This is not an actual chapter, but a short description of the work that went into creating the Revival-edition of "Going another Way".

This work originally was born of the desire to correct the countless grammatical errors that riddled the story - mainly due to me not having access to a spellchecker back in the day. I also wanted to fix the strange stentence structure that had crept in due to English not being my first language. However, I noticed very fast that I wanted to do more than just that.

Looking at the early chapters reminded me painfully that they had been written at breakneck speed and with little regard to quality. I actually became somewhat ashamed of how badly written they were. Thus I really thought about overhauling the entire story to improve the quality in general. Work for that started in December 2015 and it took me almost exactly two years to actually finsih the rewriting process.

The story essentially is still the same, but countless improvements have been made, which can roughly be devided into these categories:

Grammatical corrections

I simply worked hard to correct errors and the sentence structure. Due to English not being my first language, don't expect I got them all.

Small changes and additions

These do not fall under grammatical corrections and were mainly done to improve the story. There are thousands of these and it is totally impossible to list them.

Expanded scenes

This is basically what it says on the tin. A scene got a significant extension, due to me feeling it was way too short.

New Scenes

These scenes are brand new and help to flesh out the story.

Altered Content

Sometimes I was really unhappy with story content and actually altered it (more than just a minor change) due to not fitting in with the story as a whole.

The new chapters now have replaced the old ones, which I have retired, so reading the story again can give some interesting surprises now.

I've also created a new PDF-version of the story. That one not only is complete (meaning all adult stuff is in it), but also has countless illustrations that help to immense yourself into the story - I had to alter many pictures to actually fit with the story. The pictures are all newly made, since the old ones looked really shitty.

That one is available on request.