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A date?

The words were like poison in his mind. The jealousy that burned his heart ran deep into his core. He remembered when she returned from her FBI cover-up. God, how he had missed her. He had taken advantage of what extreme dependency he had upon Olivia's daily existence in his life. Her light humming throughout the day kept his soul at ease. The way she retrieved both of their coffees in the morning would soothe his nocturnal headaches.

Now she was drinking tea religiously.

Now she was on a date. With a protester of sorts. A Damian. Who the hell names their child Damian?

The more his mind returned to his forbidden love and her newest one night stand, the angrier Elliot got. He consumed the rest of his beer and was gazing at the blank television screen when a woman's voice came behind him.

"Detective Stabler?"

Elliot glanced at the female cop quickly and smirked while the bartender retrieved another beer. "Hello Officer Montero."

The woman smirked and took the seat beside him. "Don't worry. Im not here to judge. In our line of work, we deserve a beer or three."

Elena Montero had been a cop for the past nine years. Out of college with a BS in Criminology and moved her way from the California coast to New York City. She and Officer Jesse Kephart came from the same town and were a good team. Young officers that needed to be aquainted to the hustle and bustle of New York City and its darkness. Elena reminded Elliot a lot of himself when he first returned from the Marines. She was strong. She was daring. She was mysterious.

"So, Stabler. Not that I am trying to pry, but why are you alone this evening with Samuel Adams and his liquor keeping you company?"

"Why go home when there is no one to turn to?" Elliot said lowly.

Elena sighed. She had always admired Detective Elliot Stabler. He was the first detective she met when she moved to New York. Elena admired his strength and his ability to control the officers in his troop. His strong body and face with those hypnotic baby blues made her melt. It shocked her when she learned he was divorced. Who would leave this? she would often ask herself. Now that she and her best friend, Jesse, were working at the 1-6, she would often catch herself studying the amazing man beside her.

Elena consumed the rest of her beer and saw that Elliot wasn't finding comfort in the alcohol. "Come here," she whispered.

Elliot gave her a confused look and she laughed at the beginnings of a haze on the detective's eyes. "Huh?" he asked.

"Trust me, Detective. You are safe with me."

Out of his nature, Elliot took the young officer's hand and allowed her to lead him to the streets of New York.

Elena had led him to a sacred area in Central Park. Jesse had wanted to evaluate apartments that would allow dogs and she needed a few moments to grasp the transition from leaving California to New York. She had found the abandoned Mary statue that was surrounded by pink roses and she immediately genuflected before the sacred statue. Elliot followed her lead and she released his hand. It would be his choice to leave. His choice to stay.

"I found this area when I first came her. Other than Jesse, I didn't know anyone. I was lost. I had wandered and found this place. It gives me hope and peace. Not simply within myself, but in humanity. As an officer for New York City, I need to keep a rational mind. Without this area for me to find my bearings, I would surely be lost."

Elena turned around and met the now sober appearance of the rough detective. "Elliot, there are many ways the heart can go in order for it to heal. Don't allow your heart to build a fortress from mankind and God. Allow love to filter through."

Love. Elliot reserved that part of his heart to his Olivia. But she couldn't be his. Not now anyway. She was with Duncan... no Damian.

It was in his frustration that he genuinely admired Elena Montero's beauty. Her ash blonde hair appeared darker in the moonlight. She clung to her jean jacket in the darkness and he admired her defined curves and her warm sun kissed face. He watched as she took a moment to pray before the statue and began to turn away from him and the blessed mother.

She walked toward civilization but he grabbed her arm in stopping her. "Elena?"

She turned and met his eyes.

"I don't want to be alone. Not tonight."

Elena had heard this tone before. She was the "best friend". Often guys clung to her when they were in heart ache or simply needing to get laid. She witnessed the familiar pain and angst that flashed before the blue eyed detective and she nodded in agreement. "Not here," she whispered.

Elliot linked their fingers together and led her toward his apartment... the one that reminded him so much of Olivia Benson.

Neither remembered how long it took for them to arrive at his apartment. Neither remembered whose shirt was ripped off first. Elena didn't remember calling Jesse to say that she wouldn't be coming to the apartment that night. Elliot couldn't recall what he felt when he kissed the warm skin of her breasts. Elena gave herself to him as an instrument of need and release. To never have experienced pure love, she was willing to sacrifice her body for his need to find comfort in the friction of skin.

Elliot used her for the touch of a woman. Her lips worked magic on his skin and she skillfully removed him of his briefs.

He laid her down beneath him and her naked body laid open and ready beneath him. Elliot admired how her honey eyes morphed to a vibrant green before him. He was ready as he marked the column of her neck. His mouth moved to her ear and he whispered, "Casual, right?"

She smirked and pulled him inside her as they both moaned in shock and pleasant and warm pleasure. "Yeah," she moaned. "Casual is good."

As they rolled together, both knew this wouldn't be the only night they would find comfort in another's arms. It was the curse of those who suffer from unrequited love. They turn to substitutions for the comfort of a lover. They will only be truly complete when they find the one they are meant for.

Oh what a twist filled road a night of need and lust began for these two officers...

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