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Summary: A girl named Akuma has a secret that gives her great power. Rookie 9 and Team Gai also finds out that she has another secret with might lead to Tenten's background. NaruXTen OcX?

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Things you need to know:

Naruto is smart, but not smart enough not to be stopped be called dope or baka.

There will be Sakura bashing.


Aoi-Nami: Read, Read!

Sakura: What if they don't want read, huh. Have you ever thought of that?

Aoi-Nami: Your real lucky I don't own Naruto or else you would have been dead during the Wave Arc,and Tenten would have taken your place!

Sakura: Why would you say that! Everbody loves me right?


Sakura: O.O I'm leaving now and when you come back you'll know that you'll miss the old ME!

Aoi-Nami: So what? Are you going to turn emo now?

Sakura: That's a great idea!


-You can never have enough Tenten fics.

At the Hokage's office with Team 7

"Team 7 I have a mission for you," said the 3rd Hokage. "even though you are only genin this is a B-ranked mission. You are to go retrive a missing nin, if you would call it that. Do you except?" Kakashi turned to his students, they all nodded back in reply, "Yes except the mission Hokage-sama." The third Hokage handed them a card. "Here is the person you will be searching for," said the Hokage. "I want her back alive and with minnium damage." When Kakashi looked down at the picture on the info card he was puzzeled, "Hokage-sama not to be rude, but the person you want us to find is mearly a twelve year old girl, not even a ninja."

"I am aware of the Kakashi, but that girl has exrodinary power that if she is influeced will go use it for evil purposes. That is why she needs to be back here."

"I understand that know let's go team." said Kakashi. When they were out of the Hokage's office Naruto couldn't hold it in any more, "How strong is this girl? How come she isn't a ninja? How can she be a missingnin if she isn't a ninja? Does-" Before Naruto could finish he was punched on the head by none other than Haruno Sakura. "Shut-up baka, do you even hear the words come out of you mouth and do you even listen, if you did would know that WE. DON'T. KNOW. ANYTHING. ABOUT. THIS. GIRL!" yelled Sakura. "Well sorry for trying to know something Sakura. (Naruto doesn't like Sakura in this fic.) Kakashi-sensei, can I see the picture of the girl?" Asked Naruto. Kakashi nodded and handed the picture to Naruto. "Hey, this looks a lot like the girl on Gai's team, Tenten's her name, except her hair is in a different style." said Naruto as he handed back the picture.

"How do you know this Naruto," asked Sakura. "Well, for one thing she's on Gai's team. Gai usally brings himself and his team over to have another bet with Kakashi-sensei, since there rivals." Naruto half lied. What Naruto really wanted to say was that he would accidentcough stalk cough bump into Tenten on days. "Okay." said Sakura not really believe Naruto, but dropped the subject. Sakura turned to Sasuke, who has been quite for most of the time. "Hey, Sasuke to goonadatewithme (go on a date with me.)" Sakura said really fast.

"No." said Sasuke. "Okay, team come back here in two hours, then we'll set off." said Kakahsi as he left. After this Sasuke following suit left too, this making Sakura leave too.

Why do people always leave me. Naruto thought as he left too.

After an 1 hour and 30 minutes

When Naruto came out of his apartment he looked up at the sun, "Look's like I have about 30 minutes left, I go get some ramen." Naruto said to no one in perticular. When Naruto got to Ichiraku he instandly blushed, but brushed it off. Sitting there on the counter table was Tenten. Tenten being the kunoichi that she is was able to notice that someone else was in the resteraunt. "Hey, Naruto come sit over here, I'm all by myself. I could use some company." said Tenten as she beckoned Naruto with her hand. Naruto happily (but didn't show it) came and sat down on the stool next to Tenten. "Hi, Ten-chan." said Naruto. Tenten mentally blushed for her new name. "Well hi to you too, Naruto." said Tenten. then she looked onto Naruto's back seeing his backpack. "Do you have a mission," she asked. Naruto nodded. "Well, then I'll buy you the first bowl of ramen, as good luck."

"Wait, Te-"

"No buts, Naruto. This is a gift from a friend to a friend." said Tenten even though she want to say it was from some one more than a friend. Naruto was also thinking this, but did not object he said, "Thanks Ten-chan." As Tenten ordered the ramen from Ayame, the waitress and daughter of Ichiraku. There was unsettling silence when it finally ended when they got their ramen, "Itatakimasu!"

After they were done with their bowls Naruto had to leave, "Bye Ten-chan." said Naruto as he was heading out. When he reached outside he heard the familiar bunned hair girl say, "Bye Naruto-KUN!"

All Naruto was thinking when he headed for the gates where his team was waiting was:

She called me Naruto-kun. She called me Naruto-kun.

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