Couple Bashers

Chapter 6: ... Genthos? Minus? ...Any ideas?

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"Mithos, it's alright, Cheea5 hasn't been seen for over a month." Mithos was in a fetal position and Genis was trying to reassure him.

"Yea, I haven't updated lately have I?"

"Form a torrential vortex and engulf the evil spirits, Tidal wave!" Whoosh went the water.

"Owchies, cut me some slack."

"Get him! Gravity Well!"

"Excuse me! I'm a- EEK! -Dodges attack- Ha! You missed!"

"Grr, Fine! Infinite Powers, grant me thy strength."

"Don't you dare!" Cheea5 shrieked.

"Meteor Storm!"

"Run away!"

-Cheea5 has left the party-

-Cheea5 has joined the party-

"...What was that about?"

"The little song that came with it was kinda catchy!" Mithos commented. Cheea5 sighed.

"That has been commented on by Kratos in 'Sexy Club' so don't bother commenting again."

"Well, SORRY! My god. Telling me what to do..."

"Well I AM the author. Are YOU typing this up on a computer?" Before Mithos could respond she answered her own question. "No! Your not! So there, ha!" Mithos sighed.

"Talk about abusing exclamation points..."

"...Burn. In. He-."

"Indignation!" And watch as the author gets hit by lightning! Oh noes! An exclamation point!

"That was mean! That was ruthless! Stop acting like me!"

"Then stop uses exclamation points," Genis mumbled.

"No deal!1 (He he, no0b)"

"He he, moo..." That was Mithos... He watches Naruto Abridged... Dance cow dance...

"He he, Wisconsin." That, was Cheea5. She, is an idiot.

"So... How do you decide when to end these chapters?" Genis asked.

"I end it when I have about two thousand words, why?"

"No reason." Cheea5 shrugged. Silly Cheea5, she does not realize the plot that Genis has. Silly author, she doesn't realize that her readers know that Cheea5 and author are the same person. Those silly peoples.

"Ah! I feel writers block setting in! NO!"

"How many words?" Cheea5 checked (Obviously).

"Four-hundred and ten not including this. God, I WAS hoping to get this up by Christmas but..."


"Merry Christmas... Happy New Year..."

"What about Valentines Day?"

"... Tomorrow..."

"Four-hundred and forty eight... Not including this..."

"Happy Valentines day... Maybe I'll update now..."

"What are you talking about you inferior being." Mithos growled. Bad doggie.

"You're mean to me..." Mithos glared, Genis sighed, Cheea5 stood there, oblivious.

"Just tell us!"

"No thanks..."

"Do I have to force you!"?

"My mommy said not to talk to people who threaten me..." The author looked up. "You really are gay aren't you?" Genis crossed his arms.

"Does it really matter who's gay and who isn't?" Cheea5 smirked.

"No, just who gets the top." Both Genis and Mithos turned red. The author's smirk grew. "You two have such dirty minds to think of that, I could have meant something else. I could have meant the top in a bunk bed; you are at the sleep over age after all. Oh wait, Mithos is over four thousand years old. Does that make Mithos a-"

"Enough! You are such a dirty little pervert!"

"Hey! I'm not that little! I just wear a baggy sweatshirt..."

"No comment..."

"What were we talking about again?" –reads above- "I don't get it..."

"Then delete it..."

–Reads above again- "No... Too lazy..."

Genis glances at a random calendar. "How long are you planning on making this?"

"I already told you! God, listen once in a while..."

"Then type more!"

"Alright I will!" The author typed, listening to only the sound of her breathing and the hum of her computer. Then the author glanced out her window, seeing black disturbed only by the lights of other apartments. The author then coughed -cough cough- before yawning -yawn- and resting her right arm, her dominant arm, on the desk as she thought.

"What should I type next?" The author, also known as Cheea5, asked herself before sighing and typing this sentence. She brushed her hair out of her face before staring at her computer screen in dissatisfaction, not only at spelling and grammar errors but also at the horrible words called a chapter on her screen. "I know I can write better than this. My Lyn/Hector one shot proves this..."

Cheea5 checked her word count and shook her head in disappointment. "how disappointing." The author said foolishly like the foolish fool she was and foolishly continued the chapter... Because she's a fool... (What are you talking about? Me? Play Phoenix Wright? No... Couldn't be.) "I can't believe I just broke into song... That's really sad..."

"What the hell are you talking about?" The Cheea5 author person grinned evilly.

"I'll sing it. –breaks into song once more- Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? Mithos stole the cookie from the cookie jar! -pause- Yes you! -Pause- Then who?"

Mithos seemed indecisive about whether to laugh or cast judgment.

"What? That's how it goes!" Cheea5 said defensively to the character on her computer screen as the Steel Samurai played in the background before hitting the shortcut for spell check (is it pathetic that I know the shortcut?). She then read the chapter. "Wow, I started this chapter months ago! Soccer season is long since over, I forget why I was so ticked that we lost five to two... I wonder how many words... Nine hundred seventy-one not including this... I might stop soon after one thousand this chapter..."

"You fail miserably as an author..." Genis mumbled.

"And proud of it! Word count is... One thousand one, not including this! But it is including from title to the votes in the authors note..."

"Are you going to leave or not?"

"Aren't you eager!" Cheea5 said as she glanced at Mithos. "Have fun, I'm leaving."


"That's better than pervert!"


That was really crappy... I'm sorry for taking so long... I didn't have much inspiration... If my reviewers start giving a deadline it might help but you have to be reasonable... I might not always make it because some things might happen but I'll try. Please review? Word count... One thousand one hundred and two not including this... Epic fail...