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Author's Note: Okay, for those who remember this story from when I wrote it back in 2007, or perhaps before 2013, you may recall that this fic began as a one shot. Since I had an idea to continue, I made this into a multi-chapter fic. However, having forgotten about the story for three years, I had also forgotten my plot line, and I didn't couldn't remember what I had planned to have happen. Besides, there are plenty of stories already that follow the adventures of a mortal entering Halloween Town.

Therefore, I decided to make the original first chapter its own story. The original was mostly exposition before getting to the point in the last third of the story. This is now a full, three chapter story.

I hope you enjoy.

The teacher called everyone to circle time. It was a favorite time of the day for many of the students, for it was during that half hour session they participated in songs, listened to a story, and went over new subjects in a fun manner.

The children finished the song surrounding an autumn day, some of them falling back with laughter. Seth settled in for his favorite part of the session in which Mrs. Robertson, or a lucky student, would select a book from the miniature library in the corner. His gaze landed on the bookshelf, hazel eyes scanning the various titles, uncertain which he would select were he the one chosen.

"This Friday is Halloween," Mrs. Robertson said, her grin wide as always. That statement gathered much applause and cheering from the surrounding six and seven-year-olds. "I have a special story to tell you today."

"Where's the book?" Blaine called out. It was common knowledge in that Blaine never raised his hand, let alone waited to be called on.

"I don't have one," Mrs. Robertson answered. She waited for the surprised chatter to calm before continuing. "I'm going to tell the story myself." Once again the children conversed among themselves until they heard their teacher whistling, cluing them to silence.

Seth settled back, awaiting the tale. If it had anything to do with Halloween, he was already interested.

"Every year we celebrate Halloween," Mrs. Robertson began. That was followed with collective head nods and verbal confirmations. "We dress up in costumes, and go around our neighborhoods collecting candy." Many eyes lit up at the mention of that coveted treat. With a large smile, she continued, "Well, there is a legend of a land that makes Halloween for us?"

Seth leaned forward, his full attention on his teacher.

"This land is called Halloween Town," Mrs. Robertson said. "It's ruled by the Pumpkin King himself, Jack Skellington."

"Is he a skeleton?" Blaine asked while scratching his elbow.

"You know, I don't know," Mrs. Robertson admitted with a shrug. "But perhaps he is."

Seth smiled while imagining a scary and smiling skeleton man. He then wondered if Jack resembled more of a jack-o-lantern due to his title of pumpkin king.

"Jack, and everyone else in this town comes up with all the cool costumes, and makes the candy that we like," Mrs. Robertson told. "And they also think of fun ways to scare kids and grown-ups." To accentuate her point, the teacher poked one of the kids in the belly, causing her to squeal with laughter. Her tone became dark. "But there was another. Someone else who wanted to rule Halloween Town. He went by the name of the Oogie Boogie Man."

There were several gasps from the children. Seth only found himself more interested in the story.

"He took two of Jack's friends, and tried to hurt them," Mrs. Robertson said. "But Jack showed up in time to save them." All ears were eagerly taking in the tale. "Jack and Oogie Boogie fought hard, both giving it their all. In the end Jack found a way to outsmart his enemy. With the Oogie Boogie Man gone, Jack saved his friends, and stayed in charge as Halloween Town's king."

The children applauded the story. Seth stared wide-eyed.

"What's wrong?" Jason asked, noticing that Seth was the only one quiet. "Don't you like Halloween?" Everyone in the school knew how significant that holiday was to Seth's existence.

The hazel-eyed boy stared at his friend. His lips curved into a smile. "Jack is cool," he said. He glanced over at the teacher to see her discussing something with another student. He leaned towards Jason's ear and whispered, "One day I'm going to be the Pumpkin King."