Star wars - Mindless Revenge

Chapter 12

"Master Yoda, are you alright?" Mace and Danni both yelled as they rushed up to the Master helping him off the floor.

"Alright I am, trouble the Jedi have."

As Tirus went for the killing blow he was interrupted by banging on Yoda's door. Causing him to swirl around and disappear in a cloud of smoke before Yoda's eyes, suprising the dimitive master Jedi. If he could do that they were in a lot of trouble.

"What happened in here?" Mace asked seeing the mess before him. When they had knocked the first time, no-one had answered and then they heard something smash inside. That was when they started yelling and banging on the door. When Mace had overridden security they rushed in to find Yoda on the floor, the place a mess but no-one else there.

"Returned my old Padawan has, dark side runs deep with in him now, stopped he must be."

"Your old Padawan?" Danni asked confused for she knew he hadn't taken another Padawan since Qui-Gon and she couldn't fathom how old the old Padawan would be.

"A species close to mine he was, a long time he lives," Yoda explained.

"What is this bad Padawan revenge week or something?" Mace growled.

"Hear from Obi-Wan have you?" Yoda asked sitting down.

"No and I'm also worried about my Padawan, I can't get in touch with her and I can't find her along our bond," Danni said worriedly.

"Is this place going crazy?" Mace asked frustratingly still worried about Qui-Gon.

"Feel the dark side all around. Feeling something more than Qui-Gon or me," Yoda said closing his eyes concentrating.

As they watched him, Danni's com link went off and she sighed in relief as she heard Tara on the other end. She was going to scold her until she heard what she had to say. She told Tara for them to meet her at Yoda's quarters, then told Mace and Yoda what her Padawan had told her.

"Must help with the search for Qui-Gon, face Xanatos alone with Tirus still on the loose, Obi-Wan must not," Yoda said worriedly.

"I will have security search the Temple from top to the very bottom," Mace said.

"Remember the cells deep down under the temple, do you?" Yoda asked suddenly turning to Mace.

"Yes, but they haven't been used for as long as I can remember and before," Mace told him.

"Perfect place to take Qui-Gon, Xanatos would hmm," Yoda said irritated he hadn't thought of it before.

"You're right, we should of thought about it before this," Mace said scowling.

"Mace and I will go down there," Danni said.

"Careful you must tread, darkness dwells down there," Yoda warned.

"We will, Master, don't worry," Mace told him.

At that point Tara, Matt and Reeft showed up and were told to retire to their quarters. They complained they wanted to help but the Masters told them it was too dangerous so they solemnly went back to Tara's quarters to wait it out. Mace and Danni then took off to the deep dark cells of the Temple, hoping they weren't too late.

Hearing Tara scream out was like a knife going through his stomach. No matter how much he struggled he couldn't get himself free, and he couldn't use the force because Xanatos had used some inhibiter placed on either side of his temples. Qui-Gon strained to hear what was happening as he heard a commotion and the slice of a lightsaber as Tara screamed again, then the com went dead. Devastation spread through Qui-Gon, his beloved Padawan dead, killed by Brucks hand but ultimately it was Xanatos that killed him, and a rage started building inside him. If he had the chance he would rip Xanatos limb from limb.

"Now, now, Qui-Gon, those are dark thoughts and a Jedi does not have them," Xanatos laughed gleefully.

"You will die, Xanatos," Qui-Gon said coldly, simply staring at him from the table he was tied too.

"And how are you going to kill me when you're dead? Finally, I got rid of that brat of yours. He really was a pain in the ass, Qui-Gon, always doing the right thing, always saying yes Master no Master. It made me sick," Xanatos sneered at him.

"I don't know how? But you will pay for this I promise," Qui-Gon said, his heart bleeding inside.

"How do you feel, Qui-Gon, knowing that your precious Padawan is dead and that you were too weak to do anything to save him? You failed again, Qui-Gon," Xanatos sneered at him and laughed at the emotions he could see running through Qui-Gon's face.

Qui-Gon didn't answer him, he couldn't … the pain was too much to bear.

"Oh now don't give up on me now Qui-Gon I am having too much fun," Xanatos said and pressed a button on his belt which had Qui-Gon arching up, crying out as he convulsed on the table. Xanatos reveled in the pain he was causing Qui-Gon, and the more he convulsed the longer he kept his finger on the button. Enjoying it too much, Xanatos didn't want Qui-Gon to die so soon so took his finger off the button and watched Qui-Gon slump back onto the table.

"No Qui-Gon, it won't be that easy," Xanatos said walking up to him.

"You will be punished," Qui-Gon barely got out as he could feel blood seeping from his nose, running freely down.

"Qui-Gon, you are so pathetic, still sprouting that stuff. No Qui-Gon, I will not be punished and you will die just like your brat did and I will finally get my revenge on you," Xanatos growled at him.

Qui-Gon had no more energy, he was barely able to stay conscious, and his body screamed pain from the shocks Xanatos was giving him. Struggling to keep his eyes open, he looked at Xanatos and wondered how someone could be so evil, where did it come from? Did it come from the soul or was he just a very good student of the dark forces?

Xanatos leaned over him and took the force inhibiter off his head and stood back grinning.

"And now for my final nail? You see, Qui-Gon, not only is your Padawan dead, and that you will be joining him very soon but there is one thing I didn't mention … saving it for last. You see, my Master at this moment is fixing it so this whole place will be purged of all Jedi scum. So you see not only will you be gone, all your Jedi friends will be joining you. Yes Qui-Gon, my last present to you, aren't I generous?" Xanatos asked grinning wickedly.

Qui-Gon felt a helplessness fill him, he never thought he would inadvertently be responsible for his friends death as well. Gathering as much of the force as he could he tried to send a warning through the force, but he was too weak.

"Ha ha, too weak, Qui-Gon, I always thought you were a pathetic excuse for a Jedi. Well don't worry it will all be over soon, my old Master," Xanatos said holding out Qui-Gon's lightsaber in front of him. "Yes Qui-Gon, you will die and you will die the same way my father did … by your lightsaber. What better revenge than for you to be struck down by your own saber, the one that ended my father's life," Xanatos growled at him as he ignited Qui-Gon's lightsaber, and brought it up close to his face.

"Your father was a criminal, and he was punished. I didn't want to kill him, I don't know how many times I have to tell you, Xan; and in the end he gave me no choice," Qui-Gon said sadly barely able to move his lips.

"He was the one that didn't have a chance. you gave him no chance, just cut him down as if he was nothing," Xanatos yelled angrily at Qui-Gon, bringing his lightsaber up close enough to scorch Qui-Gon's face.

"Xanatos, this is a mindless revenge, but if it has to be? Then so be it, but don't blame the rest of the Jedi, they didn't do anything to you. If you have to have your revenge then take it solely out on me. You have already killed me by killing Obi-Wan, finish the job but leave the rest of the Jedi out of it," Qui-Gon said to him barely able to stay conscious. But he had to a little longer to try and save the rest of his Jedi family.

"The Jedi deserve what they get and so do you, now prepare yourself to meet your Brat," Xanatos said raising the green lightsaber ready to bring it down and slice his old Master in two.

All of a sudden the door behind him was ripped open which startled Xanatos as he spun around in shock.

"You never could get anything right could you, Xanatos," Obi-Wan stated, sliding into the room lightsaber at the ready.

"You! Your suppose to be dead," Xanatos spluttered angrily.

"Well when you leave something important like that to Bruck, just goes to show how stupid you are," Obi-Wan said grinning, then had the grin wiped off his face when he looked over at his Master.

"Your right about one thing, Obi-Wan, if you want a job done you should do it yourself," Xanatos said turning around suddenly and swung his saber at Qui-Gon, but Obi-Wan was quicker than him and clashed his lightsaber with Xanatos' just before it connected with his Master.

For a second Obi-Wan let his eyes wander down to the older Jedi and what he saw made his blood boil. Turning back to Xanatos he shoved him away from his Master and stood protectively in front of him.

"You think you are a match for me, little Padawan? I will slice you in two before you can blink," Xanatos snarled at him.

"Try it, Xanatos,"Obi-Wan said trying to control his anger at his Master's condition.

"You know your Master cried pathetically when he thought you were dead, and he begged for his life like a weak fool," Xanatos jibbed at Obi-Wan slowly circling him.

"Master Qui-Gon would never beg, and if he did cry then it just goes to show he has emotions, not like a cold hearted fool like you," Obi-Wan said giving a quick look to Qui-Gon, worry seeping into him at the condition his Master was in.

"Don't worry about him too much, Obi-Wan, he will be dead soon, even if I didn't get him with the lightsaber, the force inhibiter would of done enough damage," Xanatos sneered leaping forward on the attack.

Obi-Wan blocked easy and leaped over Xanatos' head, swung around and blocked another attack. For the next few minutes both boys fought hard neither getting the edge.

"You can't win, Obi-Wan, you haven't the skill I have," Xanatos goaded.

"As usual the dark side only offers arrogance," Obi-Wan said jumping out the way of a low swipe.

"Obi-Wan could feel the rage swelling inside Xanatos and pulled himself more into the force calming him further. Obi-Wan could feel he was getting the advantage and pushed further, being careful not to look at his Master so as not to feel his anger.

Stepping back, Xanatos tripped and fell to the ground. Obi-Wan was about to move forward when all of a sudden he was force pushed and flew through the air hitting the wall and slumped to the ground unconscious. Xanatos looked up in surprise to see a familiar sight standing in the doorway.

"Enough playing Xanatos, we need to finish it now and get out of here," Tirus stated moving forward into the room.

"Yes Master, but I could have taken him easy," Xanatos said arrogantly.

"Looked like he was about to take you, fool. Now we will dispose of these two then leave here," Tirus said still angry he didn't get Yoda.

Tirus walked over to Qui-Gon and could see he was near death and grimly thought Yoda's prized Padawan would have to do. Even though Yoda would be caught up in his other plan, revenge was never so sweet when you could deal it out personally. A groan was heard from over in the corner and Tirus swung around to see Obi-Wan coming around.

"Allow me," Xanatos said grinning as he placed his hand out in front of him in the shape of a grip. Suddenly Obi-Wan was lifted into the air, struggling for breath. Hands automatically going to his throat, he tried to draw in some breath, but it was like someone had an iron grip on his throat and was squeezing the life out of him.

Qui-Gon slowly opened his eyes and looked on in horror as he saw Obi-Wan being choked to death. Closing his eyes he thought if the last act he did was save his Padawan then so be it and closed his eyes and concentrated on bringing as much of the force as he could in his weakened state around him. He then unclamped one of his wrists and painfully lifted his hand and threw a force blast at Xanatos sending him sailing through the air hitting the far wall. Obi-Wan dropped, coughing, trying to get his bearings as Qui-Gon could feel himself slipping deeper into himself and closed his eyes, too weak to keep them open. Tirus turned sharply to where Qui-Gon was and swore under his breath.

"Its time for you to die," Tirus growled and ignited his saber and went to strike Qui-Gon down

"NO!" Screamed Obi-Wan in horror as Mace and Danni came barreling through the door.

Mace, seeing what was about to happen, ignited his own lightsaber and lept forward cutting off Tirus's lightsaber with his own. Tirus howled in rage and attacked Mace with full force. Both fought strongly neither giving an inch, but as Danni went to join in, Tirus force pushed Mace backward and levitated himself in the air.

"You may have the advantage now, but I will return and I will have my revenge," Tirus bellowed and then disappeared in a puff of smoke with all three staring unbelievably at the dissipating smoke.

Obi-Wan, not wasting time, rushed over to his Master and unclamped the rest of his limbs and worriedly leaned over him, scanning him for injuries. Obi-Wan gasped at the amount of damage done to his Master.

"Obi-Wan, how bad is he?" Mace asked appearing along side him.

"He has bad internal injuries, and something about his mind … I can't read it properly," Obi-Wan stated becoming agitated with worry.

"We need to get him to the healers now," Danni said walking quickly up to them, a knot forming inside her stomach at the sight of him.

Mace quickly comm'd the healers to where they were, not liking the look of his best friend. He swore to himself that if he ever got his hands on Xanatos again…

"Where's Xanatos gone," Mace said suddenly swinging around.

"He was over there," Obi-Wan said pointing. "But I was so worried about Qui-Gon I forgot about him, damn it he escaped," Obi-Wan swore.

"Never mind, Obi, just concentrate on Qui-Gon, if he is gone we will find him, I assure you," Danni said gently placing her arm around him.

"Master, can you here me? Please answer me," Obi-Wan pleaded with his Master.

Qui-Gon never answered him and as Obi-Wan was about to try again the healers poured into the room, took one look at Qui-Gon and rushed him out of the room with three very worried and fearful Jedi right behind him.

After Obi-Wan was checked out by the healers he joined the rest of them out side the healers ward awaiting news. Obi-Wan was becoming desperate to hear his Master was alright. He blamed himself for everything that happened. He had a feeling that Xanatos was lying but he didn't try hard enough to convince his Master, not wanting to upset him and now his weakness might have killed him.

"Your fault it was not," A familiar voice spoke near Obi-Wan, making him jump.

"Master Yoda, I didn't hear you come up," Obi-Wan said going red.

"Your fault it was not," Yoda said again looking deeply into Obi-Wan's eyes.

"How can you say that, Master, I had a very strong feeling that Xanatos was lying and I did nothing. I just went along with everything. What kind of Padawan am I when I can't voice my fears and troubles to my Master because I don't want to upset him? Now because of it I might have killed him," Obi-Wan said with desperation in his voice.

"Doubts myself had, told Qui-Gon them, listen he did not, my fault it was hmm?" Yoda asked him whacking his gimmer stick on the ground.

"No, of course it wasn't, Master. How could it be?"

"Apart from Master Yoda I was the closest to Qui-Gon when Xanatos turned, I never trusted him completely when he was his Padawan. Was it my fault when he turned on him because I didn't argue hard enough with Qui-Gon? Is it my fault that I still didn't trust him one bit since he came back and couldn't convince Qui-Gon of it?" Mace asked sitting down next to the boy.

"No No, Master Windu, you tried everything you could, its different for me, I'm his Padawan, he should of listened to me. I should of tried harder," Obi-Wan stated, tears starting to form in his eyes.

"Obi-Wan, I wasn't around when Xanatos turned and I didn't know much about him when he came back a few days ago, but the feeling I got was not good either, there was just something about him I didn't trust. You know your Master more than anyone except maybe Mace and Master Yoda, so you know when your Master gets something into his head its totally impossible to change his mind. No Matter what you did it wouldn't have changed his mind. If you want to blame someone then blame the right person - Xanatos," Danni told him, feeling for him.

"My mind tells me all of you are right, but my heart…. I just want to hear that he is going to be alright," Obi-Wan said not quite giving it until he heard it from his Masters lips.

Just then head healer An-Paj walked into the waiting room and Obi-Wan jumped up and rushed over to him with everyone following him.

"Take it easy, Obi-Wan, sit down and I will explain what is going on," An-Paj said gently guiding him to a chair.

Once everyone was settled An-Paj began.

"Qui-Gon is pretty bad, he has extensive internal injuries, and he was beaten very badly. I have him in the bacta tank now and he should be in there for quite a while yet. If he gets past the next 24 hours then I would say his chances are very good."

The relief on everyone's face was noticeable, especially Obi-Wan's. Then Obi-Wan looked again at An-Paj's face and his heart skipped a beat.

"Then why do you look like your favourite toy has just been smashed?" Obi-Wan asked.

"Because that wasn't the only thing that was wrong with him. When I first got him in here I scanned him for all injuries, but when it came to reading his mind I couldn't feel anything. It was like a fog, like something was damaged. And that worries me because his head didn't look like it had been touched except for two marks on each temple, do you know anything about that," An-Paj asked.

"When I found them, Xanatos had this metal clamp over his head connecting to each temple, he called it a force inhibitor," Obi-Wan said swearing to himself that he should have gotten to him sooner.

"Well I can't find out for sure until he has left the bacta tank, so let's get him past this first okay. "Obi-Wan, I want you to go get some rest, its going to be awhile," An-Paj told him gently.

"Please Master, I want to see him, I need to see him,"Obi-Wan pleaded.

"Its okay, An-Paj, I will see that he gets some rest," Mace said putting a comforting hand on Obi-Wans shoulder.

"I will go and tell your friends what's going on, Obi-Wan, they were very worried about you," Danni said smiling encouragingly at him.

An-Paj nodded confidently at Obi-Wan then went about his business. Danni went to find Tara and her friends and Mace walked into the bacta tank room with Obi-Wan. When they spotted Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan gasped at how pale and beaten he looked and rushed up to the tank. The bruises had started to come out and he was covered in them. Even Mace looking at his best friend in shock, no matter what trouble they had gotten into he had never looked so bad. Obi-Wan placed his hand against the glass and closed his eyes trying to feel anything along their bond, but all he got was a slight tug. But that was enough for now he thought; they could work on getting him completely better once he was out of the tank. Behind them Yoda stood watching and hoped his old Padawan had enough left in him to survive, for if he didn't he didn't know how Obi-Wan was going to fare, nor himself for that matter. Turning around Yoda walked out of the room feeling a little guilty himself that his old Padawan did this, and shivered a little thinking this was not over for in the future sometime he knew that Tirus was awaiting him to reek his revenge.

Two days had gone by before Qui-Gon was allowed out of the bacta tank and put into his own room. Obi-Wan had hardly slept no matter how much Mace or his friends tried to get him too. Once he was placed into his bed Obi-Wan had not moved. It had been two days since Qui-Gon had been moved from the bacta tank and he had shown no sign of awakening. An-Paj had tried everything to find out what damage had been done to his brain, but all he could come up with was whatever that contraption was it just didn't just inhibit him from the force it also damaged his link to the force, creating a force field between him and the outside world. And everyday he was like this he deteriorated and An-Paj couldn't help him. He did know one thing and that is if they couldn't figure out how to help him soon he would be too far gone to help at all. An-Paj cursed himself everyday for allowing Xanatos to take Qui-Gon out of the infirmary that day, he should have been able to stop him but he didn't understand at the time the obsessive-ness Xanatos had in him for revenge. Thank god security found the bomb that Tirus had planted, a neurological gas that was meant to spray through the children's wing air ducts. By damaging the children, Tirus thought he had solved the Jedi problem in the long run. An-Paj shivered at the evilness of the man, to hurt innocent children for a mindless revenge. He had heard the council had been in meetings since it happened, worried on the fact that Tirus and Xanatos were still out there, and were making plans to try and find them before they caused anymore havoc.

"I need you to wake up now, Master; I can't do this without you. Everyone is worried about you, and if anyone can get out of this, you can, I have seen you get out of worse situations. I need you, Master," Obi-Wan whispered softly to his Master, feeling his heart would break if he didn't get anything from his Master soon.

Looking over at Obi-Wan, An-Paj sighed and thought if someone didn't make him get some rest soon he would sneak a sedative in him whether he liked it or not and went out his work hoping Qui-Gon got better soon.

Danni sat next to Qui-Gons bed watching his still form willing him to move or speak or say something. But he just lay there no moving an inch.

"Qui-Gon, you really need to wake up, or give us a sign your hearing us, poor Obi-Wan is near the end of his a matter of fact I think I'm near the end of my rope as well, I knew I liked you but I didn't realize how much until now. "I need to get to know you better, get closer to you, not that you let too many people do that but I'm a persistent girl and I know you wouldn't be able to withstand my charms," Danni said laughing a little which turned into a slight sob.

"We finally got Obi-Wan to go and get some rest, but it took Mace, me, Tara and his friends to bully him. He is a stubborn one your Obi-Wan but then I'm not surprised, as he is your Padawan. Your work isn't over yet, Qui-Gon, the Jedi still need you, the galaxy still need you, Obi-Wan still needs you and I need you too just damn well wake up," Danni said raising her voice a little getting frustrated.

"You actually fell for that big bantha head," Mace said smiling behind her.

"Oh Mace err when did you get here," Danni said going red.

"I'v been here long enough to know you shouldn't be embarrassed about your feelings for him, he has a bad habit of making people love him. He is stubborn, fool headed, a pain in the butt… and the best friend I have ever or ever will have," Mace said sighing as he sat down next to her.

"I never meant to," Danni said quietly.

"No-one ever does, but he has this knack for getting inside people, that's why he is such a good diplomat, considering he breaks most rules," Mace said smiling wryly.

"What will happen to Obi-Wan if he doesn't make it? I have never seen a Padawan and Master so connected, so close. I thought Tara and I were close until I saw those two," Danni said as her heart stopped at the sight of Qui-Gon's face twitching.

"I honestly don't know, Danni, its like they rely on each other to live, did you see that?" Mace said sitting up suddenly when he saw the same thing as Danni.

"Yes, what do you think, he is waking up?" Danni said excited.

"Sith, no I don't think so … look," Mace said as he watched Qui-Gon's heart monitor going crazy.

"What's happening to him?" Danni asked becoming panicky as his heart became more irregular.

"I don't know but…. Oh sith, An-Paj!" Mace yelled when all of a sudden the heart monitor showed a flat line.

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