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Chapter 1: Sachiel

...eleven years later, 2015 AD...

It was a warm day in Japan... not that it meant much. Ever since after Second Impact seasons had vanished, causing Japan to experience eternal summer. It was strange how people, even after a devastating disaster like Second Impact, would manage to go on and in time would think of other things in life, many having learned to enjoy the fact that the weather now was good and warm almost the entire year.

Normally, the beautiful coast of the Kanagawa prefecture was well-visited by people ever since tourism had started to recover almost ten years ago, when society had gotten back into its normal rhythm. It included some strange kind of disaster tourism in order to see the half-submerged ruins, since the coastline had been quite a bit more east originally. It had to be some kind of morbid fascination, considering the high death toll of the year 2000.

However, nothing was normal right at the moment.

A long line of tanks stood on the coastal road, their guns pointed towards the ocean and the half-submerged ruins, as if waiting for something to appear. Two soldiers were standing in the open hatches of their tank's turret, taking a smoke while cursing the entire time about their deployment, which now made them cool off their heels in the middle of nowhere.

"I wonder what the top brass is fearing could happen? There's nothing but ocean and rotting ruins out here," the first soldier said while taking a drag.

The other soldier could only agree. "Yeah, and of course this happens just when the great game in Tokyo-2 was about to get broadcast. Instead we are sitting on our asses in the middle of nowhere, probably waiting for nothing. Crap."

"At least we're not the only ones suffering. Poor saps from the air force also got drafted into this. You could think the brass is expecting an invasion. It's almost like..." the soldier stopped and looked to the shallow waters. "Hey, what's that?"

Looking, the other soldier gasped when seeing a huge shadow in the water, the water itself rippling. "What in all names...?"

He got no time to continue when suddenly the huge shadow emerged from the water. Screaming in terror at the sight, both soldiers scrambled down into their tank and slammed the hatches shut - just in time when the main guns started firing, blanketing the whole area in deafening noise.

You little weaklings won't be able to stop me.

...a few minutes later, some kilometers away...

"All normal lines are out of order due to the state of special emergency. This is a recording"

That's useless... Shinji cursed silently, looking in annoyance at the payphone. Hanging up the payphone at the train station, Shinji felt like kicking it, but then knew better than resorting to vandalism of public property which would just give his a sore foot as a result.

"What use is a payphone network if they shut it off? Isn't it there for emergencies?" he asked himself. However, he had no one to blame but himself for forgetting to take his mobile phone with him, thus cutting himself off from the alternative.

Letting out a sigh, he then picked up his duffel bag. Looking around the small village - which was named Atami as read on the station sign - where his train had stopped before even reaching Tokyo-3, he wondered why no one was there. It looked, well, dead. He had been the only person on the train - as if no one wanted to go even near Tokyo-3 - and the train staff had already left by the time he could look around.

"Strange," he wondered.

But then again, that he even was here was strange in itself, since he actually had no reason to come in the first place. He remembered that his father, may he get kidney stones, had simply pushed him away to his uncle Kaldor after his mother's death, telling him that he had no desire to see him again. It was a move so cold, that it had seriously hurt the little boy's emotions.

Thankfully, his uncle Kaldor, his mother's older brother, was a warmhearted man. His wife had died two years prior and he had remained childless. Nonetheless, he had tried his best to raise Shinji as good and normal as possible, wanting to give him the childhood his own father had so cruelly denied him.

Still, Shinji had remained emotionally withdrawn after his father had left him. That was the state of things until his ninth birthday. When Kaldor had asked him why he was so depressed, he had admitted under tears that he had met his father at his mother's empty grave and that it had been horrible how he had been totally ignored by him. His uncle had then taken him aside and told him what he remembered up to this day. He had told him that Yui had been a great woman and that he should always hold her memory in honor; to be proud of her.

For his father he had found not-so nice words. In his opinion, Gendo had lost every right to be his father and that he should acknowledge the man as what he was: an asshole. Shinji shouldn't let him get to him anymore and step out of his shadow.

True, it had taken some time, but his uncle's support helped him to finally get out of his shell. Although the professional help he'd gotten had helped quite a bit as well. It was slow at first, but at the end of the year the people around him had freely admitted that he had changed much to the better. Over the next four years he had become what many would consider a totally normal teenage boy. He had friends, was shyly looking at the girls when they weren't noticing, played games and went to school.

His life had become nothing out of the ordinary and he liked it that way.

He still regularly visited his mother's grave. He knew it was an empty grave and that she probably wasn't hearing him. However, it wasn't in grieving but because he felt that he owed it to her to tell her what he had accomplished. She would be proud to see what a fine teenager he had become. He had met his father one more time at the grave, but this time he had outright ignored him while quietly telling his mother what he had accomplished since the last time. His old man had been silent during the entire thing, but when he left he'd seen that giving him the cold shoulder had disturbed him for some reason.

Shinji of course knew that part of the pain still was inside himself - it would probably never leave him - but he would not let it control his actions. Despising his father felt better than fruitlessly trying to get his approval. Bury the past and try to forget it. His uncle had shown some concern about this approach, but had let it go after he'd told him it was nothing.

Yes, life had been normal... Until three days ago.

His uncle had shown him a letter addressed to him, from his father. It had contained several things: a letter with a photo and an ID-card. Curiously enough, the ID-card was issued on him with a recent photo - he had no idea where they got this one from - for some organization called 'NERV'.

The letter itself was disturbing. It was impersonal. The first half was only: "Come to Tokyo-3 in three days. I have a use for you." It was signed with Gendo. The other half was filled with an exact description when to meet a Captain Katsuragi, who would manage all the details. Looking at the added picture, this Katsuragi woman either had to be a model with the wrong job, or was without any inhibitions.

His uncle had asked him why he was even considering going, so he had told him that he couldn't care less for his father, but he wouldn't miss the chance to finally tell him into the face that he didn't have a need for him. In the end he had packed for some days, told his friends he would be away for a while and here he now was: in a seeming ghost town.

"I wonder if she's gonna pick me up," he wondered.

Again looking at the photo, he guessed that she was in her very late twenties. She was good-looking, no doubt, but even with his teenage hormones running amok, he wasn't stupid. She was double his age and drooling over her therefore was kind of pointless.

Where the hell is everyone? Maybe I should go and find a shelter as well.

Shinji looked around... and stopped when he saw someone on the other side of the street.

It was a girl in a school uniform, but she was like a ghost - partially translucent and surrounded by an aura of light. Her blue hair - he really wondered about that - was in a pageboy cut and yet still almost a mop, her red eyes seemed to look directly into his soul. She did look startled, gasping as if she hadn't expected him to actually see her.

He blinked - now she was gone.

What was that? Who was that?... She was so beautiful...

His thoughts were cut short when he suddenly heard jet engines and helicopters. Looking up, he saw them flying over him towards the hills on the other side of town. However, at the same time he heard something very different from said hills: a loud rumbling, then an inhuman and loud scream! Finally he saw the source of the scream when it came into his field of view.

It was a monster!

He looked at a huge, black giant with a red orb in its mid-section held by bony ribs, a skull-face sat between its shoulders but it got no head and was armed with sharp-looking claws on its hands. The monster was walking towards the direction of Tokyo-3 and the army wasted no time in attacking it with all they got.

Machine cannons and missiles destroyed the silence, exploding against the massive giant in huge fireballs. However, they didn't seem to have much of an effect on it, apart from orange flashes that were too fast to look at. At first the monster barely took notice of the attacks, before clearly becoming annoyed. It slashed back with its claws while some sort of energy lances shot of of its arms at the same time, then retracted before attacking again.

The once peaceful village quickly descended into total chaos. The huge monster smashed apart buildings in its way like it was nothing, burning wreckage crashed down while missed shots made the destruction even worse. Everything was descending into a flaming inferno and he couldn't help but to watch it all in a horrified fascination.

"Shit! What the hell is going on here!?" he wondered.

Shinji somehow felt reminded of that western myth of the Grim Reaper when seeing that huge... thing. The battle was coming closer and he had no desire to die, looking around for a shelter to flee into. However, his terror was cut short when a blue sports car stopped with protesting tires beside him.

"Shinji Ikari?!" the woman at the steering wheel asked, out of breath.

"That's me." He recognized Captain Katsuragi from the picture, only that she now was wearing some kind of uniform.

"Hop in, we have to leave fast!" she shouted, while looking at the battle that was going on at the distance. She barely waited for Shinji to close the door before speeding away to escape the battle. Just in time when the monster jumped, a wave of power sweeping everything nearby aside, landing exactly where they had been just moments ago.

"Sorry that I'm late! I had some problems getting through after finding out where your train stopped. The express highway was littered with abandoned cars and I had to take an alternate route. Why does this have happen now of all days?!" She looked him up and down while driving at the same time.

"What the hell is that thing?! My train was stopped 13 kilometers outside the city, the village was dead and then suddenly something looking like the Grim Reaper grown to skyscraper proportions attacked. Captain, what is going on here?" Shinji finally asked her, confused.

"Please don't laugh, but we call that thing an Angel," Misato told him.

Shinji looked back at the battle they were leaving behind. "Whoever named that thing does have a strange sense of humor."


"You can't be serious!" a man, wearing a military uniform decorated with the rank insignia of a general, cursed.

"Wings four to seven are reporting heavy losses. It's as if this thing is simply absorbing everything we are throwing at it," came a report from the comm. "Wing one is forced to retreat."

They then watched on the big screen how a cruise missile was taking aim dead-center at the Angel. Astoundingly, the Angel did manage to catch the missile, which exploded in its hand. It was all for naught however when the Angel was not even scratched by the explosion and seemed more annoyed than anything. Next, a heavy bunker-buster bomb dropped from above - only to detonate against an orange-glowing, octagonal shield that flared up for part of a second.

"Impossible! That was a direct hit, and it did nothing at all!" another general yelled, not wanting to believe his eyes.

"It looks like the gentlemen aren't having a good day."

"Letting them show off their foolishness is only to our advantage."

The generals had not noticed these quiet words from behind them in the general noise of the command center. Instead they had conferred amongst each other after witnessing more of this useless onslaught, before coming to an agreement. All of them looked grim, like the decision they had made had not been an easy one.

One of them took hold of the phone. "Signal is green. Authorization code follows now..."


"Why does this happen now of all times?" Shinji wondered while they were speeding along the empty road.

"Believe it or not, this thing is actually the reason, why..." she stopped when she saw all forces in the distance suddenly retreating away from the Angel, the sounds of battle ceasing. "Strange..." Stopping the car, she looked to the battlefield through a pair of binoculars, then dropped them in panic.

"OH NO!" She suddenly held down Shinji. "DOWN! THEY ARE DROPPING AN N² MINE!"


No sooner had she said this, Shinji nearly went deaf when something exploded so loudly that it almost made his eardrums burst. The sheer force of the following pressure wave threw the car on the side with a loud crash.

"Mmph..." Shinji felt uncomfortable the way the Captain's breasts were pressing into his face. Thankfully, she moved and freed him from them. "What was that? An N²?" he asked her, trying to hide his embarrassed blush.

"Urgh... Think of it as a clean nuclear bomb, all right? Ugh, my head is still ringing..." Crawling out of the car, she sighed. "Oh, damn! Still 33 loan payments to go and I already have to totally renew the casing!" she wailed when seeing the state in which her car was.

Shinji wondered how she could think of something like this right now. Picking up the binoculars, he looked to the battlefield and still saw the black giant, unmoving and partly melted, but otherwise unharmed, in the middle of the mushroom cloud. Shinji didn't even want to imagine how tough that thing had to be to survive something like this.

"Oh-uh! By the looks of it that thing doesn't seem to be that impressed by the explosion," he gasped while lowering the binoculars.

"That can wait for the moment. Help me to get the car back onto the road," Misato told him, although he could have sworn to see a flash of hatred in her eyes when she looked at the direction of Angel.

Together they finally managed to push it back onto its wheels, but when she tried to start the electric engine, nothing happened. Looking under the hood, she sighed "Oh, perfect. The battery is busted and I have no spare at hand"

"Uhm, Captain..." but he was was interrupted by her.

"Please, call me Misato. Captain, that makes me feel so old. Also, you are not a soldier. So what did you want to say?"

"Ca... Misato... I know this could be illegal, but maybe we can... well... borrow a battery from the gas station there?" Shinji said, pointing to the other side of the street, where indeed there was an evacuated gas station.


"This is totally impossible! Our best and most powerful weapon and the Angel is still only injured and already regenerating!" one of the generals said in agitation while looking on the big main screen.

As if to mock them, the Angel stood in the big crater, seemingly unfazed by the intense heat around it - apart from the fact that it was melted at some points and breathed a little harder. Suddenly, to everyone's surprise, its bony face was pushed aside when a new one grew from underneath it. The eyes on the new face flashed... and then there was static when the helicopter filming this was destroyed.

"Quite impressive. It evolved in this short time to counter the attacks..." a voice whispered in the darkness behind the generals.

"Yes. It also became smarter over the course of the attack," another voice agreed.

The whispering still went unnoticed by the military. "I hate to say it, but I fear against this kind of threat we simply can't do anything, as we lack the needed firepower," a second, much more calmer, general admitted.

They had watched the entire battle on the main screen of the command center of NERV HQ, having planned to show their superior weapons compared to what they thought of as an expensive and oversized toy. Tensions had been high for years due to the huge amounts of money going into this project, so the military had jumped at the chance to finally show how to deal with the threat, now that it had finally appeared, in order to put NERV into their place.

It had been a disaster.

The Angel had shrugged off weapons fire as if it was a mere annoyance, and once it had become fed up, it had destroyed aircraft like swatting mere flies. Even strong cruise missiles had little effect thanks to that strange, octagonal force field protecting the Angel. So in a last bid they had ordered an N² being dropped onto it, accepting the damage this would do to the area.

Even that hadn't worked, ending in a huge humiliation for them.

"So we get the green light to go on with our own operation?"

All of the military top brass looked to the man sitting in the command chair, the light switching on. He was in his late thirties, had orange-tinted glasses, a beard and was clothed entirely in black and dark gray. His face was unmoving and radiated emotional coldness. That man was Gendo Ikari, the commander of NERV. The high military men looked at him, then on the screen where the Angel was now shown from a greater distance.

"Do whatever you have planned, Ikari. Just get rid of that Angel out there. Prove that your toy can do the job, then consider your agency getting the job to deal with the the rest of them," the first general told him heatedly.

Getting up, the second general looked to Gendo. "Don't think this was the last word, Ikari."

"I don't think so. I know it."

The generals gave him one last, dark look, then they collectively left the command center. They had no intention to show him how humiliated they felt.

"Ikari, we might have the unit ready in time, but we're lacking a pilot. Rei is in no condition to pilot, even if we try to force her to do it. Not to speak of if Unit-01 is going to accept her at all. We also have no spares available," a gray-haired man standing beside Ikari, the Vice-Commander Kozo Fuyutsuki, reminded him.

"Don't worry, Professor," he reassured him, his voice still holding next to no emotion, "One pilot is already on the way and he should arrive at any moment, so proceed with the preparations for Unit-01 as planned."

...some time later, back in the car...

"Sure. Don't worry. He is under my protection at top priority. Prepare a car train for us; a linear one, please. Yes. I'll bear the full responsibility for him because it was my idea to meet him in the first place. Bye," Misato said into her car phone before hanging up. They had managed to get the car back running, but Shinji seemed a little uneasy.

"When I meant borrow, I thought of one, not a year's supply," he said unhappily, looking at the car batteries on the back seat.

"Ah, it's OK. No problem. It is during an emergency. We can't do anything if the car doesn't run. Also, I am an international officer even if I don't seem like it." It was a lame excuse and she knew it, but she simply had been unable to pass such a good chance to get some spare batteries.

Shinji had no problem seeing through it. "OK, but it still is a lame excuse."

Misato decided that she would let this slide. She remembered that she had once been 14 years old, too, and a real smart-mouth at that... Well, at least before it had happened and she'd turned mute for a while. Having browsed over his file, she wondered how wrong the stuff in it actually was, although admittedly the files were a few years out of date - which was a long time for a 14-year old teenage boy.

Finally, they arrived at the car train terminal. In a matter of seconds the car was loaded and the train started to drive through a tunnel, destination unknown.

Shinji felt that they now had time to talk. Good thing, since he did have a number of questions. "This agency, NERV, is that what my old man is working for?"

"Yes, this secret organization is directly attached to the United Nations. The Commander has a very important project under his wing which I will tell you about later. You saw that Angel out there? Well, we have the only thing that can hurt it and there are more than just the one outside on the way to attack us... But you sound like you don't care for your father," Misato observed, noticing the coldness in Shinji's voice when speaking of his father.

"I would have preferred him leaving me alone. He threw me away like a piece of garbage after my mother's death and I was just three years old then. My uncle was a million times more a father to me than the bastard had ever been," Shinji told her, his voice hard.

Misato felt this hitting closer to home than Shinji could have known. "You sound bitter."

"After what he did, I have every right to be. What did she see in him in the first place?" Fishing out a heart-shaped locket from under his shirt, he opened it. A photograph of a beautiful woman in her 20s was in it. "This is my mother. My uncle gave me the picture, said having it close to my heart will never let me forget her."

Misato looked at the picture while unconsciously touching the cross pendant she was wearing. "She surely looks like she was a nice person. Oh, by the way, did you like my picture? I tried to give you a good shot of me," she suddenly asked.

"It is a good picture, but I'm not into older women, sorry," he told her, putting away the locket after closing it.

"Hmph... I'm not that old..." It looked like she wasn't prepared for that kind of reaction or discussing her age, so she decided to change the topic. "You have your ID-card?"

"Yep." He showed it to her. "I think I better won't ask from where you guys got the photo."

"Oh, we do have our ways..." she said mysteriously, before giving him a small booklet. "Better read this, you will need it soon enough."

Shinji looked at it. "'Welcome to NERV'? Looks more like an advertisement leaflet. Well, reading it can't hurt, but I really don't plan to stay here for more than a few days. I only wanted to tell my old man that he can shove... Oh, WOW!"

Shinji stopped his rant when the tunnel ended, the tracks now going on a viaduct through a huge cavern so big that he had some trouble seeing the limits. "A geofront! I read about this in a geography magazine, but hadn't thought that one was already finished!"

"Surprise! Look, down there." Following her finger, Shinji saw a pyramid far below in the geofront. "That is NERV headquarters. We will go there."

...a little later...

If Shinji had thought for a moment things would go smoothly from this point on, he now knew that things would never be easy. Such as right now.

"I told you, we are lost!" Shinji complained when they passed a certain corridor the third time. The self-moving walkways and the escalators were only little help for them. He felt they were going in circles.

Misato obviously disliked being reminded of that. She did have difficulties getting used to the huge NERV headquarters and still hadn't memorized all the ways. The map she was trying to read wasn't very helpful as well, since it seemed a monkey had drawn it. Having a smart-ass kid with her, who easily saw through her confusion, wasn't helping, too. She decided that she wouldn't let this get to her.

"Well, looks like I have to resort to unusual methods..." Misato finally decided, whipping out her cell phone.


"Chief of Project E at Section 1 of Technical Department, Dr. Akagi Ritsuko, Dr. Akagi Ritsuko. Please contact with Captain Katsuragi at Section 1 of Operation Department immediately," was announced over the intercom system.

Having just put away her scuba gear and peeling off her special wetsuit after her emergency check of the submerged parts of the unit, Ritsuko Akagi felt like groaning. Over the previous months she had been forced to help Misato at least a dozen times after she had gotten lost in the headquarters. It was as if the woman was simply incapable of learning the layout of the base, even after everyone else had done so. Her old friend still surprised her - in positive as in negative ways.

Sometimes I really wonder how she got this far in life, she wondered.

Knowing that time was of essence with the Angel already putting itself back together, she felt that she could change into her uniform later. Getting into her shoes and putting the lab coat over the swimsuit she had worn beneath the wetsuit, she was on the way.

"How can an adult woman get lost this often? It is not that the layout is that complicated," she wondered aloud while making a beeline for the elevator


She is supposed to be an officer at this place? I surely hope that she is the exception to the rule, Shinji snarked silently while looking to Misato.

At least Misato had managed to find an elevator, but Shinji felt that she truly had no idea where they were right now, nor how to finally get them closer to wherever they needed to go. He had never before met an adult who could be this helpless. The elevator doors opened that moment, revealing a not very pleased looking Ritsuko Akagi, who seemed to be far too familiar with this kind of situation.

Misato looked embarrassed. "Uh, eh... Ritsuko."

Ritsuko rolled her eyes in annoyance, before selecting the correct level. "You have to tell me how you do it, Misato! We are short of hands and time! Don't tell me you got lost again..."

"Well... uhm..."

"She did. I even caught her holding the map upside-down," Shinji said, causing Misato to look hard at him. Shinji then noticed something else. "Uhm... eh... Please don't tell me that this is the standard uniform for women here."

She needed a moment before realizing what he meant. Ritsuko buttoned up her lab coat, scolding herself for forgetting this. "No, thank all gods. You just caught me in an unfitting moment right after I used scuba gear." She then looked to Misato. "So, he is the boy we have been looking for?"

"Yes, the 'Third Child' according to Marduk's report," Misato replied, glad that the topic had shifted to a more familiar terrain.

Third Child? What kind of title is that? Also, shouldn't this mean there two others as well? Shinji wondered, but then he remembered his manners. "I'm Shinji Ikari, pleased to meet you," he told Ritsuko.

"Dr. Ritsuko Akagi. Hmm.. You look a little like your father."

"But don't think I act like him! I will be relieved when I'm out of here and far away from him!" Shinji defended himself.

"You are clearly not like him. He would have never shown this much emotion," Ritsuko observed, intrigued by the boy. Considering all the files about what had happened eleven years ago, she had expected him to be a case for the psychiatrist. However, he seemed to be a totally normal boy.

Well, that's what you get when the observations were discontinued shortly after his ninth birthday, she thought, having an idea that their files about his psychological profile had to be way outdated.

Feeling this could wait, Ritsuko gave Misato a look. "Next time you get lost, I'll give you a hand-held navigation unit."

"Ritsuko, I..." Misato then went on trying to defend herself.

Shinji silently followed the bickering between the two women while walking through the corridors after exiting the elevator. It sounded as if they were in a real emergency and they then talked about a Unit-01 with a minimal chance of activating it at all. There were a lot of technical terms he didn't understand, mixed in with some barbs. He tried to ignore them while reading the rest of the manual, before waving it around.

"Why did you even give me this?" he asked Misato. "This was just a better PR-brochure with little of real worth."

"Let me see..." Ritsuko again rolled her eyes after taking a look at it. "Don't tell me you accidentally grabbed the official brochure instead of the one I prepared for him?" she asked Misato.

"Well, maybe..." Misato was spared an answer when they finally reached a pitch-black room.

"Did someone switch off the lights?" Shinji asked rhetorically.

The lights turned on and Shinji had to try had not to jump in shock. There, before him was... He got no idea what it was. It looked like one of these mechas in animes, only looking much meaner. Despite him having no concrete memory of it, his subconsciousness did remember the purple monster that had taken away his mother, shooting fear through his veins at the mere sight.

"This is the Multi-Purpose Humanoid Fighting Machine EVANGELION which humanity finally developed in order to fight back against the Angels, of which one is right now knocking at our door," Dr. Akagi explained, but Shinji was still staring at it.

He had no idea why, but he was clutching the locket in his hand, afraid of that EVA. "That's what my old man is working on? A big mecha?"


Shinji turned around, spying his father above them behind bulletproof glass, and his eyes turned hard. The man had not changed at all, still looking at him as if seeing a total stranger and not his own son. If Shinji needed any proof that Gendo was a huge bastard, here it was.

"Father..." The temperature seemed to drop at this simple word.

Misato and Dr. Akagi only needed to hear this one word to know that things had just gotten way more complicated than anticipated.

...inside the EVA...

"...big mecha..."

Yui, still curled up into a ball in her protective womb, didn't have any idea how much time had passed outside of her sanctum. She only knew that she'd had the best sleep of her life and she felt like newly born, refreshed and literally bursting with energy. The words replayed, again and again, rousing her out of her deep sleep.

Who is that?I feel like I should know this voice. She tried to move, tried to find out where this voice came from, which she felt was very familiar. me out. LET ME OUT!

Trashing around, she only wanted to finally get out, feeling a need to be close to this voice. Suddenly the water bubble she was in busted open and a strong contraction forced her head forward through a narrow and muscular orifice into something that felt like a birthing channel.

"Ugh..." she moaned. Getting shoved head-first into a fleshy, slimy tube was not an experience she was keen on repeating anytime soon.

Yui ground her teeth together and tried to wiggle forward while following contractions pushed her entirely into the fleshy tube. She felt like she was rhythmically pressed together when the contractions slowly pushed her forward trough the wet, slimy and narrow tunnel. It was, simply put, disgusting and she'd be glad to finally get out of whatever this was.

Nggg... If being born feels like this, I'm glad I don't remember the first time!

Suddenly there was a bright light at the end of the tube and a strong contraction made her slip through the remaining distance into the light. Yui felt like her eyes opened up to the world.

...in the real world...

Misato felt a headache coming up. There really was no love left between Shinji and his father. It was made worse by him and Ritsuko expecting Shinji to pilot Unit-01 without any training at all, while the shaking earth reminded them that the Angel was back in fighting condition and already in the city, doing something that wasn't good for them.

-Brrom- -Brrooom-

The constant rumbling in the background was a reminder that the Angel was lose in the city now and the way the concrete dust was falling from the ceiling told her that there was not much time left. Kind of stupid that a family dispute now was the biggest problem.

"So, let me get this straight," Shinji finally said. "You have called me to pilot that huge thing, EVA, which has a very, very remote chance of working at all, without any kind of training whatsoever, against that monster which you call an Angel, out there, becoming your obedient soldier in the end? ... And why should I do so?"

Gendo remained cold. "Three reasons. First, if you don't, humanity as we know it will cease to exist. Second, only you can do the job. Third, otherwise someone else will do it."

"So let the other one do the job," Shinji said defiantly.

Gendo's eyes narrowed slightly. He was unused to being denied.

He had to admit, sending Shinji to Kaldor had been a mistake. Kaldor and Yui had been close, so he should have known that Shinji would become strong-willed and defiant under his uncle's care. For his plans a weak-willed Shinji - easy to manipulate - would have been much better, but now he had to adapt with the damage long done. Forcing him to cooperate and do the job was only a matter of the right means. Good thing he had these means at hand.

"Very well." He turned on his communicator. "Fuyutsuki, bring in Rei. ... She is alive, so she can do it. ... The spare proved unwilling."

Shinji felt sick when he saw a gurney being wheeled in. The girl on it was in a really bad condition, and to his surprise he recognized her as the same girl he had seen in this strange incident at the train station. The same blue hair, pale skin and red eyes... well as far as he could see from the one eye that was not covered in bandages. He had no idea what he should make of this; it was enough to make his head spin.

Who is she? Why did I see here back there? My old man called her Rei, he wondered.

Looking closer at her, he felt even worse. She obviously was in much pain and had a number of injuries. At least the ones he was able to see, most were probably covered by the sleeveless, white rubber suit she was wearing. The girl clearly was in no shape to do anything and looked like being pulled fresh out of the hospital in the middle of treatment.

"Have you completely lost you mind?!" Shinji protested.

Gendo was pleased. Now he was getting the required reaction. "Since you refuse to pilot, the First Child has to take your place."

Shinji felt getting angry. How dare he! This girl is in no condition to do anything! She belongs in a hospital bed!

-BBRRAAAOOOMM- -Dangclangdang-

"Watch out!"

In horror Shiji saw some debris falling down from the ceiling, loosened by the constant attacks. At the last second he grabbed the blue-haired girl and pulled her off the gurney, which immediately afterward got smashed by a huge chunk of concrete.

"Aaahhh!" the girl, Rei, screamed in pain at the sudden motion.

More debris fell down, and this time Shinji was sure he had no chance to escape. So this is the end? What a way to go... -CLANG- Wait a second... we are still alive. Looking up, Shinji saw in awe that the huge mecha's hand was held protectively over them, having intercepted the debris.

"It moved... That's impossible! Even the entry plug has not been inserted yet. It can't move!" Ritsuko insisted, totally surprised by this turn of events. She had never before seen that piece of junk move at all, hadn't even expected it despite knowing all the facts and that it was remotely possible.

Misato also was baffled, having seen the very first reaction from the EVA in all her time at NERV. However, she was more concerned with the action itself. "It reacts without the interface... Or rather, did it protect him? Maybe he can do it."

Gendo merely raised an eyebrow. So you are in there. You have proven it beyond doubt.

Shinji didn't waste any time over this so-called miracle. Instead, he looked at the injured girl in his arms. She was moaning in pain, some of her injuries having started to bleed again after being re-opened by the movement. He looked into her uncovered eye. He was scared how expressionless it was, as if there was little behind it, no real emotion. But, no, there was also something: a small plea just to make the pain stop. He could have sworn it was fear.

Shinji looked up to his father, who hadn't moved in all the time. "All right... It looks like I have no choice but to do it. However, I tell you this: I won't do it for you. It's just to keep her from more harm. This girl belongs into a hospital bed. Should I not see her properly treated when I come back, I will leave," he growled to him, his anger at being given no choice and that others, namely Rei, suffered because of Gendo, made him see red.

"Good... Dr. Akagi, prepare everything for the start." Gendo then left.

"Don't worry... I won't let anything happen to you," Shinji tried to calm down Rei. He then took off his locket. "Misato, please keep this safe for me. It means so much for me... I don't want to lose it during whatever is going to happen."

Misato touched her cross pendant again, understanding Shinji quite well. "Don't worry, I know how valuable such things are. I'll keep it safe."

...a few minutes later...

Shinji was relieved that he wasn't claustrophobic, because the cockpit of the entry plug was really small. He had no idea how the hell he was supposed to even move that thing, as the control scheme looked pretty simplistic but alien to him. Just two handles he could pull. He wondered what he was supposed to do, since there were no other controls in sight. These strange hair clips he was now wearing also looked silly, but Dr. Akagi had said they were needed for better nerve connection, whatever that meant.

He didn't show it, but that he, a teenager without any training whatsoever, was supposed to fight this huge monster was scaring him shitless. He did start to have second thoughts about his decision, but knew that it not only was far too late, but that he also literally, at least to Misato and Ritsuko, was the only one capable of doing the job. Not that this was helping his confidence.

"We're now starting activation," Ritsuko announced over the comm.

Suddenly the plug started to fill with a sort of light orange liquid. "Ahhh! What the hell, you want to drown me?!"

"Don't worry. After your lungs fill with LCL, it'll directly supply you with oxygen. You'll get used to it soon enough," Ritsuko tried to reassure him, but she was lousy with it.

Shinji tried to hold his breath for a while, but finally he had to give in and the LCL filled his lungs. To his surprise, he really could breathe. Now however there was something else... something disgusting. "Yuuuagh. I'm going to be sick!"

"Stand it! You are a boy, aren't you?" Misatio tried to keep his whining short.

"This has nothing to do with being a boy! You try to sit in something that looks and probably tastes like piss!" Shinji shot back. That shut Misato up.

The activation went on and Shiji felt strange, as if his mind expanded. The screens around him sprang to life, appearing on the walls themselves. He blinked several times. He felt a little as if he was leaving his body, as if he was the Evangelion. Really curious. Then the plug wall in front of him vanished, making it appear like a huge viewscreen watching the cage.

What the hell? That's like what the thing's eyes are seeing. To his surprise, moving his head a little also shifted the view, as if he was moving its head.

"Success! The EVA has went online for the first time ever!" Maya Ibuki, Ritsuko's assistant, reported in the command center, reading the data from the screens in front of her. "And... The rate of synchronization is 41.3 percent. How is that possible with no prior training?"

"We shouldn't care for this now and be glad he gets along with it so well," Ristuko decided. She had a distant idea why, but she kept that to herself, especially with the Commander being present.

"All values of the harmonics are normal. Everything is under control. We are ready to launch," Maya concluded her report.

At once the starting catapult was readied. Misato used that time to give some last words to Shinji. "I know you have no idea how to use it, just try what you can, think your movements as the EVA is an extension of your body. Also please come back in one piece, all right?"

"I hope that, too," Shiji replied somewhat unsure. He was going to go against a huge monster with no battle training at all. He wondered who was more stupid: his father for forcing him into this, or he himself for actually doing it.

"Launch!" Misato commanded and suddenly Shinji was pressed into his seat when the unit was moved to the surface with high speed.


It seems they have finally accepted their fate. Good, I was getting really annoyed after they managed to hurt me with their weapon.

Sachiel was glad that all these annoying insects were gone now, as if accepting the futility of their efforts. They had managed to hurt him, really hurt him with that last strike. However, it was nothing he couldn't repair, even though growing a new face in order to broaden his arsenal had been quite painful. Shooting another energy charge at the ground, he slowly expanded the beginning of the tunnel he would use to reach his goal.

The call was not entirely clear, yet it it felt like Adam, his father and the father of all his brothers and sisters.

How dare the spawn of Lilith do something like this! They all loved their father with all of their heart, well, if they had one. When the Lilim had hurt him 15 years ago, they had decided to rescue him and make his captors pay for their acts. However, they had needed time to come to this plane after the energy of their hurt father had cracked the walls of their prison. He was the first of them who had managed to escape, and he would bring their father to safety.

The others will finally stop treating me like a baby. Zeruel will be so proud of me and father will finally be with us again. The thought warmed him.

Thinking of Lilith, their treacherous mother, made him shoot the next beam with much more force than needed.

She and Adam could have had this world together with their children for themselves. Instead, she had turned her back on them, casting them away to in turn manipulate the biosphere of this world to create a weak offspring of their kind. The Children of Lilith were weak and inferior. As soon as Adam was safe, they would first find their treacherous mother and destroy her, before doing the same with her bastard brood and then reclaim their world.

Soon, father, soon you will be free... he thought.

Sachiel wanted to shoot the next beam when he noticed the presence of Lilith. Looking around, what he saw... was a abomination! It was formed like their father but it clearly smelled of Lilith. Enraged over this perversion of the Lilim, he decided to destroy that... that thing first!

I will rip you apart, you FREAK! No one is allowed to dishonor father like this!

"Ah! This thing doesn't work as I want it to!" Shinji screamed while trying to get the controls right.

They had said that he had to think most of it, but that was easier said than done! He was moving, all right, but it was more swaying around like a drunk instead of normal walking. How was he expected to fight like this? He had only managed to plug in the cable for his unit, but nothing more!

Then he saw big, bad and ugly running towards him, its eyes growing red in what Shinji felt was anger.

"Oh-uh!" he barely managed to get out.

With a loud crash, the Angel gripped Unit-01 and threw it down on the ground hard. "Owwww!" Shinji had felt it as if the Angel had smashed him down personally, only to be replaced by a wince when the Angel grabbed the EVA's left arm, squeezing it hard.

"Shinji, keep calm, it isn't your real arm!" Misato tried to get through to him.

"It's useless, the pain is paralyzing him!"

"The AT-field hasn't deployed, this looks really bad!"

"No field? Why that?" Ritsuko shot to them, not having expected this development.


"AAAAHHHHHH!" Shinji screamed when the EVA's left arm snapped. It felt like his real arm had been broken, though.

"Shinji, fight against it!" Misato pleaded, hoping that he would hear her.

Now for the final touch...

However, new bad news arrived too fast when the Angel grabbed Unit-01 by the head and started to blast it with the energy lance from its arm weapon at point blank. Each hit created a bigger crack in the head armor of the EVA.

"It is attacking the head and going after the pilot! If this goes on, the head armor will crack soon!" Another head-on shot... and it smashed through the armor.

"AAARRRGH!" Shinji screamed when it felt as if a hot iron was pushed into his left eye, the pain making him lose control entirely.

"The system is shutting down!"

Shinji sat unmoving in the pilot's chair, nearly totally knocked out with pain and full of fear. He didn't want to die! No, I don't want to die! Help! Please... PLEASE HELP, SOMEONE! he screamed in his head, tears streaming out of his eyes in pain. Please...

He was already preparing for the inevitable, when suddenly he felt like he was held in someone's arms, being told that the pain will go away and that the one who did this to him would pay for hurting him. He had no idea what it was, but he let it flow into him and it soothed his pain, filling every bit of his body and putting him at ease while he felt the unit move again.

That has been too easy, Sachiel mocked while preparing for the final strikes.

Sachiel knew he had won, a few more hits and that perversion was history. Then he would return to his original task of freeing his father. He wasn't prepared for that thing suddenly jumping up, its intact eye flashing dangerously in an angry white. Then it let out a fear-inspiring roar.

Sachiel knew that it was a death-threat.

In the command center, everything had become hectically with the EVA suddenly coming to life. "This is impossible, the EVA is totally out of control! It is moving on its own, all signals are blocked, we can't receive anything!" Maya reported, hectically.

As if totally mad, the EVA jumped the Angel, bashing on it in pure anger. The Angel thew it away, activating its AT-field to keep away the enemy. Unit-01 smashed against the field, roaring in anger at being denied to hit its enemy.

Just wait... Sachiel seethed.

Sachiel hadn't expected this, but he now was forewarned. He wouldn't underestimate this perversion again. Loading up the weapon in his eyes, he prepared for a clear shot... when he saw in horror something that shouldn't be possible.

"It is deploying its own field, breaking through the AT-field of the Angel!" was reported over the command center.

They watched in horror how the out-of-control EVA broke through the field, shredding it like confetti, finally grabbing the Angel's weapon-arm, squeezing it hard before cleanly ripping it off, throwing the Angel to the ground. It then went on to trash the Angel, hitting it again and again with its own arm like with a club.

"Berserker..." was all Ritsuko could say.

Misato on the other hand was sickened when seeing this bloody, fear-inspiring spectacle. "Oh my God, Ritsuko, what kind of monster has NERV created?"

Gendo however didn't look concerned. "We have won..."

The Eva smashed the Angel to the ground after it had tried to get up. Throwing away the arm, it now instead started to hit the big sphere of his core. It now only wanted one thing... to feast on the red thing and make it its own; feeling the power within it.

Sachiel had never before felt so much pain. That thing... was a monster! He couldn't believe the Lilim had been capable to create something like this. It had ripped off his arm after breaking it like it was nothing, and now it was hitting his core, threatening to break it and destroy his very being. The sphere already had several cracks and he saw the greedy look this beast was giving it.

He now knew he wouldn't survive this confrontation but at least he would deny this perversion the main prize.

Forgive me father, I wasn't strong enough. Now I will never see you again...

Hugging the monster close, he did the last thing he could do to at least not let his death be completely futile. He ignited his core to take that thing with him to the grave.


In a flash of light the Angel vanished and a big, cross-shaped explosion that towered over Tokyo-3, bathing the city in an unnatural, almost sinister light. Only the fact that the force of the explosion was directed upward stopped it from demolishing a good part of the city.

Everyone in the control center watched the smoke of the explosion, fearing the worst. Suddenly the screens went back to life with the data feed restored. Misato was relieved when she heard that the pilot was all right, only very weak. Seconds later the view from the entry plug flashed on screen.

"Shinji, how do you feel?" Misato asked him.

"So weak... I can't..."

Dr. Akagi looked to the screen "Please, it is no shame for a boy to faint." She then turned off the feed in order to give him some privacy for that. "Is the recovery crew already on the way?" she then asked Misato.

"They should be there soon. He now needs a proper bed."

None of them had an eye for the Commander and Vice-Commander leaving, as if having something to talk about.

Meanwhile inside the plug, Shinji felt his awareness slipping away.

He felt his eyes becoming heavy. He welcomed it. He felt a whisper of whatever had comforted him go over him for the last time. He thought he had heard the whisper "I'm so proud of you", before he fell into a deep sleep.

to be continued...

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Like with the Prologue, this chapter was originally written at a very fast pace - mere days - thus accounting for its short length and shoddy attention to detail. Due to me having been highly inexperienced and impatient at the time, I got the bad idea of tightening the events, which in the end turned out to be an error. It also showed in the original chapter not being very creative apart from having Shinji be different from the original.

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His personality isn't as detailed as that of later Angels, although he does give some exposition on the backstory. I just made him loyal to his father Adam, otherwise he pretty much was the ordinary guy among the Angels. His battle pretty much goes like in canon, although instead of squeezing his arms to mush, Unit-01 rips out one of his arms, which I thought is cooler. I also don't mind his Rebuild-version, since he looks and acts the same, only more detailed.

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