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The Twin Muse

no. 1

A short man spoke.

"Of beautiful things, brilliant works, elegance and eloquence. My life,my goal, my muse, my God!" He shifted his weight, holding up a mecahnical pencil as though casting a spell, so that his writings with this instrument would lead him down the path of greatness and excellence. Or maybe, he hoped the lead would turn into ink. In the solitude of his colorful bedroom/study, he stayed in stillness, conjuring up ideas with great potential for being considered a great work. He thought of tragedies, romance, and tried to excise cliches. He thought so much of beauty, which was to an almost obsessional level. He regarded great and famous writers and playwrights in an envious way.

He sighed. "What can I do?" Then an outburst. "Oh my love! Your death be my heart's decadence!" he shouted in an efemminate voice. He jotted it down. "That's one line." He believed that such line would be ideal for the lead female role of a love story. Once again he fell into his previous stupor of hard thinking. A moment later a loudness was heard. He tried and tried but couldn't concentrate. Once more he shut his eyes and tried, but the noise upstairs kept placing a block in his head. "Ugh. Arrrrgggh!" he uttered in frustration. He just couldn't and just wouldn't muse with all this ruckus.

So he was on a mission. A mission to complain like this, was all miscalleneous to him, for all of the core importance was in his mind. But like this he wouldn't focus. In his mind he wasn't a commoner. He was a self conceited and egotistical noble. He walked out his home and he ambled toward the stairs. He passed by a mirror then turned back. He observed his appearance. He smiled and modeled for himself, for a good ten minutes almost completely ignoring the uproar upstairs. He blew himself a kiss and went of f upstairs. The sound was getting more and more overwhemling as he got nearer to the source.

He had already ascended to the most vacant, and highest area of the building. The the pain shot through his temples. "Aaaggghh. Migraine. Must...get...back..and..." He rushed back to his home. Four minutes later, he returned with fluffy, pink earmuffs on his head. He walked toward the only apartment that was leased on that floor. He had quickened his stride and then stopped before the door. That door that which belonged to Gerard's offender. He knocked as loudly as he could, then he reiterated his previous action, still nothing. Completely scarce of patience he clenched his fist tightly, it trembled. taking up such stance he rammed it into the door.

A couple of seconds after he had done so, the effect kicked in. "Aaggggghhh! Foul thing! Open this door!" Then he began kicking. It was not until after he had delivered three kicks with effort that he realized he was ruining his rather expensive footwear. He had flinched right after he had launched his foot in a position sure to place emphasis in the unpleasant sensation Gerard was about to feel. He stubbed his own toe. "Agggghhh!" His curses were muffled by the music that played as though it was a concert. He hopped on one foot, but soon after lost his balance, and this time his rump took the punishment. Almost immune to the humiliation he said "Ow." plainly.

All of it began to gnaw at him. The ugly music to his ears and the embarassment triggered something in him. The "dark" side, was this excessive determination that surfaced at that particular moment. Others thought this nothing more than ridiculous and mocked him by calling it the dork side instead. Though it didn't really matter since Gerard didn't care for the oppinions of commoners and to other people he was already a dork, basically. Being "evil" and even sadistic he decided to "toture" the door. Cruelty was in him.

He just simply put his foot on the door. Cree. He almost fell; taken by surprise. The door had somehow opened on its own. Slightly perpelexed, but everdetermined he opened the door slowly. The music was louder there than anywhere else. He could even hear the lyrics of that awful song in his head. Inside, there was a youth and a domestic beast. He stood in the doorway contemplating the room and its inhabitants. The boy was completely immersed in his video gameplay, gripping his PS2 controller tightly. The Doberman pooch lay beside him, snoozing. "Ahem." He tried to acquire the gaming youth's attention.

"Ahem!"he tried this time louder, but the youth remained unchanged, all of his attention claimed by his game. The boy known as Davi, cursed as he struggled with his current challenge. The dog however had caught on and sniffed a scent. A fruity, putrid scent that, Gerard's perfume gave off, warned the sentintel. The dog snarled at Gerard. It had all of a sudden become quiet, and then an outburst. "Woooohooo!", the youth exclaimed. A distinct "S" had appeared on screen. "Yeah! I rock! Did you see that Joule?" He had turned and spotted the distasteful visitor in the doorway. "Hey, what are you doing here? Get out of my house!" Gerard stepped in, anyway. "At last I have your undivided attention."

"Get lost or- "Or what?"interrupted Gerard. "You'll call the cops. Or tell your daddy? Oh yeah, that's right, you don't have a daddy."he said cruelly. Davi frowned and went back to his game.

Gerard smirked. "Listen to me! I want you o turn down the volume!" Davi ignored him and went on to watch a cut scene. Gerard gazed at him and stood in front of the TV. He turned and faced the TV. He was about to turn down the volume when the cut scene that ocurred caught his eye. In the moonlight two silver- haired lads fought. They looked exactly alike, all except for their distinguished attrires. "Such beauty!" Gerard gasped. He had found the inspiration. Then Davi pressed the start button and cut to the actual gaming part.

"Put it back! Go back! I WANNA SEEE!" Gerard uttered hysterically like a child. Gerard then proceeded to snatch the PS2 controller from Davi's hands. He then shoved the young boy to the side. "That's it! Sick em, Joule!" The fierce Doberman leapt, and charged at the crazed artist. Gerard noticed and in excitement and confusion he fled, dropping the PS2 controller with a shattering noise. "Ahhhhhhhh! Haha heee! I've- Chomp! Joule had clasped his teeth onto the bell bottom of his jeans. "Oh my muse! Ahh! I've found it but help meeee!"he shouted in a high-pitched voice. The dog went on to catch his shirt and began to tear his clothing. Eventually, Gerard's shrieks had annoyed the whole bottom floor.

Ten minutes later the residents had subdued the mighty Joule after he had torn half of Gerard's shirt off his back. Fortunately for Gerard, the only thing hurt and torn apart was his shirt and khaki jeans.

"Hey! Why' re you bothering people with all this babel! Some of us are trying to sleep!" said a resident sailor named Brad. "Yeah, some of us are trying to keep our kids asleep." said the mother with ten children. "And others are trying to meditate!"said the hipee girl named Jane. Davi had come out to enter the argument. He stood there with a stony expression. "You owe me a new PS2 controller."he said pointing a finger at the thrashed poet. The precision of the vicinity had turned to face Gerard as jury in a court room would eye the accused.

"Hey! I don't owe you a thing! Look what that mutt did to my precious shirt! It's more like you owe me an almost irreplaceable garmet!" "Nu-uh! You owe me!"shot back Davi . "Shut up the both of you!"yelled the buff sailor. "He broke your game. Your hound tore his shirt. You're both even, and that's the end of it! So no more fooling around!" "But."Davi answered back. The tough sailor gazed at the boy. Davi piped down, knowing he couldn't win this dispute. "If you let that dog out on anyone, and cause what you did today. We all swear that we're gonna, hang you on the pole outside your window by your underwear."the man warned and the precision agreed. Gerard had smirked.

"And you,"he turned Gerard. "Next time you're being attacked, keep it down!" Gerard was very apalled by this, and remained until everyone had went back into their homes. His very minor shock wore off and he trotted to his room. He closed the door behind him and jumped on his bed. He thought, like always, but now he had thought of those handsome men. He knew it was just a video game, and that those comely persons were fictional most likely, but it just couldn't stop him. He had to write praises and song to their great attractiveness, he just had to. So he sat up and tried to remeber. He had noted a case lying about on the floor of Davi's floor but at the time it was of no importance to him. He had caught it but couldn't remmber. He tried harder. "De."he uttered one syllable. "Devil Mei..." He had known the word and it was "cry...Devil May Cry."

In much joy and having much hope he grabbed his computer and accessed the Internet; he had work to do. So this man was completely into his new topic, while in the alleyway near the side of his apartment, something was about to happen.

So reader, how'd you like it? Yeah Gerard's a loon, and Davi's got problems. I apologize if there were any possible grammatical errors I have missed, I'm only human. The ladies of DMC will appear in later chapters, ok. If you are looking forward to seeing Dante and/or Vergil appear in this fic, then I recommend you discontinue reading this fic to avoid disappointment. Thank you for reading!