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Title: Spur of the moment

Third person POV:

"And that is why how the ocean currents formed, and ahh, ummm, Roxas Hikari, are you listening to me?" The teacher asked with a frustrated look on his face.

"Roxas?" he repeated, the tension in the room growing. "Roxas! For the last time are you listening?" He was about five seconds away from screaming.

"Huh?" "Ahh, yes, I am listening." Roxas said nervously.

"Well then, what was the last thing I just said." He said with a evil smirk plastered on his face. You know the kind that says you are going to fail, miserably.

Roxas put a hand over his fore head, and glanced to him right and left. Gesturing to his friends that he needed help.

And well, judging by his answer it does not look like he got a response.

"Ahh, something about the ocean?" Roxas answered questionably.

The teacher crossed his arms and leaned back on his desk, "Not good enough, stay after class for15 minuets."

"Aggg," was the only reply that came from Roxas, as he slammed his head on his desk. Earning laughter from the other students in the class, mainly Selphie.

"Ring" "Ring" that would be the bell.

The entire class got up and left the room within a matter of seconds, with the teacher catching a last word, "And don't forget tomorrow you get assigned your lab partners." He said quickly before all the students were gone.

Well everyone except Roxas.

The teacher turned back towards his imprisoned student, awaiting the last free student to leave the room so that the day could truly end.

"Aww poor Roxas, has to stay after school. Is there anything I can do to make you feel any better?" a young women by the name of Selphie, leaning her head on Roxas shoulder, her arms wrapped around the him, her hands locking just below his neck.

"No thank you Selphie." Came the rude, annoyed reply from Roxas.

"Awwww. What wrong, are you depressed because you cant walk me to my locker?" I certain girl replied, scrunching up her face to form a pout.

"Yeah, something like that." Was all he said, and the sad part was that Selphie did not even notice that Roxas was trying to get her to leave.

"Well then, maybe a kiss will make you feel better." She replied, a large smirk on her face.

Roxas eyes went wide, but not with excitement, but with fright.

For the first time today, he actually turned to face her when he talked, "Ummm, no….but….that." he looked extremely nervous.

She brought her self closer, and closer.

Almost touching, "AHEM!" I loud grunt came from the front of the room.

Both of them pulled back, and looked towards the front.

"Miss Hio, will you please excuse us, I am sure you are informed of the school policies that we have here, I know you don't want to get in trouble." I said one eye brow raised.

"Umm, yes sorry sir," She said removing herself from Roxas lap, and bowing then exciting the room.

Roxas POV:

Mr. Tillman's eyebrow was still raised, and then he began to chuckle to himself.

"You know, I had the same problem with girls, when I was your age to Roxas." He said with a large perverted smirk.

I just stared wide eyed at my teacher, Mr. Tillman, the 40 year old, single, bald guy who taught sophomores was talking to me about girls. What has life come to?

"A huh, so um…wow this is awakard…can you please just tell me my punishmet, I have other things to take care of?" I asked, I really did have other things to take care of. See Kairi and I are next door neighbors, so we walk home together every day. But just as friends, mind you.

…And well I have been late for the past couple of days, so Kairi has been kinds mad at me. And she said that if I was late again, well… that it will not be good.

"Ok, fine, but just so you know I had a very interesting childhood." Great, now I have the pleasure of dying twice, I mean his childhood, come on!

"Mr. Tillman." I said sacristy, I mean how much more trouble can I get myself into. He needs to tell me my punishment, not his childhood.

His face suddenly dropped, and his precious memories of childhood were ripped away, and stored in the back of his mind, where they belong. A very disturbing glare replaced the once happy smile on his face. "Sarcasm, I hate sarcasm."

"Um, Mr. Tillman, I am sorry about earlier, but I just have something else on my mind."

"hmmmm" he put his hand to his chin, and pursed his lips. Yep I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Tillman is by far my weirdest teacher, evidence is shown above.

"How about this Roxas, I'll let you go, now instead of staying after school like I planned, you will right a 1000 word paper due tomorrow." He said, that evil smirk returning to his face, actually come to think of it did the smirk ever leave his face?

Oh well, I might as well take what I can get, anyway 1000 words is not a lot.

"Ok, Mr. Tillman, this sounds fair."

Now, for me to get out before he actually starts like TALKING to me about his childhood again.

I was half way out the door, and only about 5 minuets late according to Kairi.

"Um, Roxas don't you want to know what your essay topic is?" but then again life was never that easy for me.

"Uh, sure Mr. Tillman." I said turning around.

"It is about what we learned in class today." He said with a now very large smirk on his face.

"Umm,….but!...I?!" I stuttered. But I never took down the notes from class today, does my teacher want to set me up for failure.

"You heard me Mr. Hikari, looks like you should have paid attention in class today."

"Ok, Mr. Tillman, I am just going to go now." I turned and started running, that was the most unfair topic in the world, he knows that I did not pay attention in class today, what does he want me to fail or something. I thought teachers were sapposed to help and guide you through your high school carrer, not make it harder. I mean weren't your teenage years already hard enough.

And to add to my list of things to do, I still had to meet up with Kairi before it is too late and she decides to kill me.

"Ok, see you tomorrow, paper in hand." I heard him say before I sprinted out the door to my Biology classroom.


"Hey, Roxas wait up! I have to talk to you!"

"Sorry, Sora but I have to meet Kairi, or she is going to kill me!" I yelled back.

"Ok, see you later, and can you tell her I said hi!" He yelled back.

I chuckled to myself, Sora had a huge crush on Kairi, and well now that I think about it, I think I was one of the only guys in our grade that did not have romantic intentions as Kairi. In other words, I was the only male in the entire grade that could only see her as a friend.

Even the guys who had girlfriends always tell me that if they did not commit to their girlfriend that Kairi would be it.

Actually according to most of the guys, I was the luckiest guy in the whole school, because she was my best friend as we spent a lot of time together.

Agggg! Why did this school have to be huge! I mean, they did combine both of the high schools in the area to create one large one, but still why was everything so spread out.

I mean, the classrooms were about five halls away from the parking lot, so no matter how fast you went, the soonest you could possibly leave school was at 3:30, and school got out at 3:10.

"Alto! Alto! Chico! Alto! Alto!" What? Why is the Janitor yelling at me?

"I don't understand Spanish!" I screamed at him, but all he did in return was wave his hands in the air, and scream Alto.

"Woah! AHHHHHHHH!" I screamed, "Why is the floor wet!?" I skidded on the floor, arms waving sporadically in the air. Then after what seemed like a long while of panic my feet slipped out from under my body, resulting in me doing a face plant on the floor.

"Senor, Senor!" "Yo voluntad ir conseguir ayuda!"

"What?" I mumbled but did not bother to budge, cause I herd foot steps moving further and further away, assuming that the janitor was going to get help.

"Ow, that hurt." I said after long moments of silence.

I slowly got up by pushing my torso up with my arms, and falling over into a sitting position.

I cautiously moved my hand to my head, and drew it back because of its excruciating pain, as a result my hand was covered in crimson color blood.

I looked around, and my glance fell upon a girl laying on her stomach, her body sprawled across the floor, and well her skirt was just a little too short, if you know what I mean.

"Woah" I accidentally said out loud.

I shook my head, erasing the image from my head, splattering blood on the floor and my clothes.

I crawled over towards the girl; it looked like she needed help.

I turned her over, so that she was lying on her back.

I instantly blushed, the girl practically lying in my lap, and to make the situation even more awkward, she was beautiful.

She had light ivory skin, and silky blond hair, that came about shoulder length on one side, and was cut at a much longer length on her other side.

I lightly stroked her cheek with my hand, and her eyes slowly fluttered open.

She smiled. Once I noticed I quickly pulled my hand away placing it in my lap.

"I am sorry." I said hiding my face; I did not want me to see her blush.

"No it is ok." She said sitting up.

Then her face became distraught, and worry filled her eyes.

She brought her hand to my head, stroking just below my wound.

"You're hurt, you need a doctor."

"No, I am fine, concentrate on yourself." I said in reply, I did not like it when people worried about me; I always try to take care of myself.

My head was instantly rushed with pain; it felt like it was going to explode.

I grunted, really loudly.

"Hey, are you ok, you look really pale!" She said, the worry never leaving her eyes.

"AHHHH! It….hurts…so….bad." I said bringing both hands to my head.

I felt woozy, and everything began spinning. I fell backwards, my body hitting the marble floor with a large bang.

My eyes fluttered, I could barley see, and the last thing I remember was her yelling, "Help! Someone help!"

Then everything went blank.


"hmmm, hmmmm." I moaned.

"Nurse, he is awake!" I heard voices.

"Oh, good any longer, and we would have to diagnose this as a coma." Two voices.

"hmmm, ow!" I moaned again. The pain was unbearable.

"Please, you need to relax." It was the same voice as before, so soft and gentile.

I slowly opened my eyes, I saw people, but my mind was wild, everything went in and out of focus.

"Ahhh, where am I?" I questioned the voice. I kept my eyes closed, in order to ovoid the dizziness that it gave my head.

"You're in the nurses office." That voice so calm, but yet I was still unable to see.

"Ahhh, where?…ahhh, what?….What time is it?" I managed to choke out.

"It is very late, you have been sleeping for a while now."

"But…What time…is it?" I said with a hint of frustration in my voice. I had to get home, my father had very strict rules, and always wanted me around. He would be furious if I was gone too long.

"It is around 9:30" the voice said, rather calmly.

"What!?" I said leaning forward in my bed, bringing myself to a sitting position, at the same time opening my eyes.

"AHHHHHH! It hurts so bad!" I screamed, bring both hands to my head, the room was spinning, and my head was throbbing. Note to reader do not, I repeat do not sit up too quickly after you have just been in an almost coma because of a serious head injury for about five hours.

If you avoid doing this you will avoid serious pain. Hurtful, agonizing pain.

"Shhhhh! You need to relax." The voice said again.

I felt hands fall onto my shoulders, pushing me, without force, back down onto the bed.

"Please…my father." I screamed in pain.

"Just relax, go back to sleep, don't worry I will stay with you." With the voice came reassurance and safety.

I laid back down, and smiled a faint smile.

"Thank you." I said. It felt good to lean back and just close my eyes.

A few moments passed, and I wondered if that person was still there.

"Please, do you have a name?" I asked, possibly to thin air, because it was too painful to open my eyes, I just preferred to listen.

"I…I…" was all that was returned.

"Please." Was all I could say, I could feel myself falling back into sleep.

"Namine, my name is Namine." The voice said.

"Thank you, very much Namine." I said, Namine, Namine what a beautiful name.

The last thing I remember doing before drifting off to sleep was mouthing her name, it left a good feeling on my lips, Namine.

And then I drifted off into sleep.


"Namine, Roxas please wake up!" the voice sounded familiar, maybe one from last night.

"Mmmm" was all I could say in response. I was half sleeping, half awake. It was the best feeling in the world, to just lay there at peace.

I could feel the sun on my back, it felt warm and comforting.

I herd shuffling coming from outside the room, lots of shuffling, almost the same sound that I hear before school starts in the halls, when all the students are gathering their books for first period.

Wait! Was I still in the nurses office!

I slowly opened my eyes, it did not hurt as much as last night, and with that thought all the memories came flooding back.

When I feel, being in the nurses office, the pain in my head, and, and Namine. Namine the beautiful voice.

The room was bright, not only because of the sunlight, but because the room I was currently in was pure white. Whether it be the nurses office or someplace else, I really don't know.

There was another thing that was especially different than what I am used to witnessing when I wake up in the mornings.

I smelt lavender.

"mmmmmm" It smelt so good.

I tilted my head so I was facing forward, and my eyes met yellow, not bright yellow, serine, calm yellow, blond almost but lighter.

It was hair, huh? What the?!

I quickly sat up, carefully might I add, I did learn from last night. And to my surprise there was a GIRL, with light, silky blond hair SLEEPING NEXT TO ME IN A BED!

I propped myself up with one elbow, and leaned over her to get a look at her face, she was the same girl that I ran into yesterday.

Man, yesterday.

I wonder if she was Namine.

Mmmmm, only one way to find out, I lowered my head and whispered in her ear, "Namine? Wake up Namine."

She began to stir, so I moved back to my former position, propping my body weight on my elbow again.

"Mmmmmm." Was her response to her awaking.

"Namine?" I said again, this time getting her attention.

She lifted her head, just enough to turn it in my direction.

Once she saw he, I could feel her whole body stiff, and her eyes widen.

She quickly jolted up, "I am so sorry, I'll just.." but before she could finish I interrupted her.

"No, it is fine you can stay." I said, putting my free hand on her shoulder motioning her to stay.

"Please." I said. "I want to thank you." To my surprise, I acted really calm, usually I would be freaking out if I woke up to a girl in my bed, but today was different. What am I saying, the nurse probably just gave me a bunch of pain killers, and now I am feeling its effects.

"Are you Namine?" I questioned after she had fully turned herself around to face my direction.

"Yes, I am, and you are?" She said in reply.

"Oh, sorry, I am Roxas." I said a little too quick, maybe the pain killers' affects are wearing off, because now I was getting jittery. Well I mean, the fact that I am bed with a beautiful girl, and she is really only inches away from me, might do a thing or two to a 16 years olds mind.

"No need to apologize, Roxas." She said, "Actually, I am the one who should be apologizing, after all I am in your bed." She said with a smirk.

Ok, my hormones finally gave in, and I bushed, not just a bit of pink, but red, fire red all over my face.

I tried to hide my face, but she giggled anyway.

"Well, I mean you have every right, you did decide to stay here with me when you could have gone home." I said once I regained my composure.

"Yes, well you looked so helpless, I would have felt bad if I left you alone in this school with no one but a nurse." She said, now leaning her head on her elbow, almost a mirror image of me.

"Thank you very much then, but I don't think pity was the only reason." I said smirking.

"A Huh, and what would the other reason be." She said, a huge smile across her face.

"Well, I mean, most girls if they had the chance would love to sleep next to me, If you know what I mean." I said I huge perverted smirk across my face.

"Ha, yeah right." Was all she could reply, she was blushing immensely, so she tired to cover it up by slapping me in the shoulder. Luckily it was one of the parts of my body that was not aching right now.

"Ow, that hurt." I said with a pout on my face.

Silence, and the great part was, it was not the least bit awkward, well maybe a little, but it was pretty good for have a girl in a bed, next to you when you are sixteen.

Man, I could not say that enough!

I started giggling, and she followed until it got to the point where we were laughing hysterically for absolutely no reason.

Then, well then it got awkward.

"Hey, Roxas I heard what happened, so I figured you could use a change of…Woah!" Great Hayner always ruins everything, "Something funky is going on in here!" he practically screamed.

Hayner, one of my best friends, since elementary school, his mom actually considered me one of her own, since my mom died a couple year back, that is proabaly why he had clothes in his hand, because of me. Anyway, Hayner one of the most perverted people to talk to was standing in the door way of the nurse's office, facing me in the same bed a Namine.

Man, I am defiantly going to get teased about this one.

I threw off the covers, and pushed myself off the bed nearly 4 or 5 feet away from the bed.

I looked over at Namine, who was still lying in the bed, now facing the doorway where Hayner is standing, before she was facing me.

She was bright red, and I could feel the heat rising in my face as well.

I stared from Namine to Hayner then back again, and we literally did not move for about 30 seconds, and let me tell ya, it was the most awkward 30 seconds of my life.

Then Namine moved, she got up from the bed, walked over to where her stuff was, picked it up. She fiddled with her things for a bit, me, well I was still in shock so I did not do anything.

Once all her stuff was collected, he stood up faced me, and said, "Ok, well um by Roxas, see ya around some time." Then she left, almost sprinting out the door.

After she was gone, Hayner closed the door, and smiled this big huge perverted smile.

"So, Roxas?" he said/ questioned throwing me the extra chance of clothes he brought for me.

I put both hands behind my head, and said, "Um, well…I…and her…and…well." All the words slurred in my mouth no matter what I was trying to say.

"I know Roxas, I know." Was what he said, still smirking.

And me being red from embarrassment bent down and began to change.


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