Hinata streched and yawned in a bored way.

"W-well, I'm going to show father my new move today!" She said, trying to be brightly. But instead of her nice, soft voice, her voice was deep and boyish. She ran up to the mirror and looked into it. Instead of seeing her reflection, she saw Neji's face.


Neji's room...

"O-Oh god. I have to go th-through another day in this s-stupid mansion..." Neji twitched. Why the heck did he stutter? And why the heck did he have a girly voice? Without thinking, he ran to his mirror and looked into it. He saw Hinata's reflection.


He ran out of his room and saw... well he saw Neji. But he was Neji, he was just stuck in this Hinata body. Oh god! It makes no sense!

"W-who are you!" he yelled.

"Who are you!" he answered.

"I-I'm Neji and I'm t-trapped in a girl n-named Hinata's body!" Neji yelled, running around in circles.

"Oh man! Neji, I'm trapped in your body but I'm Hinata." She said in a hysterical voice, "Oh god! What am I going to do! I know! I'll tell father!" She was about to run out. Neji stopped her.

"Are you crazy! Your in my body, right? So if you go and run to your dad, he would think its me and he'll think I'm crazy!" Neji screamed.

"Oh yeah... I didn't think of that." She said, her voice trembling. She fell down on the floor and started sobbing. Neji slapped her across the face. (Remember, he's still in Hinata's body.)

"1. Do not fall down and cry when your in my body. 2. Make sure you do not stutter when in my body. If I catch you breaking those rules, I will kill you as soon as I'm out of this body! Your body is so weak! There is no power to it at all!" Neji snapped.

"Yes Neji-"

"No, say yes Hinata."

"Yes Hinata-niichan. I won't ever do it again... And you have to act more shy towards people you know..." Hinata said rubbing the part of the face in which she was slapped.

"I'll go to Tsunade to find out what happened." Neji said, walking away toward the exit.

"Uh Neji... I have a question..."


"What happens if we need to go to the bathroom...?"