Summary: A girl named Akuma has a secret that gives her great power. Rookie 9 and Team Gai also finds out that she has another secret which might lead back to Tenten's background. NaruXTen OcX?

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Things you need to know:

Naruto is smart, but not smart enough to be not called dope or baka

There will be Sakura Bashing

Sasuke WILL be called emo more than once.

Naruto does not like Sakura


Aoi-Nami: Welcome to chapter 2. Today we have Sakura with us after her make-over.

Audience: claps Yahhhhhhh! claps Whooohooooo! claps

(Clapin' stop when Sakura is on stage.)



Sakura: What's your problem idoits?


Sakura: Who let the crazy people onstage? I bet if I stay here I will catch stupid from all of you, I'm leaving.

Aoi-Nami: Well since she won't be coming back next time we will get a new guest.


-You can never have enough Tenten fics.

At the East Gate

"Okay team, before we head to Mist, where are target was last spotted we ahve to get familar with what who we have to look for. I shall read off her stats and bio about her, then we will head out." said Kakashi.


Name: Akuma

Age: 12

"Uhmm.. Uhmm.. Kakashi-sensei-"

"Wait till I finish saying the stats Naruto then you ask me what ever you want."

Hieght: 155 cm

Wieght: 43 kg


"What Sasuke?"

"There is writing on the back from the 3rd Hokage." stated Sasuke.

"Okay, let me read it," said Kakashi as he turned over the info card.

Dear Team 7,

The infromation on this info card is from six years ago when Akuma, the girl on the picture was a jounin. Since she quit the ninja force and also left Konoha we do not have any recent information on your target. The only good thing we can tell you is that in her clan the women always look the same as the grow , except for the certain features. I, and all of Konoha wish you good luck on this mission.

From, Sandaime Hokage

"Okay, this just made the mission more harder," said Kakashi as they headed for the Mist Village.

As they were heading for Mist naruto went from happy to sad thinking,

'Why does Kakashi-sensei listen to Sasuke teme, but not me. I was going to say I noticed the writing on the back of the card, but Kakashi-sensei, listened to Sasuke, but not me. Why? The only people I think that listen to me are Iruka-sensei and Ten-chan. Naruto blushed at the last thing he thought, but his blush didn't go unnoticed by Sasuke.

"Dobe, what are you thinking back there?" said Sasuke as he turn his head slightly as not to fall off of the trees as they were tree hopping. "None of your bussiness teme!" yelled Naruto. "NARUTO! Don't call Sasuke-kun a bastard. he is much more greater than you blah, blah, .baka idoit...blah, blah, blah, blah, bla-"

"Shut. The. Hell. Up! Sakura!" Both Kakashi and Sasuke turned there head back to the voice. To there amazement (Even though Sasuke didn't show it much) it was Naruto who yelled at Sakura. The boy they thought that was always happy, always looking for the optimistic part of things. Naruto. There was an uneasy silence, Naruto not liking speed up ahead to Kakashi and said, "Let's get to Mist already. I want to see if they have any ramen there." as he put on his well known foxy grin.

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