Okay, so if you read Emotionless you would have seen my mention that I was working on a new project. I'm finally getting around to posting it. Please, please, please give it a chance and have a little faith in me. hehe. It's really not your average Instant Star fanfiction and it's certainly different from anything else I've written. That being said I'm really rather excited about it and do think you guys will ultimately enjoy it.

Without further ado...

Untimely Betrayal

Six months after Tommy's abrupt departure he's back and chillingly changed. The stakes have been raised, the game is set and Jude's about to be taken against her will on the adventure of a lifetime when she's betrayed by the one she trusted the most.

"As darkness quickly steals the light that shined within her eyes"

She leaned back against the cool brick wall, closing her eyes as she exhaled slowly. She was so very tired.

Her eyes opened and met Christopher's as he watched her from across the room. He watched her in that same lecherous manner that made her skin crawl as his eyes roved over her. She pulled her legs up to her chest, wrapping her arms around the denim clad extremities as she rested her chin on her knees, trying to lock in warmth and put a wall between her and the man across from her.

She was tired of Christopher. She was tired of fearing Christopher every waking moment of every day. He was unpredictable and volatile, like a loaded gun left a few feet from playing children – dangerous.

She glanced around the small dark room with its cracked glass windows covered by so much silt the light could barely filter through. The steady sound of water dripping through cracks in the ceiling was the only noise to break the incessant silence.

She was sick of this room; of being trapped, imprisoned and caged.

Her eyes scanned the room, despising every crack and spot until they finally fell upon the man leaning against the old wooden door. His eyes met hers with an intensity that would have once made her heart flutter but now just made her shiver.

Most of all she was sick of fearing Tom Quincy.