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Chapter 3

The pyramid was large, and had a type of slot on each of its sides. A man with spiky red hair was leaning against the side of the pyramid, right beside the doorway that took a person inside the pyramid. "When will he get here?" he mumbled a question.

"Don't know," an old man that resembled a pirate said from his position in front of the doorway.

"Hope they don't take too long, I need to find out more about this legend," the spiky haired man said.

"Calm down Lance, we'll get a chance to find out more once they get here," the pirate said.

"Fine Drake, I'll wait," Lance sighed. At that exact moment, a bus began to pull up to the pyramid.

"Well, right on time," Drake smiled as he walked towards the bus. Lance smiled slightly as he got off the wall and headed towards the bus at the same time.

"Talk about convenient," Lance chuckled. When the doors opened, the two professors were the first ones out. They were followed by Noland, Spencer, Tucker, Brandon, May and Scott. As soon as they were off, Max and Greta came out, followed by Brock, Lucy, Grace, Misty, and Gary. The last two off were Anabel and Ash, who had Pikachu still on his shoulder. "Well, if it isn't Ash," Lance grinned when he saw the familiar Pokemon Trainer come out.

"Hey Lance!" Ash called as he ran over to his friend and shook the extended hand.

"Good to see you again," Lance said.

"Same here," Drake said as well.

"Nice to see you again Drake," May said as she walked up to the group.

"I see you know each other, that saves the introductions," Mikan said with a hand on his chin. "Now that we are here, we can begin the expedition."

"I agree, there is something about the legend inside that pyramid," Lance said.

"What legend?" Max asked.

"It's an old legend passed down for centuries," Lance answered. "There are even some writing and ancient text that point to this pyramid, that it has all the info on this particular legend."

"Cool," Brock said.

"Yeah, what does the legend talk about anyway?" Anabel asked.

"Well, the legend talks about a powerful Pokemon that ruled this world with an iron fist," Lance began. "He created an army near the beginning of his life in this world. And with that army, he began a war that the history books call, "The Great Pokemon War." The war spread across the land, and threatened to drag every living creature, no matter if it was Pokemon and human, into the darkness."

"Interesting," Max commented.

"Is there anything that tell of his name?" Brock asked.

"He's name is Spooky," Drake replied.

"Really? That doesn't sound terrifying at all. Just sounds like some bad ghost Pokemon," Ash commented.

"You need to learn Ash, a name means nothing," Lance said.

"I agree," Brandon said with a nod.

"Even if they have a weird name, that doesn't strike you as being a villain," Oak began. "They still have enough power to crush you and your friends."

"Right, in Pokemon a name means nothing, it is what is inside," Lance said. "And as of the case with Spooky, he has pure evil inside his body."

"Right, he'll destroy anything in his path to get what he wants," Drake said. "But, we don't have to worry because he was supposedly sealed up by Sir Arnold."

"I see," Ash said.

"That is the reason Drake and I came here," Lance told the group. "We wanted to see the tablet that resides here."

"You mean the famous tourist attraction?" Grace asked.

"I guess so," Lance said. "The tablet has some writing on it, but only a select few can read it, and we just need to see for ourselves what kind of a text is writing on the tablet."

"Well then, what are we waiting for?" Ash asked. "Let's get going!"

"Right," everyone said in unison, and with that, they walked into the pyramid, hoping to learn more of the legend behind Spooky, the most feared Pokemon of all time.


The sound of a helicopter could be heard as it crossed over the land of Kanto, its destination, Pyra Town's Pyramid. Sitting in the back of the copter was Giovanni; he had the artifact still in his hand, and was looking over it, taking in every symbol and detail of the artifact. "Boss?" the grunt sitting beside him asked.

"Yes?" Giovanni asked as he turned to face the man.

"Why are we going straight to the pyramid? Don't we need the crystal thing?" the grunt asked.

"Why yes, and that's why I have this," Giovanni grinned as he held up a device, a single red dot was blinking inside a stone structure.

"What is that?" another grunt asked.

"It seems the scientists were tracking the location of the crystal, and thanks to Butch and Cassidy, I now know exactly where the crystal is. And it's right where I want it," Giovanni laughed.

"I hope you are right about this Pokemon we are looking for," a grunt mumbled.

"Oh, I am indeed right," Giovanni smirked. "Spooky is the most powerful Pokemon ever. Haven't you read about the legend in school or something? It is a really famous story."

"But, I thought that was just a story to help kids sleep," one of the grunts said.

"Well, I have done all the research required, and have found out that this legend has some truth to it," Giovanni stated. "But I do understand your point, we'll find out for sure once we reach the pyramid and take hold of the crystal."

"I think I understand boss," the grunt nodded in understanding.

"I don't pay you to think, but it's good you understand," Giovanni said. "Soon, we will all be in charge of this world."

"Sounds good to me," a grunt smirked.

"Glad to hear it," Giovanni laughed. "Now, let's speed up this copter and get to the pyramid in time to realize the destiny of Team Rocket." There was a loud cheer from every grunt that was in the large copter. The time for Team Rocket's rise was about to begin.


"Are we almost there?" a blue haired man whined.

"Stop whining James, we will be there shortly," a red head snapped.

"But Jessie, we don't know where the twerps went to," James whined.

"Don't worry, I'm sure we will bump into them sooner or later, we always do," a cat like Pokemon said.

"I agree Meowth, we need to be patient," Jessie said. James sighed as he glanced to the side to see a busy town in the middle of a festival. In the distance was a large pyramid.

"Maybe we can stop at this town for a bit, we could enjoy the festival and relax," James commented.

"Maybe you are right, we will continue our search for the twerps once we finish a little vacation," Meowth agreed.

"Yay! Maybe they have jewelry!" Jessie screeched.

"Wow, talk about change of attitude," James muttered.

"Yep, we have one mood swinger in our midst," Meowth said.

"You two shut up! We need to get to the town so we can have some fun!" Jessie cheered. James and Meowth sighed as they made the balloon head for the town, and their small vacation.


"Look out Anabel!" Ash screamed, which caused said girl to glance up at a piece of the wall falling towards her. Thinking quickly Ash ran forward and grabbed Anabel, throwing her out of the way. There was a huge crash from the piece of wall, which kicked up a huge cloud of smoke. When the smoke cleared, the rest of the group were greeted with the sight of Ash on top of Anabel, and their faces red as tomatoes when they realized their position.

"Um…can you two lovebirds take a break so we can get going," Max coughed slightly. Ash and Anabel's faces turned even redder as they heard that comment. Ash quickly jumped off her and helped her up, their faces still red.

"Ah, Ash is blushing," May teased.

"Shut up May," Ash groaned. "You need to watch out for now on Anabel," Ash told the girl. "It seems like there are a lot of traps around here."

"Trying to change the subject from the position you two lovebirds were in," May teased. "I didn't know you actually had a crush on a girl."

"S-Shut up!" Ash whined. "I was just trying to protect her."

"Sure," Brock smirked.

"Enough of this, let's continue on," Lance sighed. "And as for you Anabel, Ash is right, you need to be more careful, there are a lot of traps down here."

"Sorry Lance," Anabel blushed. The group just nodded and continued their little trip to the throne room, where the tablet rested. Grace walked with Lance, and they were in the middle of conversation at the moment. Since the beginning of the trip down, it seemed that Grace had taken a liking to the dragon master. Drake was with the two professors, while Spencer, Noland, and Tucker walked together talking about new strategies that they could use in their next matches. May, Brandon, Max, and Greta walked together, and just talked about different Pokemon they have seen on their little journeys. Brock was busy flirting with Lucy, and before anyone could actually pull him away, mainly Misty, Lucy was flirting back. Misty was content to just walk with Gary, Ash, and Anabel, the latter two still having blushes on their face from their earlier predicament.

"We're almost there," Lance said from the front of the group. "The throne room should be just up head according to this map."

"Great!" Ash called out. "We can finally see this old tablet that we've been hearing so much about."

"I agree," Anabel said, her face back to normal after she heard where they were.

"This is going to be nice," Gary said with a smile.

"Yeah, I hope we find something cool," Misty said in agreement.

"Pika, pika, pikachu," the little mouse Pokemon on Ash's shoulder agreed.

"You're right Pikachu, we get to learn more about the Great Pokemon War," Ash said to his friend.

"Pik," Pikachu said with a nod. The group entered into a large room and saw that it was the largest room they have ever been in. There was a tall throne at the back of the room, and situated on a wall behind the throne was a tall tablet, a mark for darkness was in the center of the tablet.

"There it is," Lance said as he pointed to the tablet.

"Wow, so that's the artifact that holds the most powerful Pokemon of all time," Professor Oak whistled.

"That's right, its time to begin the studying," Mikan said as he walked forward.

"Careful grandpa, you don't know what it could do to you," Grace told the professor.

"Don't worry, I'm sure it's perfectly safe," Mikan said with a smile as he walked up to the tablet and started to look at the markings that were on it.

"Professor Oak, bring me the camera, I want to take a picture of this text so we can study it later," Mikan told his friend. Oak nodded as he fumbled in his bag until he found the camera. He then walked over to Mikan, and handed it to him. Mikan took a single picture before handing it back. "Interesting," Mikan whispered.

"What is?" Lance asked.

"Well, I can tell that the center one is Spooky, because the other two are a Scizor and Salamence," Mikan explained.

"What are they doing on there?" Gary asked.

"I don't know," Mikan mused. As he was about to touch the tablet to determine its age and other interesting facts, there was a large explosion from the entrance to the throne room. The group turned to see a bunch of men where black uniforms which had the letter "R" on them.

"Team Rocket!" Misty exclaimed. A few seconds later a man walked to the front of the group.

"Greetings, I see you know of us," the man said calmly.

"Know you, your cronies Jessie, James, and Meowth, have been nothing but trouble," Ash growled.

"Ahh, so you are the one they kept on babbling about," the man smirked. "You are the kid they said had a really powerful Pokemon. But by the looks of it, your Pikachu looks like a weakling."

"Want to back that up," Ash growled.

"Fine, my name is Giovanni," the man said as he pulled out a Pokeball and aimed it at Ash.

"My name is Ash, and I'm going to beat you for calling my Pikachu weak," Ash growled.

"Interesting," Giovanni laughed, one of his eyes catching sight of the crystal. "You have the crystal I've been searching for." Ash backed up as he grabbed the crystal defensively.

"What do you want this crystal for?" Ash asked.

"Nothing much, just to release Spooky from his confines," Giovanni shrugged.

"Well that won't happen!" Ash screamed. "Go Pikachu!" The little mouse Pokemon nodded as he jumped onto the ground, sparks forming on his cheeks.

"This should be fun," Giovanni smirked. "Go Rhydon!" A large Pokemon with a single drill for a nose appeared on the field.

"Pikachu, use Iron Tail!" Ash commanded. As Pikachu ran towards Rhydon with a glowing tail, the large drill Pokemon smashed the ground, creating an earthquake that knocked Pikachu onto the ground.

"Now Rhydon, squash that little mouse," Giovanni commanded calmly.

"Dodge Pikachu!" Ash ordered. Pikachu dodged the coming claw attack and skidded back aways.

"This is bad," Lance muttered.

"I agree, Pikachu is at a huge disadvantage against Rhydon," Drake commented. While Ash was distracted with the battle, Giovanni had called out Arcanine to stand behind him.

"Now Arcanine, use your extreme speed and grab that crystal from the boys neck, I have more important things than playing games with a weak trainer," Giovanni whispered to the dog Pokemon. Arcanine nodded as he quickly used Extreme Speed, which caught Ash by surprise when he felt the crystal leave his neck.

"What's going on?" Ash asked. Pikachu turned around to look at Ash, but as soon as he did, he was sent flying, courtesy of Rhydon's tail. "Pikachu!" Ash cried as he ran to his friend's side. "You okay buddy?"

"Pi," Pikachu mumbled.

"Looks like I got what I wanted," Giovanni laughed as he showed the crystal to the group of trainers. He then recalled Rhydon and moved towards the tablet, his grunts following close behind. The others moved slowly until they were beside Ash and helped him off the ground.

"You okay?" Anabel asked the boy.

"Y-Yeah, I'm fine," Ash said softly as he held Pikachu gently. Anabel had a face full of concern as she looked down at Pikachu.

"Poor Pikachu," Anabel muttered.

"Yeah," May agreed.

"What are you doing?!" Mikan yelled at Giovanni. The man simply smirked as he held up an artifact that had a crystal shape on it.

"What is that?" Greta asked.

"I don't know if I want to know," Tucker said with a shiver. Giovanni tore the chain off of the crystal and shoved into the artifact, causing it to emit a dark and eerie glow. Giovanni then shoved the entire artifact into the tablet, the crystal glowing even brighter than before, and the tablet was soon to follow. The pyramid gave a little shake, causing the others to fall to their knees.

"We need to get out of here!" Brock told the others.

"I agree," Lance said.

"Come on Ash, we need to get out of here," Anabel said as she helped him up, with the help of May of course. The group then ran out of the room, and towards the entrance. Rocks began to fall everywhere, and the quakes got bigger and bigger as they continued to run. After a few twists and turns, they could see the exit.

"Here Anabel, take Pikachu and jump down," Ash told the girl. Said girl nodded as she took the little mouse Pokemon and jumped onto solid ground, where Scott was ready for them. "Keep going," Ash told the others. He watched as one by one they jumped onto the ground. Before Ash could follow however, the pyramid started to rise faster, and the shaking made Ash fall to his knees.

"Jump Ash!" Anabel cried to the boy.

"To far down!" Ash called out to the others.

"Salamence, I choose you!" Drake commanded. The large dragon Pokemon appeared with a loud roar. "Go! Get Ash off of there!" Salamence roared in understanding as he flew up to the pyramid. Ash saw this and quickly jumped onto Salamence's back, and the dragon flew Ash down to ground level. "Return Salamence," Drake said.

"We need to get out of here!" Scott yelled as he started up the bus, the others all ready inside. Ash nodded to Drake and they ran into the bus, which took off at full speed from the pyramid and towards Pyra Town. A large dust cloud was kicked up as the pyramid rose higher and higher. The group turned to see the large pyramid rise high into the air.

"This is bad," Mikan sighed. "If Giovanni did indeed release Spooky, then we are doomed."

"Not yet anyway," Brandon commented.

"He's right, what about the writing on the tablet, maybe that'll give us some clues," Brock agreed.

"Worth a try," Mikan said. "Scott, take us to the lab."

"On it," Scott said as he turned the bus so that it was heading straight towards Mikan's laboratory.


There was a soft glow from inside a large tree that made a little pink Pokemon tilt her head in confusion when she saw a familiar figure appear in front of her. "Mew?" she asked softly. The Pokemon's eyes opened, revealing red eyes.

"Where am I?" he spoke with his mind.

"Mew, Mew," the little Pokemon replied.

"The Tree of Beginning huh?" the Pokemon asked in confusion. "How did I get here?"

"Mew," Mew replied with a confused tone.

"Don't know," the Pokemon said. He suddenly felt a surge of dark aura and turned to the direction of the source. "What's going on?"

"Mew," the little Pokemon said. The Pokemon nodded, and quickly jumped out of the tree and headed to the source of the aura.

"I guess I must take care of it," the Pokemon told himself. He then glanced to the tree behind him, "Take care Mew."


A lone Pokemon stood on a tall mountain, his long purple tail swishing behind him. "What power," he said with awe, his mouth never once moving. "Wonder what's going on?"

"Mew!" a little pink Pokemon squealed. The taller Pokemon turned to see the familiar Pokemon for which he was cloned from.

"What is it Mew?" Mewtwo asked.

"Mew! Mew! Mew mew!" the little Pokemon continued to squeal.

"Lucario went to investigate some mysterious aura you say?" Mewtwo asked. Mew nodded as he turned back to face the darkened sky. "That's weird, it's the middle of the day."

"Mew," the little Pokemon whispered.

"I agree, it might have to do with what Lucario sensed, I can sense it too," Mewtwo said. He then turned and began to walk away.

"Mew?" the little Pokemon asked.

"I'm going to find out what is going on," Mewtwo replied. He then disappeared and headed for the source of the mysterious power.


Giovanni smiled when the light had cleared, and the monstrous form of Spooky stood before him. The other grunts started to shiver as they backed away from the Pokemon. "Where am I?" he asked.

"You are in your pyramid, and I'm your new master," Giovanni replied with pride. Spooky turned his red eyes onto the man, and as quick as a flash the dark Pokemon's hand was grasped around Giovanni's neck.

"Let's get one thing straight," Spooky growled as he pulled Giovanni close to his face. "I take orders from no one! And you and your little cronies will take orders from me! Is that clear?!" the dark Pokemon screamed. Giovanni simply nodded the best he could. Spooky smiled as he threw Giovanni towards a wall. "I'll let you control some of my toys on this pyramid, but don't you try to use them against me, or you will die." Giovanni gulped as he gave a slight nod. Spooky grinned as he sent a dark wave at Giovanni. "There you go."

"So, what are you going to do?" Giovanni asked the Pokemon.

"Simple, I'm going to begin the war that I should have won centuries ago," Spooky growled. He raised up his hands, and a few psychic controlled platforms appeared in front of him, forming a set of stairs that lead to a control panel. When Spooky reached the top, he placed his hands into the two gauntlets, a wide grin forming on his lips. "Time to destroy this pathetic world, and become the new ruler of this planet," Spooky laughed evilly as he began to activate the full power of the pyramid.

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