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Summary:AU Uchiha Sasuke, CEO of Uchiha Enterprises, finds a little girl unconscious in the middle of the road. Little does he know, the little girl can bring him and his new pink-haired personal assistant together. (SasuSaku, NejiTen, ShikaIno, NaruHina)

Rating: T (PG-13)

Genre: Romance/Drama/Humor

Standard disclaimer applied.

Chapter 1: A game of hide-and-seek

"Bye, Sasuke-kun. I love you!"

"Hn," the raven-haired man grunted and, without waiting for a reply, snapped his slim, black phone shut. 'Why does she bother calling anyway? I never reply to that nuisance.'

The FF (Father Figure) Files: Uchiha Sasuke.

Name: Uchiha Sasuke.

Age: 23.

Height: 6'1"

Family: Uchiha Mikoto (Mother, deceased); Uchiha Fugaku (Father, deceased); Uchiha Itachi (Elder brother, deceased); Uchiha Tsuki (Sister-in-law; deceased)

Occupation: CEO of Uchiha Enterprises; Member of K4 (Also known as the Konoha Four, Famous Four, etc.)

Status: Engaged to Komi Namanomi (Future inheritor of Komi Corporation.)

A split second after he had hung up on his fiancée (oh, how he hated that girl with a passion) his phone started vibrating, again.

Muttering curses again, he looked at the bright, glowing screen:

The Dobe.

Sporting half a mind to just ignore the call, he slid open his phone. "Sasuke here."


Sasuke's lips quirked down as he could just visualize the deep, cerulean blue eyes and messy, spiked head of Uzumaki Naruto.

The FF Files: Uzumaki Naruto.

Name: Uzumaki Naruto.

Age: 23.

Height: 6'0"

Family: Unknown.

Occupation: Works as "second-in-command" for Uchiha Enterprises; Member of K4 (Also known as the Konoha Four, Famous Four, etc.)

Status: Engaged to Hyuuga Hinata.

"Dobe, what do you want?" Sasuke was very, very grumpy. And everyone knew better than to mess with even a slightly pissed Uchiha, especially Uchiha Sasuke.

"Sasuke-teme, Namanomi here is seriously getting on my nerves. She's always ranting about 'how Sasuke-kun won't talk to me'. Can't you go buy her a muzzle or something? Seriously, I can't understand why you can't break the engagement with that whore."

"You go buy her a damn muzzle," Sasuke growled into the phone. The only reason he put up with her nonsense was because it was supposed to be "good publicity," as Kakashi put it. Sasuke snorted inwardly. Seriously, then why couldn't Kakashi be engaged to that little brat? Besides, canceling the engagement would be too troublesome, as a certain someone would put it, with what was happening to him now.

"Anyway," Sasuke continued, being the type of person to get things to the point, "What do you want?"

"Hmph. This is exactly why you're so boring sometimes, Sasuke-teme." Nonetheless, the hyperactive blonde got to the point. "The lazy-ass genius might have a lead on how to find your – shit! Gotta go, teme. ARGH, WHERE'S SECURITY WHEN YOU NEED THEM?!"

The onyx-eyed man smirked as he could practically see the horde of fangirls chase after the cerulean-eyed loudmouth. Heck, he could hear them screaming Naruto's name. Setting his phone back down on the passenger's seat, he wondered what the genius of K4 found out about his little problem.

The FF Files: K4

Who? Compromised of Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto, Nara Shikamaru, and Hyuuga Neji.

What? K4, also known as the Konoha Four, or Famous Four, is compromised of the four most powerful men in Konohagakure. K4, other than being famous businessmen in their own respectable fields, also occasionally model for Hyuuga Fashions.

When? K4 banded together when Sasuke, Naruto, and Shikamaru was 16 (Neji was 17) in their high school years.

Where? K4 usually can be seen anywhere, but they are still enigmatic, according to their fangirls. Their "main base" is the Konoha Estate, K4's mansion home.

Why? N/A.

Sasuke frowned. So many problems. 'Itachi-nii, did you have to just die on me like that?'

Sasuke scowled as he maneuvered through the complicated roads of Konoha in his dark car. 'Where the hell is Itachi?!'

Suddenly, his phone vibrated, nearly causing him to jump a bit. "What the…" he muttered as he looked at the screen:


Quickly, he slid the phone open. "Itachi! Where the hell were you-"

"Is this Uchiha Sasuke?"

What the hell…? This wasn't Itachi's voice… But being the calm and composed Uchiha he was, he answered in a monotone. "Yes, who might this be?" It definitely wasn't the dobe's voice, or any other member of K4.

"This is the head officer of Konoha's police force. Uchiha-san, can you please head to the hospital? It's kind of an emergency…"

Itachi and Tsuki (his wife) had gotten in a gory car accident – they passed away fifteen hours after horrible incident.

But their 6-year old daughter had gone missing.

Unfortunately, Itachi and Tsuki, with their child, had lived a more secluded life on the borders of Suna so no one knew how the little girl looked like. The day when they had crashed in Konoha was supposed to be a family reunion.

He unconsciously gripped the leather steering wheel with more force.

Now, he was one a wild goose chase, a pointless game of hide-and-seek.

"Okay, let's get this over with." Sasuke sat down on the leather chair and crossed his arms. "You're Itachi's lawyer?"

"Yes," the bespectacled man nodded. "Nice to meet you, I'm Takahashi Aki. I'm here to talk to you about Uchiha Itachi-san's will."

"Hn." Sasuke uttered his favorite word. "So…?" He had work.

"Well," the man across from the now only remaining Uchiha – other than the missing niece – shuffled with some papers. "Everything that Itachi-san owned goes to you."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "That's it?" 'Itachi would never give me something for free without asking for something in return.'

"Well… you're supposed to take his daughter in as your own…"

'Itachi, you bastard.' "Isn't she missing?"

"Well, you'll need to find her…"

"Hn, whatever." Sasuke stood up and started walking out on the fumbling lawyer's office.

As a certain Uzumaki would put it, this sucked big time.

"Damn that bastard of a broth – What the hell?!"

Sasuke swerved, avoiding hitting the body of what looked to be an unconscious child. "Fuck, that was close."

While thanking God he had been the only one driving on the road, he got out of the car to inspect the figure.

It was a little girl with jet black hair. He couldn't see her eye color since her eyes were closed, but she looked as if she was around 5 or 6. There was nothing wrong with her except for a couple of scrapes and scratches, he observed.

She looked like she was breathing.

He sighed; he couldn't just leave the girl lying in the middle of the road. Carefully, he picked the small girl up and made his way to his car. After moving his phone and manila folders from the passenger's seat, he put the seat down as far as it could go and strapped the girl in. 'How more fucked up could by life get?'

Well, Sasuke, get ready for the twists and turns of life.


Sasuke tensed as the little girl shifted slightly in his arms – if the dobe or anyone else found him, he'd probably be humiliated for the rest of his life.

Even if the Konoha Estate was a mansion, it was really divided into little apartments, so that each of the guys would get their privacy.

Sasuke never thought the way their home was built could actually be used for his benefit until now.

He glanced at the digital clock.

3:18 AM.

Trying to make as little noise as possible, he entered his room and placed the child on his bed.

He'd never tried sleeping on his pretty large room couch before. Hm… didn't the person that sold it to him claim "it was like sitting on a cloud"?

He wondered if sitting on a cloud was the same as sleeping on a cloud. Well, it doesn't hurt to try, right?

"Hey, mister… Wake up."

Sasuke ignored the tiny voice in his head – he assumed it was in his head – and tried to go back to sleep.


He turned over on the miraculously comfortable couch.

Wait… couch?

Then, all of last night's events came back to him.

The will, Namanomi (yuck.), and…

… the little girl.

He sat up abruptly and immediately heard a tiny shriek of surprise, saw wide, mossy green eyes, and a thud resounded in his spacious room.

He looked down on the floor and saw the same girl rubbing her sore rear end. "Geez, you scared me, mister."

He got off of the couch and squatted so that he was nearly eye-to-eye with the little girl. "Hi, my name is Sasuke," he said carefully. He didn't want to scare her… "What's your name?"

The little girl zoned out for a moment. "My… name?" she wondered vaguely. "I can't… remember…"

Sasuke sighed. Medicine wasn't his expertise, but it was obvious this girl had amnesia. Great. "Let's just call you… Fumei… for now."

The little girl immediately brightened. "I like that name!"

Sasuke gave her a small smile – she reminded him of someone he couldn't really place…


Fumei's forest green eyes widened as she let out a small "eep" of surprise. She fell off the wide couch as a blonde entered Sasuke's room.

"SASUKE-TEME, WHERE WERE YOU LAST – whoa, who's that?"

"Dobe, kindly don't scare Fumei," Sasuke growled through gritted teeth, rubbing his temples. It was only six in the morning and Uzumaki Naruto had already managed to wake up the remaining two of the K4.

"Naruto, you're so troublesome," someone grumbled from Sasuke's doorway. The speaker of the voice was also rubbing his temples, his pineapple hair more disheveled than usual. His usually bored, dark eyes were almost glaring reproachfully at the only fully awake member of K4. "I was planning to sleep the whole day off."

"Good morning to you too, Shikamaru," Naruto said sarcastically.

The FF Files: Nara Shikamaru.

Name: Nara Shikamaru

Age: 23.

Height: 5'11"

Family: N/A.

Occupation: CEO of Nara Technology; Head of Technology in Uchiha Enterprises; Member of K4 (Also known as the Konoha Four, Famous Four, etc.)

Status: Engaged to Yamanaka Ino

"Naruto, just shut up." Another man walked in, his long, coffee-colored hair swaying with an imaginary breeze. His usually impassive, opaque eyes were narrowed in irritation. "How am I ever supposed to meditate with your loud voice ringing through my head?"

The FF Files: Hyuuga Neji.

Name: Hyuuga Neji.

Age: 24.

Height: 6'2"

Family: Hyuuga Hiashi (uncle); Hyuuga Hizashi (father, deceased); Hyuuga Mitsuki (mother, deceased); Hyuuga Hinata (cousin); Hyuuga Hanabi (cousin).

Occupation: CEO of Hyuuga Designs; "Ambassador" for Uchiha Enterprises; Member of K4 (Also known as the Konoha Four, Famous Four, etc.)

Status: Engaged to Tenten (Last name unknown)

"I'm soooooo sorry, Mr. If-you-don't-believe-then-fate-will-smite-you, that I disturbed your meditation," Naruto said mockingly.

"Dobe," Neji grunted. "Don't do that next time then, if you're so sorr – what the hell is that, Uchiha?"

All eyes turned to Fumei, who blinked confusedly.

"Huh? Me?"

Everyone was silent until-


"Naruto, you sound like a girl," Sasuke deadpanned as Naruto started gushing over a freaked out Fumei.

"Uchiha, where'd you get a…" Neji, for once, was at a loss for words.

"I found her on the middle of the road, and I took her here," Sasuke explained with a frown. "She seems to have amnesia."

"Hm…" Shikamaru mused. "Well, we'll worry about that later – you need a new PA, remember? You need to get to Uchiha Enterprises by seven thirty."

"Dammit," Sasuke groaned. "It's six thirty already."

"Well, teme," Naruto said matter-of-factly, putting Fumei off his shoulders, "It's your fault you fired your last PA."

"It's not my fault," Sasuke muttered. "She tried to break into my room last time, and tied to steal my boxers so she could add it to her Sasuke shrine."

6:40 AM.

Something – or someone – shifted on a queen-sized bed and pulled the blankets over its head.

"Five more minutes…"

6:45 AM.


The figure bolted out of the bed and stared at the digital clock for a second. Then, her bright green eyes widened with realization.

"Holy shit, I'm going to be late!"

The FF Files: Haruno Sakura.

Name: Haruno Sakura.

Age: 23.

Height: 5'6"

Family: Haruno Kiyo (Father, deceased); Haruno Megumi (Mother, deceased).

Occupation: Unemployed.

Status: Single, and (quote) loving it, baby! (end quote).

She sprinted toward the small bathroom, and five minutes later, emerged with wet pink hair and a hair dryer.

"Stupid, unreliable alarm clock," she grumbled as she jammed the plug in. "Why today?!"

After finishing drying her long pink hair, she grabbed a couple of strawberries from the counter and ran out the door to her car.

"Why does my job interview have to be today?!"

Poor Sakura. She doesn't know what she's going to be dragged into.

"Sasuke-kunnn! I missed you so muc – what in God's name is that?!"

"Namanomi, kindly do not shout in my ear," Sasuke muttered as Fumei hid behind him, clutching onto the back of his black jacket.

"But Sasuke-kun, just what… who is sh – "

"Namanomi-san, please excuse Sasuke," Shikamaru interrupted as Sasuke sighed in relief; Sasuke knew that Shikamaru also disliked his fiancée, as well as everyone else that knew her true self. "Sasuke needs to choose his PA."

"Yeah!" Naruto grinned goofily and picked up Fumei and set her on his shoulders, letting her tower above him and letting her get a view on the Uchiha Enterprises building. It had only been a couple of hours but Fumei had already taken a liking to Naruto. "Then, Namanomi, ta ta!"


"Seriously, Namanomi, I don't know why you have to be here with me," Sasuke said, annoyed, as he, for the millionth time, tried to pry his fiancée off his arm.

"Nonsense, Sasuke-kun!" Namanomi sang. "That one looked a little more of a slut than a PA! Who's going to protect you from your evil fangirls?"

From his left, he heard Naruto snicker; wasn't Namanomi a fangirl as well? Shikamaru looked irritated, and Neji looked, well… unemotional.

"Haruno Sakura," Shikamaru called for the next potential PA of Uchiha Sasuke.

No one came in.

"Haruno Sakura," Shikamaru called again.

"Just skip her," a blonde female next to Shikamaru suggested. "But you know, that name sounds a bit familiar."

The FF Files: Yamanaka Ino.

Name: Yamanaka Ino.

Age: 23.

Height: 5'7"

Family: N/A

Occupation: Model for Hyuuga Fashions; Part of the Uchiha Enterprises committee.

Status: Engaged to Nara Shikamaru.

"It does, doesn't it?" a brunette asked from Neji's side remarked. "I don't know where I heard that name before…"

The FF Files: Tenten.

Name: Tenten (last name unknown).

Age: 23.

Height: 5'8"

Family: N/A

Occupation: CEO of Konoha Weapons; Model for Hyuuga Fashions; Part of the Uchiha Enterprises committee.

Status: Engaged to Hyuuga Neji.

"Whatever," Shikamaru muttered. "Going on, Ne – "

A pink-haired blur rushed in. "I'm sorry I'm late!"

Sasuke raised a brow. This was…

The person straightened, and Sasuke saw a pretty short pink-haired woman, her hair pulled up in a messy bun. Her jade green eyes were covered with unattractive, horn-rimmed glasses, and she looked like she was literally sagging with her loose outfit.

'Something tells me she's really hot if we get to know her,' inner Sasuke suggested.

"I'm Haruno Sakura," she offered nervously.

Neji frowned disapprovingly. "You're late Haruno-sa – "

"FOREHEAD GIRL?!" Ino screeched, causing Shikamaru, the person closest to her, to groan in irritation and cover his ears.

"Ino… pig?" the pink-haired woman gasped in a disbelieving tone.

The room went silent; everyone knew that anyone that called Yamanaka Ino a pig would be dead – the poor, nameless wannabe-model in the hospital was proof.

Then, Ino launched at Sakura. "Sakura-chan! It's been such a long time!"

"Yes," a quiet voice agreed.

Sakura looked up at the pixie-like form and light, pupil-less of her other best friend and smiled. "It sure has, Hinata-chan."

The FF Files: Hyuuga Hinata.

Name: Hyuuga Hinata.

Age: 23.

Height: 5'5"

Family: Hyuuga Hiashi (father); Hyuuga Hitani (mother, deceased); Hyuuga Hizashi (uncle, deceased); Hyuuga Neji (cousin); Hyuuga Hanabi (sister).

Occupation: Model for Hyuuga Fashions, Part of the Uchiha Enterprises committee.

Status: Engaged to Uzumaki Naruto.

"This is Sakura," Tenten explained to Neji. "She, Ino, Hinata, and I were best friends in grade school before Sakura moved away to Suna in the fifth grade."

"You changed so much, Sakura," Ino analyzed Sakura critically. "And just what are you wearing?"

Sakura rolled her eyes. "The drama queen, as always, eh? I'm sorry I got up late."

"I like her!" Namanomi chirped suddenly.

Sasuke snorted inwardly. 'You like her because you think she has no chance against you.'

But indeed, Haruno Sakura fascinated Sasuke. She wasn't ogling at him, or obsessed with his looks and riches. Heck, she probably wouldn't care if he complimented her!

"I like her too."

Sasuke turned to Fumei. "Oh really? Why then?"

"Because she's not staring at you like the rest of the people, and she looks like she can actually work," Fumei said. "Besides, she noticed me too. When she came in, she smiled at me the first."

"Oh, I couldn't help but stare at the cute girl," Sakura grinned sheepishly. "She looks just like you, Uchiha-san."

Sasuke blinked. Uchiha-san? Not Sasuke-kun? Or Uchiha-kun?

Haruno Sakura was once fascinating person indeed.

Neji smirked at the look on Sasuke's face. "Well, I guess our hide-and-seek game for Uchiha's new PA is over."

Sasuke scowled at Neji's smirk and Sakura blinked confusedly. No questions? No nothing?

"Haruno Sakura, welcome to the Uchiha Enterprises staff."

This is going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride.

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