What a fool.

You thought you could escape, didn't you?

You thought that I wouldn't find you, take you back, seal you away like this.

I look into your eyes. They are full of terror. Your powers are trapped, not within you, where you might still access them, but outside of you, the spell causing you to lose ki to the air as fast as you regain it. The mist it creates is a beautiful purple color. You cannot move to strike me, or to run, for you are too weak now. What movements you can make are sluggish. I hope you'll accept your fate and realize that the hatred you feel for me is pointless. It isn't like you're ever going to see anyone else again. The spells on you assure that for as long as I live, you will be weak, powerless, and ageless. When I die, you likely will as well. We're going to be together forever.

I hold you closely and pet your hair. You're trembling. I whisper soothing words, trying to comfort you. You slowly move your hands up and clutch my sleeves weakly, allowing yourself to lean against me.

I'm surprised. I did not expect you to accept your fate so quickly. You now stay close to me whenever you can, snuggling into my arms. I'm not sure what changed. You no longer resist my advances, either, letting me take you like I've wanted to for so long. You respond very little, often merely clinging to me, but you do not complain or cry or try to stop me, either. I tell myself that your lack of responsiveness is merely due to the spells weakening you, and that you really do enjoy it. You smile enough afterwards for me to be able to believe it. I run my fingers through your hair, pleased that my fingers are not blocked in their path like they used to be, the obstructions that used to be there long since gone.

"Karasu..." you whisper. You can't do much more than just whisper anymore. "Can I... go outside? It's been so long..."

I smile at you. I'm not worried. Your powers are so weak you couldn't make a leaf twitch, let alone try to attack me. "Of course, Kurama. I see no problem with that."

Once outside, you smile, leaning closer to me. "Karasu... Thank you... for taking care of me..."

I hold you more closely, smiling as well. "It hasn't been a problem at all."

"I'm almost sorry that I'm about to do this."

Before I have a chance to react, I feel the wood of the tree we're leaning against jut out into the base of my skull, and my spirit departs from my body.

-POV change-

I stand for the first time in a long while. He forgot that kitsune are vampiric. I'd been, at an unnoticeably slow rate, sapping his youki for weeks, the bond renewing every time he took me. Hiding the youki increase was easy with most of my own youki strewn everywhere in mist form, and the spell took ki from me at a fixed rate – the same rate at which it would regenerate on its own – so the stolen energy was not taken away. He thought that by the time he'd die, I would have been with him for at least a few hundred years, and turn to dust as the years would catch up to me all at once when the spell lifted. A few months though is nothing.

I laugh, walking back to the house to get some supplies before I leave.

What a fool.