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Phil has already left for the other five. Can he get to convince them to join him? Unfortunately, it might get hard for him to convince them…

Baranoia palace (where Phil Jr. lives as the king of the destroyed world)

Meanwhile, at his palace, Phil Jr. noticed that Phil Diffy have left for the other years. He said, "I already imposed that time travel was now banned at this point. How can he do this?"

A witch have appeared and said, "Don't worry, we'll get him down and dirty out of his misery."

(Narration) Tsuetsue. She is an Org duke who always torments the Hyakujuu sentai Gaoranger.

Tsuetsue said, 'What can we do now?"

Phil Jr. said, "Well, we can track him down and finish him for good! Well, we'll wait for a good time to do this and we'll be on our way. What do you say, Gajah?"

Gajah said, "Works for me."

(Narration) Gajah. He is part of the Gorgom syndicate, always trying to steal the precious for their enemies, the Go Go sentai Boukenger.

Gajah continued, "I'll make sure you have all that fossil fuels for your upcoming invasion to alter time… and to get rid of your son who's scheming to get you back on the right track."

Phil Jr. said, "Great. I also noticed your precious that you try to get was also full of energy that I can use against my enemies. But I'll pass up for that, for now, I must get my hands full on the destruction of my father who left me that made me who I really am now." (A/N: check out the story "Unexpected Happenings" by okaie for more details.)

Now, Phil Jr. had a plan to corrupt the time period of every century, every millennium, just to get all the fossil fuels he needed. If he kept doing this, the world might be broken in pieces once he uses it all up.

Phil Jr. said, "I'm all ears for your plan. For now, let's prepare the next move… wiping out my father!"

December 20, 2006

A time warp opened on the sky, and Phil, riding the Skyak, ran out of the time warp. He noticed it was evening and he searched the address book for his first ally-to-be: Hannah Montana. Fortunately for him, he saw where she was by the searchlights in a theater in where he was. He thought to himself, this must be Los Angeles.

He landed at an unseen place and he ran immediately to the place. There were many people at the place and he said, "Well, she's popular at this time period. I must seek her!"

Phil squeezed his way to the crowd and he saw her, posing for the camera and waving on her fans. Phil shouted, "Hannah Montana!" Hannah noticed Phil and she said, "Huh?"

(Narration) Hannah Montana. She's a teen star like other girls her age, and she lives a simple life as Miley Stewart, when she goes to life the live the life of a superstar, she undergoes a transformation… as Hannah Montana.

Phil said, "Come here! I need your help!"

Hannah said, "Oh, you must be my biggest fan! Do you want my autograph, mister?"

Phil said, "I don't need your autograph- I need you! You must help me, my time period in destroyed, and you're one of the guys that I need to save the time period!"

Hannah said, "I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about…" then, her father, Robby Stewart, came and he said, "Come on, let's go now. We have to watch your movie now!" Hannah left and he shouted, "Hannah, don't leave, come with me… (Shouts) MILEY STEWART!"

Hannah turned back and she heard him say, "I am Phil Diffy, from the year 2032!"

Hannah thought to herself, how did he know that I am Miley Stewart?

The guards dragged him away and they thrown him out and he said, "You guys don't get it! She is one of the guys that will save the world!" the guards said, "Get out of here, crazy guy!"

Phil said, "You guys don't understand…" then he left and he rode on his Skyak and left for the next year. A time warp opened and he drove to the time warp which led to…

April 13, 2005

Fortunately, the time warp leads him to the top of the Tipton Hotel. He landed there, and he entered the hotel via an elevator there. He went to the last floor where Zack and Cody lives, and he finally saw them get out of the room. Phil said, "Thank goodness, I found you guys!" Zack and Cody were bewildered and they said, "What?"

(Narration) Zack and Cody Martin. They are the only permanent residents of the Tipton hotel. They're 12 years old and they are the only troublemakers in the hotel and they hang out with Maddie and London.

Phil said, "Ok, you two, I'm not a bad guy. I'm here because I need your help. Now, can you guys believe me?"

Zack and Cody were silent for a while, and they said, "Um," then shouted, "London! Mr. Moseby! An intruder is in the hotel!" Phil was scared and he said, "Hey, are you guys listening? I'm not a villain!" London and Mr. Moseby found him and Mr. Moseby said, "Get away from this hotel, you trespasser!" Phil started running away.

Unfortunately, Phil ran down and then, the guards took him and Mr. Moseby said, "Don't you ever come back on this hotel, you trespasser!" then, they dragged Phil away while he looked at them and said, "Zack, Cody, please! I'm not a bad person! I need you guys!" like the first one, he was dragged away into the road and he said, "Great. 3 don't want to be with me, and 2 are left to go." He looked at the address book and he only saw two more that he can contact: Raven Baxter in 2003 and Lizzie McGuire in 2001.

But, his Skyak was in the top of the Tipton hotel and he can't go back there (for fear that he will get dragged out of the hotel again), but he luckily saw a time warp hole and he went to in, sending him to…

February 18, 2003

He fell on the sky and he landed with a thud. Someone said, "I was right, I predicted that someone will fall in then sky…"

(Narration) Raven Baxter. She's the teen psychic, but her visions are sometimes right, incorrect or hilarious, she loves the teen life with her friends Chelsea and Eddie.

Phil saw her and he said, "Raven Baxter? Is that you?"

Raven said, "Yes, why?"

Phil said, "I was right! You are the teen psychic! Your vision was right! Now, I need your help."

Raven said, "If I wish I could help you, then I could do so…" then, she got a vision.

Vision mode

Phil was speaking with Raven, until people mistook him for a bad omen and they began to beat him up. Then, he fell in another warp hole.

Raven said, "What's your name?"

Phil said, "Phil Diffy, from the year 2032."

Raven said, "Quick! Let's get out of here, some people might see you and beat you up and fall down a hole." Then they ran away but only to find out that they are surrounded by an angry mob. Phil said, "Uh, Raven, can we go now? I need your help to save the world." Raven said, "What can I do?" then they started to get beaten up and Phil accidentally drops his Wizard and it activates a warp hole and that's where Phil falls down… again!

Raven saw the warp hole and was about to follow him, but it was too late. The warp hole was closed.

Phil kept falling down until it sends him to…

August 5, 2001

He falls in Hillridge High School and he said, "This must be… 2001." He walked around the campus and by chance, he saw Lizzie and her friends.

Phil said, "Hey Lizzie!"

Lizzie said, "Huh?"

(Narration) Lizzie McGuire. She's a klutzy giddy girlie and she wished to be a pop star. Fortunately, it took 2 years to become one for her, and she always tries to find a way in sticky situations.

Phil said, "I need your help. My time period is in danger of extinction if I don't come with me, please?"

Lizzie said, "Hello? I've got more things to do, so you better go away. I'm trying to wait for Ethan." Miranda said, "You'd better get lost. You're not even a student or teacher of this school!" Gordo said, "Go away or be sorry."

Phil said, "Please! I need your help Lizzie. I can't just go back home without you!"

Their teacher, Mr. Dig, saw Phil and he said, "Sir, you have to leave. This is for students only."

Phil had no choice but to leave or he'll be forced out again like before. He took one look at Lizzie and he said, "If you don't want to help me, fine. I'm leaving." Lizzie just looked stern at Phil, and she said, "What does he want from me?"

Digital Bean

Phil was getting fed up and he can't find a better help from them. He sighed and said, "If they can just accept me and help me, this would not happen. But why can't they help me at all?" then, his Wizard picks up a call from 2006, and Phil happily answers it. He immediately said, "Hello? Great! I'm glad you were able to call, how did you do it, Hannah Montana?"

But he realized it was another set. It was Troy Bolton on the line.

(Narration) The East High Wildcats. They were a fun bunch, led by Basketball Jock Troy Bolton and Pretty Brainiac Gabriella Montez; also in the team are siblings Sharpay and Ryan Evans, Troy's teammate Chad Danforth, Gabriella's teammate Taylor McKessie and their composer friend, Kelsi Nielsen.

Phil said, "What now?"

Troy said, "I heard you needed help in your time, so we're doing a time machine here. We'll be able to see you guys later on."

Phil said, "Ok, that's great! Will you be guys coming once the time machine is active?"

Troy said, "Gabriella, Taylor and Kelsi are doing the machine calculations for the time machine while I, Chad and Ryan are making adjustments on the time machine. We'll get there once it's done…" then, the signal gets weak, and Troy continues, "Oh no, we have to hang up. The time signal is getting weak. Got to go-"

They already hanged up due to the time signal was weak.

Hillridge stadium

Phil was alone, in the Hillridge stadium, where no one was there. Phil said, "The Disney Channel address book… what a stupid idea. They won't even get to me when I need them…" then, he threw the book in an empty waste can. Then, he saw a black light that led to the forest and he said, "An enemy. Well, time to fight it alone even without them." then, he ran to the forest.

Now, the folks that he approached were not giving him a good time… What can Phil do now, now that an evil force is coming to Hillridge?

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