Hi! Ok so this is my first story. I have more I just need to get them up. This is like the only sad one I've ever written. The rest are all happy.

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"No. No. No! This is not happening!" Sasuke screamed in his head as he finished off the last enemy nin. He ran over to his fallen teammate and put her head in his lap. "Sakura you're going to be alright. Just wait till back-up gets here." Sasuke said to Sakura.

"Don't worry Sasuke-kun. I'll be fine." Sakura said as she tried to smile. It didn't work though and more blood came out her mouth. Sasuke looked down at her stomach wound and sickly realized it was getting redder as more blood spilled out. "Sasuke-kun. I'm tired. I think I'm going to go to sleep for a little bit." Sakura said as her eyelids started to close.

"Sakura don't you dare fall asleep on me!" Sasuke said/demanded. He knew if she fell asleep she would never wake up.

"Ok Sasuke-kun. But I really am tired." Sakura said as her eyelids fell even lower. Sasuke was getting desperate. Where was that back up?! If they didn't get here soon his cherry blossom would die! Yes his cherry blossom. He and Sakura got married two years ago and just had their first child about 8months ago. It was a boy they named Kenji. "Sasuke-kun. Can you tell Kenji mommy loves him for me?" Sakura asked as her breathing slowed.

"You'll tell him yourself when we get home." Sasuke said as tears threatened to spill out. Sakura was accepting her death, yet he wasn't about to let her go. Not yet, not so soon. Sakura tried to tell him something, but he couldn't hear. So he bent his head down to her face.

"Sasuke-kun, I love you." Sakura whispered as more blood trickled out her mouth.

"I love you too, Sakura." Sasuke said, as he kissed her for the last time. He felt her respond for awhile, then nothing. Tears spilled out his eyes as he knew Sakura was dead. She had really left, and was never coming back. Rain started to poor down from the heavens. Sasuke looked up into the sky as he held onto Sakura's dead body. "Why? Why her?!" He shouted.

10mins Later

Back up finally arrived. Where they were greeted with a grieving, crying Sasuke holding onto a dead Sakura.

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