Link had just beaten some dungeon/temple of significance and was now returning back to the Kokiri Forest for rest. Walking through the forest on the moonless night, swarms of summer fire flies illuminated his path. The boy smiled as he passed the small moss-covered houses. Everything was so familiar, just the way he'd left it. He made his way to his tree house and began to climb the ladder.

"Ah," he announced with a pleasant sigh, "There's no place like home. I can't wait to snuggle into my warm bed and fall fast asleep."

He climbed into his bed, but did not fall fast asleep. He couldn't fit; his feet hung over the edge.

Navi said, "I think you're getting a little too big for your bed, Link."

Link scoffed, "Pfft. I think it's pretty obvious."

Navi nodded but Link went on, "This bed has shrunk since the last time I came here. Must be Ganon's doing."

Navi opened her mouth to explain but then shook her head and decided against it, for she had gotten used to it. "Good night, Link. Sleep tight," she said with a sigh, but he kept his eyes open, "You forgot something."

Navi rolled her eyes but couldn't help but smile just a little, "Don't let the bed bugs bite."
Link automatically fell into a deep sleep.

The boy woke up a little past noon when his house became humid from the rising heat. Wiping some beads of sweat from his forehead, he sat up and looked around. He frowned when he didn't see Navi but quickly shrugged it off. She probably went to go talk to some of the other fairies.

"Wait," he asked himself aloud, "What am I doing here? I got stuff to do. I have to hang out with Saria and bug Mido," he laughed, "at the same time if I'm lucky." Stretching one last time, he rolled out of the bed and grabbed his hat before heading out the door.

On the balcony, he looked out and spotted a green-haired girl by the stream collecting water in a bucket. He hung over the railing a little and was about to shout a greeting to his good old buddy, when Navi flew in front of his face and put a hand out to stop him, "Shhh," she pointed over to the stream, "just look."

Link gave Navi a questioning look, but did what he was told and stayed silent as he watched Saria. When he saw nothing unusual, he felt a little guilty for spying on his friend, and was about to ask Navi what that was all about, when he saw Saria look up from the bucket.

Thinking she had seen him, he grinned sheepishly and said hello. But she didn't hear him. She didn't see him either. She was smiling at a boy who had just offered to help her carry the water bucket. Link glanced at Navi and whispered, "Some Kokiri kid is helping her carry the water pale. So what?" Navi whispered back, "That boy is no Kokiri. Look closer."

Link looked closer and yelped. He was looking at, not quite. The boy helping Saria wore green cloths, matching hat, and brown boots, but his hair was slightly darker, and something about him was very different from Link. Also very familiar.

He grimaced and then asked Navi, "Dark Link?" She nodded slowly.

Down below, Saria's chipper voice rang out, "Thanks Link!"

Dark Link smiled and waved back at Saria as he carried the water pale, "No problemo best buddy!"

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