His robot is destroyed, but he's not yet defeated. Let's see…

In the flame that marked the destruction of his robot, a figure walks amidst the flames. Finally he's back all of a sudden.

The fifteen heroes are there to face him, but his blast is powerful and they are all knocked flying. He will eat this world, and no one can stop him. The fifteen get back to their feet, more than flightily disheartened, but Raven and Ryan are not finished yet.

Phil said, "Guys! Let's unite our powers as one!" And Phil intends that they should not let their folks down. They channel tremendous power, encouraged by their predecessors, and they are now glazed with their own powers.

Phil and his teams do a finisher that sends that energy at the startled Phil Jr. "Victory Rainbow!" He is blown quite literally, and nothing remains but a fallen Phil Jr. on the ground. Our heroes congratulate themselves, but Phil rushes to his own son. They all look to Phil and they wonder, what now?

Phil clutches his son, and his son was back to being a good boy, but he was dying.

Phil Jr. said, "Dad, forgive me for my actions. I'm the one who should suffer, not the people of this year. Now…"

Phil said, "What can I do to reverse the damage?"

Phil Jr. said, "Bring your powers to me so I can reflect it to the sky and it will be good as new."

Troy said, "Phil, we can't trust him, he's-"

Phil just gave him a stern look and Lizzie just nodded with agreement. They all gave their powers to Phil Jr. and he reflected it to the sky, and shining beams correct all the damage, and everything was back to normal.

The beams revive the buildings, the dead people and animals, the plants, the landscapes, everything that has been destroyed by Phil Jr.

Phil was happy, and the people didn't know what hit them. It is over; afternoon is beginning to darken towards evening. Both teams race to meet each other. They come together calmly enough, when a train whistle splits the air. They look up to see the Max Shuttle taking the Liner through a whirling vortex. Gabriella is both wistful and proud. "They're going back, right? To 1999." Cody agrees softly, "Yes. They have to be there to help the Gogofive against the Psyma." He puts his arm against her back in comfort.

Phil's batch gathers next to Troy's, even Ryan who is calming down, and he gives a short speech about how they will all protect people. He steps forward and holds out his hand to Phil. It only takes a moment for each of them to step forward and shake hands with their counterpart. Phil thanks Troy earnestly, and then with a mischief-filled grin, announces that they will use their fighting spirit to fight anyone that threatens to ruin the time periods. Zack snorts, but Taylor and Sharpay are happy to move into position with Phil. Kelsi, who never doubted her fighting spirit, is relaxed. The two teams laugh at each other's antics, and both Ren and Louis blow the groups a kiss.

Phil's wife, Keely, who was now resurrected, has arrived, and she said, "Who are these guys?"

Phil said, "They're my teammates, from the different years. But sadly, they'll be leaving now. They helped save the past, the present and the future. And now, Phil Jr. is all fine now." Keely just nodded, and said thanks.

The time has come, as it does at the end, to say goodbye, the eleven stands facing Phil. Phil looks at Troy, then quizzically to his fellow friend. "So, what are you guys going to do now?" Troy grins at him and answers, "We'll go home to our years." Then, somewhat sadly, he looks around at the others and says more softly, "to being the unknown people, with the unknown missions, and keep fighting secretly to protect everyone." He smiles through a lump in his throat at Phil, who grins back, chuckles and nods a bow.

Lizzie shyly speaks to Phil about how good it was to have their power there, and Phil replies confidently that he believes that they will pursue their dreams sooner or later. Phil turns his bright gaze to the Wildcats. "Be well," he says for lack of better words. Gabriella smiles and nods, "Yes. And you, too." Zack and Cody nod her agreement.

Our heroes congratulate themselves, and then turn to thank the others. And now, they say goodbye, pulling their hands away with some reluctance. All teams walk away, each one saying their last words.

(Raven) "Don't mind us. We'll come here when trouble comes in."

(Zack and Cody) "We'll visit you guys when we have the time to do so."

(Troy and Gabriella) "What ever happens, we'll be there for each other."

(Louis and Ren) "Just don't forget us, ok? Remember, we're one team."

(Hannah) "I'll join you guys in a jiffy- as long as my schedule permits." Then, she remembered something and looked at her watch and she said, "Oh no! My commercial shoot will begin anytime! We have to go guys!"

Lizzie leads the impulse to stop and look back. They wave salutes. "Say bye-bye!" they call. Kelsi then ends, "And by the way, Phil Diffy, never stop the good stuff. We'll see you again." They turn away and leap into the warp hole.

The Diffy family dash over and stare after until there is nothing to see. "They're gone," says Keely, happy and sad. "Yeah," Phil Jr. said.

"What happened?" Keely asks. Phil only grins and chuckles. When he pats her and looks smugly at the picture, she tries to ask again but he will not tell.

Phil just smiled and he said, "To my friends, you'll be the world's hope someday." and Phil will never forget the courage of the Disney Channel friends.

Then, he gets a bad feeling that the time is getting confused, as the scene gets mixed up, and everything fades away one by one, until he finally gets back on his own time.

Modern day

Keely wakes up Phil and she says, "Phil, wake up. It's morning. You better…"

Phil woke up. He was confused, and he didn't know he was back in his time. He asks, "Keely, where am I?"

Keely laughed, and she said, "Oh Phil, you silly husband of me, you're in bed."

Phil saw his picture with his team. He thought, "Was that battle just a dream? No, it wasn't." after a long pause, he continued thinking; "Me and my friends really did fight, and win this great battle, for the sake of us all."

Phil just sighed and he said, "Keely, I'm glad I'm still with our first son."

Keely said, "No, that's our first daughter."

Phil was totally confused. The one with him now is his first daughter, then, his son was something else, but why? Maybe another time, he said to himself.

Keely said, "So, what will you call our daughter?"

Phil remembered what Lizzie said.

(Lizzie's voice-over) "Phil, you're just like my father."

Phil then said, "Keely, our daughter… will be named Lizzie."

Keely said, "Where did you get the idea? The name is beautiful."

Phil said, "Just thought of it."

Phil, Keely and Lizzie were one family, a family that is living peacefully. And Phil just looked at the picture and he will never be able to forget them. All he knows now, the world is safe, and everything's back to normal.


The story's over, but I'll be still waiting for the reviews. I'll be waiting!

Back in the year 2006, Hannah is still wondering, "How did Phil know my real name?" well; only time can tell… unless she asked him awhile ago. Then, Lilly said, "Who are you thinking of?"

Hannah said, "I don't know. I just don't know. It's so confusing, but I still remember these friends of mine."

Then, someone said, "Miss Montana! You're up next on stage!"

Hannah then runs towards the stage and the scene freezes.

Then, it zooms out to outer space where the Mowry sisters are holding the address book, as they say, "All of you guys, never forget each other, for we'll be watching over all of you." They were looking at the planet earth and they continued, "For now, we'll sleep in peace. But, may your elders guide you forever!" they then go around the earth, and a ring comes around and encircles the earth and shows a logo that reads:

Disney Channel forever

24th anniversary (1983-2007)

Then, it fades to white.