Couple Bashers

Chapter 1: Kruan/Yutos

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WELCOME TO THE FIRST EPISODE OF Takes big breath COUPLE BASHERS! First up are Yuan and Kratos!

Wait Yuan? Evil smile this will be fun. Ok to Yuan and Kratos!

"Kratos?" Yuan said nervously

"Yes Yuan." Kratos replied casually.

"Why is the author here?"

"OMG! YUAN-SAMA! Cling" said one hyperactive author.


"That's very very mean Yuan; you'll hurt my tender feelings."

"Hmm… Tender, right."


Yuan then lost his temper (as he always does) and yelled "Than would you mind, GETTING OFF OF ME!"

"I meant the best in Fire Emblem." Cheea5 said slyly.

"KRAAAAAAAAAATOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!" Yuan whined causing Kratos to pick up his sword threateningly.

"You know my sister is a Kratos fan-girl right? MumblethoughnotasobsessiveasmeMumble"

"I'll take my chances" and with that he hit Cheea5 repeatedly with his sword.

"HA! Sand shield! YAY GAARA! Sure he has issues (at first) but so do I and I don't like to talk about them…"

"That explains a lot," said a smirking Yuan.

" SHUT UP!" And with that Cheea5 hit Yuan on head with her fist and immediately went back to clinging.

"Is there a reason you're here." Kratos said while frowning.

"Yes, um lets see how should I put this…"

"You're still on me you know." Yuan said his eye twitching.

" Put what?" Kratos said ignoring Yuan's current position.

" Well I just say this… WELCOME TO COUPLE BASHERS!"

" SHIT!"


Kratos wondering what's going says one of the most boring lines in the book " What…"

" Kratos run."

" I use my magical powers to reset this level!"

" What?"

" Oops, wrong game…"

" Okay…" Yuan said. On another note Kratos is already gone.

" I use my author powers to bring Kratos back and make it so he won't run away!"

" That's a mouthful." Yuan mumbled

" NO! I'M BACK! Cries "

" Come on, I'm not that bad."

" Yes you are."

" SHUT UP! Author hits Yuan Now down to business. So Kratos, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU GAY!"

" What happened to no swearing?" Yuan interjected.


Yuan ignored her and continued "Also, I've heard a rumor you like Kruan…"

" Um…"

Kratos cut in, "Don't tell me you actually read those things!"

" I do and they're quite entertaining."

" I don't even want to know what goes in those things." Yuan said shuddering.

The author soon decided to continue "Now back to bashing. Kratos you never answered my question, WHY ARE YOU GAY!"


"Kratos," Yuan said "Do you see why I told you to run?"


"I chose D, one of the above" Kratos said mockingly.

"Kratos you're mean, and to think you were my second favorite character (next to Yuan of course)"

This caught Kratos by surprise. "If I'm your second favorite and Yuan's your first, then why are you doing this?"

"Because… I want to?"

" Sigh you're hopeless"

"Fine I'll list reasons why you can't be together and I'll see if you can counter them, you're both guys."

"Being gay is nothing to be ashamed of."

"Right… Moving on, You're both Seraphim,"


"It is because I said so!"


"I just realized!"


"Yuan is QUIET!"

"Oh that, I gave him sleeping pills so he wouldn't say anything stupid."

" Looks at Yuan How can he sleep standing? He is lucky sleeping pills work for him if they worked for me I would have less restless nights…"

"If your done leave."

"Cheea5 isn't done yet!"

"Why are you speaking third person?"

"I dunno…"

"Just finish already!" Kratos yelled in irritation.

"Jeez temper…"

"Have you seen Yuan in the morning?!"

"OH! Do tell!"

"On second though, forget I mentioned it…"

"But I wanna know!"

Suddenly Yuan started talking in his sleep "Oh Kratos…" Kratos turned bright red "I want you to…" Cheea5 clamped a hand over his mouth.

"Somehow I think that will be inappropriate and this is only rated T."

"Wow it seems you're a bit more responsible than I thought…"

"You have to be to have strait A's"

"I thought they were dropping to B's."

"SHUT UP! I'm leaving but before I do I guess it's ok for you to be together because Yuan is girly and has long hair."

"I'm going to tell Yuan and he is going to hunt you down! With help."

"Good bye see you soon! Runs away before Kratos casts 'Grave'."

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