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Takes place during 'Our Mrs. Reynolds'. River takes matters into her own hands to decide her fate and the fate of her crewmates.

Trying to work on writers block I watched a few Firefly episodes and came up with this. Hope you like it and hope I become unstuck.

Rated for language and sexual situations

Just a short one, this is the last chapter


feng le: crazy

Run-tse duh fwotzoo!: Merciful Buddha

Dahng rahn: of course

Mei mei: little sister

zhang fu: husband

Gao yang jong duh goo yang!: motherless goat of all motherless goats!

hwoon dahn: bastard

dong ma: understand

go se: shit

Ta ma de: damnit

The perfect assassin. The Alliance, of course they'd do such an unspeakable thing to a young girl, Mal just shook his head. "Guess I'm not all that surprised the hwoon dahns would do such a thing." Mal muttered. "How far did they get?"

"And why'd they have t' cut into your brain for that? Couldn't they jus' train ya?" Jayne was really hating the Alliance almost as much as Mal and Zoe did.

"To train someone is to still allow them to have a choice. Once I was sent to the Academy I lost all choices. I was, all of us were, their experiment. To rearrange our neural pathways, to cut away the ones considered to be superfluous or detrimental to their control. But I fought, so more was done to me." She turned back to her brother. "When you rescued me Simon they were at a crossroads as far as I was concerned, I would have to be reprogrammed to their satisfaction or considered a failure. And too much money and time had been spent on my re-education to ever consider me a failure. That's why they continue to search for me. I'm one the biggest secrets the Alliance has. One of many."

"Why are you suddenly so cognizant River?" Simon passed a quick look to Jayne before he focused on his sister.

River smiled and went to stand by Jayne. "It's my husband."

"Husband? Husband? All of this is fascinating, but husband?" Wash was stunned.

"Excuse me, but did we miss something?" Even Zoe had to ask.

Kaylee leaned over and whispered. "Seems River took Jayne as her husband in a settler's ceremony last night. I'll tell you more later."

Zoe passed Wash a look that told him to hold his tongue and he nodded.

"Please continue little one." Mal had risen and walked over to stand behind Inara, who had taken it all in quietly.

"On my 18th birthday my ovum was to be harvested and I would've been mated, joined really since procreation was out of the questioned. A compatible sex partner would be chosen for me. To calm us I suppose. Once we had joined, mingled, we were to bond for the duration." River voice was small. "We would have no choice in the matter, but a connection was to be formed. It was just another aspect the blue hands would have control over." She looked back to Simon. "You came in time to save me from that degradation. This bonding was to balance us, pull us back in to semblance. All of it, the sex, the hormones, the pheromones...the mix…" She went to Jayne. "I don't think it would've worked properly with any other but you. You're strong enough to balance me Jayne, we think the same yet differently. I'm sorry I didn't tell you before, I wasn't really sure myself until we copulated." She looked deeply into his eyes. "For so many reasons my Jayne, you will have effected so many outcomes…"

The big man shrugged, confusion in his eyes, he shook his head to try and clear it. "Well, just glad I could be of service." He waggled his eyebrows at her, quickly sobering. "Listen little girl, I ain't a great thinker."

"No great revelation there." Simon sniped.

Jayne continued as if the doctor hadn't spoken. "I do, I act. If you told me about all this go se, well 'course I woulda kicked you back to your brother and told him to dose ya up good and proper. But you came to me and I took you and that's all." He pulled her onto her lap. "So, this assassin stuff, what exactly is it you can do?"

"But Jayne, you still don't understand. We're melded, bonded. Once the connection has been completed, as it has been, there is no going back. You may not love me, but you will soon discover you need me." Her voice was strained. Now that she felt mostly cognizant guilt was setting in.

Jayne took a deep breath and looked around at his crew mates and then back at the girl in his arms. He shrugged. "Well, maybe it's all the sexin', but what's done is done. And I gotta tell ya' all I ain't all that bothered by it. Could be worse, I mean sweetheart," he took River's chin and tilted her face up to his, "we fit together real good."

The red head had been standing just outside the galley door. She was about to go in and make her presence known when the little mousey girl started her story. It was then she remembered an alert on the cortex about a doctor and his sister wanted by the authorities, big reward too. She smiled to herself as she held on to the big gun she had found in one of the bunks. Must belong to the big hulking one. He looked like he'd have an arsenal.

She clicked the safety off and stood in the doorway. "Well, I was just going to steal one of your shuttles to get off of that god-forsaken planet, but this here seems a lot more profitable." She aimed the gun at Mal. "Take a seat captain."

"Just who in the gorram hell are you?" Mal was incensed.

"Why Captain Reynolds, don't you recognize your wife?" She laughed out loud at his expression.

"Gorramit! I knew he went and got his self hitched." Jayne nodded at River. "Didn't I tell you so?"

"And didn't I tell you she was a liar and a cheat?" River felt for the knife in Jayne's pocket, sliding it out and hiding it in her palm.

"That you did darlin'" Jayne was more than curious to see his new wife in action.

Inara raised one of her perfectly shaped brows. "So Mal, do we have the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Reynolds?"

Mal sputtered, unsure of the situation. Only knowing he was being bested by a little slip of a red haired girl. "Okay, Saffron? Right? That's your name?"

"It's the name she gave you captain. I told you, she's a liar." River had edged off Jayne's lap.

"The reader's right. You can call me Saffron though. It's the name I've been using for a while and it seems I've gotten used to it. Now, if you and your brother will just get up here and lead me to one of the shuttles, I won't hurt any of your crew mates and we'll be on our way."

Simon had risen. "You can take me, there's a reward on my head as well. Please, leave my sister, she's been through enough."

"Oh, that's just too sweet for words. But I think…no. I'll take you both and I'll take the reward. And maybe I won't tell the authorities about a little Firefly class ship that was harboring fugitives. Or maybe I will, who can tell?" She pointed the gun at Kaylee. "Now move or the little girl gets a bullet in the head."

River looked into Jayne's eyes as she lifted her arm lightening fast and released the knife, hitting Saffron in the chest, piercing her heart. "I have excellent aim."

Jayne smiled as he saw the bitch's surprised look before she fell. "That you do darlin', that you do."

"Oh my god River! I think you killed her." Simon ran over to 'Saffron', checking her vitals. "She's dead." He looked up at his sister.

"That was my intention Simon." River sat back down on Jayne's lap.

Jayne looked over her head at Mal. "She's just a treasure, don't 'cha think?"

Mal and Inara sat on the cat walk watching Jayne and Book work out as River helped to spot. Shaking his head, Mal turned to the companion. "Never would've believed this would've happened when we took River and Simon on board. Now we have us a contentedly married mercenary and a mostly lucid Alliance trained assassin who also happens to be a very useful reader."

"Indeed." Inara reached between them and poured Mal a second cup of tea. "And the two of them are inseparable. Night and day."

"Yeah, I could do without the constant noise coming from their bunk." He shook his head, a slight smile on his lips.

"Mal, I seem to remember quite a few stories from Zoe and Wash's early days together. You wouldn't begrudge them a honeymoon, would you?" Inara laughed.

"It's just, she's just a girl…" Mal's voice softened.

"She's a girl who was forced to live a life no girl should, no human should. And now she's a woman who choose a man for a mate. The heart wants what the heart wants Mal. And her heart wanted Jayne. It wasn't just a biological imperative Mal. She's noticed him for quite awhile now, but I didn't think you would have notice." She sighed.

"What?" He turned to face her.

"Nothing, I just admire her decisiveness. And I even admire Jayne's willingness to accept her. I think everyone here, with the possible exception of Kaylee, would never have believed Jayne capable of his feelings of responsibility towards River." She gracefully shrugged. "It's true I don't think he loves her yet. But I believe River is correct in her assumption that he will, eventually."

"And that baby she's carrying? Do you think his love is gonna extend to a son or daughter?" He was thoughtful, Inara turned to fully face this enigma that was her landlord.

She gracefully shrugged her shoulders. "He made it clear that he would accept anything that came of this union. And he's adapting. He was a little put out when he found out, but Jayne is nothing if not accepting of his circumstances. He is a man who tends to live in the moment. Not such a bad trait." She sipped her tea gracefully.

"And what about you?" Mal queried.

"What about me?" She lifted one delicately arched brow.

"Do you live in the moment?"

"Oh Mal, I don't think now is the time for a deep philosophical discussion." She laughed nervously.

"What if I want a deep, philosophical discussion? Nara, do you live in the moment, the present?" His voice was heated.

"If I say yes?" her heart was hammering.

"Then I want you, at this very moment to stop your work as a companion and stay here with me. Look, you said you admired decisiveness." He turned fully to the companion and took her by the shoulders. "I want you 'Nara and I think you feel the same." In just a slightly less confident voice. "Don't you?"

"Actually, I love you Malcolm Reynolds. Do you feel the same way?" She smiled that heart wrenching smile Mal had only been graced with a few times.

"Actually, I do." He pulled her just a bit closer. "Are we in accordance here then?"

Inara smiled. "I think we may be."

River looked up at her captain and the soon to be ex-companion. "You owe me 50 credits husband."

Jayne followed River's gaze up to the catwalk. "Gorramit! Ain't we already got enough change here what with us getting' hitched and a baby comin'? Now we gotta put up with the two of 'em courtin'? You all know it's gonna get mighty unrestful."

Rolling her eyes, River sat down on her husband's lap. "What's done is done Jayne and they were done a long time ago. Just took awhile for them to come to terms with it."

Book smiled down at River. "Those, my dear, are wise words. What's done is done."

"Ta ma de! Can we just forget about them and get back to workin' out? I've been gettin' soft since this whole marriage thing. Don't want no kid of mine comin' out and seein' his pa in a weakened state." River rose and allowed Jayne to lie back down on the bench and began another round of reps.

"That could never happen zhang fu." River reassured her husband. She smiled at the Shepard, seeing a long life for the mysterious man. Cause and effect. A ripple had occurred when she took her life in her own hands. Things were coming, unrestful things, but they would manage. All of them would manage and life would continue as it should.