The Man Of Steel, The Woman Of Mettle

Chapter Twentyone – Plans and Training

Xxxx In The Last Chapter xxxX

The heroes gathered around the Captain as the final plan was laid out.

Xxxxx And Now Chapter Twentyone xxxxX

Once again, Clark found himself floating in outer space. This time he was not alone, the Captains Marvel were with him; Mary to his right, Junior to his left, and The Captain ahead of him.

Their task was simple, watch the continent until Black Adam showed where he was. While Clark was the only one with telescopic vision, the Marvels were using magic's to aid their vision…

It was their third day of watching when Junior espied their adversary in southwest Arkansas.

Rapid hand signals passed between the four and Mary sped down to talk with Black Adam as The Captain and Junior moved into position. Clark held back, as was the plan…

Bart Allen sat in the loft of the Kent Farm's main barn, openly flirting with Chloe and Lucy, when he suddenly sat up.

"Show time!" He flashed Chloe a genuine grin and he was gone.

"That is so cool!" Lucy exclaimed.

Used to such comings and goings, somewhat, Chloe just nodded and moved to the communications unit she had set up on Clark's desk. She flipped a few switches and listened to nothing.

"Lucy, would you go find Lois, she'll want to listen to the action."

"Do you know where she is? This is a big farm."

"She didn't say where she was going." With a smile, she advised, "Tell Shelby that Lois has a treat for him. That always works."

"Did Clark teach that to him to annoy Lois?"

"He didn't have to; Lois has always felt guilty for hitting him with her car, so she always brings him a treat."

"So, Shelby was trained to pester Lois – by Lois?"


"And she blames, Clark?"

"Of course."

"You know my sister's going to be one of those relatives that everyone knows about, but nobody talks about."

"With cats."

"A lot of cats!"

"She is something else. Now you'd better find her before the action starts."



A/N: just a little something before the main event.