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Summary : Drabble. Au, Usagi snapped and Mamoru's her victim.

Warning : Usagi is out of character (REALLY OOC)

A/N : I know this is kind of OOC but I guess everything's possible in fanFICTION, isn't it?I woke up this morning feeling in the mood to write a story myself even though it's kind of short. I want to give my beta reader a special thanks for the editing! (The let Mamoru suffer thing was Amnesia Nymph's idea) Let me know what ya'll think.



Joe Who can't get a valid name

You think I am blind, don't you? I smile slightly. It's kind of sad that you've got such low expectations of me. Then again, I'm not surprised at all. You've been cheating on me, talking bad about me and every time I break up with you, you come back. You tell me you're sorry and that it'll never happen again. I know you're lying but somehow I keep forgiving you.

Who do you even think you are? I don't know how long I'll be able to take it. Maybe I trust you way too much. You've got a lot of nerve actually, do you think I am some kind of game?

Another smile appears on my lips as I step closer to you. It's 15/love now where the fuck are you going to go? You seemed scared. No, you're frightened. I can't blame you though. I'd be scared too if I was in your position. I bet you're wondering wheter my gun is loaded or not, aren't you? Well I'll tell you something. It isn't loaded at all. I'll never be able to kill you. I love you and you should know that by now.

It's alright though. I like the look on your face. I like how it feels to see you scared. Maybe it's even comparable to what I feel everything you come home late. ''I love you.'' I whispered as I put my gun against your sleep. You jump a bit but aren't moving. I am surprised that you haven't start begging me to spare your miserable life yet. Maybe you want me to help you out of your misery.

I was feeling lonely while you were with those girls you call friends. If anyone deserves to feel like you do right now it's you. But on the other hand you're not worth it anyway... Why should I spend my life in jail while you're dancing around with your little friends in hell?

Shall we see if you're lucky?


I guess that you are...

Click. Click. Click.

Okay I ain't going too far.

Oh my, you look surprised. You really thought I was going to shoot you? ''I love you too.'' You finally whisper. I am sure you do. Now that it's me who is in control. I give you at least two more days before I'll find you in someone's bed again. It doesn't matter. I don't care about you anymore. But I surely enjoy making your life a living hell. After all, it's what I am good at.