, Sphere Of Might, Bursting Machine Gun Punch and more.

James Elrond. Age 19 red hair.

The last part of Ben's squad, a man from a family of magicians. He is pretty good with magic and also with a special archery style called the Quincy style.

Hiryuumon, a special dragon Digimon that is found on a temple on Sonic the hedgehogs world that Ben stumbles in to while on his mission. Not a normal Digimon as he can combined with summon spirits. Can transform so far in to two powerful forms, Wyrmmon and Geno Wyrmmon.

Other heroes that Ben has encountered so far on his journey. Mario and his friends. Sonic the Hedgehog and comrades. Kirby. Link. Fox and the rest of the Star Fox team. Samus. Megaman X and Zero, oh and Axl to.

Grand Master Rodimus Myers. Age ?

The founder of the Enji Knights and one of the most powerful warriors to exist in the universe . He founded the Enji knights 50 years before are story began. He created the Enji in order to have all the most powerful begins space under one banner to protect the innocent from those with evil desires. Although his age seems to be at least one hundred by know that's not stopping him from being one of the most powerful knights that no villain wants to get near. Ben looks up to him like a father figure. Some of his attacks are Grand Divide, Shin-Zantetsuken and Divine Matrix.

Major Villains

Havoc Drashid

The Patriarch of the dark order of Sithantos. While in years past he has kept his domain isolated from the rest of space in recent years he has been more arrgsive as well as supporting Weil Zabi and the Zeon federation. Not know for his power, however his new apprentice is a much different story.


Appearance is a mix of Kingdom hearts Xehanort and Narato 's Orochimaru

The mysterious fallen Enji knight that is now the dark lord of Sithantos. Once the hopeful apprentice of Grand Master Myers he soon could not control his lust for power and became know as the scholar of darkness in order to gain immortally. Not only that but he found most people disgusting and inferior to him and decide they were all sinners that were unfit to live. With an altitude like that it was not hard for him to turn to the dark side. He reappeared five years after the civil war on the planet Irazam . He latter reappears leading the order of Sithantos, an order that worships the supreme god of darkness. He has been reviving powerful villains from the dead to serve at his side. What he is up to for know is not sure but what ever it is the fate of the universe will be on the balance.


A very powerful dark knight that serves Sithantos and is the first of its Inquisitors. It is the same person from Soul Caliber but with a different past and much more powerful in this version.


The powerful leader of the Maverick Reploid's that nearly brought the capital planet of Corneria to its knees one hundred years ago before being destroyed by X and Zero for good. That is until Havoc resurrects him as his newest Inquisitor! Also note that the events of the Mega man games in my story all happened on Corneria and not Earth. Also the events of the Zero games and the ones after them do not take place in this story.


The King of evil is also revived by Havoc and serves him and Xehamaru out of debut.

Genesis Rhapsodos

The powerful warrior has been gathering energy since the events of Dirge of Cerberus but him and Weiss have hid from the Enji knights for years . Finally comes out of his isolation when Xehamaru convinces him to join his cause out of their shared contempt for humanity. Is the forth Inquisitor of Sithantos.

Others who have joined Xehamaru's order so far Bowser, Doctor Ivo Robotnik and Meta-Knight.

Weil Narche Zabi

President in name , but in reality absolute dictator of the united federation of Zeon. Although Ansem Zeon was the one who founded the idea of the Zeon when his life seemed to be lost Weil was all but to happy to take over as ruler. While Ansem wanted independence from the Lylat Kingdom because of ideological differences about the ideal government Weil mostly just wanted free rain for his inter galactic corporations like Serpent Corps and OZ. Some say he might have been pushing for Ansem 's demise but no one dares try and prove it. Is very greedy.

Even though he owns entire galaxy's thanks to the power of his companies when King Atem issued a degree limiting his power he was outraged and that was what put him on board with Ansem. Has on his side many other powerful CEO's of half the major business in the universe. Together even though the Lylat Kingdom outnumbers them there combined army of droids is enough to leave the universal civil war in an unbreakable stale mate. Although all the moves he has made in the war so far has been made from him by Havoc and Xehamaru he only thinks of him self as the true ruler of all space. Is the same design and personality of Weil from the Mega man Zero games but different past.

Arzrael Tarkin

The biggest genius in the Zeon federation and responsible for all the massive robot of mass destruction that they unleash on the Lylat kingdom like the Big Zam. Does not seem to care about Zeon at all and is only in it for having unlimited funding for his endless resrurch. At the moments is working on a battle station the size of a moon with the power to destroy planets.

Commander Craft

A former Enji master. In fact was one of the four Enji masters that founded the Enji with Master Myers. Left the Enji after the Irazam Civil war over idoiacgiol reasons, losing his friends in battle and becoming a cyborg some of them. He commands a elite warrior group in Zeon called Dead Cell and is called Big Boss among his crew. His four elite warriors are Harpuia, Leviathan, Fefnir, and Phantom.

The Organizing XII from Kingdom hearts 2 are in this story of mine but there role and purpose is much different. All of them are there and they are still have Xemnas as there leader . However Nobody's work differently and they are all true humans. Instead they are Dark Enji that embraces the darkness. Also since there is no Sora in my story there is also no Roxas he is replaced by my new person.

Ravxen, The Phantom Of Chaos.

This mysterious dark figure wears a mask to hide his face and is extremely mocking wherever he goes. Acts almost like a cross between Kefka and Kuja but can control himself and even if he acts crazy he always has a method to his madness. Despite the fact that he acts like a fool at first he is extremely deadly and is second only to Xemnas in the order of fallen Enji. His motives are unknown but were ever he goes death is not far behind.

Other characters

Brad Fowltror

age is 21. Has small black eyes and crew cut hair. Most resembles Brad Pit from that Fight Club movie

An extremely powerful and selfish Enji. Is so powerful he calls him self the " Unstoppable Juggernaught. " His arrogance knows no bounds as he thinks of him self the most powerful begin in the universe. Dose not seem to care much about the values of the Enji much and is only in it to get more power for himself. Is not very good at learning magic or skills and does not use it much. In fact in combat he most of the time just uses his raw strength and energy blasts to fight.

Despite his lack of skills he makes up for it in raw power alone. He plowed his way through the Enji entrance exam with out even stopping! His power is so great that he looks normal most of the time but when he encounters someone that he can't beat him at one his trick is his muscles expand in size like the Hulk, Toguro from Yuu Yuu Hakusho, and Dragon Ball Zs Broly. Is the kind of person who enjoys the thrill of fighting and will only do what he wants. Because of his violent behavior he is put in to the Enji order's behavior reform members.

Thinks of Ben and his dreams to be the greatest hero as nothing but joke and its not long before Ben grows a deep hatred for Brad. The rivalry between them is at first like the one Squall and Seifer but soon it gets even worse as Ben does not even consider him a rival.

Ben may consider Ezan his rival in the same way Ryu and Ken, Yugi and Kaiba, Narato and Sasuke , Goku and Vegeta and others like that. But that's because while Ezan is cold Ben respects his talents. Brad on the other hand is in Ben's eyes as nothing more then a bully who has no business being an Enji.

The thing that makes Ben have an undying hatred for Brad though is when he finds out to his horror that Brad is the one Lacus loves as her boy friend! Seeing his childhood friend that he loves in love with such an arrogant ruthless jerk more then any other thing eats away at him at no end. However it's even worse for Ben when he challenge Brad to a fight he is beaten with ease! Losing to Brad makes Ben even more determined to train hard and surpass every one in order to beat Brad and get Lacus to notice him as more then a friend. Wherever or not he will succeed in this to be shown. Brad's captain is Sabin Rene Firgo and his team mates are members of his loyal followers, CJ and Jerid.


Self proclaimed Master of Magnetism a powerful mutant. Mutants are those who have evolved in irregular fashion thanks to the intermixing of so many different worlds and people. Is James uncle, and once went by the name of Erick Elrond. However, when the Lylat Kingdom formed half of the Elrond house opposed the new outlook of the Lylat Kingdom and rebelled. Where James's Father Ryuken and sided with the Lylat Kingdom Eric sided with his uncle, but there rebellion ended poorly, and the backlash was so brutal that Erick was the only survivor. This tragedy was also the catalysis that allowed the young man to tap in to his latent powers, and he quickly became known as Magneto. Despite the vast hatred he had for society he also was a charismatic man and was able to rally mutants from all across space to become part of his brotherhood of mutants.

In time his power and influence became so great that he was able to take control of the world of Genosha. However, this also made more people fear him, and in a attack by a group of mutant hating activists funded by a pro human member in the Lylat Kingdom named by many as the " Illusive Man", who was really subcommittee member Jack Harper Magneto's wife and two of his children were killed. A brutal retribution fallowed, but while the Enji Knights prepared for battle, the entire Lylat Kingdom was shocked as Magneto mostly kept to his planet and the surrounding system for the fallowing decade. Still, once the Galactic Civil War begun old grudges steered once more, especially when Xehamaru was string the pot!

Soon after showing his true face to the galaxy the dark lord of Sithantos reached out to Magneto, seeing that they both shared contempt for the cosmos that wronged them and sent a invitation to the Master of Magnetism to join his forces!

To insure that Magneto would not be convinced by the Lylat Kingdom to join his side the dark lord sent his agent Saren to the conference on the world of Jotunheim to one way or another make Magneto join Sithantos 's cause, even if it meant make him a martyr.

However, despite all the plots that Saren unleashed with the backstabber Cortez, Magneto was thankful of Ben and his nephews acts, the acts that saved his daughter Polaris and agreed not to declare war on the Lylat Kingdom.

However, despite the bravery of the Enji Xehamaru still was able to appeal to Magneto 's deep fear and anger, and convinced him to see that the only way to secure a future for Mutant kind was to break the old world that feared and loathed them!

With this rational Magneto sought to prove that survival was only worthy of the most evolved, and aided Sithantos in the invasion of Corneria!

However, as Magneto saw the extent of Xehamaru 's madness, and saw just what the Fallen Enji's true intentions were James's uncle realized that a world of utter darkness ruled by Chaos Zannacross Necron was not the future he sought, and despite all the things the world had done to him he still had enough faith in those like Ben and his nephew to let them have a chance to make a better future! After coming to this conclusion Magneto bet everything on this hope for the future, and gave up his life to help the hero's defeat Xehamaru!

While a complex man to the end, the Master of Magnetism was in the end able to be the symbol that he always wanted to be to his people, a symbol of hope for the future of a world were mutants, normal humans and all other life forms can live together in a peaceful understanding world.

King Atem

Son of the one who founded the Lylat kingdom, the much loved former king Akunumkanon. Is a good leader and is trying his best to keep the people of the universe happy and in peace.

Kira Myers. Age 30

The son of the Grand Master. His power is almost as great as his father and some call him the most powerful warrior of all. Has journeyed across the universes and is a master of both light and darkness. It seems his travels have made him even more powerful as its now said that he has mastered all forms of both physical and magical combat.

Is also head of the Lylat Titan Special forces, the elite secret army that handles the most dangerous missions. However ever since he was tortured in a mission and saw his brother Shin Myers die his views have been getting radical. The vast amount of fighting he has seen as driven out all compassion from his heart. In fact he desires to bring the war to an end and bring order to the universe at any cost even if it means the complete destruction of the Zeon federation.

However both the Enji masters and King Atem continue to try and find a way to end the war with out massive deaths and Kira keeps questioning wherever there path is the way to true justice. More then anything he dreams to end not only this war but all war, no matter what must be done to create such a kingdom.

Max Bruder

Ben's favorite cousin, also a genius of a warrior. Was the one who first gave Ben the hope that he could be a somebody. The two trained weekly in the towns virtual simulation chamber. Max was the one who taught Ben both his beginning Sword and Martial arts skills. Two years before Ben made it to the Enji Max joined the Enji but seemed to pass with flying colors. In fact Max was given a deep cover mission in Zeon territory and Ben has not seen since. Max still contacts Ben through hologram messages to keep in touch but Ben wonders when his cousin will return so he can show Max he has become as good a warrior as him.

Lisa Alster. Blond hair and red eyes.

A charming girl that was voted most popular girl of the Enji rookies. Promises to go on a date with Ben after he saved her from certain doom when on a mission together on the world of Popstar. This makes Ben ecstatic as it's the first time a girl ever asked him on a date. However Ben begins to wonder if Lisa is just teasing him since she has been holding back on the date now for an month because of her busy schedule. Despite acting like a diva she is quite powerful.

Rickey Okeaf

Ben's best friend from child hood. The two use to do everything together but Rick gave in to his anger of his patents divorce and was sent away to a reforming center after being caught stealing many times. Ben runs in to him one day in the capital city of Neo Arcadia on a weekend but finds that Rick has changed.


A mysterious bounty hunter that Ben encounter's while on the planet SR-388. Wears the armor of the now extinct Zandalorians

warrior race.

Is powerful enough to beat the dark Enji Lexaeus with ease. Is very powerful and is the second best bounty hunter in space with only Samus Aran ahead of him.

Ansem Zeon

The mysterious found of the Zeon federation. Created the Zeon Federation because he clamed the Lylat Kingdom was to oppressive. Did not get along with Weil and his greedy cohorts much and many people wondered if Ansem would have the war going on still if not for his tragic death when the Twilight Town space colony.


The same one from Final Fantasy five. After giving up his life to help Bartz and friends stop X-Death the celestial ones showed mercy for his deeds and gave him a chance to repent for his deeds under X-Death. His chance was to be the guarding of the Star Sword and it is he who first tests Ben for the right for the Star Sword. Ben is outclassed by Gilgamesh but Ben's resolve impresses the multi armed swordsmen and he lets Ben take the Star Sword.

As Ben continues to stumble in to shrines across the universes Gilgamesh continues to test Ben for crystal shards of the Star Sword by having him face other powerful deceased warriors. The sprits that he has faced so far are Leon Magus, General Leo, Asch the bloody, and Zack Fair.