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Chapter 1

"Are we there yet?" May groaned as she walked behind the group. Ash turned to Brock to see how close they were.

"Brock?" Ash simply asked. Brock pulled out the map and started glancing over it. Ash had recently conquered the Battle Frontier, and also tied in a contest with May and her newly evolved Blaziken. Right now they were headed to a town for a little vacation, they needed it after all.

"Hmmm..." Brock thought to himself as he glanced over the map. "We're almost there. Should take us anywhere between 2 to 3 hours before we get there."

"Aw man, I'm so hungry," Max whined.

"Me too," Ash agreed.

"Okay then, let's take a short lunch break," Brock told the group.

"Yay!" the three people: Ash, May, and Max cheered.

"Pi!" the little mouse Pokemon on Ash's shoulders piped in as well. As they were setting up for there little break, they heard a sound of footsteps coming towards them. Ash turned to see a gril with long green hair, and wearing a traveling shirt, with a jacket over it. And a pair of blue jeans.

"Hello," the woman said. Brock instantly forgot the food an held her hands.

"You are so beautiful and you take my breath away. Let's go have a romantic dinner somewhere," Brock said with hearts in his eyes. Max walked up and grabbed his ear, and started to pull him away.

"Not so fast romeo," Max growled. Ash and May laughed slightly, sweat drops forming on their heads. They then turned back to facing the green haired woman.

"Hi, my name is Ash, and this is my friend May," Ash said as he motioned to himself and then May.

"And I'm Max," the little boy told the girl.

"And I'm Brock," the older boy said.

"Nice to meet you all, my name is Grace," the green haired girl said.

"Nice to meet you Grace," Ash nodded. Grace glanced at the Pikachu on Ash's shoulder and smiled.

"Want to have a little Pokemon battle, my Scizor vs. your Pikachu?" Grace asked.

"Sure," Ash nodded. "I'm always ready for a Pokemon battle. But, you should be warned, I just conqured the Battle Frontier."

"Then this should be fun," Grace grinned. The two trainers took their spots and glanced at each other. Brock took a position so he could referee the battle.

"All right, this'll be a one on one battle!" Brock announced. "Begin!" Pikachu jumped off of Ash's shoulder, and had sparks forming at his cheeks. Grace grinned as she took a pokeball and tossed it into the air. In an instant, the red steel Pokemon known as Scizor appeared.


It's a battle win or lose

Its the friends you make, its the road you choose

Pikachu dodged Scizor's metal claw, and used his Iron Tail. Scizor blocked the attack and tossed Pikachu down onto the ground. He then opened up his right claw and shot a golden beam at Pikachu, who used Agility to dodge it, and then quickly went into a Quick Attack. Scizor dodged the attack, and smashed Pikachu with one of his claws.

We got the right stuff

so make your mind up

find the courage inside of you

Pikachu used a Thunderbolt attack, which Scizor blocked with a Safeguard, and then quickly charged the mouse Pokemon. Pikachu rolled to the side to dodge the steel Pokemon, and used another Iron Tail attack, which connected, and sent Scizor sliding across the ground. Pikachu then charged in for a finishing attack, but Scizor managed to get back up and toss Pikachu into the air, and then kick him into the ground.

If your strong you'll survive

and your keep you dream alive

Its the Battle Frontier


Pikachu landed on his hands and quickly got his balance as he ran at Scizor again. He kicked the steel Pokemon, and then did a Thunderbolt attack, which made Scizor stumble a bit. However, the steel Pokemon wasn't through and shoved his claw into Pikachu, tossing him backwards. Scizor then fired another Hyper Beam attack, which made contact with Pikachu. The others watched with shock faces that Ash might actually lose this battle. Pikachu managed to get back up and used a Volt Tackle to hurl Scizor hard into the ground. Causing the steel Pokemon to let out a small grunt.

Be the best you can be and

find your destiny

Its the master plan

The powers in your hand


Before Scizor could get back up, Pikachu charged his cheeks and let out a Thunder attack, "Piiiiiiiiiikachuuuuuu!" The Thunder attack hit its mark, and knocked Scizor out of the match.

"The winner is Pikachu!" Brock announced. Ash ran to his Pokemon and hugged him tight.

"Great job buddy," Ash complimented.

"Pika," the mouse Pokemon blushed. Grace picked up her pokeball, and recalled Scizor.

"You did great old friend," Grace whispered. She put the pokeball away and walked to Ash. "You were great."

"Thanks, you were too," Ash smiled. Ash's stomach then began to rumble, and he blushed from embarrassment. "Guess the battle made me really hungry."

"Then let's go eat," Brock said.

"Great!" May exclaimed. Max turned his attention to Grace for a moment.

"Want to eat with us?" Max asked.

"Sure," Grace nodded. "If its not too much trouble I mean."

"No trouble at all," Brock said. Grace nodded at them, and they headed over to the picnic table, and began to eat their meal.

"So, where were you headed Grace?" Ash asked.

"I was going to go to Pyra Town," Grace replied.

"That's where we're going," Max said.

"Maybe we could go together?" May suggested.

"Fine with me," Ash nodded in agreement.

"Same goes for me," Brock said.

"I don't mind either," Max added. The group continued talking about many things, like Pokemon Leagues, and any new type of Pokemon that they had discovered. After they were done eating, they put up the food, and began walking towards Pyra Town.


Anabel sat on her bed and looked at the wall, deep in thought. The Fontier Brains have been invited to a special meeting at Pyra Town, and they had no idea why. They were supposed to be leaving now, but Anabel was too busy thinking to care. The only person plaguing her thoughts now, was that of Ash Ketchum. She sighed to herself when she remembered that Ash wasn't able to sense her feelings for him. "Anabel!" a voice called from outside. Anabel broke out of her thoughts and turned to her clock.

"Dang!" Anabel screeched. "I'm still not ready!" She jumped out of her bed and quickly got ready as fast as she could. She combed her hair and changed into her normal battling attire. She then turned to her Espeon who was waiting for her. "Could you take the bags down? Please?" Anabel asked. Espeon nodded and grabbed the bags with her tail, and also using Psychic. Anabel finished getting ready and then headed to the window to see Scott and Brandon standing in front of the bus. "I'll be right down!"

"Hurry up!" Scott called back to the girl. Anabel nodded and turned and walked out of her room and down towards where the others were. "She seems different lately," Scott commented to Brandon.

"I wonder what it is," Brandon mused. He glanced to the entrance to see Espeon coming out with the bags. "Regice, could you help with the bags?" Regice nodded and floated over, taking the bags with his arms and gliding over to the bus, and then placed them underneath. "Thanks Regice." Brandon then recalled his Pokemon as soon as Anabel got out of the tower.

"I'm sorry I was late, I lost track of time," Anabel blushed with embarrassment.

"Whatever," Scott said. "Just as long as you're ready."

"I am," Anabel nodded.

"Good, let's get going," Scott said. Brandon and Anabel entered the bus first, followed by Scott, who got into the drivers seat. Anabel sat beside Brandon and glanced out the window as the bus began moving away from the Battle Tower.

"Are you okay?" Brandon asked the girl. Anabel glanced at Brandon briefly.

"I'm fine, just thinking at the moment," Anabel replied.

"Okay, if you need to talk, don't be afraid to ask me," Brandon said.

"Thanks Brandon," Anabel said with a smile. Brandon smiled back and glanced at the other Frontier Brains. Spenser was sitting next to Greta, Noland was beside Lucy, and Tucker was by himself. He embarrassed the other Frontier Brains with how he acted some times.

"I love this, makes me feel like I'm a kid again," Spenser said into the quiet of the bus.

"Why would you want to be a kid again gramps?" Greta asked. "I can't wait till I get older."

"Watch what you say to your elders," Spenser snapped. "And don't worry, you'll be old enough soon."

"Whatever old man," Greta grumbled.

"What did I say about talking like that," Spenser growled.

"Geez, I'm sorry," Greta apologized. The other Frontier Brains, except Brandon and Anabel, laughed at this. Anabel continued staring out of the window, thinking about Ash the whole time. She was completely oblivious to Tucker, who was making a fool of himself. And the other Frontier Brains as they talked about the new challengers they were getting. The Battle Frontier was becoming really popular after all. Anabel just hoped she could see Ash again, and maybe she would then tell him about her feelings.


Ash and friends entered Pyra Town and looked around at the many shops. There were mostly shopping stands, which were easy to set up and take down. "Is there a festival or something?" Ash asked Grace.

"Ya, every year on this day, a festival is held to honor Arnold, the one who saved the world from a deadly Pokemon," Grace replied.

"Sounds like the festival we went to before, the one where we met Lucario," Max commented.

"You're right," Brock nodded. May glanced to the left, and saw something in the distance.

"What's that?" May asked. The others stopped and looked to where she was pointing.

"That's the pyramid that supposedly, Arnold sealed away the deadly Pokemon," Grace replied.

"I would like to go explore it," Ash said excitedly.

"You might get your chance," Grace chuckled.

"You think?" Ash asked.

"Ya, they have expeditions in that pyramid every so often," Grace answered.

"This is going to be cool," Ash smiled big. The others just laughed at how he was acting. Grace turned her attention to a building they were in front of at the moment.

"Here is the laboratory," Grace said. "This was where I was headed. Was going to meet Professor Mikan."

"Can we come?" Max asked.

"Sure," Grace nodded in reply. The group followed her inside the lab, and saw many different machines. In the center was an old man with silver hair, and a short trimmed beard. He was wearing a simple lab coat at the moment. "Hey there grandpa!" The old man turned to see Grace smiling and waving at him.

"Oh, if it isn't my granddaughter Grace," Mikan said as he walked over and gave the girl a hug. Grace then turned to her friends, who were shocked to find out that Mikan was in fact Grace's grandfather.

"These are my friends. Ash, his Pikachu, May, Max, and Brock," Grace motioned to each of them in turn.

"Nice to meet you all," Mikan nodded. They heard footsteps approach them and they turned to see...Professor Oak, and Delia Ketchum.

"Mom! Professor!" Ash called. The two stopped when they heard Ash's voice.

"Ash my boy," Professor Oak smiled as he walked over and put a hand on the boys shoulder. "How have you been?"

"Great! I just conquered the Battle Frontier," Ash replied to the question. Delia then walked over and hugged her son.

"I'm glad you're okay my baby," Delia said as she kissed his cheek.

"Mom, you're embarrassing me," Ash whined, his face red with embarrassment.

"Sorry, I'm just glad to see you," Delia said as she stood back up.

"Its okay mom," Ash blushed.

"So, what are you guys doing here?" Ash asked.

"Well, I was invited by Mikan to go on a little expedition in the pyramid, and Delia wanted to come as well," Prof. Oak answered.

"Cool, we were going to go into the pyramid as well," Ash said.

"Can't say no to an adventure now can you?" Oak laughed.

"Nope," Ash said with a blush of embarrassment.

"Well, if it isn't Ashy boy," a voice said from behind the group.

"That voice," Ash whispered.

"Sounds familiar," Brock said. The group turned around, and sure enough, Gary was standing in front of them.

"Gary?!" Ash exclaimed in shock.

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