Summary: Animorphs Eragon Crossover! Quite possibly the first in existence, as far as I know. Sounds weird, I know, but I'll find a way for it to work. The Animorphs are in Eragon's world, what else can I say? The story takes place about half way through the Animorphs series (haven't really decided yet), and after Eldest.

Animorphs Overview: the Animorphs are 5 normal kids until one day when they're walking home from the mall and they cut through an abandoned construction site. There they witness a crash landing of an alien spaceship with one alien (whose race is the Andalites) who tells them that Earth is slowly being taken over by slug like creatures called Yeerks who enter a human through the ear and take over their body. Elfangor (the andalite) then gives them the power to morph, to absorb the DNA of any animal they touch and become that animal. A bit later in the series they meet Ax, Elfangor's younger brother, who joins them. Also later in the series, they meet an almost all-powerful being called the Ellimist, who is in an eons long battle against his evil counterpart, Crayak. Think ultimate good vs. ultimate evil.

Disclaimer: I don't own Eragon or Animorphs. They belong to Christopher Paolini and K.A. Applegate respectively

Anyway, on to chapter 1

White, everything was white. Up, down, left, right, directions didn't matter here, it was all the same. As far as corporal creatures were concerned, inside was the same as outside, upside down the same as right side up. If you or I were there, we would find to our horror that organs were visible, movement impossible, and oxygen non-existent, not that breathing would be necessary. Indeed it would seem to be a world of nothingness if not for the thousand, thousand chessboards flying through the empty space. Nothing was holding them up, nor apparently controlling them, yet they seemed to move with purpose and design. All seemed to spin in concert with each other while rotating slowly all the time. And impossibly, at the very center of this great vortex, two figures sat, watching the parade of chessboards. Neither moved, nor made any action other than to telepathically move the chess pieces around them. Sometimes two or three pieces would move at once or entire boards would just disappear. While other times, one player or the other would create an entirely new piece or switch a board's order in the line. The rules of this strange game seemed impossible for any to understand, save the two playing. Indeed, it was truly incomprehensible.

The Ellimist tensed internally, though his (for he was in the guise of an old man) expression never changed. He had been waiting decades for this moment; years of planning and careful manipulation of the game were about to bear fruit. He snuck a look at Crayak, who was thoughtfully regarding a board to the left, and had to fight to keep a straight face. "He won't know what hit him." The Ellimist thought with great satisfaction.

Without warning, one of the chessboards at the very edge of the vortex jumped several thousand places, coming to rest beside a board close to the center. The play didn't stop there though. For just a moment, the boards overlapped and several of the pieces from one board slipped onto the line jumper. Before Crayak could register what happened or make any move to counteract, the board jumped again, hovering just in front of the Ellimist's face. This time he didn't bother to hide his wide grin as he met the shocked and angry gaze of his counterpart.

"Your move Crayak."