Somewhere In a Devil's Eyes

It's night, and the moon emits it's bright glow.

Somewhere shadows wait.

Take form, take shape.

Follow the one with mixed blood in his veins.

One tormented by the unbroken chains.

The one that darkness had always tried to envelop.

They are there grinning for they know.

He has weaknesses, and they would always show.

But, that of something more, other than pain of one's corpereal existence.

But, the internal one.

Oh, how they wished to they could literally grind his heart.

But that was just the tricky part.

But, they had all done they're best.

Getting to him was the test.

They stalk the one called Tony Redgrave.

They stalk the one named Dante.

Hiya, I'm here once again, have I gotten on your nerves? Well, anyway, if I have then just avoid me and my material. This is something a bit different. This isn't making fun of anything anymore. This is based on the DMC novels by Shinya Gokeida. It has different characters, and even Vergil is somewhat different. This is just a prologue. Yes, I know I'm not too good at poetry even if it doesn't have to rhyme. This is a trilogy, mainly focusing on three different perspectives. If you haven't read the DMC novel then, I recommend that you. It will consist of three chapters; Nell Goldstein, Claire, and Jessica. Thank you for reading!