Justice Is A Wreath

A Smallville/Jake 2.0 Crossover.

Summary: The story takes place soon after the end of this season. The Smallville characters are basically as they are currently (April 2007). The Jake 2.0 characters though are based on the series never having ended and the Jake/Diane pairing continued to grow after the last episode in early 2004.

A/N: I have to thank my beta, Bglswrth454, for an excellent job of making my story a better read.

Disclaimer: Neither is owned by me. If they were, both would be an hour and a half long and Jake 2.0 would be airing Thursdays at 8:30 central.


The sun was going down when he reached the Metropolis city limits. Pulling into a service station, he filled up his car with the highest octane gas they had; when he came out of the office he added a bottle of octane booster. Leaving twin long black tire marks as he left, he laughed liking the feel of the acceleration.

Ten minutes later the police arrived, having been called by the next customer that entered the office. The first officer on the scene hastily exited and threw up, it's not often a vivisection occurs in Metropolis, even rarer for the weapon to be a piece of the security glass meant to protect the attendant.

As expected the security tape provided a grainy, unclear image of a man or masculine woman in a faded blue jean jacket and ball cap with the word 'Crows' across the crown.


The new ultra-modern Metropolis hotel, The Willow, shone in the night like a Las Vegas casino. Calling all to come and experience her luxury suites, convention rooms, shops, restaurants and casinos.

Lois Lane tugged at the collar of her new emerald green A-line dress, smiling with the memory of Smallville choking on his milk when she had come down stairs. She took his near death experience as a compliment, secretly liking the effect she had on the Farm Boy. He never would admit to her that he enjoyed the way the material clung to her or that he thought the color gave her lovely dark hair a redder look. Just as she would never admit that his mere presence gave her a sense of comfort and security that she had not experienced since her mothers death.

It was getting late and Chloe's idea to troll the computer scientist's convention for stories had so far had led to nothing.

Seeing her cousin near the entrance of the coffee bar, Lois waved and went to meet her. "Any luck Cuz?"

"A lot if you count propositions and room numbers." Smiling brightly she added, "If I were a 'working girl' I'd be setting pretty."

Crossing her arms and arching an eyebrow, Lois teased her. "Chloe, if you were a working girl you wouldn't be…"

"Ok. Ok. No need to draw me a picture." A slightly embarrassed Chloe interrupted. "Want to get some coffee?"

"Do you really have to ask?"

Entering the empty coffee bar, Chloe noticed a young, pretty brunette in a little black one shoulder dress; sitting at a corner table writing on a tablet while scanning brochures from the convention.

Getting their coffee, they sat down at a table and started talking about strategies for the next day. As they chatted, the young brunette removed her contacts and put on her glasses. She took down her hair and gave her head a shake to settle it around her shoulders before absently running her fingers through it.

Chloe noticed the change in the woman's appearance, "It looks like we're not the only one's calling it a night."

Glancing over, Lois straightened up in shock. "I know her!" Standing up, she strode over and stood beside the woman. "Hi Diane."

Looking up and aback, Diane closed her tablet and stammered, "Do-Do I know you?"

Glancing around to see if anybody is in ear-shot, Lois softly reminds Diane, "About five years ago, you were with a group of scientists briefing a certain three star pain-in-the-butt at an unspecified camp, about some unmentionable DOD project."

Squinting at Lois, Diane stood, "Is that you Lois?"

Grinning she replied, "The one and only."

"It's good to see you, how is the General?"

"Still proving that 15,000 men are easier to handle than two daughters."

"I'm sorry Lois."

"Why don't you join us at our table?"

After the introductions and a round of coffee and muffins, the chatter was going fine when Lois notices a geek heading their way. As he reaches the table, between Lois and Diane, Lois cut him off. "Keep on walking. We're not on the menu."

Giving her a big smile, he begins, "A geek walks up to a Blonde, a Brunette and a Red Head in a bar… I know there's a joke in there somewhere."

"Are you hard of hearing, I said keep on walking!"

"You must be the one that is 'too cold'…" He answers looking Lois straight in the eyes. Looking down at Diane he adds, "And you are the one that is 'too hot'…" Smiling at an alarmed Chloe, he wiggles his eye brows, "That would make you 'just right'."

As Chloe tries to choke out a reply, he leans over and starts to nuzzle Diane's bare shoulder at the base of her neck. "I like the 'hot' ones." He speaks into her neck.

Lois and Chloe watch, unsure how to react to the scene of Diane with her head leaned back. After an embarrassingly intimate moan escaped her lips, she gently slaps the top of his head, causing him to back off and pull a chair up next to Diane.

Grinning, he turns to Diane, "I have a nice suite, if you're interested?"

Lois stands suddenly and starts to chew him out only to be cut off by Diane.

"Please sit down Lois. I would like to introduce you to my, if he doesn't start behaving himself, late husband. Jake, this is Lois Lane and her cousin Chloe Sullivan. Girls, this is my husband, Jake Foley."

Chloe is gracious with her greeting, but Lois is still upset. "You know I could have hurt you for acting like that."

Diane barely controls a snicker, "He could use it."

He gives Diane a wounded look, and looks at Lois and saying, "I'm used to being around strong women…" His cell phone interrupts and he excusing himself he moves away from the table.

"He seems…" Lois begins

"Really, well…" Chloe starts.

Diane's laughter stops both of them. "It's OK He does make an awkward first impression."

"How did you two get together?" A curious Lois asks.

"We met at work. He really is very sweet, thoughtful, playful, sexy…"

"Whoa," Chloe interrupts, "a little too much information."

Diane just laughs.

"So you met at work?" Lois prompts.

Looking at her, Diane pauses a second and inhales before starting with their cover story. "He's in IT assigned to making sure the computers in my lab stay operating at optimal efficiency. After a few months we were best friends and that soon became… …well, more…"

Jake interrupts her story, handing her his cell phone, "Sweetheart, the boss wants a word."

Sitting up straight and allowing a firm, determined look to mask her delicate features, she answers the phone. "Yes Lou, is something the matter?..." Looking at Jake, a shocked expression on her face, she slaps him on the arm

as her face and tone change. "Hello Sweetheart, how are you?... Have you been a good girl?... Are you keeping Grandma up late?... "

As this continues for a while, Jake leans over and explains. "Our little girl was awake and my mother thought it would be a good idea for her to hear Diane's voice."

"You have a child?" Lois caustically replies.

"Scary isn't it." He replies with a smile. "You're General Lane's daughter?"

"One of them. How did you know that? You weren't here when we were talking about that."

Wincing at having eaves dropped, Jake tries to cover, "The General and I have met a couple of times. He's not a patient man."

"Not with people less competent than he is."

"Are there any that aren't?"

"Not according to him."

"He doesn't like to hear the word 'no' either."

"You said 'no' to the General? And you can still reproduce?"

"Yes to both counts. He had someone else in mind for the project; when he tried to replace me… …let's just say he couldn't."

Handing Jake back his phone, Diane admonishes him. "Jake, quit trying to impress her with your daring exploits."

"So you admit they're daring?"

"Only to a couple of geeks like us, Sweetheart."

Looking between the two, Lois comments, "I'm impressed; the General doesn't get refused, except of course by his daughters."

The next half hour was spent 'oohing' and 'aahing' to pictures and stories of the Foley's precious little girl. At around midnight Chloe starts to nod off and Diane looks a little too comfortable leaning into Jake.

Chloe is startled awake by Lois's cell phone playing the 'the typewriter' tune.

Noting the 'Prince of Plaid' on her CID, Lois smiles, "What is it 'Smallville'?"

They all could hear. "You asked me to call you when I found out mom's schedule so we could plan her birthday party."

"Hold on a sec." Looking at Diane she stands, "I need to take this, please excuse me." And she walks to a far table, just out of earshot.

Chloe was staring at Jake, there was something familiar about the way he turned his head, almost like he was listening to Lois across the room, almost like the way Clark… Sitting up she shakes herself awake and smiles. "Tell me Diane, have you known Jake long?"

"A few years," looking fondly at her husband, "sometimes it feels like I've known him forever."

"Do your parents like him?"

Arching an eyebrow at her, she replies, "They love him. He drinks beer and looses at checkers with Dad, then fixes al of the electronics that Mom has broken."

Chloe laughs, "Sorry, the reporter in me comes out when I meet new people."

Diane smiles warmly, "It's alright. You should understand that we can't give out interviews."

"I understand. Do you get along with his parents?"

Interrupting, Jake answers. "They love her; Mom always wanted a daughter and she treats Diane like one of her own, better actually."

"She does." Diane admits. "I almost forget all of Jake's family are giants."


"I'm kidding Jake." Turning to Chloe she adds, "I am a foot shorter than they are."

"Diane…" Jake exclaims disappointedly, "It's only ten inches, tops."

"So, strong family resemblances?" Chloe asks.

"Very," Diane answers, "Especially along his maternal side."

Chloe tries to mask her disappointment and is aided by Lois waving her over. "Excuse me for a minute."

After she left Jake turns to Diane. "It looks like Lois has a boyfriend."

"It didn't sound like it to me. Why do you think so?"

"Rapid breathing, increased heart rate and her pupils dilated."

"Impressive catch, Kyle would be proud. Why were you watching her so closely?"

"I was checking for recording devices, and we are talking to two reporters, Sweetheart."

"I know, but Lois is an old… acquaintance. And it couldn't hurt for you to be on her father's good side."

"You're right, I'll be charming."

"I said be nice, not ask her to move in."

Jake frowns at his wife's attempt at humor. "You must be tired."

Leaning deeper into his arm, she closes her eyes and nods.

"Tell you what Sweetheart," he begins, "let's get you to the room and I'll walk the girls down to their car."

"You're being sweet, just the way I like you."

"Who's being sweet?" Chloe asks plopping down in her seat.

Smiling Diane answers, "My beautiful husband. How long have Lois and 'Smallville' been an item?"

Snorting, Chloe laughs, "Lois and Clark? They fight like cats and dogs."

"Maybe, but her face lit up when he called."

Leaning forward, Chloe admits, "There are sparks, but they spend so much time arguing they never see it..." She is interrupted be Lois's laughter at something Clark has said.

"Are you sure?"

"All I know is that right now, neither of them is dating anybody."

"What's Clark like?"

"Tall, dark, blue eyed, chiseled features, keeps to himself and quiet; except when he's around Lois. She pesters him until he defends himself and then they argue for hours."

Grinning, Diane can't help but gloat, "You called it Jake; she's in love."

"Who's in love?" Lois asks, returning to her chair.

"Chloe is, with…" Diane spoke, signaling with her hand for Chloe to answer.

"Jimmy." She replies with a smile. "Lois, you have interesting friends."

Smirking, "You know it cuz. What have I missed?" Lois asks before taking a sip of her now cold coffee.

"Not much, I was just telling Diane about your flannel fetish."

The spray of coffee that covered the table could have been worse if Lois had taken more than a sip. "Wha…? Chloe, I do not like Farm Boy!"

"Who's Farm Boy?" Jake asked while Diane had a fit of laughter.

Slightly red, Lois sat proud, not allowing a moment of embarrassment to get the better of her. "He's the local reprobate and always wears flannel."

"Lois!" Chloe rebukes, then turns to the Foleys, "He is my best friend, is in college, a local farmer, has saved both of our lives and is the son of our State Senator. Really Lois, sometimes…"

"Maybe I should introduce him to my sister." Diane interjects.

"No!" Lois counters, "Wouldn't want to… push him off on the poor girl."

Chloe rolls her eyes and catches Jake looking at his wife with an intense look.

Standing, Diane excuses herself and Jake smiles to the cousins. "If you don't mind, I'll walk her to our room and return to escort you to your car."

"No need Jake, "Lois gruffs, "We can take care of ourselves."

"I don't doubt it Lois. But Diane will put me on the couch if I don't."

"Really Jake…"

"We wouldn't want you to get in trouble." Chloe interrupts, "How about meeting us in the lobby?"

Smiling with genuine warmth, Jake nods and follows his wife out.


The doors to the elevator had barely shut when Lois starts getting impatient. "This is dumb, let's just leave."

"Lois! We've been in the lobby, what, five seconds. Let's give him a minute or two."

"It's just dumb…"

"It's safer for you to wait." Jake interrupts from behind her.

"How'd you get down here so fast?"

"Diane knew you would be impatient, so I took the stairs down as soon as she locked the door."

Chloe picks up on what he had said, "What do you mean, 'safer'?"

"Haven't you seen the news tonight?"

"We've been busy trying to get a story here."

Looking towards a nearby courtesy TV he asks the desk clerk to turn it to the news. As the lead story was repeated for the late night viewers, Chloe and Lois look at each other grimly…

"…The police are baffled by the brutality and speed of the assault. Once again, the body of gas station attendant, Tyrell Butterfingers, was discovered late today apparently dissected at the place of his employment. This follows the similar murder of waitress Caroll Brill earlier today just thirty miles to our east at the 'Last Stop Café and Truck Stop'. The only clue is this still taken from the security video at the gas station. If you have any information about this assailant, please notify the police immediately. It would appear that a serial killer has come to Metropolis… "

The image of the murderer was still on the screen when Lois turns to Chloe, "Crows?"

"Definite 'Wall of Weird' material."

Not missing the look between the cousins, or the fact that they knew the 'Crows' logo, he asks. "Ok, what am I missing here?"

"The Crows are the mascot of Smallville High." Lois answers.

"Why does Smallville sound familiar?" Jake mulls aloud, more to himself than to the two women.

"Meteor Capital of the planet," Lois answers grimly. The images of the meteor storm she had witnessed will never cease to haunt her memories.

Something occurs to Jake. "Why aren't you two more concerned with a violent murderer in the area?"

Chloe answers this time, her tone mirroring Lois's memories. "I guess we're used too it. Smallville has had two meteor showers; the first was 19 years ago, the second just three. The meteors consist of a strange green, crystal-like rock that has affected some people, giving super-human abilities and usually causing violent tendencies."

"And you think he might be one of these affected people?"

"Yes I do Agent Foley."

Looking up quickly, he starts to deny it then decides to cut the crap. Pulling them to a side room, he admits his status. "Yes, I am an agent. I would appreciate that fact not to be spread around, not by word of mouth, newspaper, internet or any other medium. Not even in your diary."

"Ok." Chloe agrees, after all, she does keep secrets.

"I don't think…" Lois starts, then remembers her friend. Thinking about putting her husband in danger by exposing him just because she could seems – heartless. "Alright, secret agent man, you are nothing but an IT guy."

"Thank you. Now, let me walk you to your car."

"Cars," Lois corrects, "we drove here separately."


After watching Lois drive off, Jake and Chloe start toward her car only to be approached by two armed thugs. "Hand over your money!" The leader orders.

Chloe drops her purse at his feet, however, Jake steps forward. Grabbing the gun hand, he pushes it up and kicks the other thug. The kicked thug sails over the car he was standing beside, while the leader collapses to the ground screaming about a broken hand.

A half hour later, after the police had taken the thugs away, Chloe turns to Jake and asks the obvious question. "How did you do that?"

"Do what?"

"You kicked that man over a car and crushed the other man's hand in yours."

"It was just adrenalin, Chloe; just a major adrenalin rush."

"Have you ever been in Smallville?"

"There was nothing unusual here Chloe, let it go."

Crossing her arms, she gives him an innocent look and kisses him on the cheek. "Tell you wife that you are my hero."

"Will do." He grins

Finally, she drives out of the parking lot and he returns to his hotel room and the arms of his loving wife.

Picking up her cell phone, Chloe presses speed dial three.


Clark Kent is sitting in his barn loft enjoying the silence of the country night when his cell phone start playing 'Turkey In The Straw', one of Lois's pranks.


"Boy Scout, this is Watchtower."

Recognizing Chloe's code name and the grave nuance her using it means he answers, "Go ahead Watchtower."

"I may have found a Zoner."