Don't Mess With Mandalorians

I own nothing, if I owned anything I wouldn't be driving for a living. Joss Whedon owns Buffy, George Lucas owns Star Wars, and Ordo and Fi belong to Karen Traviss. So there!

Jesse didn't die in season 1, Dawn isn't, and won't be the Key, and is 1 year younger than Buffy.

Halloween '97

"Xander, Jesse, c'mon we can go as a group. Buffy's got this great idea..." babbled Willow. Xander and Jesse just looked at one another, they'd seen the girls looking all gooey eyed over some of the drawings in the old Watcher's Diaries.

"Na, we've got ours sorted, haven't we bro?" said Jesse, elbowing Xander lightly in the ribs as they entered the new costume shop, 'Ethan's'. "Whoa! Look at that, and it's affordable too!" breathed Jesse, looking on in awe at the Clone Trooper costume from the Star Wars video game.

"Maybe for you, but I'm not exactly flush at the moment" replied Xander morosely.

"Maybe I can help with that," a voice from behind them said, making both young men jump.

"Don't DO that man, nearly gave me a heart attack," muttered Xander under his breath.

"I am sure that on this night I can accommodate you both with your costumes for a reasonable price, for I am Ethan, and this is my store," said the stranger who had made both male Scoobies jump so badly.

15 minutes later, Xander and Jesse both had clone trooper costumes, Buffy was the proud owner of an 18th century gown, Willow had a brand new 'Boo', Dawn was clutching a lightsabre, and Ethan was congratulating himself on the sheer amount of chaos he was going to cause when he dedicated his spell to Janus.

24 hours and many supplications to Janus later, the younger inhabitants of Sunnydale learned to be careful of what they wished for.

Show time!

"Fierfek! Where are we? Captain Ordo?" The possessed Jesse started towards who he thought was

Null ARC Trooper Captain N-11 Ordo, but was actually his possessed best friend, Xander, who in turn, believed that Jesse was Republic Commando RC-8015 Fi. "I don't recognize where we are, we've lost the General and the rest of the squad, sir," began Fi/Jesse, giving a sitrep, when all of a sudden they heard.

"Xander! Jesse! Oh thank god you're OK! Have you seen Buffy?" Both commando and ARC Trooper spun round, weapons at the ready, only to stop and see the image of a ghostly girl wearing a short leather shirt and a low cut top. "Whoa! Change of costume, where's Dawnnie?" said the ghost. At that point, a disheveled looking jedi walked up.

"Captain, local star systems are unrecognizable, and the life forms seem to be...strange," said the jedi calmly.

"Not you too Dawnnie?" groaned Willow. "OK, you're Dawn Summers, not some Jedi wannabe, and you two are Xander Harris and Jesse McNally. We dressed up for Halloween, and somehow we've turned into our costumes. Oh my god, where's Buffy?" This last part turned the look of frustration that was on Willow's face into one of fear. At that point, they all heard a scream, and the lightsabre in Dawn's hand ignited into a pillar of blue light.

"Captain, please locate the originator of that scream," said the jedi calmly, far too calmly in Willow's opinion. At that Fi/Jesse swung round to cover Ordo/Xander's approach. They followed the direction of the jedi general, and found a terrified girl in an overly ornate gown, who started to shriek about demons as soon as she saw the trooper/commando armor, in addition to the cars that were driving by.

This situation further deteriorated with the appearance of Spike, and several other vampires and demons.

"General, we need to fall back," snapped Ordo/Xander as he opened fire, the girl that they had rescued huddled between himself and Fi/Jesse, who had also opened fire in the opposite direction.

"Wait, we need to hold, General Secura is on her way," at that moment, what looked like a Twi'leki jedi, used a force somersault to jump over the mass of approaching demons. "Now we can go."

At that the two jedi generals, otherwise known as Cordelia Chase and Dawn Summers, started to guard the retreat of the five of them as Fi/Jesse hauled the hysterical Buffy to her feet.

As all of this was going on, Willow had made her way to the Sunnydale High School library, in the process nearly scaring Giles into an early grave as she walked through a wall. After a few minutes of questioning, and a startled look when he learnt the name of the shop from where the costumes came, Giles and Willow left the library.

It took another 15 minutes to find Ethan Rayne and end the spell, during which time, Dawn, Cordelia, Xander and Jesse called more and more upon the spirits of the characters that they had been possessed by.

As the spell ended, and Xander shot the last demon through the neck, in a decapitating shot, he took his helmet off.

Jesse then walked up to him and said, "now what ner vod?"

"We teach them an important lesson, vodika. Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade," replied Xander with a smile.

By some twist of fate, and the Hellmouth, maybe even Janus saying sorry, their memories, abilities, and also their weapons stayed as well.

Things would definitely be interesting come morning at Sunnydale High.

Fierfek: battlefield oath used by clones.(Comes from Star Wars Republic Commando X-Box game)

Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade - Mando'a: don't mess with Mandalorian's

Mando'a: Mandalorian-language term for the language itself

ner - Mando'a: my

vod (s.); vode (pl.); vodika (affectionate) Mando'a: brother, sister, comrade, mate

(Glossary taken from Karen Traviss' book Star Wars Republic Commando Triple Zero. Brilliant book, highly recommended!)