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Chapter 42: Recovery of what once was lost

Adam felt like Lilith had kicked him into the head at least ten dozen times. However, being in pain at least told him that he was still under the living. His body was as heavy as lead and he felt his strength only slowly returning. Opening his eyes wasn't that high on his list of things to do, but he knew that he had to.

The first sight that greeted him with the early dawn sky, the rising sun painting it in shades of yellow and orange. It was a welcome sight to him, though not exactly informative.

Suppressing a groan, he slowly moved his head to see that he was lying in a crater - no doubt the result of his hard impact - with numerous humans having set up their equipment at the upper edge, monitoring him. That was a good sign. Had they mistrusted him, they'd have used the opportunity to get rid of him while he'd been helpless. However, he was unable to understand any of them, their voices simply being too small for him to understand and he couldn't be bothered to sharpen his hearing.

Again feeling the huge mass of his body weighting him down, Adam decided to do something about that. It would be an unorthodox solution, but but have the side effect of hopefully sending the correct message. Drawing some strength from his lance, he did a trick that would make it easier for him to heal from his injuries and hopefully make him look less intimidating.

The things I do for this job...

Everyone looked in awe when all of a sudden the huge, pale-glowing giant started to shrink - and everyone wondered how the lance was shrinking as well - until an human-sized being stood down in the center of the crater, already looking much healthier with a stronger glow surrounding him. Feeling better, Adam levitated up to the edge of the crater, touching down in the midst of the people there. Hopefully, they wouldn't notice him leaning on his lance.

For some moments, everyone just stared at him. Adam still was big - almost three meters to be exact - but it was indeed much less intimidating than him being a giant.

He should have known that he was still intimidating them, which was no wonder after all the destruction his children had caused. So he had to take the lead. "I am not here to do you any harm. Please show me the way to your leaders."

...half an hour later...

It had been a pain.

He really wasn't made for diplomacy, so it had taken him almost half an hour before they had finally escorted him - the soldiers holding their weapons ready, as if this would do them any good - to a hill where the makeshift command center had been erected. It consisted of several containers, a far cry from the installation in the geofront.

On the way he'd seen how much destruction the battle had caused. What had been a city nestled in a peaceful landscape had been turned into a debris- and body-filled battlefield. He could literally smell death in the air. He could see in their faces the horrors they had went through and would never forget. Yet, they had prevailed.

When they'd finally reached the hill, he'd seen the Lilim's battle machines leaning against it. Only four were left and all of them looked severely trashed. Adam could guess how horrible the battle must have been for the guardians to look like that.

And now here he was. After their initial surprise, these people were quite direct and he liked it that way. After all, that saved them lots of time.

"...she is no more. Every last bit of her was vaporized when she overloaded herself," he concluded, then waited for their questions.

While he waited, the people gathered in the makeshift command center - very makeshift, considering it made from several welded together containers - were in different states of emotion.

The military of course mistrusted Adam. After all, he was an Angel, and those were mostly known for causing widespread destruction. What happened on the Moon didn't help to assure them there was no loner any risk, although there was little they could do now.

The NERV command, formed by Gendo, Fuyutsuki, Ritsuko and Misato, was more open-minded, especially since they knew that should Adam have wanted to destroy them, they wouldn't be there any longer. They were more interested in a peaceful solution.

The pilots stood a little apart. Now that there was nothing more to fight against, they felt like the fifth wheel. That part of their lives was over and they had to re-orient themselves. They also had to think about poor Mana, who right now was sleeping with the help of sedatives, since she'd been unable to find any sleep after all what she'd seen and done the day before.

"So, now what?" Misato finally broke the silence. "You should know plain clear that while you helped us by destroying Lilith, we still can't fully trust you. Not after everything that did happen." She had to try hard to stay calm. His presence made her nervous.

"This is a sad matter of fact. The destruction caused by Lilith and my children will make it impossible for the foreseeable future for me to gain any trust. Nonetheless, I want to help undo some of the damage done. While what's dead and past can't be returned, wounds can be healed and injustice undone."

"'Injustice undone?'" Ritsuko asked in a way that made no secret that she was somewhat disappointed that Adam had to resort to corny comic book lines.

"Please, I was created to seed and guide life, not to be a conversationalist." Adam then looked outside, towards the Evangelions. "I know everything from my son. Two lives were stolen..." Ignoring everyone else, he walked out of the tent. "...and to heal this world and show my good intentions, I shall begin right here."

They had no way to do anything, especially when Adam grew back to his original size, standing in front of Unit-00 and 01. Looking at the huge Evangelions, he rose his hands and the chest armor simply peeled off, revealing the cores. Sure there were numerous sparks, some smoke and it sounded like a car in a compactor, but the cores themselves were unscratched. It was at that moment where it became painfully clear that Adam was way more powerful than any Angel they'd ever encountered, meaning that they wouldn't have survived a battle against Lilith, who probably had been equally strong.

Adam looked at the dull orange spheres, as if studying a mechanism to find out how to operate it. "A very crude replication of the technology of the Ancient Ones. Only the organic part... No wonder that this is so horribly unstable. Nonetheless very impressive you managed to come this far in such a short time."

"Could it be? All the time he knew how to get them out of there?" Ritsuko wondered aloud while watching Adam. Despite what she'd promised her mother, she'd had only little hope of ever succeeding with getting her out of the EVA.

Gendo didn't say anything. All these years, he'd conspired to bring about the end of the world, just to be re-united with Yui, and now it could turn out that freeing the world by doing what was right and just, could return her to him. His hopes to again hold her in his arms had been very slim, so he was unable to really cope with this now coming out of the blue. He could do nothing but watch and wait.

Finally, Adam was done and his glow extended to the two Evangelions. The cores lit up and both units protested, roaring like injured animals, but the glow held them firmly in place. "No, you won't keep them!" Adam hissed. "You have had them for years, stolen their lives from them. Release them right now!"

Both Evangelions were unwilling, Unit-01 snapping at Adam's arm. It seemed that both of them were running amok, but Adam was capable of holding them, even though it did cost him lots of strength, considering how he was shaking. "All right. I wanted to do this the easy way..."

Energy hit the cores directly, causing them to flare up bright-yellow.

The roaring of the EVAs faded, making room for screeching. It seemed that they were in lots of pain, fearing for their very lives. In the cores, two shadows took the form of human beings, then the outer shell of the cores started to crack like glass, before it broke apart. In a wave of LCL, two human bodies landed in the palms of his hands, which he'd held under the cores, while the two EVAs slumped down, like puppets whose strings were cut.

Adam looked at the two naked women in his hands. They looked so vulnerable, covered in a sticky coating of LCL, shivering in the aftershock of their bodies re-forming after so many years and he could feel their minds trying to grasp what had happened, although Yui Ikari was a little less panicked since she must have seen and heard what was about to happen, before her soul had been fused back into her body. Then both of them fainted from the experience.

"Please tend to them. This is a huge shock to their system," he told the people watching him while lowering his hands to the ground.

That finally brought everyone out of it.

Medics rushed forward to do their job, quickly wrapping the two women into blankets and putting them onto stretchers before checking their vital signs. Thankfully, despite having just been returned to life, they were stable with no complications, just very weak. This was a wonder when remembering, that Naoko Akagi had been mortally injured mere minutes before being absorbed. It seemed either the EVA or Adam had the foresight to heal her wounds.


There was a flurry of activity in the medical tent, medics being busy with checking the two women after carefully cleaning them of the LCL. Yui Ikari and Naoko Akagi still seemed to be out of it, perhaps still being in shock that mind and body had been reunited after years. Shinji for one couldn't blame them, since even a single month had been a big shock to his system.

Like him, they were in surprisingly good health, but quite weak.

Standing at the field bed Yui was resting in, Shinji couldn't help but notice his father looked very pensive. Finally, he couldn't keep quiet anymore. "This is what you always wanted. You don't look very happy about it, however."

If anything, Gendo was relieved his son was no longer avoiding talking to him. "Wanting something and actually getting it are two very different things. I learned I wanted her so much, I lost sight of what's truly important. And now, finally doing what was right, she was returned to us. It gave me something to think about."

Shinji was taken aback again. His father sounded insecure, yes, a bit frightened. Looking to the other side of the bed, he spotted Rei watching Yui. "Rei, you know she loves you dearly. No need to be nervous."

"I can not help but be nervous. I know she will embrace me, but part of me is still nervous." She knew it was illogical, but emotions hardly were rooted in logic.

Surprisingly, it was the elder Akagi who woke up first.

Opening her eyes, the first thing she saw was her daughter. She was trying to remember. It was all a bit of a haze. Bein injured while getting absorbed must have damaged her memory somewhat. She did remember hating Rei Ayanami... at least until a change started in the girl. In the end her anger had made room for acceptance and she'd allowed her to pilot safely.

It was difficult to remember things that happened outside of the plug. There was Ritsuko... She did remember horror at the idea of hurting her. Speaking of Ritsuko, something was quite obvious with the way she appeared.

"Since when have you stopped bleaching your hair?" The elder Akagi knew that it was a completely stupid thing to ask, but it had been the first thing to come to mind when seeing her daughter's hair being back to its natural brown.

She's all right. After all, she'd never made peace with me bleaching my hair, saying that we shouldn't try to emulate gaijin, Ritsuko thought, feeling relief that her mother seemed to be herself. She then noticed her mother looking around and her face turning into a mask of hatred when spotting Gendo watching over Yui.

"Mother, a lot has changed during the years when you were gone. I can't stand him either for what he has done, but I don't want the hatred to poison me," she told her to attract her attention away from the man.

Naoko felt that it was not so easy; a big part of her wanted to beat Gendo to death for how he had wronged her on so many levels. Ritsuko's words however reminded her of her late husband, who besides his scientific mind had also possessed wisdom that she was lacking. It seemed that her daughter had, after years of following her path, learned these lessons.

Her anger fled her. Instead, she gave Yui a nervous look.

Ritsuko knew what this was about. "Oh, she is angry with you. She also was angry with me. You really need to give her a honest apology."

Naoko Akagi was a number of things, but right now she felt like hiding under her blanket.

Meanwhile, Yui was finally awakening.

She'd seen it coming, seen Adam approach and do his thing. Still, the process of putting soul and body back together had hurt like hell. It had felt like being ripped out of a warm home and being thrown into an ice-cold ocean. The shock had made her black out, something she was thankful for. Currently, she felt weak, but being able to feel at all was worth it. She felt complete for the first time in over a decade.

Opening her eyes, she as greeted with three faces; two very welcome ones and one only under conditions.

Ignoring her husband for the moment, she turned her attention to Shinji and Rei., giving them a smile. "It is alright, you two can hug me. I won't break."

They took her by the word and both gave her an extended hug. Yui knew that despite having fought in a war and having discovered the secret of love, Shinji and Rei in some aspects still were children. One of these things was, that they needed to be reassured that there is someone who cares for them. After the hardships of the previous day they also saw her as a source of emotional warmth, which would help them to cope with everything that had happened.

Finally they parted. "I... I still fear you'd could vanish at any moment," Shinji tried to put his current feelings into words. To have back all of her, to be able to feel her, hug her, that was something that deep inside he'd missed all these years.

"Don't worry. I'm now how for the long term..." Simple words that helped to put his fears to rest. "I'll make up my long absence, I promise."

Yui then turned her attention to Rei, seeing how nervous the girl was. "You shouldn't worry. To me you already are part of the family and you can call me mother, even though it will be years before you stand before the altar with my son and I can call you that officially."

"Oh... Thank you..." Rei couldn't help it, these gentle words made her blush.

Finally, she turned her attention to Gendo. "Gendo Ikari, front and center, now!"

Gendo knew that voice. She'd meant that as an order to be followed at once. Not wanting to incur her anger, he did as told, then waited for what he had known would be coming now. Silence lasted for long seconds, before Yui broke it. If Gendo had expected to be slapped, he was in to a disappointment, as Yui stayed peaceful.

"Alright, Gendo Ikari. I bet you expected me to be quite nasty to you, but I'll disappoint you. You are in luck that I had months to calm down and to make fire under your butt to get you make up for everything you did. That does not mean you are of the hook, of course. Surely you wonder what will come next?"

"Yes, dear." He knew, disagreeing was pointless and would only hurt him.

"Good. After all this time, I will give you a second chance. For now you are on probation. Once you have proven to me that the change for the better is permanent, I'll return all these privileges to you that you've lost for now. Deal?" However, Yui's tone of voice made it clear that the deal was already in effect, and his approval not needed.

"Yes, dear." What choice had he otherwise?

"See, it wasn't that difficult." Yui held a triumphant smile, knowing that Gendo would not break his word out of fear how she could react. Noting some light to her left, she looked outside the tent, and lost her smile. "Cloud you tell me what he is doing?"

Everyone looked outside, to see something impressive.

Adam had slammed the aft end of the lance into the ground, so that it stood straight up. He was glowing much stronger than usual, channeling all the energies into the now also glowing lance. As if feeling their eyes on him, he addressed them.

"I healed you. And like I healed your wounds, I will now heal the wounds of the world."

White light erupted from the lance, making it look as if everything was bathed in a sort-of white mist. Everyone felt a little lightheaded before they began to feel... great. This light felt wonderful, as if all their troubles had been taken off them.

From Japan, the white light started to spread, traversing oceans and mountains without any problem. All over the world, people stopped whatever they did and the white light embraced them as well. Finally, the whole globe was covered in a cloud of light. The Earth seemed to let out a sigh of relief when the red glow at the South Pole was sucked up by the light and the axis of the planet corrected itself.

After some long minutes, Adam pulled the light back into himself, leaving behind a world which he'd given a gift to compensate for what Lilith had done to it.

Seeing that his job was done, Adam took his lance and then shrunk himself back to human size. Approaching the astonished group, he saw their puzzlement what exactly had happened. "I think you wonder what I have done?" No answer, it seemed they were still stunned by this display. "Well, I'll tell you nonetheless."

"Essentially, I tried to repair the damage done by Lilith. As I said, I can not bring back things that are dead and past, therefore I decided to cleanse the world of her influence and compensate you for all that happened. Some of you will surely by now feel a difference."

That finally shook them out of it. And yes, they did feel different. Refreshed, healthier. Both, Yui and Naoko, no longer felt weak. Ritsuko noticed that the heavy feeling in her lungs from years of chain-smoking was gone. Misato felt through her shirt, that the scar on her chest was gone, only smooth skin in its place. Unknown to them, Mana's sleep became more peaceful as well.

As they soon discovered, healing obviously only meant damage done, not natural weaknesses, as the sight of people wearing glasses was still impaired and old people stayed old, though they also felt much better than before.

Of all of them them, Rei felt the strangest. She felt as if part of her had been completely changed... in a good way. Her body felt different, like she now felt much more comfortable in her own skin. Facing Adam, she demanded directly: "What have you done with me?"

"There is no reason for concern, I did not do you any harm. I just gave you my special attention and removed the curse of Lilith from you. I replaced all what you inherited from her with healthy human genetics. I think you'll appreciate that you now are guaranteed to have very healthy offspring."

OK, that was information Rei didn't want to discuss in the open, so she directed her question someplace else. "How can my hair still be blue, if I have completely human genetics now?"

"I felt that your looks have become a part of you, so I created pigment genes for blue hair... You want it some other color?"

"No!" OK, now that he did ask her, she had become attached to her hair color. Natural blue hair, that was something to really make her unique.


That sounded like something big, metallic was collapsing. They soon saw, what it was, when looking outside. Unit-01 had collapsed into a heap of metal pieces, the head sitting atop of it, and the other three remaining Evangelions followed suit. There was no sign of the organic material that the EVAs were made of, it was just metal and electronics.

Adam shrunk back down, then noticed all of them looking questioning to him, knowing that this had to be his doing.

Adam shrugged. "I used the opportunity to also collect all the organic matter created for your battle machines. The way you jury-rigged the organic components is downright dangerous and irresponsible. It's best to remove that from your hands until the Ancient Ones can teach you, how to use it properly."

Ritsuko and Naoko felt insulted their their was was described in such terms. However, none of them would now dare to actually insult Adam, after all they had no way to possibly oppose him, meaning that they could only hope that the being would now stay true to his word, although his acts up to now spoke to his favor.

"I know you feel afraid, now that you are helpless, but you truly have nothing to fear from me."

"It's not like we can stop you anyway," the Vice-Commander admitted.

"My time for departure comes closer, but there is only one more loose end..." Adam looked to Asuka, who felt very uneasy with the sudden attention she got from the godlike being.

...deep inside the geofront...

The white light gave the whole room a cold atmosphere, which was only underlined by the cold temperatures that were used to keep the organic matter of dead bodies fresh. The morgue of the medical section wasn't used often, right now only holding one body: the one of Kaworu Nagisa, also know as Tabris, Angel of free choice.

Asuka felt uneasy, looking at the cold body of her boyfriend. "I thought you can't bring back the dead?"

"I can't," Adam acknowledged while studying the body. "While I can create a living body, the mental aspect of a person I can't bring back from wherever it goes. However, for my son the situation is different."

"How so?" She knew Kaworu had told that the all-father could grant him a second chance, but she didn't know what to make of this. The sheer idea that he could resurrect him was threatening to overload her mind. After all, dead was dead, right? And people usually only came back in comic books.

"When my children died, their essences returned to me, so that I can decide what will happen to them. For my son Tabris, it is even more. Since he'd carried my very being with him, his emotions and memories are held by me, therefore I'm able to return him to life," Adam explained, while looking at how much damage Lilith had done to his son's host body. "Please step back, I'm about to begin."

He didn't have to tell her that, his growing glow made her step back automatically. Fascinated she watched him defrosting the body within seconds and then starting with the repairs. Reconstructing a dead body into a living one obviously was a complicated process, as he didn't say a word while doing so. Asuka could see the progress until Kaworu's body again looked as good as it did when he'd been alive. However, something was still missing.

She looked in sick fascination when Adam's hands phased into his own chest, pulling out a yellow-glowing sphere of energy, holding it in his hands. Asuka looked in fascination at it, being reminded of how Rei had traveled to her current body.

"Is this...?" She didn't dare to say it.

"It is... You can touch it, if you want."

Asuka did so and suddenly she felt Kaworu's presence surrounding her. All of a sudden it seemed to notice her and she got flooded with a warm feeling. She quickly pulled her hand back with a gasp. "What was that?"

"You've looked into my son's very being. Well, now for the final touch..." Holding the sphere over Kaworu's head, he let go and it sank into the head, vanishing.

For a moment, nothing happened. Then all of a sudden, Kaworu flinched and coughed heavily! Asuka thought that something had went wrong and wanted to step forward, but Adam's outstretched arm stopped her. The action was words enough, he'd expected this reaction. And as he had expected, Kaworu seemed to calm down, his breathing returning to normal. Both of them looked in expectation when he opened his eyes.

Kaworu wondered, where he was.

He felt rather strange, as if something was truly different. He tried to remember. Lilith tricking him. Him dying and telling the whole story. Saying goodbye to Asuka. Sitting up, he looked around, and stopped dead, when seeing someone he'd hoped to see again. Disregarding the cold, he jumped up and hugged the glowing being.

"Father! You... you did come for me!" He couldn't believe how much of a reaction his father's presence caused in him, even stronger than normal.

"You are my son... You did so much for me... How could I not help you?" Adam felt truly happy. His son's happiness at seeing him was one of the bright spots since his re-awakening. "However, there is someone else who is also happy to see you."

Letting go of his father, he turned to see Asuka and another smile crept up his face. That was the other person he wanted to see. However, she, to his puzzlement, made no move towards him, instead she was blushing, the skin of her face trying to match the color of her hair. He wondered what she could find embarrassing, until he felt the cold, looked down and at last noticed that he was in his birthday suit.

"Oh." Now it was clear why she was embarrassed.

Grabbing the sheet, he quickly wrapped it around himself, before hugging Asuka as well. That brought her out of it, and she wasted no time with words; instead pressed her lips against his. Adam watched the scene with bemusement. Unlike what he and Lilith had had, this was real attraction, which could easily blossom into something more over time.

When their lips finally parted, Asuka and Kaworu felt very happy. And Asuka told him the one thing she wanted to make clear: "Weg es nicht, mich noch einmal zu verlassen." [Don't you dare to leave me a second time.]


It was really strange to gather on clear field to officially see Adam, the first Angel, leave Earth.

Adam had told them that, now that his mission was complete, he would return to the Ancient Ones to report the successful creation of intelligent life and a developed civilization on the planet. That however also meant to report his own failure with Lilith and the consequences of this failure. He could only hope that the end results would cover for the havoc that Lilith had caused, so that the Ancient Ones would extend mercy to him and hopefully decide to not punish him for his failures.

"Father, when will I see you again?" Kaworu asked Adam.

The last hour had brought big changes to him. He'd learned that all of his body was now made-up by human genetics, since his father felt that after all, he and his girlfriend one day would want offspring, if everything goes the right way. Also, Kaworu had finally discovered that his father had had to set priorities. In order to not accidentally blow up his head with too much information, he'd removed most of the theoretical knowledge, giving priority to personality and personal memories. A small sacrifice for being alive again.

"If the Ancient Ones show mercy and allow me to return with them, in five years." He hated to leave his son behind, but there was little choice. At least he knew that he was in good hands. "I will miss you, my son."

They hugged one last time, before Kaworu stepped back, allowing Adam, clutching the lance in his hands, to return to his original size. His body then wrapped itself around the lance in a way that normally was anatomically impossible, making it look as if the two of them became one. He hovered there for a few seconds, before taking off like a rocket into the sky, until he'd vanished into the blueness.

"I guess this closes the book on this chapter," Yui finally said after Adam was long gone. "Let's hope that the world can be prepared for the visit of peaceful aliens in five years. After all, we do not want an re-creation of countless science-fiction movies in reality."

Looking around, she guessed that nobody really had an idea what to do next, now that the whole thing was over. That was little wonder. After fighting for survival for this long, they of course were at a loss what to do with themselves, now that it was over.

She also caught Naoko Akagi looking away when seeing her. Probably guilt, since after all she and Gendo had done the nasty numerous time, and now she felt caught red-handed. Personally, she wanted to just ignore the woman, it was no use to get riled up over it now, especially after making up with Ritsuko. The elder Akagi also seemed awkward around Rei, which also was little wonder, considering their history.

She herself had no idea what to do next. After all, being trapped in an Evangelion core for over 11 years made planning for the future somewhat difficult. However, one thing she knew,was, that after all this excitement she only wanted some peace. A nice, boring life never before had it sounded so promising as it did now.

Shinji walked up to beside his mother, and then looked down to the ruins of what had been Tokyo-3, home to him for almost a year. "You know, we need to move..."

Yui let out a short laugh. "Well, that is a good place to start."

...five months later, Tokyo-2...

Finishing off the last of his cereal, Shinji looked up and around the breakfast table.

It was hard to believe that five months ago, he'd been fighting for the future of mankind, and now he was back in the normality of a middle-class family life. Or at least, as close as it could get. Right at the moment, his mother was busy with putting away the dishes, while his father was hiding behind the newspaper - Shinji by now had learned that he didn't actually read it. Rei still was nowhere in sight and her breakfast still sat untouched.

So much had changed in these months.

After the battle was over and Tokyo-3 totaled, the question had come up what to do with the displaced people. In the end it fell to the government and they obviously wanted to make sure that they could keep an eye on everyone involved with NERV. There was no other explanation for why they'd built a completely new neighborhood in Tokyo-2; one where practically everyone who'd worked for NERV was now living, which even included a lot of the families whose children were just potential pilots.

Not that he was complaining, it did keep all his friends in one place as well, making life much easier for them.

On the private side, things had changed considerably as well. The situation between his parents was... interesting, to say the least. Yui had made it pretty clear that Gendo was under probation and she'd be the judge on whether he had truly reformed, or not. This had resulted in some strange by-play like the newspaper-shield in the morning, but right at the moment it seemed like Gendo was on a good way to get back into Yui's good graces, if them again sleeping in one room instead of separate ones was an indicator.

His mother had expressed no desire to again work in anything big-time, wanting to enjoy a peaceful life. Boring, she had reasoned, also meant safe. So she'd instead become a teacher for physics and mathematics; much to Shinji's dismay, since she was teaching his class and was nagging him on his grades constantly. Good thing that she didn't have any classes today.

And his father had been damn lucky that the government hadn't decided to simply lock him away for good. Instead, they'd put him into a totally boring job inside the government, where he could do no harm at all. Granted, it came with a good pay, a nice desk at the window and great working hours, but it nonetheless was a fitting way of punishment. The bad news was, that it left Gendo with lots of free time to become creative with his hobbies.

Both of them, Gendo and himself, were under no illusions that they could act as if nothing had ever happened - too many feelings had been hurt over the years. However, over the months they had come to a truce. Of course it was difficult, especially with him as the rebellious teenager, but the peace was holding. They would never have the same bond as other children had with their fathers, but they at least wanted a lasting peace between them.

Finally, there was Rei. Things were going good for them. Rei's transformation to a normal teenage girl was practically complete and both of them were finally free to act that way, which was a great relief. While both of them had their own rooms, his parents had gotten used to them sharing a bed almost half the nights in a month. After all, they'd earned it by saving the world, and his parents wouldn't interfere.

Speaking of Rei, by now Shinji wondered what was taking her so long. He remembered her wanting to take a bath before coming to the breakfast table, but she hadn't shown up. If anything, Rei had developed the girl habit of needing extra long in the bathroom. That was one change he could have lived without.

"Shinji, shouldn't you go to school now? Otherwise you'll be in a hurry," his mother reminded him, being done with the dishes.

"Uhm, sure Mom." Shinji hoped that Rei would hurry as well. There were a few rules they had, and one was, that Rei did not want to be disturbed when bathing alone.

Watching their son leave, Yui turned to her husband. "You can put that thing down now. I wonder why you still insist on that morning ritual, after all you no longer have to fear the stare of frosty death from me."

Putting down the newspaper, Gendo smirked. "Of course I know. It's no longer for hiding from you, but to confuse our son. I bet he's still trying to figure out why I'm doing this every morning. I want to prove to him I do have a sense of humor."

Yui liked it that her husband was developing this subtle sense of humor. All her patience had paid off and she did get him back from the shell he'd become over the course of ten years. She really considered allowing him back to her bed as well, since after all she was a woman with needs. That, and she really wanted to give Shinji a sibling, a baby brother or sister. Not that she felt the clock ticking, but she wanted it rather sooner than later.

She then again looked to the empty spot. "I wonder what is taking her so long?"

Gendo scratched his chin. "Strange that she lost her precise inner clock. I guess it's human nature to forget the time."

Yui knew they didn't talk often about Rei's former nature. "I better check on her. I have a feeling what it could be..."

Watching her leave, Gendo knew he couldn't have found a better wife. He wouldn't have believed it a year ago, but he indeed was a much happier man now. "Looks like I'm starting to settle down..."

He was about to take his coffee cup, when he heard the shriek of a panicked, female teenager.


"Urgh... I never liked these things," Ryoji complained while standing in front of the mirror, finally managing to get his tie right.

"Oh, don't complain. That thing is part of the job, and you were not complaining before," Misato told him while putting on her sunglasses.

Asuka watched the by-play while getting ready to leave for school. While she did so, she felt that it was very interesting how much things had changed in the months since the final victory over SEELE and Lilith.

They'd given her the choice to either return to Germany now, or stay in Japan until she'd come of age. That hadn't been a difficult choice, since after practically disowning her father, there was no one left to return to. Her grandparents had passed away shortly before she had left and her more distant family was just that - distant.

That had been the moment where Misato had decided to be the responsible guardian and she'd to come to live with her and Ryoji in their new house in Tokyo-2. For the first time she actually was truly happy with her life, though she knew one day the feeling of loss would become overwhelming and she would return to her country of birth. Visiting it over the summer wouldn't be the same as living there.

She had to admit that it was fun living with Misato and Ryoji, although right now Misato was kind of a pain. No wonder, since right at the moment she was in the fourth month of pregnancy and her hormones made her more weird than usual. Her pregnancy wasn't that noticeable yet, but soon Misato would ask her husband if she'd grown fat, and this was an episode she wasn't looking forward to. The strange things she was eating were bad enough - much worse than the crap she'd witnessed her eating in the past.

Asuka had the feeling that Misato thought that having her around was good parental training, ignoring that a teenager was a completely different thing from a newborn.

Right then she heard the doorbell.

"Looks like your sweetheart is here. You have to give him this, he's always punctual," Misato commented, causing Asuka to roll her eyes in annoyance. It got old after the first two weeks.

Walking to the door, Asuka had to walk around Pen-Pen. She still had no idea how a penguin could read the newspaper, but maybe that was a question better left unanswered. It seemed that Adam healing the world had made Pen-Pen only more weird - certainly more intelligent. No wonder Misato was treating him as part of the family.

Opening the door, she was greeted with the sight of Kaworu's smile. She found it nice that he was walking together with her to school. It was still a little hard to accept that he, who'd been an immortal before, had forgotten so much knowledge in his resurrection that he'd to go to school again. Not that she was complaining, after all she got more of him this way since Misato and Ryoji had put down their foot and said that while Shinji and Rei might live together, they had no space for another teenager. Asuka secretly suspected that they didn't want to catch them in the act.

"Na, das hell meinen Morgen doch schon stark auf," [Well, that already brightens up my morning,] she told him with a smile, lknowing that his skill in German was still intact, then saw Shinji walking down the road towards them.

"Well, we are ready to go, as well. Please try to not again get detention. That principal of yours is a sight I have no wish to see again for the near future," Royji cautioned Asuka while he locked the door behind them.

Pushing down her sunglasses, Misato added "Oh, and don't do any of the things that we would've done." Ignoring Asuka again rolling her eyes, she looked to Shinji. "No Rei today? Is there something I should know?"

Shinji made it a point to ignore her teasing. "Hello Misato. Ryoji. Asuka, Kaworu, are you ready to go?"

"Children today have no sense of humor..." Misato grumbled, while watching them leave, before entering the car. "I'm still surprised how you convince me to let you drive."

"It was quite easy when you got sick after some of your own driving and barfed all over the dashboard. I guess Junior here has something against that..." he told her with a smile while touching the small bulge in her belly. Thinking about this made him proud all over again.

Misato sighed. Yeah, while she was happy that she was expecting, she could do without some of the side-effects of pregnancy. For some time she'd been as sick as a dog and she'd caught herself eating stuff that made even her eating habits from before meeting Sinji look tame. Asuka had made a point of not being at the dinner table whenever she felt 'creative'.

It was not that they'd drawn the worst jobs. Working for the government wasn't that bad. But as expecting parents, they'd been banned from any kind of field work. Something among the lines that the government didn't want to produce even more orphans it had to take care of. One way or another, they were delegated to desk work for years to come, and Misato wondered if maybe it was for the best to settle down permanently.

After all, a quiet life also had its advantages.


"Be glad you're no longer living with Misato. Ever since she got pregnant, she's more weird than usual. Her mood swings are sometimes downright scary," Asuka told Shinji while they walked down the road.

"I still it difficult to imagine that," Shinji admitted.

"I for my part can do so," Kaworu told them. "I did witness one episode of hormonal imbalance... It was... quite frightening." From him, that meant something.

Walking by a garden, they saw a gray-haired man being busy with tending to the plants and they greeted him. "Good morning Mr. Fuyutsuki."

"Good morning, children," he greeted back. "Hmm, it looks like someone is missing from your usual group."

"Oh, you mean Rei." Shinji realized that them always walking the same way of course meant Mr. Fuyutsuki noticing a pattern. "No idea why she is late and I'm not stupid enough to disturb her while she's in the bath."

"Indeed not a smart idea to disturb a woman during such a private time... Well, better walk on if you want to get to school in time," he said, before returning his attention to taking care of the flowers.

When the government had made him the offer, he'd taken it at once and went into early retirement. He'd felt that after all the excitement, it was what he felt the best. It gave him time to finally find his inner center, for his grandchildren and for occasional lectures at the university. Retirement had never felt better. Looking around, he saw the first signs of Adam's repair of the damage done by Second Impact. The first signs of autumn were visible, soon the leaves would change their color and many people would witness their first real autumn.

Looking up again when thought he'd heard something, he saw a comical sight. There she was, Rei Ayanami, trying to catch up with the others and trying to call out to them. That was difficult with the slice of toast jammed between her teeth. Fuyutsuki could only smile at that sight.

One fulfilled life from where before had only been emptiness.

Meanwhile, Rei had finally managed to catch up with the others and busily wolfed down her toast, swallowing hard to make sure the dry bread would stay down. Looking up and seeing the questioning faces of her friends, she mumbled something, clearly embarrassed.

They still looked at her, so she said more aloud "I fell asleep in the bathtub. That is the reason why I am late."

"Guess one of the side-effects of your cleansing is, that you are no longer punctuality personified," Asuka commented dryly.

Rei didn't want to comment on this. After all, the whole thing wasn't the first time she was late. So they walked on, and after some time passed a house where two women were leaving to make their way to the train station. Recognizing Ritsuko and Maya, they gave them a friendly greeting.

"Hello, children. How's school going?" Maya asked them.

By now it was common knowledge that Ritsuko and her were living in the same apartment ever since they'd moved to Tokyo-2. Ritsuko's mother hadn't been exactly thrilled, being somewhat old-fashioned, but a development meant she now accepted it. The main point of friction had been, that the woman wished for grandchildren. The argument only got solved when Maya and Ritsuko promised they would use artificial means to get pregnant in the near future.

Both of them had never before thought about children, Maya due to her age and Ritsuko because of her life style. However, seeing Misato telling everyone proudly about expecting got them thinking and the idea became more attractive. There certainly wouldn't be any legal hurdles, the government even encouraging women to do this step.

That however would be a little in the future, right now they were both on the way to the university. Ritsuko had taken up teaching and had convinced Maya to take her sponsorship to strive for a doctorate. Since as Ritsuko had put it, anything else would be a waste of talent - although Ritsuko made sure to get her other telents...

"It is going well. Our grades are good and none of us has been in serious trouble recently," Kaworu told them. He personally found it interesting. Besides being with Asuka, he'd have never thought that such a simple life could be so fulfilling.

"Not recently?" Ritsuko laughed "You delinquents better make sure you fulfill your quota."

Like Maya, Ritsuko had learned that not everyone was tolerant of their relationship, but felt that it wasn't other people's business. It was surprisingly much fun to teach students in her new job at the university and grooming Maya to become her equal was a task that gave her great satisfaction. Yes, life was great.

Walking on, they met two more of their friends at the crossroads.

It was no big surprise to see Kensuke, after all his father had been an employee of NERV and therefore had been moved into the new district. Mayumi on the other hand was a more interesting case. Since she had no relatives left, she'd been in danger of becoming a ward of the state. It was at the same time when everyone had wondered, what to do with Kaworu.

Thankfully, Kaldor Ikari had come forward with a solution. Since he'd proven for years that he was capable of taking care of a minor and had the needed funds, he'd take guardianship of both of them. He'd added after raising Shinji, keeping an eye on two teenagers would be easy, especially since both of them were well-behaved. Shinji's uncle had been a godsent. So far it had turned out to work remarkably well.

The only thing that made them have some doubts about him was the fact, that for several months now, he was dating Naoko Akagi of all people. None of them could imagine what he was seeing in that woman. Kaldor insisted that she actually is very nice, but the only one to actually talk with her had been Rei, who noted that the woman had mellowed out significantly.

"Again no Toji?" Shinji asked, already knowing the answer.

"You know him," Kensuke shrugged. "Hikari again managed to become class representative, takes her duty seriously and thus leaves early. We have to get used to Toji actually leaving early as well. I don't know what he wants to accomplish with it, though."

Mayumi giggled over his cluelessness. "He wants to impress her by helping out... Honestly, I only wait for when he accidentally creates a mess. He's not made for that stuff."

"There is something as being too helpful," Kensuke said, rolling his eyes.

"Oh, don't say that. I find it really cute how he tries to be helpful, even if he is out of his depth," Mayumi said, pushing her glasses up her nose to show she meant it.

Seeing that Toji and Hikari were already at school and that Mana was coming from a different direction and thus only meet them literally at the gates, they went on. Some distance further down the road, they saw two men talking, while one of them opened up his shop. It was interesting which different ways people went after leaving NERV. Shigeru Aoba had opened up a music store, which he right now was opening, while Makoto Hyuga had found work as a system administrator; work that allowed him quite flexible working hours. And it seemed at the moment he'd stopped by to chat with his friend.

Both men had been forced to grow up a bit, the event in Tokyo-3 having changed them. Makoto had become a bit more serious, while Shigeru had seriously toned down his following of nihilistic ideas. It certainly made the man easier to approach.

"I tell you, she's really nice. I can't wait to show her my server..." Makoto told his friend.

"Oh, so that's what they call it nowadays?" Shigeru said, raising an eyebrow.

"Ha ha, very funny. You know that i meant it literally. We geeks bond through hardware. The rest comes on its own," Makoto told his friend, clearly having heard such remarks often enough.

They then noticed the teenagers walking towards them.

"Hello, kids..." Shigeru then turned to Kensuke. "I got the electric guitar you want. Come back this afternoon and I can give it to you."

"Eh, can I postpone it to the evening?" Kensuke asked and Shigeru simply accepted it with a shrug. Ever since Kensuke had gotten rid of his hobby of military stuff, he'd found a liking to hard music. Everyone hoped that he'd show as much talent with a guitar as he did with a camera, or their neighbors would be out for his blood.

"I honestly don't know what you see in that music. To me it's just lots of noise mashed together," Mayumi wondered.

"Yeah, it's not everyone's taste..." That was one of the few things he and his girlfriend disagreed on.

The final part of their way to their new middle school took them through the park. There they stopped to look at the most impressive sight in all of Tokyo-2.

"You have to admit, they found a good use for it instead of just scrapping it," Rei commented.

"Yes, thanks to how well it is built, it will serve as a memory for a long time," Kaworu added.

Sitting before them on a wide stone pedestal was the now empty metal-head of Unit-01, put up as a memorial for the Angel war. Even now as just an empty shell, it still looked intimidating and impressive. Engraved on the pedestal were the words:

"In memory of the war of 2015/16 and the pilots who defended mankind against the menace."

Actually a good thing their names were kept secret, as they had no use for that kind of fame that would leave them with no silent moment.

...some hours later...

It had been a boring school day so far, and currently it was between classes and everyone was busy with using the time before the next teacher would arrive. A good number of the people in the class had already been together on the Tokyo-3 middle school, so most knew each other.

For Hikari Horaki, the new middle school made no difference, the duties of a class representative were still the same. Actually, she had even more to do now, only the fact that this time they didn't have a senile teacher in his 70s saved her from shouldering too much of a burden. Thankfully, she no longer had to fight for the survival of mankind, which in return meant that she and Toji had more time for each other.

Mrs. Horaki had not exactly been thrilled to hear that the two of them had taken their relationship to the next level, but due to having expected this to happen, there was little she could say, apart for them to be careful that there wouldn't be an 'accident'.

That reminded her how both of her sisters became more and more annoying with each day, constantly pestering her about the topic of her boyfriend. Kodama's suggestions had made her blush, while Nozomi had been an annoying little pest, only becoming worse when Toji's sister Sakura chimed in. It was nothing of their business and Hikari wanted it to stay that way!

Looking to where she saw Toji sitting, she saw and heard him talking with their friends, his back to her. She was about to say something, when he said her name. Let's hear what he is talking about...

"And I tell you, people. I had absolutely no idea it would be like that. Sure Hikari is thankful that I try to help her, but some of that stuff is downright boring. I still wonder how she manages," Toji whined. His plan to be helpful for Hikari had proven to be more difficult than he'd first thought.

Life had been great for him, especially with a great girlfriend like Hikari and some of the X-rated stuff they were doing. However, it was simply that he couldn't have everything. In exchange for the good things, his sister was teasing him constantly about his relationship with his girlfriend and his father was on his case over his grades, saying that he now no longer has to save the world and thus have more time to learn for school. Sometimes life actually was unfair.

"Maybe because it isn't boring to her?" Asuka interjected sarcastically. She honestly had no idea what the problem was. If he didn't like it, there were other ways to be helpful.

"Smartass... Right now I can only hope she won't look into the supply cabinet," Toji groaned, as if admitting a shameful secret.

Kensuke had a feeling what had happened. "I remember she told you to put the lists of assignments for the next weeks on the notice board. The ones she wrote herself. Please don't tell me you lost them!"

"Not exactly... See, I accidentally knocked an ink well over them and hid them in the... aaaaahhhhh!" He was unable to continue when suddenly Hikari seized him by the ear, looking unhappy. The others knew that right now Toji had managed to stir the wrath of Mt. Horaki. "Hiiiikaaariii, that huuurts!"

"It's supposed to. Toji, we need a serious discussion. Now!"

Dragging him outside, Hikari crossed her arms in annoyance. however, seeing how miserable he was, her hard looks quickly softened. "Toji, if you find it boring, why are still trying to help me?" Her anger over the ruined lists was forgotten - after all, she could print new ones easily.

Toji rubbed his sore ear. "It's... well... because it is you. I saw how much this means to you and I wanted to take a bit off your shoulders."

Hikari felt touched. Her boyfriend actually was thoughtful, only that he clearly hadn't prepared for what would come with the job. "Oh, Toji..." Now her anger was forgotten. "You wanted to help me. Only... next time you have trouble with it, please come to me." To show him her appreciation, she gave him a small kiss.

"Oh, this is cute."

With a gasp, both of them separated, seeing their teacher standing in the corridor. The woman looked amused. They had no idea what to say, but she shook her head. "I think I have forgotten something." Seeing her turn around, they knew she was helping them to save face.

In the classroom meanwhile, Mana laughed. "I feel a little guilty for laughing over his misfortune, but he really can only blame himself. Knowing them however, she has forgiven him by now and they are making up."

Of all of them, Mana had had the hardest time after the battle, since she'd actually fought and killed real people. She'd taken professional help, paid by the military, and by now she had mostly returned to her old self. With the crisis being over, she also no longer was on permanent call and had time to relax and enjoy life - as much as it was possible with school work. In a strange way she was actually relieved to still being single, saying that a relationship at the moment wouldn't be good for her.

"You can bet that he's confessed his reason for helping her and they've made up by now," Mayumi added. "I wonder if she's given him a little appreciation kiss?"

Mayumi was probably the most drastic change from her days in Tokyo-3. Thanks to having friends that actually cared for her, she'd managed to grow out of her image as a wallflower and became more confident in herself. It also didn't hurt that she'd physically matured a good bit and put her hair into a ponytail. She now really looked like a different girl. Too bad for the few boys who had asked her out; she'd told them that she was already seeing someone, and that she wouldn't do that to him.

Mana then watched Mayumi giving Kensuke a smile, which he returned. "You know, I really have no clue what's going on with you two. The others make no secret of it, but you're still beating around the bush. Can't you two just do a public display of affection?"

Kensuke gave Mayumi an interesting look. "You tell her."

"Weeellll... My dearest Mana, we have actually decided to do non-public displays of affection." Seeing Mana's eyes widen, she giggled. "Get your mind out of the gutter. It just means we don't like to do kissing and stuff when others are watching."

Hearing the others laughing over how her imagination had obviously conjured quite dirty stuff about what she thought Mayumi and Kensuke were doing in their free time, Mana blushed.

...in the afternoon...

Normally, they'd hang out with their friends in the afternoon, doing all kind of stuff, but today there was little chance for it.

Toji had volunteered to clean up the classroom - clearly to make up for the ruined lists - and Hikari had stayed to make sure that he'd go through with it - although everyone knew she more did it to enjoy his presence. Asuka and Kaworu had been drafted by Misato to do her laundry, which meant that they'd be busy for the rest of the afternoon. Kensuke had invited Mayumi to the cinema while Mana wanted to enjoy a good book she'd found.

That had left Shinji and Rei with some free time to fill.

It was then, when Shinji had discovered a card he'd gotten almost a year ago. He'd totally forgotten about the martial artist and his wife, whom they'd met in Tokyo-2 after visiting Yui's fake grave. There had been so much to do back then that they never had a chance to follow their invitation for trying out their lessons. But now they had more than enough time and the family dojo also wasn't too far away from their neighborhood.

"Well, that must be it. Looks quite impressive, if you ask me," Shinji commented while leaning against the railing that separated the road from a steep slope. He had to concentrate looking to the house, trying not to look at Rei's nice white dress.

Rei had to admit, it did look impressive. "They seem to do well in business."

The first thing they noticed was the wall that separated the property from the road, only that instead of being rejecting, the open entrance gate made the whole thing rather inviting. The house behind the walls was equally impressive, showing off that the Saotomes had to be rather well off. The dojo building near the wall being the most likely source of their income.

Rei then noticed the sign beside the entrance. "'Saotome-Tendo school of Musabetsu Kakutō Ryū. Challengers please ring the bell at the side entrance.' I do not think that we are here to challenge them."

Shinji let out a short laugh. "Yeah, despite having saved the world, we're weaklings compared to real martial artists. They'd mop the floor with us... Well, let's knock at the front door and hope they remember us."

However, they'd just reached the door, when...


"No way, Mom! Not when you're like this!"

Shinji had no time to react when the door was yanked open and a teenage boy roughly Shinji's age ran out, looking as if Cthulhu was chasing him. When he noticed the other boy, it already was too late and they collided hard into each other, falling to the ground. Shinji felt his head ringing from the hard impact. It'd felt as if the other boy's head was made of concrete.

Rei looked stunned for a second, before at once trying to pull Shinji out from under the teenager, although this proved more difficult than she'd first anticipated. Thankfully, right then the boy was lifted off her boyfriend by a woman she recognized as Akane Saotome. To the other boy's misfortune, she did so by holding on his ears.

"Ooooww, mom! Please! I thought it would be funny!" he wined.

"Save that for your father. You know how sensitive he's about his problem, so putting your sister's undergarments into his drawer was cruel!" She then finally noticed that they were not alone and let go of him. "Go to your room. I'll deal with you later." The teenager didn't waste a second to make himself scarce.

With surprisingly little effort, she pulled Shinji back to his feet. "I'm so sorry. I hope it didn't hurt too much."

"I've had much worse..." Shinji groaned a little, while holding his head. It was the truth. After things like being nearly boiled like a lobster by an Angel's energy beam, this was nothing at all. "I don't suppose you remember us?"

"Actually, I do. Blue hair is hard to forget."

Rei didn't say anything, but by now it started to annoy her that the first thing everyone remembers about her was her hair color. Yes, it was blue, a color not usually found in the human genetics, but that didn't make it any less annoying. She wanted to come to their reason for being there, when someone else walked out of the front door.

"Hey, Akane! Have you seen..." Ranma then noticed the visitors. "That's a surprise. Guess you did remember us after all and now want to take up on our offer on getting some lessons?"

Now that things were finally back on track, Rei spoke up. "We decided to see if it is something we like. We only need to know first, how much you charge."

Ranma rubbed his smooth chin. "Actually, I won't charge you two at all. You seem to be alright to me and I'll do it in exchange for you telling me your story where you pilot huge mechas." Seeing their shocked reaction, he added. "Our children go to the same school. They of course have heard others from the destroyed Tokyo-3 talk about the pilots, especially a girl with blue hair..."

Shinji sighed. So much for staying anonymous after the end of the war. "Hope you have some time. That's a reeeaaly long story. And by the way, I never knew this pays so well you can afford such a big house."

"Actually, that's our old house from Nerima. We transported it here taken apart after Tokyo was destroyed. But let's get in. I'll make us some tea and then I can't wait to hear your story..." Akane offered them, and they walked into the house.

The sun was shining over Tokyo-2 in early autumn.

The world was still healing from the scars of the past. Mankind had gotten a second chance, being freed from its creator and almost-executioner. What now was lying ahead could only be pure speculation. The future being a new, undiscovered country.

A future without Angels or Evangelions, but with hope.

The End


The Pilots

Shinji Ikari - Pilot of Unit-01

Rei Ayanami - Pilot of Unit-00

Asuka Langley Soryu - Pilot of Unit-02

Toji Suzuhara - Pilot of Unit-03

Hikari Horaki - Pilot of Unit-04


Misato Katsuragi/Kaji - Tactical Officer

Ritsuko Akagi - Leader Science Department

Gendo Ikari - Commander

Kozo Fuyutsuki - Vice Commander

Ryoji Kaji - Special Operative

Maya Ibuki - Bridge Officer

Makoto Hyuga - Bridge Officer

Shigeru Aoba - Bridge Officer

Mishuko Aida - Administration

Botan Yamamoto - Guard

Members of the Military

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Major Hanson - Special Officer

The Admiral of the Pacific Fleet

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The General Staff

Friends and Family

Kaldor Ikari - Shinji's Uncle

Yui Ikari - Shinji's Mother

Kyoko Zeppelin-Soryu - Asuka's Mother

Mr. Suzuhara - Toji's Father

Sakura Suzuhara - Toji's Sister

Mr. Horaki - Hikari's Father

Mrs. Horaki - Hikari's Mother

Kodama Horaki - Hikari's elder Sister

Nozomi Horaki - Hikari's younger Sister

Kensuke Aida - School Mate

Mayumi Yamagishi - School Mate

Naoko Akagi - Ritsuko's Mother

Mr. Katsuragi - Misato's Father

PenPen - Misato's Penguin

Inhabitants of Tokyo-3

The History Teacher

Isuya Iroke - School Tough Guy

Mr. Hino - Shinto Priest


Adam - First Angel, All-Father

Lilith - Second Angel, All-Mother

Sachiel - 3rd Angel, Water

Shamshel - 4th Angel, Morning

Ramiel - 5th Angel, Thunder

Gaghiel - 6th Angel, Fish

Israfel - 7th Angel, Music and Dance

Sandalphon - 8th Angel, Embryos

Matarael - 9th Angel, Rain

Sahaquiel - 10th Angel, Sky

Iruel - 11th Angel, Terror

Leliel - 12th Angel, Night

Bardiel - 13th Angel, Haze

Zeruel - 14th Angel, Strength

Arael - 15th Angel, Birds

Armisael - 16th Angel, Womb

Tabris - 17th Angel, Free Will


Lorenz Keel - SEELE-01 - Germany

SEELE-02 - France

SEELE-03 - United States

SEELE-04 - Russia

SEELE-05 - United Kingdom








Ryo - Enforcer

The Enforcer Squad


Ranma Saotome - Martial Artist

Akane Saotome - Martial Artist

Ukyo Kuonji - Okonomiyaki Cook

Konatsu Kuonji - Okonomiyaki Cook

Ryu Saotome - Misse School Student

Mu-Tsu Mitsugoro - Kabuki Actor

Tokyo-2 Middle School Teacher

Rei Hino - Miko


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