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Takes place during 'Our Mrs. Reynolds'. River takes matters into her own hands to decide her fate and the fate of her crewmates.

Trying to work on writers block I watched a few Firefly episodes and came up with this. Hope you like it and hope I become unstuck.

Rated for language and sexual situations


feng le: crazy

Run-tse duh fwotzoo!: Merciful Buddha

Dahng rahn: of course

Mei mei: little sister

zhang fu: husband

Gao yang jong duh goo yang!: motherless goat of all motherless goats!

hwoon dahn: bastard

dong ma: understand

go se: shit

Ta ma de: damnit

Cause and effect. That was a concept that had been running through her head all day. Cause and effect. She considered the Shepard. Effect. Her attention then veered toward Zoe and Wash. Another effect. Her eyes strayed to the captain, Inara, Kaylee. Simon. My Simon, she though. All effected. Her full attention was then pulled to Jayne. Jayne Cobb. A girl's name. A cause. She giggled. It drew his attention to her, his eyes narrowing.

"What?" He groused.

River shrugged and grabbed a piece of bread off his plate.

"Mal. Will you do something 'bout this feng le girl?"

"Stop whining and just get another piece. No squabbling tonight children." Mal warned.

River smiled. Cause and effect. If one wishes to reconstruct the effect, one must make the proper causes.

Jayne stretched, a low groan escaping deep in his chest as he realized just how much he drank last night. And considerin' just how much he did drink he didn't feel as bad as he should. As a matter of fact he almost felt decent. Satisfied, satiated. He suddenly became conscience of the warmth flattened out against his back, long legs tangled in his and he smiled. Oh yeah, now he sorta remembered. Sex, great gorram sex. And he didn't even have t'pay for it. He twisted his body and pulled the yielding form against his chest, sliding his hand down her smooth back, cupping her back side. Memories were beginning to wash over him. The woman moaned in her sleep, her hips responding to his touch. Yeah, he thought with a slow grin, remembering how enthusiastic she had been. His hand moved to her waist, lingering on her flat stomach, not as much flesh as he usually went for, but toned, well muscled. His fingers traveled even higher to cup her breast, not the large, pendulous ones he expected, but firm erect globes. Just fit perfect in his hands, nipples hardening at his insistence. He felt himself harden as well and moved his body over the woman's as a long, lean leg wrapped around his thigh, urging him on. Jayne moaned deeply as he pushed into her ready center, a deep gasp escaping the now fully awake woman.

"Girl, don't know how you got here but I know for certain last night was one of the best I ever had." And it was, memories were cascading and he remembered a long night of sexin'. The fact that Mal didn't interrupt them was a testament to the fact that the captain doubtless had as much to drink as he did and was probably past out in his own bunk. Jayne reached up and flipped on the overhead light, casting a yellow haze. "Let's see who we got here." He reached up and smoothed the dark hair out of the way, his breath catching in his chest as deeply hooded brown eyes looked up at him and he realized the identity of the body.

"Gorram feng le girl! What the gorram hell you doin' here?" Jayne didn't know what he expected but he knew it wasn't crazy in his bed. Sweet heavens above, he was inside her and she was smiling up at him, a sweet flush on her face, her eyes heavy with passion and he felt himself getting even harder, it that were possible.

"Oh, please husband, talk later. Complete the copulation now." She arched her hips up causing another deep groan to escape the mercenary. River ran her tongue along his jaw line then along the edge of his bottom lip. "Please." She begged.

Jayne looked down at her, her lips swollen from his kisses, damn, he remembered kissin' her, lots. Her eyes the darkest he'd ever seen 'em, filled with passion for him. And those long, lean, hard legs, now wrapped around his waist, urging him on.

"Little girl, I don't know…" He was breathless with need, but had to know what happened. How she had ended up in his bed.

"Complete the act now, talk later." She eagerly urged and rolled her hips, Jayne taking over the rhythm. Moving in and out, slowly then picking up speed. River followed his lead, banging back into him, causing the most delicious friction Jayne had ever experienced in his life.

He was close, so close and so was the girl. Girl, he thought in his sex induced haze. No, not a girl, woman. After this, after last night no longer a girl. Still feng le, but a gorram sexy feng le woman. Jayne felt her body stiffen as she began her ascent, pulling him along with her.

"Run-tse duh fwotzoo!" He struggled for breath as he burst deeply inside of her. Jayne rolled off, pulling River with him. He waited minutes, letting his heart beat return to normal, waiting until River's breath was not coming in frantic huffs, then he rolled onto his side, confusion filling his face. Confusion and more than a little bit of anger.

"River, what the hell just happened? How'd you end up here?" His voice was harsh. He knew he was this close to getting' shot and he wanted to know how this had happened before he died.

River smiled at the large man, her hand tracing the worry furrows in his brow, ignoring any antagonism she felt emanating from him. "The wreath was place on his head, the wine was drunk, the dance was completed. The only thing left was the connubial bed." She giggled as she burrowed deep into his arms. "We are Mr. and Mrs." River pulled her head back and looked deeply into his eyes. "I satisfied, didn't I? You were pleased? I know I was new to the act of intercourse, but I found it to be very satisfying. So satisfying I would like to do it again. Although I do realize men need time to replenish. We were very busy all night with multiple copulations." She sighed and replaced her head on Jayne's shoulder.

Oh my god! Oh my god! I am so humped! Jayne thought to himself. He took a gulp of air and looked down at the little bundle in his arms. Damned if she didn't feel good. He rubbed his hand down her bare back. Her skin was so smooth, so taut. He felt his gut contract. Okay, he thought, now is not the time to sex the girl again. He had to figure this out.

"Girl? River?" Jayne choked out. "You ever been with a man before?" He was sure of the answer, his memories of the night before were coming in bits and pieces and he remembered how tight she was, hitting her barrier and he remembered pushing through. He rubbed his face with his free hand, smelling River all over himself.

"Just my Jayne. The initial penetration was painful, but the husband was patient and gentle. You were also correct in your assertion that it would only hurt the first time and that it would improve." She propped herself up on her elbow and looked down at him. "It continued to improve and this last joining was the finest by far."

Jayne looked at her face. Then let his gaze travel down to her perfect breasts and all his blood rushed down to his cock. How could he sex her all night long and still want her again? He shook his head as he brought her down onto his chest. Marriage, he never thought much on it, but this had the makings of havin' a good side, a real good side. Maybe he didn't really remember much about the ceremony, but he knew it were real. They had been on a rim moon, helpin' the locals with a bandit problem, gorram bleedin' heart Mal, and then that festival. All sorts a dancin' and a big fire. The elder even gave him a stick that sounded like rain. Jayne turned his head and saw it standing in the corner of his bunk, a wreath of flowers perched on top of it and a wine glass with a jug at its' base. That were all it took on rim planets, marriages were simple, had to be, not every town had a Shepard so if you wanted to get spliced, it were simple. And maybe she were a bit simple herself, okay so not simple, crazy, but damned if she weren't all manner of sweet in his arms. All soft and moany and wet and hot. Yup he thought, she were all kinds 'a shiny. He could get used to falling into to bed with her every night. His mind went back to the night before.

"River? Mal, he got spliced too, didn't he?" Jayne seemed to recall a redhead, she put her wreath on Mal and then River did the same thing. "Holy Buddha, gotta find out if Mal did the same thing. 'Nara's gonna shit a brick!" Jayne laughed.

"Inara would never shit a brick. And the girl who pretended to marry the captain is a liar. She just wanted to get off of the planet so she pretended to go through the ceremony." She huffed.

"And we didn't pretend?"

She traced his lip with her finger tip. "No pretending, the elder took our names to register. Used my mothers' maiden name, so it's still legal. We are married and the marriage bed proves it. Maiden's head blood has been spilled. We are bonded for life Jayne Cobb. I am now River Cobb." Her eyes narrowed. "Are you sorry, do you regret?"

Jayne gave a slight shrug. "Never thought all that much 'bout takin' a wife, what with the kinda life we lead. And sure as hell didn't plan on this, but the deeds done, dong ma? So's I 'spect we should just make the best of it." He looked at her, his eyes glazing slightly at the beatific smile on her face. "Just ain't lookin' forward to telling your brother or Mal. Hey," he laughed, "maybe I am lookin' forward to tellin' that tight assed brother of yourn." He shrugged, "Just might get me that trip out the airlock Mal's always promisin' though." He pulled her up to look into her eyes. "But the way I see it, havin' you in my bunk every night could be all manner 'a beneficial. Never looked at you that way, all sexifyin', but…"

"I seem to remember you had thoughts in that direction when I came out of the cryo chamber." She traced his goatee with a slim finger.

"Well, yeah, you was all naked. But after we found out how feng le you were…hey, how come you ain't talkin' all crazy?"

Shrugging, River laid herself flat on Jayne's stomach. "You complete me. I have missing parts Jayne, up here." She pointed to her head. "The things they cut out will never be replaced. But after you and I, after we consummated our union, all the fuzzy became clear. New pathways are found. The connection to you, the ties that bind me to you, make me part of you, it all helps me to focus. Your seed swims inside me and it consumes me." She took his face in her hands, "You consume me and I consume you and I feel steady, real." River kissed him softly. "You are the effect I've been waiting for husband."

"I do that for you, huh? Don't think I ever did that for no one before. Well, I can't say you make me feel steady girl. You make me feel all kindsa unsteady." He laughed. Why in the gorram hell ain't I crazy 'bout this he asked himself ? His eyes suddenly opened wide. "Girl? You ain't never been with a man, I know that. But did that brother of yours ever put you on any kinda, well, any sorta…" He faltered, not knowing how to continue. "I didn't use any protection. Not last night and not this morning."

River shrugged. "It doesn't matter. We are married. Married people propagate. Your seed is deep within me. Don't know yet if any has penetrated my ova. Maybe I should but I don't, and maybe that's for the best. The time for fertilization is near but only time will tell my Jayne."

Jayne took a deep breath, not sure how to take this bit of news. Never planned on being a father, hell, never planned on being a husband, but what's done is done. Looking at the girl in his arms, he shrugged. Time'll tell. "We bes' be getting' up 'fore that brother of yours starts lookin' for ya. Suppose there's no time like the present to give 'em the news."

River stretched and smiled. Yes, this was what was missing. Definitive proclamations. Her Jayne made a decision and followed through. Right now, no thought about repercussions. He was her balance. Her rock. She almost laughed out loud at the freedom she was feeling.

He stood up and switched the overhead light on, searching for a clean shirt and pair of pants, all sorts of thoughts swirling though his head. He didn't love the girl, he knew that, but he felt attached. Knew for certain he wanted to keep her. Best sexin' he ever had and she took it all. Yep, that was the kinda woman for him. Never thought 'bout takin' a wife, but this here was lookin' to have all kinds of payback. He turned his head to look at her, all soft and fuzzy, all manner of sweet. When she wasn't goin' all feng le she was a pure pleasure. Yup, didn't feel no need of no whores, whatever this was it seemed like it had no downside. He smiled at the look on her face. Gorram hell, she wanted him again, yes indeed, all manner of shiny. If Zoe and Wash could do this, so could he.

River inhaled deeply at the sight of her naked husband, heat beginning to pool. All his thoughts coming down to one and it struck her, yes she had made the right decision. He wanted her and she wanted him and new effects were being forged. "Jayne? Can't the news wait another hour? It's early and the whole ship is still asleep, a large amount of alcohol and carbohydrates was consumed last night." She held her arms out to him. "Come back to marital bliss, copulation of an inordinate amount is common among newlyweds. I read that in one of Kaylee's anecdotal works of fiction. Come." She beckoned.

Jayne's jaw clenched, he knew he should move both of 'em out of his bunk 'til the crew knew but he just couldn't say no to her. "River girl? How old are you?" He went to her.

"Old enough my Jayne, old enough to be a wife to you." She smiled as worry furrowed his brow again. "18 in a few months." She conceded.

He groaned inwardly, just a baby he thought. Maybe this wasn't gonna be okay, maybe he was just a sick bastard. He woulda never started this sober…

River shook his thoughts out of her head, this was right and she would not allow him to waver. It was right for the two of them and it was right for all on Serenity. "I may be young in years Jayne, but the life I have lead these past few years with the Alliance has aged me in ways no one could ever imagine. I'm not a core bred debutant, anymore. I don't believe I ever was, not really. My naiveté, my innocence was taken from me, I'm not the same as any other 18 you'll ever meet. On the outer rim planets, the age of consent is 15. One must start young when life is hard. And my life has been very hard, is very hard."

Jayne looked deeply into her eyes. They weren't crazy and they weren't young. He lowered his head and peppered light kisses along her shoulder, his hands working her in secret places. She threw her head back and moaned as Jayne took one of her nipples in his mouth.

Stopping his actions Jayne looked up at her again, resolution in his eyes. "Okay, so we tell 'em today."