Hi! Second story time, this one is not as depressing as the first. Thank goodness. I don't think I think I could write another story like that in the same day. Ok so here is "Gone".

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any part of it. Unfortunately.

"If you do. I'll scream!" Sakura yelled. The Sasuke was gone. Sakura felt a presence behind her.

"Sakura. Thank you." Sasuke whispered. Sakura took a sharp intake of breath as she felt a squeeze on her neck.

"Sasuke-kun…" Sakura whispered as she fell into unconsciousness. Sasuke caught her bridle style as she fell. He forgot how light she was.

"Where to put her." Sasuke thought as he looked around. Then he spotted the bench. "Well at least its better then the ground." He thought as he placed her on the bench. "Sakura don't worry too much. I'll be back someday. Just wait for me ok? I can't come back until he's dead. If he found out about people like you in my life, he'd kill you too. I won't let that happen. I'll be back I promise." Sasuke said as he kissed Sakura. Then, just like that he was gone.

Ok so please review. For those of you confused "he" is Sasuke's brother. He doesn't want him to find out Sasuke fell in love with Sakura so he is leaving to protect her.