Hello PotF fanatics! I'm so in the mood to make a new one, which involves Phil's future son destroying the earth, so Phil must travel in time to find his friends from different Disney Channel shows.

Did anyone notice that this is like my last PotF story, "Phil of the Future VS Super Sentai: Saving Keely"? Well, it's like that, but this time, Disney Channel all stars will join Phil, with a bit of Go Go V in the mix for good measure (in the robots, music and arsenal). The story is set at a time where the earth was in the brink of total destruction.

Well, enjoy! First part special thanks to okaie. Oh by the way, this chapter is rated M, T for the rest of the chapters.

April 7, 2032

Phil's POV

I didn't know that will happen to me.

Had it not all happened, he would have been good. If I hadn't done this to Keely, it might have been saved. Now, it's all my fault.

But it was too late.


"Keely…" Phil said, looking down at the blonde head lying on his chest.


"I love you."

Keely smiled, she never got tired of him telling her that. "I love you too."

"No, Keely, you don't understand… I love you… I really love you."

Keely looked up at Phil, "I really, really love you, Phil." She kissed him.

Phil smiled back. "You know…"

"Know what?" Keely asked, looking into Phil's eyes.

"I want to stay here forever. I mean, with you… in the… 21st century."

Keely was staring at Phil, listening to his words intently.

"…But what I really hope will happen," Phil swallowed, "is that we're going to get married. Early, hopefully… maybe…" Phil looked at Keely nervously, pulling on his collar.

Keely felt her heart pounding. "Mmaarried?"

"… I shouldn't have said that… forget about it… it's okay… I just thought…"

Keely pressed herself against him, catching Phil's lips in a passionate kiss. "Don't ever apologize for saying that… ever."

Phil smiled, dazed. "I'll remember that."

"Oh, Phil!" Keely squealed. She kissed him passionately. "I love you… I really, really, really, really love you."

Phil smiled and captured her lips in his, kissing her with all he could muster. He broke away, breathless, and looked Keely straight in the eye. She gave him a slight smile, and he flipped her over, he now on top of her. He kissed her again, hungrily… aroused. "Keely…" he croaked.

Keely kissed him, cutting him off. "It's okay," she said, her eyes twinkling.

"I don't want to rush you baby."

She kissed him again. "I'm not stopping you, am I?"

Phil grinned. "I love you," he murmured, kissing her hard. Unable to resist any longer, Phil slipped his hands underneath her shirt, feeling the smooth expanse of her stomach… her breasts. He kissed her again, and then moved down to kiss her stomach.

Keely sighed, and her eyes fluttered. "Phil…"

Phil moved up, kissing farther and farther up her stomach, nearing her breasts with every kiss. He stopped short of them though, hesitating instead and looking anxiously into her eyes.

Keely looked back coyly, then lifted herself up slightly, slowly slipping off her shirt and then her bra, as if to say, Go ahead… it's okay.

Phil nodded, and kissed her breast gently. Keely moaned in ecstasy.

She rolled on top of him, ripping off his shirt. She looked down at his six-pack and kissed it. She looked up at him, and kissed him gently on the lips.

Phil moaned, extremely aroused. "Keely…" he moaned, "If we continue, I can't promise I'll be able to stop."

Keely looked deeply into his eyes, "I love you, Phil. There's no one else I'd rather be with for the first time… and hopefully, forever. I trust you Phil."

"I would never take advantage of your trust…" Phil breathed, kissing her again. "I love you…"

I wished it never happened. But the unexpected came… the birth of my disobedient son.

And I saw it all, from the future.

"PHILLIP!" an older Keely chastised. "STOP IT!"

The boy was older now, much older, probably in his early teens, and clearly handsome, yet he had an evil twinkle in his eye. He stuck out his tongue. "What if I don't wanna?" he mocked.

Keely had a slight scowl on her face, "If only you're father were here," she muttered darkly.

Phillip scowled back, "I heard that. And I hate my father, he was never here for me anyway! And you! You always talk about him like he's some great guy. Well get this mother… he's not! He's just some stupid bastard that got you knocked up and left you and me." Disgust was clear on his face.

Keely's face became pinched. "Don't you ever talk about your father like that again," she whispered. "He was a great man, it wasn't his fault that he had to leave."

He scoffed, "You and your semantics." He steeled his emerald eyes at her. "I hate you too, you know, you and him. When I was younger I loved you, but I was naïve. I learned real quick that I don't need anyone to support me. I don't need anybody, not you, and certainly not my father." He turned his back and stomped away, leaving Keely shocked and hurt.

"Where did I go wrong?" she asked, shaking her head.

"Where are you going?" Keely demanded.

"Out of here," Phillip Jr. replied, "don't wait up, I don't intend on coming back."


"Don't you see?" he said exasperatedly, "I'm sick of you, this house, and this whole damned town. I'm going to go out in this world and I'll be important, I promise you that. Something you never accomplished," he scoffed. "Goodbye mother." With that he turned his back and left.

"Why are you doing this?" Keely cried.

"Because I can mother, because I can."

"I raised you better then this! I gave you everything I could give you without spoiling you. I did my best!"

He laughed, "Maybe not, I mean, my father couldn't have thought so; he left after all. But anyway, back to the point. You're the only opposition left for me not to get elected. As my mother, you have power in what you say. You are against me, I know, so, in order to win… I need to get rid of the only thing keeping me back. You. Goodbye mother, and good riddance."

And I heard these words…

"You see Phil, your son, Phillip, though he started out as a happy child, he was smart, and he questioned a lot. He grew bitter as he grew older, when he found out you left; figuring you had left him and Keely for twisted reasons. He grew tired of Keely when she refused to condemn you as a bad man over the years. He had no father figure to look toward, and felt disgusted with only his mother.

He had many of your traits, as well as many of hers. As you heard, he did have only eight toes. This made him feel like an outcast, and as a little kid, he was laughed at. He came to trust no one but himself. Also, he was smart, ungodly smart, like you yourself were in that century. He had his mother's charisma too. Phillip became the world's dictator. Perfectly suited for the job, I must add. He was handsome, charismatic, smart, and power-hungry, seeing as he felt he had no real power in the beginning of his life. He had no power over you leaving or coming back, and no power over his mother, who had a strong personality as well. He was also a loner, and trusted nobody.

By killing Keely, he got rid of any evidence that he wasn't who he said he was. Phillip Diffy Jr. became the US president first, then the United State's dictator, and eventually, the world's dictator." Chief Gahler paused.

Phil let his mind wrap around this information. "What did he do?" he asked, his voice cracking slightly.

"He was power-hungry and wanted to create as much technologic power as he could."

"Wasn't that good for society? I mean… it was bad that he was dictator, but if he created so many good things…"

"Not good things."

"Explain, please," Phil said, becoming flustered with all this new information.

"Weapons. He wanted to create as many advanced weapons as possible. He did, as dictator, need to dominate, and this was his way. Creating more and more powerful weapons."


"But that's not the real problem."

Phil blinked. "What?"

"To create these weapons, he needed energy. Lots of energy." Chief Gahler paused. "To create this energy, he used up all fossil fuels. I'm sure you know the problems fossil fuels created in the 21st century."

"Yeah. I do," Phil said silently, pursing his lips.

"The abuse of fossil fuels led to an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and a depletion of ozone. It was too much for Mother Nature. Global warming was shaking our earth and skin cancer from UV rays ran rampant. Millions died, and the effects of this are now slowly starting to take effect in the future. Much of the past is being rewritten as we speak."

"This wasn't suppose to happen, was it?" Phil remarked, his heart beating faster.

"No," Chief Gahler mused, "it wasn't. There was suppose to be an invention that made fossil fuels obsolete, therefore saving the Earth from global warming and ozone depletion… basically… saving many lives. Phillip Diffy Jr.'s reign prevented this from happening… and the effects of his use of fossil fuels killed many ingenious inventors. Without a father figure to look up to, he became bitter, power-hungry and… well, there isn't really a better word for it, evil." Chief Gahler paused, letting it all sink in.

Phil looked up at him, joyful disbelief spread across his face. "Does this mean… does this mean what I think it means?"

Chief Gahler smiled, "I'd guess so."

Now, only one thing has to be done… correct it all. Keely was killed just now, now, I must reverse everything; reverse the time.

Keely… I'm sorry. I must leave the destroyed future, and correct it all.

End of POV

Until two people came… it was Tia and Tamera of "Sister, Sister" (A/N: I know it doesn't qualify for a Disney channel Original, but it was shown on Disney Channel USA.), and they told Phil, "Phil, we can help out." Then, they gave him something: a book.

Phil read it, "Disney Channel address book." (A/N: this is similar to the "Super Sentai address book" mentioned in Boukenger VS Super Sentai, except, it tells the person what year they were existent, as well as the place.) Phil continued, "You mean…"

Tia said, "Yes Phil. you can find them one by one. Since some of them don't exist in this century anymore, you'll have to travel in time to seek them." Tamera said, "Be careful out in time. You're the last hope."

Phil said, "Ok. I'll do it."

The Mowry twins said, "Good luck."

Phil prepared his Skyak for travel in time, and as he was supposed to say something else, the twins were gone. Phil said, "Ok, here I go!" the time warp was opened, and he dashed on the time warp.

Phil has finally traveled back in time to seek his allies! But, what happened to his son, and will he be able to find them?

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