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Jesse stood startled as the daisies in his hand began to welt. "El..."

"Don't you El me," Elena said, her fiery green eyes meeting his. She was hurting, worried and angry. Never a good combination for a Montero. "My sister just came to wish me good luck and good-bye. We may not be as close as we used to be, but I recognized the heartbreak in her eyes. Now I want to know what you did."


"If you are honest with me, I can forgive you and move on, but Jesse, I want the truth."

Jesse sighed and placed the flowers across her stomach. He turned his head toward to window to gather his knowledge and just the right words to say. Jesse closed his eyes for a moment, and spoke. "Jess and I went for a cup of coffee. I was mad at Stabler and I needed a break. She wanted to see Zac because she hadn't met him yet. When we got to the apartment, I noticed you already took him for his run. However, I just couldn't shake my mood away. She began to rub my shoulders and before we knew it, we were in bed."

Elena stared away surprised at the knives that plunged into her heart. Instead of letting them known, she whispered, "Why is she leaving?"

"Well, you got hurt and I got territorial in the waiting room."

She smirked and asked, "Territorial?"

"I might of punched Stabler a time or two..."

"You did what?" she squealed as she experience a stabbing pain in her lower abdomen.

"Shh..." he said trying to calm her. "Well, she was somewhat upset and I chose to ignore it because..."


"Because I was worried about you." He sighed and turned away from her because he wasn't ready to say the words. "I didn't think anything of it. That was until..."


"I was leaving to change clothes when I heard her on the phone by the elevators. She was scheduling a flight to leave for Sacramento. I didn't want her to know that I knew she was leaving, so I didn't question her when she didn't join me in bed last night. However, after my shower, I watched her for a while as she packed. With you Montero women, I can only see you at your weakest when you think you are alone. We talked when I let myself be known and I told her that she would be fine in California. I saw her just before I came in. Said my goodbyes and now I am here."

There was silence for a while. They both needed to grasp their new reality. Elena thought back on what her sister told her and knew that Jesse wasn't opening up completely. Now was her chance to find the truth. "Jesse.."

"Im sorry," he repeated. "I am sorry that I hurt Jessica. I didn't... I didn't..."

"What?" she questioned.

"I couldn't think about her and what she needed. She didn't let me in on anything. If I had known she was interested in something long term, I would have not started anything. I swear I didn't mean to hurt her."

Elena nodded and took this moment to push him. "Why would you have pushed her away?"

Damn he thought to himself. He asked for it this time. "Well... I..."

"Jesse Kephart, why would you have said no?"

"My heart belongs to someone else," he whispered.

Elena swallowed and found her heart fluttering. She dared to push it further and covered his strong hand with hers. "Who?" she released in a soft breath.

His rich brown eyes met hers and he brought his other hand to touch her face. His thumb brushed over a set of stitches underneath her eye and he looked down at her plump lips. He moved closer and lowered his mouth to hers. He groaned at the sensation of their kiss and pulled her face closer. Though he wanted to consume her, he ended their kiss and whispered, "You. You have my heart."

She sighed and brought her to him again, feeling at peace. His mouth worked magic on her soul and his tongue invaded her mouth. She was at home and learned to embrace these feelings she encountered. Though fear still struck her, she knew that he could pave their way to happiness and, for her, love.

Olivia stretched as she looked out into the city. Still in a bathrobe, she stared off into the city thinking about what has occurred in the past twenty-four hours. Elliot lost a child, they found love and now he was taking a shower while she was in his bathrobe in the early morning. In complete bliss, she sighed as she felt his strong arms wrap around her waist and his lips upon her neck. She moaned and smiled when she felt in smile in his kiss.

"What are you thinking about?" he whispered by her ear.

"You, me, us," she whispered taking a sip of her tea. It surprised her to find tea in her new boyfriend's kitchen cabinet, but many of the things he did surprised her. She turned and placed the warm cup on the side table and stole his mouth in a kiss. She loved to feel him wet and warm. Water droplets still stained his skin and she pulled him close to her. His body melded to hers. "I love you, El," she whispered.

He pulled back and kissed her in a quick and playful fashion on her lips. "I love you more," he whispered as he teased the knot in the robe.

She laughed and nibbled his neck. "Are you trying to seduce me?" Olivia asked licking devilishly.

He groaned and released her of her robe to have her naked form before him. "Are you trying to seduce me, woman?" he groaned as she linked their hands.

She straddled his waist and groaned when she felt his erection pressing against her thighs. "Yes," she whispered in a heated voice. "I am seducing you, Elliot Stabler." She rubbed her heat over him and when his grip tightened, she smirked. "Make love to me." Olivia stared into his eyes, watching his heart through them and kissed him deeply. She moaned and whispered, "Fuck me senseless!"

He growled and threw her naked form on the bed, attacking her neck with his mouth. Her naked body writhed beneath him as his burning hands claimed her skin. He wanted to be crazed and playful and passionate at the same time. Elliot laid her diagonal to the bed's shape and lifted her hands above her head. He kissed down her her body and sang into her skin, "Pour some sugar on me." She laughed and when he got to her lips he yelled, "Oh, in the name of love!"

He straddled her body and ground into her core, teasing her heat and growled into her breast, "Come on and fire me up!"

Olivia moaned wanting more of his power and she wanted to succumb to hysteria. "More!" she screamed as she rocked the bed and thrust her body into him.

Elliot gave a satisfied moan and analyzed her womanhood. He spread her legs apart and inhaled her heat. Teasing her with intensity, he whispered on her, "Pour your sugar on me." He then feasted on her and she found herself shattering within minutes.

She had no defenses and she screamed in sheer delight when his tongue penetrated further. "Elliot! Shit... God... Oh... El..." she screamed as her muscles uncontrollably shook beneath him.

He smirked as he finished taking her in and kissed up her torso. He groaned as he said, "Im hot, sticky sweet." When he reached her mouth, he kissed her long and deep, preparing her body for what was going to happen next.

She groaned and whispered roughly, "Hard n' fast, Stabler. Make me scream again."

With this, he thrust into her and her nails dug into his muscular flesh. Each raced to the finish line with the manipulation of control, sweat and sex. However, it was Olivia who once again lost control with Elliot quickly behind her. They didn't want their encounter to end, but exhaustion took hold.

When Elliot removed himself from within her, she groaned from missing their connection. He smirked and brought her sweaty body closer to him. "I love you, Liv," he whispered as sleep consumed him.

She stared and studied his sleeping face as he slept. Before she gave into unconsciousness herself, she kissed his velvet lips and smiled. "I love you more."

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