Link and Navi watched as Saria left with the imposter. Then Link jumped to his feet, "That fiend! He's pretending to be me! What a lousy, no good piece of-"

"Cake?" Navi supplied.

Link nodded furiously, "Yeah! And not the good kind either. The nasty fake fruit kind."
A voice came from below that startled Link and Navi, "Did I hear someone say cake?" They both looked down below the balcany and Link shouted a greeting to a brown-haired Kokiri.

"Danny! How've you been?"

The boy grined slightly and wiped his dirty face with the side of his sleeve, "Oh, you know same old, same old. Except now that you're gone, Mido makes us do twice the work to make up for one less person." He complained in moch-anger, "Thanks alot, buddy!"

Link felt a lump of guilt well up inside, "I'm sorry. It's my fault."

Danny laughed, but then realized Link was serious, "Hey man, I was only joking. About being mad anyways, we do have to do a bit more work. Not that it's needed. But you know Mido, he makes up stupid stuff for us to do, says it's your fault, but everyone knows the truth."

Link beamed, "They do?"

Danny nodded, "Sure, he's just jealous, 'cause you got to go on this great adventure and he didn't. Given the chance, he would of left too," Danny looked into the distance and nodded knowingly, "we all would have."

"Yeah! So don't feel so bad Link!" A cheery voice reasured from the bushes. Danny circled around, looking for the source, until a skull kid jumped out growling and nearly gave them all heart attacks, "SURPRISE!"

"AHHHH!" Danny shouted and Link reached for his sword. The skull kid stared at them oddly for a secound, and then fell onto the grass laughing, "Ha HA HA HA Ha HA HA HA HA! You guys crack me up!"

Link, Danny, and Navi all stared with unbelieving looks on their faces.

"Wha?" Link and Danny questioned in unison.

Navi, however flew slowly up to the skull kid and inspected it suspiciously. "Wait a minute," She said, "I know that laugh." The skull kid fell silent. "And...I know that face!" Navi declared as she tugged lightly on the monster's face, causing it to loosen, and then fall off! Danny and Link yelped at the sight... until they realized.

In place of the skull kid's mask was a girl's face, and she was laughing, "Ha Ha HA Ha HA HA! I got you guys good! You were so scared!"
Navi nodded, "Always playing tricks, eh Tara?"
The dark-haired girl grinned proudly, "Yep. But you found out it was me, Navi."
"Of course. I recognized that laugh."

Danny grinned at her, "Yeah, we knew it all along ... right Link?"
Climbing down the ladder quickly, he grinned as well, "Of course."

Tara rolled her eyes, "Yeah, sure you did."

Danny noticed her colorful mask, "That's really cool."
Link nodded, "Yeah, how'd you get that?"
She just dissmissed it with her hand, "Oh, it was easy. I just ran up and grabbed it off a skull kid."
Link's mouth was hanging open slightly. Then Tara started laughing again, "Kidding, silly. I made it."

Suddenly Link remembered, (it took him long enough).

"Say guys," he began, "when's the last time you saw me?"

They stared at him like he was crazy. "I'm serious guys. When's the last time you guys saw me, before now I mean?"

Tara thought for a secound about the strangness of the question, "Well. I guess the last time I saw you was a couple days ago," She brightened at the happy memory, "You know, when you came back and said you were'nt leaving anymore and you said you were going to stay here with us forever!"

Danny frowned, "I didn't see him two days ago. I thought he just came back today. Oh, but I was on guard duty, that explains it. So, you're moving back here for good Link? That's great buddy! We can go fishing and bug Mido like we used to."

Link blinked, and then groaned, "Oh boy. What's he gotten me into?"


"Oh, nothing. Listen guys, I've gotta go. Talk to you later!" And with that, Danny and Tara were left standing by Link's tree house.

Tara broke the silence, "That was odd."

Danny sighed, "So, what now?"

"Let's go eat all his food."

"Sounds like a good plan to me."