With Neji...

"Eh! Hinata Hinata Hinata Hinata!" Kiba chanted.

"Kiba, stop." Shino said, collecting bugs.

"Hinata! Say high to akamaru!" Kiba shouted.

"Kiba, just shut up!" Shino said, now yelling.

"Hinata-" Kiba began.

"K-KIBA! I'M MEDITAITING!" Neji screamed. Kiba twitched.

"Well sorry..."

Why did he call me Hinata again? Oh yeah. I'm stuck in her body... Neji thought grumpily and closed his eyes to meditate again.

With Hinata...

Oh no! I have to train with Father! EEK! I never trained with him before. He always shuned me. What am i going to do?!

"Neji, lets train." Hiashi Hyuuga comanded, going into the traditional Hyuuga fighting stance. uh oh...

Immidiatly, Hiashi-san dissapeared and reapeared behind Hinata, getting ready to use his taijutsu attack. All of a sudden, Hinata knew what to do. She turned around calmly and grabbed his wrists. Then, she flung him over to the wall behind him. He landed gracefully on his feet.

"Just what your capable of doing, Neji." Hiashi said, smiling. Hinata shook with suprise. How did I just do that... Maybe this is why Neji is a genius. For the rest of the evening, Hinata trained with her father and Neji stayed with Kiba and Shino. In the end of the day both were exausted, and had to go to the other's rooms since they switched bodies.

With Neji...

As soon as Neji entered Hinata's bedroom, he saw action figures and posters all over the walls. What person is crazy enough to have action figures and posters of...NARUTO?! And it was true. Pictures of Naruto, action figures, posters, anything that has to do with Naruto was in her room.

"I'm scared..."

With Hinata...

She flopped onto her bed and looked around. On the walls were posters of chakra points, fighting stances, etc. As Hinata put one hand under the pillow, she felt a paper underneath. As she brand it out, she couldn't hel it but chuckle. It was a picture of team Gai. Gai sensei and Lee were crossed out of the picture with redmarker. Tenten and Neji were incircled with a red heart and on the back was a love poem for Tenten.

"The idiot..."

Thanks for reading this part of my Fanfic people! My friend, xXI'm-wi3rD-dea1-wiTh-1tXx, gave me alot of these ideas. thx!