A Superman, A Spy and A Vivisector

Chapter Four


"Be careful my friend, I've heard some nasty rumors about enhanced people."


NSA Special Agent Jake Foley, had a little trouble getting past the police guards at the old Metropolis Botanical Gardens Park, they resented the case being taken over by outsiders. Jake empathized, but he knew if he had been called in, there was little hope that they could handle the situation. After the officers on duty had verified his identity, and given him conflicting directions to the scene, he found himself following his nose.

The smell of death seemed to want to strangle him; actually, it was the putrid smell of sun baked blood and body fluids that he followed. But he knew the combination meant the beauty of the park had been tainted.

Rounding a curve in the tree lined path he sees a tall man staring at the ground. He stops and watches as the man follows an invisible path away from the trail and the murder site. Jake starts to follow when his cell phone rings, followed by a whoosh of air.


Diane Foley is sitting in her new red silk robe, at their suite's desk, reading the file on Jake's assignment, the details of which had sent her running to the commode and the release of her lunch. Picking up her cell phone, she holds it in the flat of her outstretched hand and stares at it until the screens change, and the phone book opens and scrolls down to Jake's number. Concentrating just a bit harder, the number activates…

"… Hi Jake, I just finished reading the file.

"… What does it look like?

"… Not much of a scuffle? Weren't there four guards with the Ambassador?

"… Take some images with your phone, you can enhance them later.

"… Do you think you will be long?

"… No, the agency is letting the Metropolis Police labs process the forensics… … No, no, the NSA will get the evidence after… … The labs here are almost as good as ours, and they pushed it to the front of the line… … They have been processing it for at least eight hours.

"… What are the gardens like?

"… That does sound nice.

"… What is this image you are sending?… …Someone that was at the scene when you arrived… …And now he's disappeared?... …Just a sec, I want to enlarge this image on my computer

"… Jake, I know this man…

"… Actually, Sweetheart, we're having dinner with him tonight."