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" Thinks for letting me stay at your house last night Kim I can't believe that my mom said that she's always making up something to tell me that dad's doing this or that its never the truth." Said Trini sighing

"Hey Tri it's going to be ok all family's fight but we still love each other." Said Kim putting a hand on Trini's shoulder

"Yeah I know Kim but it does not make things any easer." Said Trini

"Yeah I know but you got friends like us to help ya out though." Said Kim

"Speaking of friends were are thoughts guys I thought that they said that they were going to meat us here an hour ago?" asked Trini looking over at Kim

"Yeah they were but you know those guys they could not be on time if it was going to save there life." Said Kim

"Yeah that's true and they say that we're bad." Said Trini laughing

"Hey I got an idea why don't we just go to the beach with out them and we can leave them a note telling them were we went?" asked Kim looking over at Trini

"Yeah that sounds good to me I'm tired of setting here." Said Trini

"Ok then I'll write the note and give it to Ernie and then we can go." Said Kim

"Ok then wail you do that I'm going to run to the bath room." Said Trini

"Ok I'll be there in just a minutes just let me do this and give it to him then we can go." Said Kim

- A few minutes later Kim and Trini were off to the beach-

"Wow we picked a great day to do this." Said Trini as she got out of the car

"Yeah you can't even tell that it's the cool time of the year it's so warm out here." Said Kim taking a blanket and spreading it out on the ground and getting there tanning oils and putting them on

"Yeah that's true and the Dance is not to fare away maybe a week or so." Said Trini

"Yep I can't wait I love the school dances there so much fun." Said Kim

"Yeah I think so to. Have you found a date yet?" asked Trini looking over at Kim

"No I was hoping that I and Tommy could go together but he has not asked yet." Said Kim looking disappointed

"Oh doesn't worry about it to much Kim there still time I'm sure that he will ask you before time for the dance." Said Trini

"Yeah your right I'm just over reacting." Said Kim

"Its ok Kim we all do that some times its no big deal. Well speaking of the Devil look who's here." Said Trini as Tommy and Jason walked up

"Hey you to what's up? Asked Tommy

"Oh nothing just girl talk." Said Kim as she kissed Tommy

"I think that its getting a little crowed up here for me I'm going to go for a swim." Said Trini getting up and going to the water

"Hey um me to." Said Jason taking his shirt off and running towards the water


"Yeah WE'RE COMING." Said Kim

"Yeah were coming said Tommy picking up Kim

Few hours later –"Hey who's that?" asked Jason

"I don't know ill go see." Said Trini as she swam to the shore

"Excuse me Miss but is Kimberly Hart here her mother told me that I could find her here." Said the creepy looking man

"Um yeah she's right there." Said Trini pointing at Kim

"Good I'm her new couch I would like to talk to her." Said the man

"Ok I'll get her for you." Said Trini going back into the water and swimming back to Kim and the others

"So what did he want Tri?" asked Jason

"He said that he was Kim's new couch and he wants to talk to her about something." Said Trini

"Oh yeah I forgot that he was coming today my mom must have told him were I was." Said Kim

"I don't know Kim he is kinda creepy." Said Trini

It's ok guys." Said Kim swimming toward the shore

"Miss Hart hi I'm Clark I'm your new coach and I hope that you are ready to work because I take this kinda thing very seriously. Said Clark

"Yes sir I am I love doing this more than any thing else." Said Kim

Good then you will have no problem with practice in 30 minutes then will you miss Hart." Said Clark

"Um no I guess not sir." Said Kim

"Good don't be late or it will be longer hours to practice do I make myself clear?" asked Clark

"Yes Sir I under stand." Said Kim

"Good." said Clark as he walks away

"HEY Guy's I Have To Go He Wants Me to Practice." Said Kim

"Ok I'll Take You than I Have Practice Soon Any ways." Said Trini

"OK." Said Kim

"Don't worry about your bags we'll get them." Said Jason

"Yeah we'll see you guys later I have class there is a little wail

"Ok see ya guys later." Said Trini as she swam up to the shore gets her towel and she and Kim leaves for the youth center.

-20 Minutes Later At the Youth Center-

"Well I got ya here girl and there he is." said Trini Pointing at Clark

"Yep well here goes nothing wish me luck." Said Kim

"Well I don't think that you need it but good luck anyways." Said Trini

-Kim walks over and starts warming up before getting started-

"No…No ….No this is all wrong you need to do that this way."Said Clark

"Oh sorry sir but that's the way my other couch told me to do It." said Kim

"Well do you see your Old Couch here Miss Hart NO I DON'T THINK SO. I Said to do it this way so do it understand." Said Clark

"Yes Sir said Kim about ready to cry.

An Hour Later Jason and Tommy comes in just in time to see Kim sitting down at there normal table.

"Man Kim are you ok that was harsh he should not have done that." Said Trini

"Yeah Tri I'm ok its no big deal really." Said Kim

"Yeah guys it took us longer then we thought to get every thing together." said Jason

"Yeah so how did it go Kim?" asked Tommy?

"Oh it went ok I guess." Said Kim

"Yeah sergeant Creepy kept saying that she was doing every thing all wrong and all kinds of other stuff." Said Trini

"Oh Man." Said Jason

"Hey don't worry about a thing that he said Kim we all know you know what your doing." Said Tommy hugging Kim

Yeah and I think that I have something that will make you feel better I have to go meat Dan at the gym do you guys want to go with me?" asked Trini

"Oh Yeah I brought my camera and every thing I can't wait." Said Kim

"Ok then lets go." Said Trini as she got up

"OK."They say together

-They all get into the cars and go to the Gym –

"Wow this place is huge." Said Kim as they got out of the car.

"Yeah you can say that again." Said Tommy

"Yeah you think that it looks big out here you should see the inside." Said Trini

"Well what are we waiting on show us around." Said Jason putting an arm around Trini as they walk into the gum

"Wow your right it is bigger in here then I thought that it would be Tri." Said Kim

"Yeah this is just the den just wait till you see the actual gym its even bigger." Said Trini walking to a set of double doors and opening them to were Dan was visible.


-They walk into the Gym were they could see more of the gym-"Well this is it guys." Said Trini and doing so getting Dan's attention

"This is nice and all Tri but are you sure that you want to play for some one like that I mean I have not even meat the guy and I don't even like him." Said Jason

"Yeah I can handle it Jas and besides I can take care of myself if you remember." Said Trini smiling up at him

"Umm guys speaking of Grouch he is coming this way and he does not look very happy." Kim looking over at an unhappy Dan walking over to the group of rangers

"Well I see that you made it." Said Dan as he walked over

"Yeah I brought some friends I did not think that you would mind." Said Trini looking over at the group

"No I don't mind at all but you are running late and I don't care to much about that be on time tomorrow this place is not that hard to find and if u need a map to find it then there is some maps in the lobby. And I suggest that you get your gear out of the locker room and make it snappy got it." Said Dan glaring at Trini

"Ok." Said Trini getting Jason by the hand and griping it tight to keep him from saying any thing

"And you know were they friends go and keep it down or ill escort all of you out got it said Dan looking at Kim, Tommy and Jason and walking off

"Jerk." Said Kim and the other nod in agreement

"Its ok guys I can handle it you can set over there maybe it want take to long." Said Trini pointing at a bunch of tables in the corner of the room

"Ok you better go Tri before he gets mad and he comes back over here." said Kim

"Yeah I would hate to have to hurt him." Said Jason glaring in the direction were Dan was standing

"Aw that's sweet but don't do that I he's not worth it Jas. And Kim's right I do need to go ill talk to you guys when I'm done or get a break." Said Trini going into the locker room

-A few minutes latter Trini comes out of the locker room and starts practicing with the other girls-


-Trini looks over at Jason and shakes her head-"yeah I got it Danny boy." Said Trini smiling

"Shut Up And Just Do It." Said Dan walking way

"You got it Danny boy." Said Trini taking the and serving it and it hits Dan in the back of the head knocking off Dan's hair peace showing his bald spot making the girls and all the people watching bust out laughing.

"ITS NOT FUNNY PRACTICE IS OVER GET OUT OF MY GYM." Yelled Dan as he ran into his office and slamming the door.

"Wow I can't believe that you done that Trini that was awesome." Said one of the girls

"Yeah that was great oh and by the way I'm Rose and that over there is Katie." Said Rose as she interdused the other girls on the team Kim and the others come over

"It nice to meat you guys." Said Trini looking over to see Kim and the others walk up

"That was great Tri I got it all on film so we can watch it over and over again." Said Kim

"That's cool Kim glade every one enjoyed it. Oh girls these are my friends Kim Tommy and Jason." said Trini interduseing the guys one by one to the girls

"Nice to meat you." They all say

"Well I guess we better go Tri." Said Kim

"Yeah I got to change first so it will be just a few more minutes ok guy if you want to you can wait for me out in the car or wait here it don't matter which." Said Trini

"We will wait here I don't want that guy coming out and starting any thing and us not being here just in case." Said Jason looking at Tri and back at the door to Dan's office

"Ok I want be long." Said Trini smiling as she walked to the locker room with the rest of the girls a few minutes later Trini comes out with something in her hand and is smiling form ear to ear

"There she is calm down man or your heads going to explode." Said Tommy pointing over at the locker room door

"Hey guys ok I'm ready to go." Said Trini clenching her hand shut

"Ok." Said Jason as they mad there way to the car

"What do ya got in your hand Tri?" asked Kim looking over at her as they got into the car

"Oh nothing." Said Trini

"Oh come on Tri I know you better then that what you got?" asked Kim once again

"Its nothing really the girls made me captain of the team that's why it took longer then what I thought it would." Said Trini showing them the big C that she held in her hand

"What that's great Tri." Said Kim

"Yeah Kim's right that's awesome." Said Tommy

"Yeah you deserve it and they could not have made a better choice." Said Jason

"Aw thanks guys that means a lot I can't wait to tell mom and dad about it either I hope that they will be happy about it to." Said Trini

"Your welcome and don't worry they will be Tri." Said Kim as the care drove off

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